Dooddah Goes To The Faire…

March 4th

Dear Journal,

I know it wasn’t very nice of me to fool my sister, Zippie, however, when she kept asking for someone to go to Orgrimmar to pick up some contracts and check on our old warehouse there, I was all but jumping for joy.  Of course, Uncle Zednick could have done the tasks because he’s already over there, however, Zippie said that she wanted someone that she could trust to get the job done – which kind of left me.

So, off I went to Orgrimmar, filled with excitement about visiting the city and not being supervised by Uncle Zednick.  I could feel free to wander around and visit with some of my old friends while I was there as well as seeing how things have changed since Garrosh left.

One of the things that stayed in the back of my mind was the fact that the Faire was in town and I could spend some time there just having fun after I got my work done.  I could ride the rides, play the games as many times as I wanted too as well as eating all of the food that I wanted to eat the last time and didn’t get the change.

Oh, what a great time I had although I will have to admit that I got kind of sick after drinking so many fizzy drinks that I felt like I was going to explode, hope I didn’t mess up the people too much when I ended up throwing up on the people below when I was flying around with those silly wings and going through the rings.  Maybe they were just Alliance people, if that was the case, I’m sorry but not nearly as sorry as I would have been if they had been Horde.  I had so much and didn’t really notice the time as closely as I should have, I suppose.

There were just so many things to see that I hadn’t had the chance to see before because the others were too busy wanting to go to other places.   I even got my fortune read although I don’t know what she meant about success with my ventures – I’m not venturing anything, I’m just doing my job.

Whoa, I don’t know what they gave that turtle at the ring toss this time because he was sure zipping around like he had rockets under his shell.  It was pretty hard to hit that post on this back.  I tried asking what they gave the turtle to speed him up and the girl there wouldn’t tell me.  I wouldn’t mind giving my crab, Salad, some stuff to speed him up sometimes. I would even share some of the stuff with Panmoshu, my Panderan friend,  to give to her turtle, Soup, to see if he wouldn’t pick up the pace a little bit.  Oh well, may I’ll find out one of these days.

Oh, they added a new race on the beach.  I don’t think I did very well with it because I got lost a couple of days and hit a few things that I shouldn’t and got shot off into the water.  I’m sure that my race time was dead last, however, that’s okay, I still had fun.  I know that I wish they had cleared out some of those big wolves that seemed to wander through the race track area sometimes and scared me half to death – at least my mount kept running and I didn’t get eaten.

It was fun and I don’t regret slipping off to go over there with a few of my buddies from Orgrimmar, however, I know that Zippie will be kind of upset that I took the extra time to have some fun instead of racing back to Silvermoon with the contracts I picked up.  Oh yeah, the warehouse looks great and it looks like the Boss made his decision already because there were some Orcs putting up a new sign over the doors that said “Morningstar Enterprises” on it.  I wonder if we will be moving back here to live, it might be a nice change for us because I will have to admit that it makes me nervous being around all of those elves all of the time.  I hope we can get our little house back or at least have a nice size area upstairs to live again since the Princess has moved on with her life – we hope she has, at least.

Well, time for me to get some sleep and start back to Silvermoon tomorrow so I can turn in this stuff and let Zippie know about the warehouse.   It was sure fun getting away on my own for a while – it’s like Zednick and Zippie don’t trust me to be able to handle things on my own because I’m the youngest – well, I can take care of myself fairly well.

Dooddah Prattfall

More Business On The Horizon…

Written in very cursive script denoting the maturity and education of the author

February 20th

Dear Journal,

Well, it seems like it is a never ending thing here in Draenor and I know from my own past experiences that this is how wars go or even conflicts.  I hesitate to call this a war as the true creature that I am used too and have a knowledge of because this place, this time , seems as if it is made up of skirmishes with the various factions.  Albeit we know our enemies all too well since we brought some of them with us and the truce that we declared may be applicable to the factions back in Azeroth, however, here that truce is shaky at best and meant to be broken eventually.  One never knows how other members of my own faction may react to different things and I know that the Alliance must be having the same issues that we have been having too with the confusion that seems to overcome our troops upon occasion.

Alternate universe or not, there are times that I truly feel that we shouldn’t be here regardless of our mission to hunt down our ex-Warchief to make sure that he doesn’t spread his insanity  to these people here in this land, he has already interfered with the events in this land and introduced many of the weapons that we had available to us in Azeroth, however, one can only hope that someone will see through his evilness before it’s too late and not recoverable.    Ah well, I will be here until there is no further need of my services although I feel that it is something that someone else could do in my stead should I fall or return to my own time in Azeroth.

