OOC – Update and getting there…

August 19, 2018

Having so many stories roaming about in my brain and wanting to play instead of writing has been an issue of mine for the last year, however, think I’ll try to do a bit more writing and build up my following a bit more.

Had zero issues with the launch of Battle for Azeroth and have enjoyed what little I have played in the new zones, however, once again, I am still stuck with some of the things in Legion if I plan on expanding my character base a bit with new Allied races.  I will never understand why Blizzard locked everything behind the reputations and will say that I dislike it immensely.  That’s just my personal opinion and nothing against those that have done it – I am always behind these last two expansions.   I don’t think that will change anytime soon because I’m not doing a whole lot to advance myself – toon hopping is not going to make it go faster although it does make it more entertaining for me and I never get bored with it.

I am going to say that I don’t care for the “new” armor – never did like the idea of running around looking like a sad neon sign. So, I will be doing a lot of transmog in this expansion as I level just to keep my immersion going. The super bright gold on the armor makes me feel like I am standing in a cave with a spotlight on myself – not appealing to me at all.  Again, this is my opinion.

All the drama leading up to the launch left me feeling very drained emotionally because I play both Horde and Alliance.  I can see why this was done the way that it was and that was to build up the hype and get more people to join into the hype for the War, however, if left me feeling a bit depressed.  

On the Horde side, I was dismayed and sad to see that the Horde is being touted as the bad guys as usual, however, the genocide was not enjoyable for me.  Both factions have done horrible things in the past and will continue to do so – this is World of WARcraft, after all, not my Little Pony.

At least I am starting to feel like I am going to be able to play a bit more and I’m able to do play a little bit longer at a time.  Having some vision issues again, however, that goes with the age.   Still enjoying the game and I hope that everyone is enjoying themselves.  I’m going to hang out in Legion a bit to grind out the reps but that’s par for the course.  I’m always behind and I get to play at a leisurely pace.


See you all in Azeroth.


OOC – More Adventures in Draenor and other game things…

December 23rd

I has been getting a bit difficult for me to stay in-game a whole lot at this time of year due to the holidays and I am sure that most of you are suffering with the same things.  There is so much to do in RL these days that you don’t have time to spent with your favorite hobby because it just interferes with your ability to spend more time shopping and spend time with the family.

I have decided with the advent of the new expansion, Warlords of Draenor, that I am not going to have as much time to spend on my alts for a while until I get the gist of what is actually required of me in the game now.  I have closed all but three of my accounts currently, not because I dislike the game as it currently is at the moment, however, it is because with the amount of time that you have to spend on each character taking care of their “chores” and leveling, there isn’t much time for the little guys.  No sense in paying for accounts that I won’t be using for a while, right?   Oh, that doesn’t mean that they won’t have the adventures that they usually do with my blogs, however, they won’t be actively progressing in the game for a while.

Whee!! I did finally get a character to 100 and have three more that are cruising close to at least the halfway point now.  Can’t say that I am geared out enough yet to do anything other than questing and managing my Garrisons at this time, however, I hope to get that iLevel up there in the next week or two.  I am rather doubtful at this point if I am going to be able to get into Molten Core and it really doesn’t bother me all that much because I am not sure that I have the stamina like I did in the old days of spending hours upon hours in the same dungeon for the thrill of it and the new mount and pet that are in there.  Can’t say that I care for the new mount all that much – just a big ass lava corehound to be almost as annoying as the Horde bike.

I will admit that I enjoy the questing and the storylines that are slowly immerging in the new expansion, I’m not real thrilled with the Garrisons stripping away my professions as much as it has.  I know that I used to be one of those people that really enjoyed working on the professions and grinding away at them until I got them capped and beyond.  Now, there doesn’t appear to be a whole lot of use for them at the base level in Draenor.   I’m not a raider nor a dungeon crawler and PvP is something that I avoid for the time being, so, I’m pretty much in limbo as to where I am going to go in the game right now.  Who knows, I might actually get depressed enough with the current content and nerfs that I might just hang it up for a while  – I’ve been at this for roughly ten years now and some of the magic is gone and the fun factor in Draenor is well below my expectations at this point.

