Draenor Is Not All Beauty…

January 14th

Dear Journal,

Well, I think that Kae and I are finally getting used to our place in Draenor.  Whomever thought it was such a great idea to put all of this responsibility for a garrison on us really needs to rethink that idea considerably because we’re just a Sentinel and a Scout, not Commanders of anything other than our own destiny.  However, we’re trying to take it all in stride and we’re doing okay with it, no one has died and things seem to be building up nicely, regardless of how we feel about it.

I know that I definitely miss the simplicity of the farm in Halfhill and I am looking forward to taking some time off in the very near future and catch a portal back there, even if it is only for a few days, I miss our cozy little house, the farm life that we had.  What I think I miss the most is the actual freedom of coming and going as I wished most of the time.  Oh well, I know that times change and things have to change along with it, however, I’m not too keen on all of the changes.

I missed being able to go to Nagrand for the holidays, the old Nagrand, not the new one.  I know that Mom was planning on carrying everything on the way that Dad wanted it done even if he wasn’t there to enjoy it either.  Maybe he got lucky and got to go home  for a little while at least.  I  know that it was always one of his favorite holidays and he always enjoyed everything when we could have the entire family together.  I can well imagine that some people would be shocked to see a bunch of Sindorei and Kaldorei enjoying the holiday together since we’re supposed to be sworn enemies – well, someone forgot to tell my parents about that years ago.  I don’t know how they have managed to hold us all together the way that they have all of these years, but they did and I’m much happier for it, no matter how strange it might seem to others.

I am still very enamored of Shadowmoon Valley here in Draenor and I suppose that that is a good thing because that is where our garrison happens to be.  The rolling hills, the wildlife and the way that everything feels makes me think of it as a home, in some ways.   I know that in my own timeline, it’s not this beautiful, it’s ugly, menacing and extremely dangerous with all of the demons that have taken over the area.  Not here, it’s gorgeous even if it is does have its own brand of danger.

I know that Kae and I have spend some time just patrolling the general area and have actually made it to Gorgrond.  Now, that area is totally different from Shadowmoon because it is more jungle than anything else.  I know that the game is plentiful, so are the Horde.   I know that we have side-stepped a few encounters because we were outnumbered three to one and I don’t think that either one of us can battle through those odds – the Iron Horde are definitely some of the fiercest people that I have ever had the misfortune to encounter.

From everything that I have seen and heard, they don’t take prisoners very often and if they do, woe to the poor person.    I know that they don’t bury the dead all that often either, especially the people that they have defeated.    I always thought that the Orcs in Kalimdor were rather barbaric in the ways that they did things, however, I don’t think that they can hold a light to how these people are.  Fierce, savage and totally in the belief that they have the right to dominate everything they encounter.  My heart truly does go out to the Draeni and some of the villages that we have seen because when the Iron Horde comes through, they kill everything – men, woman and children.  I know that I caught Kae crying one afternoon after we had traversed the outskirts of one village and she had seen quite a few small bodies lying out there in the open for the carrion to get at them.  There were too many for the two of us to bury – we had to mark the location on our maps and report it when we got back to our garrison so that a burial party could make their way there to make sure that everything was taken care of.   I know that Draeni have special rites that they observe for the dead and we really weren’t sure how we were going to be able to handle that with the little bit of knowledge that we have about it.

I know that my Father used to tell us about the scourge in Northrend and how they would rage through an area and not leave a living soul for miles around.  He also spoke about the attacks that happened to Silvermoon and the surrounding areas, however, he never talked much about how many people were killed and especially not about the women and children being killed.  I’m sure that it happened, he just didn’t discuss it.   I know it happened, that’s a part of war, however, I’ve never had to see it or live through before.   I will admit that Kae isn’t the only one that has shed a tear for the loss of life.

I know that for all of the beauty that I see in the land, there is always some new horror awaiting us the further we patrol.  I thought that things were dicey in Pandaria when we were stationed there, however, I don’t think that anything could have prepared us for what we’ve seen here.   I wonder what the Orcs from Kalimdor must think of these Orcs in Draenor?  Would they view them as true Orcs or would they view them for the savages that they truly are?  It’s not just the Orcs either, I have seen some of the Draeni here go into a rage that has left me feeling somewhat awestruck with their ferocity.