Speaking of Azeroth, I know that I have missed the holidays that meant so much to me when I was home and wish that there was some way for me to recover those times lost.  I did my best to get things mailed out for Winter Veil and I’ve done all that I can for the goblin holiday and sent out mail to everyone that was supposed to get things.  I know that I sent Amyn a beautiful fur robe and I hope that she got it in time for the holiday, not only getting it smuggled into Stormwind was very expensive, getting it shipped from Draenor to Azeroth was phenomenally expensive, I was shocked with the cost.   I hope she likes it, the white pelts were hard to come by although I will have to admit that I did have some of my garrison people helping me with it, it was beautiful.

I just go a letter from Zippie and it appears as though there is interest from some of the investors in Orgrimmar to have us reopen our offices there.  I am seriously giving it consideration considering the fact that our new Warchief has given some of the people their property back that was taken by Garrosh’s people.  Zippie said that she has already started negotiations on my behalf to recover the warehouse and offices that we had there and is very pleased to say that it isn’t going to cost nearly as much as she thought it might initially.   I know that some of the employees that we have with Morningstar Enterprises have been wanting to do away with the trips to Silvermoon and Shattrath and wanted to be able to stay within their areas of expertise nearer the Horde capital.  Sometimes that little goblin surprises me and sometimes it’s a good thing – this time it’s a good thing and I’m happy that she went ahead with the negotiations as well.  Now, I need to catch up with what has been going on and make sure that I have received the mail that she mentions from the city council in Orgrimmar.  She knows full well that I will approve or disapprove the negotiations as I see fit because it is my company after all.

Well, I did finally get the letter that she, Zippie,  was talking about and it was buried in the huge stack of mail that I got, discounting the military dispatches that don’t have to rely on civilian mail services.   Well, the deal does look rather interesting and seems a bit in the way of trying to rebuild some of the businesses that left hurriedly and went back to Silvermoon.   The cost doesn’t seem to be that extreme for the initial purchase, however, I am trying to figure out what Orgrimmar will get out of my business if I decide to start another office there – what kind of percentage are they are anticipating on getting from my hard work?  Hmmm,  I think that I am going to make arrangements to get back to Azeroth to look into this further and to take some time to see my family – might as well spend the money and get everything taken care of all at one clip, right?

I know that the leadership in Orgrimmar is well aware that the Blood Elves in the service of the Horde are really still very much tied to our Regent and will follow his orders above and beyond what we might receive from the current Horde leadership.  With all of the things that have happened in Pandaria and here in Kalimdor it is with good reason that we, Blood Elves, are trying to rebuild that trust that was violated by Garrosh and damn near sold us all down the river for a small fee.    I know that my loyalty to the Horde was shaken to the core when Garrosh was on his rampage for her “perfect” Horde that really didn’t seem to have any room left in it for those that were not Orcs.

Who knows how soon I will be able to make arrangements to take a leave and make arrangements for a portal back to Azeroth?.   I know that I have quite a few officers here in the Garrison that should be able to take over in my stead while I am gone.    While I am at it, I may as well see if Dawnglory wants to go with me because I know that he has been pining away for his woman in Pandaria especially since he found out that his going to be a Father for the second time.  I  can sympathize and empathize with him in his longing to be with Romy and his daughter because I have been through the experience myself.

I just asked Pan if he wanted to go home and I swear that he sometimes thinks he is a canine because his reaction was not very feline  – his excitement was rather hilarious to watch.   Well, I guess I had better start putting together the paperwork and getting things lined up so we can go home for a few days.

Fnor Morningstar



Agatha’s Story – More Changes In My Life

October 22nd

Dear Journal,

It is apparent that I haven’t written in quite some time and it’s not because I have been terribly busy with work, however, I have taken some time off from Morningstar Enterprises that was well deserved on both a personal and professional level.

I know that I wrote previously that Fnor and I had a bit a indiscrete moment that probably made us both uncomfortable after the after the fact – we hadn’t had intimate relations since he got married to his mistress, a very lovely Kaldorei Sentinel that has been his mate in their fashion for many years. She also happens to be the mother of his legitimate children, I guess their legitimate in some way.

I know that it would be almost impossible for my daughter to be declared legitimate in any way shape or form, although, she is full-blooded Sindorei and I know whom the Father was and it’s none other than my handsome raven-haired employer.  I’ve never told him but I think that circumstances are starting to present themselves to where I am going to have to do just that.  It seems I am carrying another child, although I had taken all of the precautions for years, since we hadn’t been intimate for quite a while, I was ill-prepared for what did happen. Fortunately or unfortunately, the Fates had other things in store for us I suppose because there is a child and a child that I will happily give birth too.