The one thing that I will have to say is that I miss the social aspects of the game although I did find some RP in and around Stormwind late last night that were not of the Goldshire variety and was definitely a pleasant surprise.  Random RP is much better than no RP on the Alliance side which is what I have been dealing with during the last year.  Hordeside, I always find RP going on there for the most part since I stay on the “Red” side more frequently because I tend to take in more of the RP events on that side.

I was surprised at the number of people that have opted out of the newest expansion too, however, that my change after Christmas too, you never really know what you might find under the tree.  One of the things that I have done with my fresh 90s and boosted characters is to “twink” them at 90 and will continue to play them in Pandaria to get rep grinds done as well as just enjoying all of the convenient abilities that I  have in Pandaria.  I will admit that I was dismayed at the waffling on the flying at level cap from Blizzard has really put me off the game a bit, not because I am lazy, it’s because that that ability was always out there in the expansions once we hit cap.  Oh well , I’ll play the way that Blizzard has designed the game even if I can’t do jumping puzzles very well and I can’t seem to jump through all of the hoops required to progress.   I do have the ability to unsub if I get too bored with what I am doing too.

Still plugging away on Silver Proving Grounds too – between gear levels and my inability to move fast enough, it might take some time.  I do have some medical issues that have left me somewhat physically impaired to do the darn thing, however, I’ll keep going until I get it done on at least one character, preferably two.   I have at least two years to get the thing figured out and completed.  I know that I know my class of character that I am trying to qualify because I have been playing the poor fellow for ten years and I’m not going to let some little technicality such as the PG to ruin the game for me.

Well, I do hope that all of you have a pleasant over the Holidays with your friends and families.  Spend some time in RL with the ones that really matter when all is said and done – remember video games aren’t the entire reason for being.  *smile*

Oh yeah, hit the magic 600 posts for this blog about four posts ago – sure doesn’t feel like I have written that many lately, however, after the years have gone by, I guess that I have done that much even if it’s sporadically done .  I hope people enjoy reading them as much as I enjoy writing them.

OOC – This Week in World of Warcraft…Wut?

November 5th

After blazing away with the last Holiday which had me running several of my lowbies to just get the levels up was a big part of my time this year.   I didn’t run and get the new pets and I didn’t accomplish all of the things that I thought that I might because I just didn’t have the time nor the stamina.

I am very pleased to say that I got all 25 of  my 90s through the Blasted Lands for the intro to WoD and I really felt like it was a great accomplishment for me personally.   I know that I have way too many 90s to even fathom the idea of them all making it all the way through WoD, however, with Blizzard’s history of expansions lasting a long time between changes – I might just make it, I’ll have to see how it goes.  Some of the poor things weren’t the best geared, however, considering that the area was nerfed to hell and back this last week, I made it through.  Never have figured out why Blizz constantly puts the boosted fellows in such weird places – the first boosts were on TI – instant death by ganking or just trying to figure out which buttons to push if you weren’t already familiar with your class that you boosted and now the Blasted Lands.    I still have two more boosts on accounts that I purchased WoD for and I am going to take my time in deciding whom and when to use those boosts, I’m in no rush since there is no definite time period to use them.  Nope, I really don’t need any more 90s at this juncture.

Naturally, my two mains Fnor and Kaldor (Kaaldor -in-game) will definitely be the hard pressed ones initially followed closely by Felaran or Sadheart.   In some ways I am looking for the challenges that are supposedly going to be in WoD and part of me is very happy that I will still have plenty to keep me busy in Pandaria and other old content. Am I geared to the hilt?  Oh, heck no, not with my being gun-shy about running dungeons and raids PUG.  Oh, I’ll get over that eventually and just hit the ground running if the mood strikes me.  I’m the weirdo that likes gathering mats, exploring and doing all of the other things that don’t require me to be involved with the vitriol being spewed in LFR and LFG things.

I’ve been fortunate though, actually got to run some dungeons with people that invited me from other realms.   I know that always makes me laugh because I can get more RP and more group activity with off-realm groups than I can with my home realm folks.  Kind of makes me know where things are there, doesn’t it? To be very honest, with the number of characters that I have on Wrymrest, I am usually too busy running around “doing things” to stop and smell the roses anymore, sure, I do have some walk-ups every now and then and I actually try to RP sometimes, however, that’s really not a priority for me as much as it was a couple of years ago.   Scattered over multiple accounts, I have 70+ characters on the realm and they are in the guilds SafeHaven or Haven.  Altoholic ?!!!