I think I know how my Father must feel most of the time.  His entire life has been made up of mostly nothing other than being in the military and serving  his country.  I can understand why he started his own business in Northrend when he was a young fellow and tried to break away from the constant war and conflict too – it makes you feel old sometimes makes you wonder why you keep going on with it.  I feel it’s my duty to serve the Alliance, however, there is always that lingering doubt in my mind that I will never get to go back to the life that I wanted.

I know that there are times that Kae and I are just bone weary when we get back from our patrols to make our reports.  I know that we always have to make sure that we are sending other people out to patrol when we aren’t doing it ourselves. It just makes you tired to think that this might be all that there is in this place sometimes.

At least we have made ourselves a comfortable spot over by the herb garden and we have some privacy there at least.   I know that we have made it fairly clear to people that when we are in that area not to bother us unless it’s a matter of life and death.  We need a break from the everyday functions of the place now and then too.

We were finally able to get a decent bed to sleep in although it’s not nearly as comfortable or as cozy as the one at the farm, however, it will have to do.   Okay, we’re trying to establish some kind of domestic routine to help maintain our sanity.  I was even able to get a stove shipped in for us to cook some of our meals.  The mess hall is fine, however, there are times that we just want to cook the food ourselves and eat together alone.  Oh sure, the main building is great for some of the things, however, Kae and I both have our privacy that we both crave and need – there are times, you know.  I think that the two of us have gotten used to living at the farm where we weren’t surrounded constantly by people that wanted our attention for something all of the time and it was really started to wear on us both.  I know that we have gotten some pretty odd looks from some of the people here when we decided to do our laundry and hung it out to dry in the sunshine by the house – well, we like clean clothes too.

Oh, it’s not all doom and gloom here by any means.  If we just let ourselves stay immersed in nothing but the violence of the place, I’m sure that we would all go mad at some point.  We’re here to do a job and protect Azeroth, however, we have our own emotional needs that need to be met or we would end being no better than the people we are fighting.

Kaldor Shadowmoon


Shadowmoon Valley…

December 23rd

Dear Journal,

I will willingly admit that neither Kae nor I wanted to make this trip to Draenor, however, duty calls and there was no way that we could justify not serving.  A Sentinel is always a Sentinel and a Scout with the aforementioned Sentinel has no excuse not to go with them either.

I think that we had everything pretty much taken care of in Pandaria for the most part and I hope that Jogu will take care of the farm while we are gone too.  I have no great expectations on his abilities, however, he was the only one left that we could ask since the majority of our neighbors are also in the same situation of having to leave that pleasant lifestyle behind and we have to move forward with the rest.  Oh well, I am sure that we will be going back there for visits when we can and that first visit back will definitely be one that the two of us will definitely look forward too.

This whole Draenor thing is hard for me to wrap my head around and I am not going to worry about it because I will just go where we are ordered and do the job that I am supposed to do and be done with it eventually.  Oh, I understand all of the supposed reasons that we are here and will just have to accept that at face value because I have no other choice in the matter.  I guess that sums that up, right?

Kae and I did survive the initial onslaught into this strange land and we didn’t get injured too badly other than a few nicks here and there and a couple of interesting bruises that can come from just getting into close contact with someone, didn’t even have to be friend or foe either – it was as if we had joined in a full on mob assault and that’s just how it had to be in order for us to drive back the Iron Horde and to start our adventure in saving this land from itself.  Not as bad as all of the Sha influence in Pandaria but I honestly can’t tell that much difference – we’re here to right a wrong and that’s just the whole gist of what I understand.  It’s not for me to reason why, I’m here to do a job.

I will have to admit that after the initial shock and the landing on Draenor proper, we were pleasantly surprised by ending up in Shadowmoon Valley.  Oh, we had the family name long before we even knew of the existence of Shadowmoon, however, it always gives me a chuckle when I think about it.  One of these days I will have to ask my grandparents where the name actually came from, it definitely didn’t come from Outland, or maybe it did and I would almost believe that it didn’t come from this land either.