Unfortunately, I am unable to go home to my family at present because my condition is very obvious and I had to leave Silvermoon City before my daughter and my lover realized what had happened. Yes, I know I am being very deceptive and I need to come out and tell them both the truth.  How do you tell your child that she really isn’t your sister and that she is your daughter?  How do I tell Fnor that he has fathered two children with me – one of which isn’t even born as of yet and the other is very much like him already.  I’m surprised that he hasn’t guessed at the fact already because she has his smile, his mannerism and her personality is very much like his.  Oh, I am already worried about the reactions from all parties concerned and I suppose that I should have addressed it years ago, however, I was hoping that it would come to pass of its own accord.  I know now that I was being foolish and my Mother kept telling me that I should tell them both because she was getting too old to cover up the lie.

Now, here I sit by myself and my only companion is a maid that I hired to help the “widow” of one of our fallen heroes take care of the little cottage she is renting on the shore and the midwife that stops by daily to check on my advanced pregnancy.   I have no problem playing the widow role because my emotions have been like one of those carnival rides, one minute happy and another minute I am very depressed.  I miss Silvermoon, I miss my daughter and I miss Fnor most of all.  I really haven’t let any of my friends in Silvermoon know where I am and my poor Mother is getting my mail  – she’s truly the only one that knows where I am.

I know that Fnor acted like he was ashamed of the fact that he had broken his vows with his wife, in the Sindorei fashion, however, I know that when they were mated, he did wander a bit. Men are definitely strange creatures and the rules seem to be different from one situation to the next.

Oh well, the midwife has just told me that she is going to be staying here for the next few days, apparently, the birth is imminent and she laughingly told me that the Father would have been proud because she thinks it’s going to be a boy.

I hope it’s a boy and I hope he looks just like his Father and I hope that when I do tell Fnor about our children that he won’t get all hysterical and go off the deep-end. I know that it is going to complicate things for us all, Amyn, Fnor and I.  I just pray to the Light that we can survive it all.

Agatha Fairsong

My Transgression…

July 15th,

Dear Journal,

Oh, By The Sunwell!! I am so embarrassed about what has happened between Fnor and I at the moment that I wish I could crawl under my bed and never come out.  Something happened that I am sure he regrets more than could be put into words.   I am so sorry that I gave into the weakness of the flesh, however, it’s kind of hard to avoid when the man that I’ve loved for so many years is in need of some emotional bolstering and my own physical needs are screaming in my mind.

It isn’t often that I’ve seen the man show his emotions as exposed as he did last night and it almost broke my heart.  To see him so devastated by all of the things that have been going on with his sister and with things going on with the business, I’m not surprised that he had reached his breaking point – it was bound to happen, I suppose.  I was just trying to offer him some physical comfort and it just went well beyond what I had intended – for both our sakes.

I had planned on discussing my daughter, not really my youngest sibling, and letting him know about her, however, when I walked into his study, I was shocked to see him in the condition that he was in.  I haven’t heard him sob like that since his losses in Dalaran, a woman that I think he might have loved and his unborn child.

I think he made a huge mistake by taking that trip back to Dalaran because I think that it tore the scab from a healing wound that hadn’t properly scared over.   I had no idea that that was where he was going when he left Silvermoon or I would have tried to talk him out of it.  I’ve heard stories here in Silvermoon about the people that are stills stranded there in the prisons – it’s horrible to think of.  Anyway, my daughter told me she had seen him return and I wanted to see how things went and how he had handled it.

I was totally unprepared for what I walked into when I went into his study.  Poor man was devastated beyond words.  I knew the minute that I stepped into the room that I should have left, however, I couldn’t walk away and leave him there crying like a child – it tugged at my heartstrings like no other with the exception of my daughter’s tears.  I don’t think there is anything worse to see or hear than a grown man crying – it just breaks my heart.  I think it is terrible that men can’t show their emotions because it’s deemed unseemly, however, how much can a man hold in without just going off the deep end.  I know I’ve seen Fnor come very close to that in the past, poor fellow – such a caring man.

He told me about how the house had been destroyed inside and how he almost cried there.  Poor fellow was really shaken and shocked by what he had seen.  I know the hours and the money that he put into that place to call it his home.  He always considered it a thing that showed he had finally “arrived” in his own mind with the Silvermoon society.   It was his pride and joy and a place where he always took pride in inviting people to visit or even to live for a time.  I have never seen a man put so much blood, sweat and tears into a building like he did that house – it was his “home” and a way that he felt that he had climbed out of his common background as a Ranger to a successful businessman. I know that it almost had to have killed him to abandon all that when he heard the rumors prior to the event of the actual purge – he got his wife and family out before that happened, even if he did have to leave some of his precious belongings behind.  Poor fellow.