Anyway, speaking of RP, I did have reinstall WoW on my main gaming machine which means that all of my MRP info isn’t back on the characters yet and I am beginning to wonder if I should go through the exercise at all.  Luckily for me, I do have all of the info saved off on a Word document, so , it’s just a matter of cut and pasting the stuff in there.  I may just wait to do that until after WoD drops next week and a lot of the add-ons have been updated.  I’ve been a real fan of MRP for many years because it’s quick and complete and I think a lot of people are still using that.

Had a great time running with the folks that I have made friends with, even have a character in their guild – the Sisters of Elune group that I always make the time run with on Friday nights which is the “Fun Night” raiding on old content for transmog gear, which, I am still working on.  Also got to run with Fussypants to try to do a SoO run for giggles and grins since I haven’t really done the whole thing through yet on either Horde or Alliance – had a great time even if we didn’t finish because, well, we did have a PUG group.  It’s always nice to get in a group and talk every now and again.

Now, on a personal note, I have been playing rather erratically the last couple of weeks due to some medications that I have been on and will continue to be on for a very long time.    I never had issues with my thyroid until recently and it has put me on a rollercoaster ride that I would definitely liked to have skipped.  One minute I feel fine and the next I am freezing to death – also, fatigue waves that knock me down for the count.  Irregular sleeping habits that should get sorted out over the next six weeks for the medication to finally kick in.    I am one of those people that when I feel bad, I’ll still play, however, I’ll go off on my own to do things rather than “share the mood” with others.   I’m retired so I can have crazy routines going without hampering anyone else too often.

Normally, I would be running myself ragged going to the Faire and doing all of the neat things there, however, I haven’t even started running my lowbies through for the profession boosts yet.  I plan on doing some of that today and the rest of the week, if my body will allow me to do that.

I will have to admit that after two years of guild grinding levels, it feels a bit “empty” now that that challenge has been removed.  I just thank heavens that I was able to keep my guild achievements intact even if the guild perks suck the big one now.   I knew that Blizzard was going to revamp the guild structuring and perks, however, I didn’t know they were going to strip us down to our undies and turn us loose and I am still kind of disappointed in their judgment on that score.  Cash flow was never a big deal to me because my guilds are really only used by two people including myself for anything.  However, I will admit that I did know of someone that ran guilds up to Level 25, having complete control over the banks while other people made them money, selling the guilds and doing it again – they did this multiple times on both factions – those people are the ones that these changes were made for, hope they are happy.   Let’s just say that that person is on my ignore list for every single character.

Ah well, enough rambling for me this morning and off to do some other RL things before I log into the game for a while before I have to go run errands.  See ya in Azeroth!!

What’s Going On In My Fantasy World …

May 10th

Well, I wrote an OOC article as is my usual wont on the weekend and decided against publishing it because it sounded a bit peevish.   I think part of my peeve was the fact that I have noticed certain behaviors that seem to reach a high point on the weekends. I can hardly wait for the Summer months to kick in to add a certain flair to things.

I wasn’t upset about the fact that people like to run in and grab loot that you’ve killed a mob for and you’ve taken all the damage and done all the work and “they” take the money from the goal you were trying to obtain from the quest.   Oh well, Karma is a real bear and I’m sure if their behavior in-game  matches their behavior in real life, I foresee quite a few suicides in the not too distant future.   I’ve just noticed an increase in that type of behavior in the last couple of months.  Oh well, that’s an MMO and let’s all hope that they aren’t that way in real life – miserable self-centered, entitled, rude, greedy – LOL you get the drift.

Anyway, this past week has been fun-filled with my team of 90s and a few lowbies – yep, ran to the Faire a few times, however, this time I didn’t try to take everyone that I had that might gain something from their professions if they went.   What were the chances that I was going to play that character in the next month  was the criteria I used this time.   Still trying to get my Alliance solo guild up to Level 14 and it will happen within the next week, however, I am not going to stay up all night running characters to the Faire just to raise that level.