Shadowmoon Valley is so totally different from what I am used to in Azeroth, however, it is still somewhat familiar at the same time.  I don’t know how to explain that feeling of déjà vu that I have here.  Where the Shadowmoon Valley in Azeroth is full of demons, lava and other dangerous things, this Shadowmoon Valley has a different appearance as well as a whole new set of dangers.   Some of the mountains look familiar in so far as their location, however the rest of the landscape is totally alien to me.

This Shadowmoon Valley is rolling hills, mountains and very lush plains.  A lot of elekk roam the area as well as I’ve seen more Draeni here than I think I ever did even while I was living in Shattrath.  The Draeni that are native here on Draenor are similar to the Azeroth Draeni with the exception that there are more of them here than there was at home. The ones here don’t seem to be as aloof as the Draeni that I grew up with in Shattrath.

It’s a beautiful and yet dangerous territory that we have ventured into and I will have to admit that I do like it.  There is so much to see and so much to take in that it is really hard for me to explain the mixed emotions that I have about it.  Of course, Pandaria was my first military adventure and my first real time away from the family and the company, however, this even feels like it might be a step above that.

I know that Kae is constantly telling me to close my mouth because I am constantly amazed by all of the things that I am seeing here  and my mouth usually drops open making me look like an imbecile sometimes – things familiar and yet different from what I grew up with in our Outland.  How could a place so horrible and deadly in my home world be so beautiful and alluring as this Shadowmoon Valley currently is.  I guess what I am trying to say that I know that the things that Legion did before I was ever even born totally devastated the area and the people that were living in it.  While the old place is one that I never willingly spent much time in, this one just might be hard for me to pull myself away from it all at the same time.

Oh yes, the Iron Horde have left their mark on the area and we are still chasing after them as well as getting into the occasional skirmish with them when we chance upon them on our patrols.  It does remind me very much of the activity that we faced when we first hit Pandaria and the opposition that we had to overcome in the Jade Forest.   I know that there are a few strongholds here in the valley that the Iron Horde have built up, however, they are definitely a temporary roadblock for us, I’m sure.  I am proud to say that the Alliance is definitely showing their abilities to our advantage here – maybe all of those months in Pandaria have taught us all how to take this sort of thing in our stride.

At least Kae and I have a decent little house to stay in and it really kind of reminds me of some of the places that are on the outskirts of Stormwind.  Same kind of structures although they still smell very new – the smell of the freshly carpentered wood that was used to make the house is still very aromatic.  Yes, we do have to share the house with another couple, however, it is much better for us rather than being stuck in the barracks or the tents.  At least we have some privacy here and it is greatly appreciated.

Kae and I both miss our little house in Pandaria where we could be lazy and sit around in our robes if we felt like it and not have to be embarrassed by doing so.  I know that the couple we are sharing the place with are usually on opposite schedules than we are and we actually don’t spend that much time in their company, however, the time that we have spent with them has been very pleasant.

I know that my Father is up here in Draenor someplace however, I did hear that their landing area was a lot less inviting than where we ended up.  I know that my Dad probably isn’t too keen on spending all of this time in an icy cold area that almost looks like Northrend.  He always complained when we were in Northrend, not in Dalaran, that there wasn’t any way that you could ever get warm enough there on the coast and I have to agree with him on that matter.

At least I don’t have too many people looking at me as strangely as they did in Pandaria because we are all too busy staying alive.  I think that there must be some reason when they are so willing to accept a person of my heritage in this land than they were before in Azeroth.   I have to laugh because they may not have noticed it  either because the green in my eyes could very easily be a reflection from the surroundings and not a genetic thing after all, right?