We’ve barely had a moment alone since it happened, so, I’m sure that we both would like to talk about it because I know that I feel guilty and knowing him the way that I do, he probably feels more than just a little bit of the guilt.  I know that he loves his wife more than life itself and to have fallen and broken his marriage vows that I know he takes very seriously must be preying on his mind.

I still need to build up my courage and tell him about his daughter because I know that the truth is going to come out eventually and I would much rather that it comes from me.  I know that a few of my own friends have made the comment that my sister looks an awful lot like Fnor and they have given me quite a few teasing moments in regard to that.  I honestly don’t think that she looks that much like him although some of her mannerisms are definitely his and her attitude. I guess I will just have to bid my time and wait until he isn’t as emotionally in a turmoil.  I know my own emotions are a bit shaky right now as well.




A Death Knight’s Wandering Mind…

July 13th

Dear Journal,

I know that I am really sitting here just kind of giggling at my beloved Felaran and her chattering away about her family.  There have been times that I have regretted not being able to remember much about my past life, however, I think sometimes it is a blessing in disguise.  I do have flashbacks from time to time but they are mostly garbled and don’t make much sense to me.  I’m happy that I don’t have my hands full with family issues and things because it does seem as though there is a lot energy wasted in that arena without much positive feedback from the targeted people.

Yes, Faendra is definitely here in Pandaria and I did tell Felaran that and I think that she was hoping that I was mistaken, however, I was pretty sure I wasn’t in the wrong there.  I guess she saw the little git at the market place in Halfhill and she ran away from her – that was bound to happen and Fel is extremely angry with her right now.

I am so bad, I ‘m doing the thing that a lot of people do.  I’m sitting here working on some of my gem cutting and putting together some nice pieces for sale as I listen to Fel talk in the background.  I think I do the appropriate head nod and the occasional responses seem to be working out okay, however, I am not really paying that close attention to what is really being said.  This might bite me in the backside eventually, however, right now, I’d much rather work on my jewelry rather than getting involved in the family issues.

Fuzzbutt and I have been busy doing our fishing thing and relaxing when we’re not working on the farm and I’m not on duty.  Kind of nice to be able to take a break from things and just waste time, it’s not like I don’t have a whole lot of time in my life now or in the future.   I know that Fel gets a little bit upset with me sometimes because I am one of those people that can very easily lose track of time without really trying.

Earlier today, it’s my day off in truth, Fuzz and I went to the Jade Temple and spent a great deal of time there just fishing and I had some laundry that I needed to take care of for the two of us too.  I know it’s kind of silly of me to enjoy my cat as much as I do with my little cat.  I like to watch him run and chase down butterflies, it makes me laugh when he takes these flying leaps in hopes of actually catching one – sometimes he gets lucky, however, most of the time he ends up splashing into the water here at the Temple and has this look of “I meant to do that” plastered all over his water soaked face. Naturally, I do try to hide my laughter so as not to insult his dignity.  Fel tells me that I am attributing too many “feelings” to the cat, however, I disagree – animals have feelings just like most of us bipeds.

I know that I wonder at some of the people here in Pandaria.  Some of them are very ignorant about things.  Well, especially ignorant of Death Knights – we may be dead, however, we aren’t exactly all brain damaged to the point of being one step above the mindless  scourge.  I was sitting in our camp in the Jade Forest the other day when I overheard a conversation about more political intrigue going on – I am great at listening in and garnering information.   I know about the things going on in Orgrimmar even if I have been fortunate enough to avoid being put in the middle of it.  People tend to talk more freely around me because I appear to be more of the silent type of Death Knight and maybe they think that I am too “dead” to really comprehend anything of any importance.  Oh, they are so wrong in that area.

I know that Fel and I are oath bound to the Horde, however, our hearts are still very much bound to Silvermoon and the Regent, which will override the oath to the Horde that seems to be determined to destroy itself internally.  Garrosh is still making the mistake of putting his precious Orcs ahead of all of the other races in the Horde and driving more of his other supporting further away.  I know that the Blood Elves put in the cursory appearance, however, the treatment that I have heard about with the Tauren seems like the fool is trying to drive them away as well.   I know about the guards in Orgrimmar surrounding the Trolls confined there, however, the way that the guards are now crossing over into the Horde section is something that bothers me more than a little bit.