Finally put my “big boy pants” on and ran some LFR stuff – just a couple on my Horde main and did surprisingly well even if the info in the guide didn’t match up exactly with what the activity was in the actual instance – guess they haven’t had time to update those in a while.  No, I ran with some friends that I have on the Red side and had a great time.  Now, I am questioning why I am waiting to run my other characters while I am at it too – you don’t really need your friends in there unless there is some secret handshake, this is gonna happen if don’t do it, kind of deal like in the old days.  Now, you just run with the crowd, be aware of your DBM warnings and don’t stand in the stuff.   I lucked out and got quite a few pieces of gear which put my Main real close to being able to run Flex raids.  I might send the end-game stuff yet – who knows.  Since this was all done “late night” I’m more than a bit tired today.

One of the things that came to my mind again this week is that I play on an RP server and I don’t RP – I would like too, however, it seems the old thing of “closed” RP is very much alive and well on the realm.  If you’re not in the guild, sometimes even if you’re in the guild, you’re kind of excluded for some reason.  Not the proper posterior kissing ability is being applied, I suppose.  I do walkups and I accept walkups, however, I haven’t run into anything in quite some time that actually sparked my interest or that could be put together for any length of time to write a proper storyline around it.  Gone are those days along with the majority of the people I knew in the game that knew how to RP.

Yes, I’ll touch on the subject of ERP briefly – if you’re gonna write bad erotica, have the decency not to force it on the general populace.  I usually will glance at what is going on and know almost immediately that it has to be some basement dwelling mouth breather that is sitting at the keyboard wishing that they could have sex in real life.  Age doesn’t seem to matter – if your libido needs to be that active, take it to your room.

I’ll keep doing what I’m doing, enjoying my “own” version of the game, writing journals for my characters that need it now and then and that’s about it.  To be very honest, I have some storylines that might have some major twists and turns in the near future, who knows other than the character?  I’m sure that they will get around to filling me in on what they have in mind.

Currently, my RP partner is on hiatus for an indefinite period of time, which means that the storyline is just sitting stagnant for the time being, which is such a shame because there is some great potential there for some fun and excitement.  Oh well, I understand taking breaks, I’ve been guilty a few times myself, however, I did always keep the ball rolling if I was involved in a storyline.

I actually do love the realm I am on, however, I don’t have the time to RP long drawn out things that last six or seven hours at a clip – I do have a life and physical needs that need to be taken care of.   If I seem to lag at one of these events, it’s because I’ve had to get up and walk around to keep the circulation going in my lower extremities, not to mention, keeping my head at a specific angle for long periods of time really does aggravate a medical condition that I have. .    I have to laugh because I do tell people that I love RP and am always open for it, however, I think that’s like a gastrointestinal discharge in the wind and I’m definitely staying upwind from that.

Let’s see, I did add a new little Shaman to my happy band of 90s (18 for now) in Pandaria so that I could keep things rolling for that one guild.  I also brought up one of my hunters because I honestly didn’t have a female Blood Elf hunter at cap.  Since I’m not RPing, there’s plenty of time to level.   I also plan to bring up a Forsaken hunter that happens to be my enchanter/tailor that has been dragging her feet for quite a few months

Why so many 90s?  Well, I like learning the professions and the mechanics of different classes, which is one of the things that has kept me in the game for so many years.  Yes, about the time I think I’ve got it “down” – well, you know Blizzard likes to shuffle the deck and change things when they have a new expansion.   I am also not one that likes to sit in front of the television very often because I find a lot of it depressing and with my video games, I can play an active role in what goes on.

LOL, now the weather report – we’ve been toasting our buns for several days and then it started to get a bit cooler, now, it’s raining and we’re supposed to be getting some measurable snow in the area just in time for Mother’s Day.  Naturally, there went the plans that we had for the day which is okay, we can delay it for a week if we have too.

Speaking of Mother’s Day – Happy Mother’s Day to all of you ladies out there.   Don’t think that when your kids reach a certain age, that you’re relieved of the duty of being a Mom – it’s a lifetime deal.  After your kids leave home, they decided to add grandbabies to the mix – so, you see, it’s an endless thing.  I can’t say that I don’t enjoy my kids or my grandchildren because I most certainly do – it’s nice to sit and listen to the ramblings of a three year old sometimes  – makes the old world seem new.