At least our patrols aren’t as long as they were in Pandaria due to the vastness and the newness of the area.  It isn’t easy to stay on your toes for days on end when you’re patrolling the surrounding areas from our base.  We’ve just barely started getting into the interior of the land now and those patrols are pretty dangerous and have been given over to some of the more experienced Sentinels and Scouts.  It’s okay, I can accept that too because I think that Kae and I fall in the middle there somewhere on the experience level.  At least we didn’t get assigned to that idiot commander that we had in Pandaria this time because that would have been the final straw to break our backs after having to leave our happy little farm behind.   We’re with a totally different group that came out of Feathermoon in Kalimdor, they seem to be more about what we’re supposed to be doing and not willing to spend so much of the off time worrying about how people are living their lives when they aren’t on duty.  It’s a nice change and the kind of thing that I had always expected from the Sentinels.

Well, I am getting that look from my lovely lady that I need to put my things away and get ready to head back out on yet another patrol.  I wonder how long we will be in Draenor?  No one has actually said anything about that either.  I know that we still have forces stationed in and around Pandaria even after all of this time, however, I think that the hostilities may be of lesser importance there than they are here.  Well, we’re still chasing after that Horde Warchief that went insane and escaped after his capture – that’s why we’re here.  He did his level best to destroy Azeroth and I don’t think that he is going to have much of an opportunity to destroy this land too.

Kaldor Shadowmoon


New Journal, New Life and New World

February 11th

Dear Journal,

I suppose it was bound to happen one of these days, however, it does upset me that I have misplaced my journal, someone appropriated it for some reason or I just lost it.  It was pretty beat-up anyway and Kal had given me a new journal for the holidays from Dalaran before the trouble happened up there.  I know that I will leave this one here in the house in Halfhill that we share together. It’s a beautiful green leather with gold trim book – even the edges of the pages are trimmed in gold.  It’s much too rich looking for someone like me, however, it was a gift that I could hardly refuse, plus, he gave some new quills and ink.  Such a thoughtful man and such a good friend.

Oh, I should say, I guess, since I’m starting completely over from scratch that my name is Kaelendra Nightshade and I am a Sentinel stationed in Panderia for the time being.  There is  a war going on and this is where we’ve been sent to quell the Horde incursion into this beautiful country that neither faction should be fighting over – it’s not even our country.  I’m of average height and weight for a Kaldorei female, I think, although I feel like my hips could be a bit smaller.

I am currently living on a farm with a fellow by the name of Kaldor Shadowmoon instead of staying in camp all of the time.  No, we’re not mated although I wouldn’t mind it at all.  He’s a half-breed which would definitely be something that a family might object too, however, I don’t have a family to speak of. I think those green flecks in his eyes make him even more handsome and mysterious and definitely more intriguing to gaze upon.  That’s just my opinion and I don’t care if his Father is a Ranger with the Horde because I don’t question Kal’s loyalty to our faction at all.

It was funny how we met when we were being transported to Panderia, it was all craziness and fighting. Unfortunately, when we landed, I ended up with a slight wound and Kal carried me to the healers in the next village. Not very romantic of a start to a relationship – you either lived through that initial battle or you didn’t.  The whole thing was insane and I honestly don’t think that any of us were quite prepared for it.

We actually became good friends over the next few weeks because Kal was ordered to stay with our group of Sentinels.  I guess they thought that if he had any confusion about his loyalties that we would discover it faster and dispatch him quickly.  Of course, all of the women were just looking at him all of the time and I could tell that he was feeling a bit awkward with all of the gazes that he was getting at that point.  He said he already had a girl in Stormwind, which sorely disappointed quite a few of the girls, including me.

He and I talked quite a bit in camp and occasionally when we went out on patrol together.  We both love to hunt, fish and take leather, so, it was nice to have someone to be out in the field together when we were dong the things that we liked to do.

I didn’t have many friends to start with when I got here and I think that hasn’t changed that much since I moved to Halfhill with Kal.  I’m sure that there is some resentment that I am “sleeping” with the enemy almost.  I know that some of them are just jealous because he and I are friends and they will just have to get over it, our friendship or whatever else it might become is very important to the two of us. 