The whole fiasco of how Garrosh came into power in the first place has always been disgraceful in my eyes, however, I can understand why Baine has aligned his people with the Horde anyway.  A united front always presents a better offensive and defensive force in any military action, however, with the way that Garrosh is doing things right now, he’s alienating all the races from his support with the exception of his pure Orcs.

I know that some of the Ranger recruits that I am working with were voicing their opinions the other day about the fact that we may have an option to change our allegiance to the Alliance.   I’m not so sure that that is a good idea at this juncture.  They seem to have forgotten the betrayals that have occurred in the past with the same group of people.  Even the Forsaken have been betrayed in the past with that group.  I’m not so sure that the Blood Elf society would be better off forming this kind of Alliance.  I kept my mouth shut and kept my thoughts to myself, however, I didn’t like the discussion or the reasons why they felt that the Alliance would better serve our race.  We would be considered an expendable group of people and that is totally not how I would like us to be viewed by either faction.   Have these youngsters even given a thought to what happened at Theramore and the aftermath in Dalaran?  I think not.

From my own political view, my personal feelings anyway, I think that we’re doing the right thing in keeping our alignment within the Horde, however, we’re taking the lead from the Regent rather than from Garrosh.  We have been used for cannon fodder too many times in the past with both factions.  If our race is to survive, we need to keep things as they are right now – align with the Horde, however, keep it in your mind to follow the direction of the Regent.  It’s a risky game that we’re playing because there may come a time where Garrosh may decide to turn against us too, you never know with that madman.  I did voice my opinion to Fel when I got home and explained to her what I had overheard at the camp, she agreed with me at least.  Anyway, it does cause the two of us some concerns about some of our plans for the future – we’re moving ahead with our plans, however, we are very guarded as to how far we extend ourselves.

So, while I am making jewelry for sale to make gold for the two of us, I am also stockpiling a lot of my materials and hiding it away.  You never know which way this crazy war is going to go and if we are going to be able to survive the political upheaval that it brings with it.  I think that Felaran realizes what I am doing and she just kind of turns her head to it or chooses to avoid the thoughts.  I am trying to make it so that if another thing happens like Dalaran that we aren’t left totally unable to support ourselves in whatever future society happens along.  I have to laugh at myself because I have a feeling that some of this hoarding away of things may stem from my past, even if I don’t remember it.  I don’t think that we will ever have another Lich like Arthas, however, you never know what kind of power might befall us.  I know that Fel has been talking about going to Shattrath lately to check out the new warehouse facilities there, so, there may be an area where I can stash some of this stuff too.

Since Shattrath is the only neutral city left on Azeroth I don’t think that it would be a mistake on my part to start planting the seeds in Fel’s head that we might want to start looking at finding a place to live there in case we are driven away from Pandaria by some unforeseen event.

My goodness, my brain is wandering around today too.  I’m dwelling on the past and trying design plans for a future that hasn’t happened yet, however, I do want to be prepared just in case.   I do have a serious side to my personality, however, I do prefer the more fun side  – enough of this drivel, Ty – get back to work and finish up this contract for the matching earrings and necklace that I’ve promised to get to Zippie in Silvermoon next week.


Finding My Way…

July 11th

Dear Journal,

This being disowned by the family because I didn’t follow the straight and narrow course to becoming a mage has worked out fairly for me.  Being a mage was so boring to me and there are so many of them in Silvermoon, I’m sure that I won’t be missed by some of classmates either.

I have discovered that living on the edge and following the darker side of the magicks is much more fulfilling to me personally and quite profitable, all at the same time.  I just have to be extremely careful around some people because if they knew who and what I was, I’m sure that it would cause them some distress.   I’m sure that one young lady that I bedded recently would probably not be too thrilled to find out that she had been with a warlock – one of those evil fellows that society tells these women to stay away from.  It’s not being a warlock is contagious, it’s just a different kind of lifestyle.

I’m sure that some of my former friends are wondering why I wandered away from town and set up shop where I have.  Well, I’ll let them wonder, I’ve been telling them it was to further my studies through practical uses – I think my close friends actually know.  Anyway, life is treating me fairly well and I can’t complain.

I can’t explain to anyone the feelings that I have when I actually start destroying something with my magic.  It’s almost like a tonic of sorts, it makes me feel powerful and I like that feeling.  Controlling my minions is definitely a power trip although I am indeed wary of the succubus because she does try to seduce me every chance she gets.  From what I have read and from what I have heard a few others of my ilk talk about them, it’s almost like they try to seduce their masters to take the power away and put themselves in control, I won’t let that happen although she is very tempting at times. I’m working harder with my skills and I hope that one day I can do all of the things that I want to do – like amass a fortune of my own.

I did get to visit with my Mother not long ago.  She seems to be missing her only son quite a bit and even though my Father has forbidden me the house, she still considers me a part of the family even if my Father doesn’t any longer.  I know there is a special bond between Mothers and their children and I willingly admit that I do miss her and my sisters quite a bit sometimes.  My Father?  Well, I don’t miss him all that much because he truly has shown his true colors with the way that he carried on when he found out I was practicing the dark arts and not what he was paying the school for.  Oh well, maybe someday he will still realize that I’m his son, no matter the taint.

I have to say that I have gotten over any qualms I may have had about barging in on social events being held in and around the Ghostlands.  That’s how I meet people sometimes and while I am enjoying my new found freedom, I still have that craving for social interactions with my own kind.  It’s a normal thing and not one that I am going to say is not exactly the correct thing to do either.  I’ve met quite a few people just by chance and I’d like to make friends with them sometime in the future, however, I can only allow them to get so close without revealing what I am.

I know I made the choice to become a warlock and I haven’t regretted it yet, however, there may come a time when I do, you never know about life choices.  I do understand that once you’ve taken this path that there is really no way back – once you’ve tasted the taint of the magic, it will always be a part of you – there is no cure for it.



My Life and Times – Agatha’s Journal Part V

May 28th

Dear Journal,

I honestly don’t understand how the poor man can keep coping with things when I know that his heart is breaking with his sister’s latest escapade.  At least we think we know where she is now, which is in Pandaria, the one place that she doesn’t really need to be, however, we all know that she will just be causing problems.

I’ve watched all of the changes in the household since Miss Faendra left, not only this house but the one that her brother gave her to live on her own.  Apparently it wasn’t to her liking and she made this quite clear not only to me but to any of my maids and housekeeper-in-training that were put there to assist her. Fae is and can be a very cruel and self-centered young girl and she has finally done the worst thing that she could have done to her brother.

I knew about the fact that Fnor was trying to make arrangements for a marriage for his sister.  I know what his thinking was on the matter and he was in hopes that she would settle down and do the right thing.  I know that he had been negotiating with several families of lesser nobility than her last pending nuptials, however, with her disappearance that time, it definitely put the word out that she may not be quite the package for a family to take on.  What if she had married someone and took off to chase down poor Dawnglory?  Ah well, that will only be for speculation because her brother has finally washed his hands of that type of thing for her.

Zippie has been gone the better part of the month and poor Fnor is once again realizing that he just doesn’t like to attend to all of the paperwork any more now than he did when we were in Dalaran.  Poor fellow does a good job with things, managing his contracts, the employees and the warehouses in Shattrath as well as Silvermoon, however, he never has been one that liked to be indoors and tied down to a desk.  He is always in his glory when he is out in the field or, sad to say, being with the Rangers – it really is the love of his life as well as something that has kept him young all of these years.  Now he is planning on opening up a new warehouse in Pandaria to handle the goods for the employees that are in that area – some of them can’t come back to Silvermoon for whatever reasons, usually something involving the authorities.

I know that when Zippie does return, he is planning on spending some time with his wife and son in Pandaria, possibly slipping into Stormwind to see his youngest son, Vashlan.  I’ve never seen a man so devoted to his children and that is something that he and I need to discuss.

I know that I have been hiding things from him for a very long time, however, it is now time that I can no longer do that without him finding out.   When we had our affair in Dalaran, I did take some time off from my duties to go home for a few months, leaving a temporary maid in charge that could contact me if she ran into something that she couldn’t handle on her own.  I wonder what happened to her, she was very likeable and capable, however, after I returned to Dalaran, she left to take another position in Silvermoon near her family.

What I am about to write down is something that if it were to fall into the wrong hands could cause a lot of trouble for Fnor and for myself, however, it is something that I feel I need to put in this journal.

When I went home to my family near Fairbreeze Village, I went home to give birth to a child.  Yes, my child and Fnor’s.  I never told him that I was pregnant because I didn’t want him to feel that he was trapped in our relationship and we weren’t planning a future together as a couple, we were lovers. Not only did I work for the man, I was his friend and his confidant in a lot of his business and in his personal life.