I really hadn’t planned on the relationship going anywhere to start with.  I was ordered to keep my eye on him and to make sure that he wasn’t some kind of Horde spy.  Yes, I was supposed to watch him and report back to the commanders if he seemed a bit dicey with his loyalties.  I’ve never told him that was why I made friends with him and I don’t think that I ever will – how could he trust me after I’ve done something like that?

Oh, I guess I should say something about my family.  I have none to speak of. I was one of those Kaldorei children that people just accepted as being around.  I have no idea who my parents were and sometimes think that I might have been an orphan of some kind.  I lived with different families over the years as a fosterling. It’s not all that unusual for this to happen to children in Dolonaar, some of us just float from place to place because maybe my Mother was a Sentinel and I was some kind of mistake, I don’t know.

I know that Kal likes to talk about his strange family and I just sit here and listen.  He doesn’t realize how lucky he is to know whom they are.  So what if his Dad is a Sindorei and his Mother really is a rogue Sentinel that took him as her mate and lover- even had children, which back in those days was more than daring, it was kind of stupid.  She could have been killed as a traitor and the children killed because they were an abomination in the sight of both races.  Somehow she and her mate managed to raise both Kal and his brother.  I know that he loves his family above all else in the world.

I actually have met Kal’s grandparents long ago.  I think I may have even met his Mother when I was younger too.  I haven’t told Kal that either because it would be kind of awkward, I think.  I might tell him one of these days.  I doubt that they even remember me, anyway, it was a long time ago and I’ve grown-up quite a bit since then, plus, I have my tattoos covering a lot of my face.

I know that Kal and I enjoy the farm and all of Panderia that we have seen together.  Oh, we go out quite a bit to do our own hunting and fishing.  I guess his family has a business in Stormwind that sells some of the leather we gather and the things we make.  I know that I get paid extremely well for what I send to them.  I think that I might even be on the payroll although I’ve never formally agreed to anything, Kal just ships the stuff off and we get money back.  I think it’s a nice setup.

Yes, Kal really does or did have a girl in Stormwind, however, he hasn’t seen or heard from her in quite awhile which makes him sad sometimes.  I know that I act like it doesn’t bother me because I don’t have a right to be jealous of his relationships, I just wish he were more involved with me like that.  He’s tall, handsome, very caring and tenderhearted and would do anything for me.  That other girl was a fool to let him get away from her.  He used to talk about her quite a bit and I found it real hard not to tell him that I thought that it was kind of boring to hear about another woman, however, I didn’t say that, I just listened.

Oh yes, I’m sure that some of the other people around here think that Kal and I are sleeping together and that doesn’t really matter.  We sometimes sleep in the same bed when the nights are cold or crawl under the same furs to lie together when we’re out in the field, however, we haven’t “done it” as they say.  It’s tempting and I wouldn’t mind if it happened because my feelings are a lot more than I’ve told him.  He thinks we’re just “friends and partners”, I would like for it to be more.

I know that I made a huge mistake by inviting a girl from camp over to see the farm and to have dinner.  She did nothing but flirt with Kal, right in front of me, which wasn’t very nice and made Kal feel real uncomfortable.  I could tell how it affected him because he got real quiet.  He’s never quiet.  Well, Phaendra won’t be getting another invitation from me to come for a visit again unless she is a bit more aware that what she was doing wasn’t very nice. 

Oh, I do have to add that our farm is very close to Kal’s Dad’s farm.  So, I do get to see the Commander now and again, however, I’ve never talked with him.  He and Kal always wander away out in the fields to do their talking.  It’s kind of dangerous for them to even act like they know each other much less consort in conversations where it’s obvious that Kal speaks very fluent Sindorei.  Oh, we now have a neighbor between us that Kal knows and it is a friend of his Father’s. 

This is a very forward Sindorei and he’s constantly waving and smiling.  Kal even told me that the fellow was outside in the nude the other day sitting on his porch.  I guess I’ll have to remember to put more clothes on myself when I’m out working in the fields with Kal just in case this Dawnglory fellow is as much of a womanizer that Kal says he is.  I’ll admit I wear a lot less than I normally would when I’m out there sweating – just to tempt Kal.

Speaking of which, I had better close this for now and put it away before Kal gets back from the market.