None of my siblings realized that I was with child, however, my Mother knew the first time that she laid eyes on me.  Of course, she had plenty of experience with pregnancy since she had given birth to my siblings and myself.   She made all of the arrangements for me to go to a little cottage on the shore when I started to show, telling the rest of my family that I was exhausted and needed some time to rest and relax from all of my endeavors in Dalaran.  She was the one that made arrangements for a midwife to be close at hand for when the time was right.  Yes, I paid for all of this out of my own funds.

Before my Mother joined me at the cottage, she let my Father and my other siblings think that she was the one pregnant.  Of course, Dad was thrilled at the thought of adding another baby to the brood that they were already raising, however, he was probably more surprised than the rest of the family and very proud of his prowess in the bedroom.  Poor fellow never stopped to realize that Mom was a bit long in the tooth to be having a baby.

The time came, the child was born without much trouble at all, which came as a huge surprise to me.  She was the most beautiful baby that I had ever seen and the weeks that followed were filled with joy for me.  I named her Adamia because it was an old family name and because I thought it was a good choice for my poor bastard child.  Mother and I had agreed that she would pass the child off as her own and it broke my heart in so many ways when I had to take on the role of the older sister, not even letting my daughter know the truth.

Naturally, the years have passed and Adamia has taken after her parents.  She is very strong willed and adventurous, just as I am sure Fnor and I both were growing up.  What is definitely surprising is how much she looks like her Father, the long black hair is as heavy as his and she has his smile  – her eyes twinkle just the way his do when he’s enjoying himself.   She has never suspected that she wasn’t my Mother’s daughter.  I have paid for her rearing, her schooling as well as lavished gifts on her at every opportunity.  Well, now the crux of the matter is that she is now coming of age, she wants to strike out on her own and she wants to come stay with her big sister in Silvermoon.

Now, you can see my dilemma.  I am sure that her Father will recognize the family traits as well as recognize the fact that I won’t be able to hide her identity forever – my parents are getting old and my siblings are starting to suspect that Adamia is definitely more than just a favorite of mine.  I am going to have to give this some more thought, do I tell Fnor the truth or try to live with the lie a bit longer?

Agatha Fairsong



Managing Things Alone


Written in very cursive script denoting the maturity and education of the author


May 1st

Dear Journal,

Well, with Zippie being away for a few days, maybe a week or two, I am finding out exactly how she has kept this business running so smoothly these last few years.   I know that she and I will be talking about some of the things that she has been doing  because some of the things that I thought I had implemented for the employees to do were supposed to be voluntary, for the extra cash, not mandatory.  However, I will have to admit that the archeology digs are most assuredly one of the most profitable areas that we’ve been working in for the last couple of years.   However, some of the employees aren’t very happy with being “forced” into that field when they don’t feel comfortable with it at all.  It was fully intended to be a voluntary thing that they got paid extra for, I’ll talk to Zippie and make sure that she understands that the policy hasn’t changed even if it is extremely profitable.

I will have to admit that I miss that little goblin bouncing around and that laugh of hers is very infectious.   I know that I will be sitting at my desk at the house and be deep in thought, catch myself grinning and chuckling whenever I hear that laugh.  Sure, Zednick and Dooddah are still here, however, they don’t have that charm that Zippie seems to have.

I have heard from her since she has been gone and I think that she is having a good time although I didn’t even think about how much trouble it would be for her to roam around in Feralas.  The height issue totally escaped my mind, although I don’t know how I could have known she was truly that short in stature.  Oh well, I’m sure that she had fun on the barge in Thousand Islands.  From what she said, she should be gone at least another week.  I’ll be happy when she gets back, I don’t know how she does all that she does without going completely insane.  I know that when she does get back from her trip that I fully intend on taking some time off and heading to Pandaria again.

At least this next trip to Pandaria will be to meet my wife so that we can spend some time alone.  One of these days we will have some time to have the family all together again in Nagrand.   I think that I am actually looking forward to seeing the little guys, it’s been a while since I have laid eyes on the two of them.

Funny thing how that I still yearn for the days when we had our home in Dalaran.  I can remember all of the years that I spent there, remodeling, making it a home that I could take pride of ownership in as well as being able to invite guests in without any concern for the appearance of the place.   Most of my truest friends have met Amyn and the boys, however, those days of camaraderie are in the past.   We have all gone our separate ways.   I don’t think that I will allow myself to care about a building as much as I did that lovely place in Dalaran, it was heartbreaking to leave it all behind.

I’m still doing some searching around to try and get Faendra married off and I am going to have to admit that her hasty departure and the breaking of that original contract has made my job that much more difficult.   I’m not willing to pay out a huge dowry for a marriage that may or may not happen.  I know that I will have to explain to Amyn about my decision to get Faendra into a relationship – she was furious the last time that I was working on an arranged marriage for my sister.

Ah, well, I really need to head back down to the warehouse and make sure that the employees have someone there that they can talk with and get their pay from.  I know that it isn’t often that you see the owner of a company actually doing the hands-on approach, however, with Zippie being out of the picture for the time being, I have to do it.

Fnor Morningstar





I Will Change Everything Back to What I Want…

January 29th

Dear Journal,

I woke up this morning to the sounds of children playing and the pitter patter of little feet going down the hall outside my room.  Now, I’m not sure if I’ve made the right decision or not because the little feet inside the house were little goblin feet, I guess my brother decided that they could stay here at the house in Silvermoon – he should have put them in the apartment above the stables unless he has someone else stashed away up there. Knowing my brother, he probably has an entire family of Tauren staying up there or even some Trolls that had a pitiful story to tell him.

My room was pretty much the way that I left it with the exception of the bridal gown that I threw in the fireplace last night and burned.  I am going to have to go to the dressmakers and get some more current gowns since the ones I left here no longer fit me correctly since my body has changed so much with the physical activity that I did while I was gone. I wonder if my stingy brother will loan me some money against my earnings or something so that I dress befitting a woman of some rank in Silvermoon should dress?  I don’t have that much money of my own right now and if I were staying at an Inn, I’d be on the street in a few days.

I know I was shocked when I ran into my brother at the Faire, even more astonished when I saw Dawnglory there with a very pregnant woman.  Oh yeah, my feelings for him haven’t changed that much and I just felt like this woman was just some whore that he knocked up and felt like he needed to make sure that the baby was his. They aren’t married and they, apparently, aren’t planning on making their relationship legal which means that their baby, if it is his, will be a bastard.  She must have been very pretty at some point though to keep my man interested and now, with that big belly sticking out there, she’s lost her looks for a while.  Of course, we were introduced and she gave me such a look that I almost laughed out loud.  I guess that might be some kind of threat to her or something, however, time will tell.  I know Dawnglory well enough to know that he’s going to lose interest and will be off womanizing again.

My brother told me that Dawnglory was very much in love with this woman and that I had better get any ideas that I had in my mind about him forgotten because this woman could kill me very easily.  Oh, I don’t think so, big brother, I’ve learned a lot in these last few months and I think I can handle anything that she might try to do. I guess she was a Ranger under my brother’s command and worked alongside Dawnglory – well, more than alongside but more underneath.  Oh well, guess she got pregnant and Dawnglory left the Rangers, as did she.  I hope he didn’t get kicked out for dallying with the subordinates because it will be hard for him to go back, if that was the case.

Felessa got married while I was gone and she’s pregnant too.  I have my doubts about whether her baby was her husband’s or not because he’s kind of old.  She was really smitten with this young Ranger that is still in Silvermoon and I have a feeling that it’s his.  I know that her marriage contract is set up that she has to produce an heir to the family and she’s doing that, I don’t think it said that it had to be a legitimate heir.  Oh, she’s so busy making baby clothes and getting as big as house that I don’t think that she and I are going to be socializing with one another that much.  She did promise to throw a party in the near future to welcome me back and to reintroduce me to some of the people that I haven’t seen for awhile.  She’s probably going to try to find someone for me so that I can get fat and pregnant just like her.  I like the idea of a party, however, finding a man to sleep with isn’t on the top of my list unless it’s one particular man.

I did meet quite a few men in my travels and I’ll admit that one young Blood Elf caught my eye and I often think about him and how it might have been to go to bed with him. He was the polar opposite of Dawnglory, he was dark haired and a monk.  He basically threw all of the things that he had learned in Silvermoon away and started a new life for himself.  He apparently is from a very good family here in Silvermoon, however, he abandoned them along with all of the other things in Silvermoon.  He was kind, considerate and very well educated – one would think that he still had some of his Silvermoon connections because he didn’t seem to want for much.  In fact, he helped me out a few times with gear and weapons when I didn’t have any money.  I know that we spent a lot of time together and I am sure that he is wondering where I am right now.  I’ll have to write him and let him know where I am and that I am still planning on coming back to Kalimdor in the very near future if things don’t work out the way that I want them too here.

Well, I guess that I should see if my brother will let me go with him to the farm in Pandaria so that I can try to befriend Dawnglory’s woman after she has her brat.  I’ll also try to figure out if there are any chinks in the relationship that she has with my man so that I can get him back where he belongs.  No, she isn’t going to keep that golden haired man out of my bed if I have anything to say about it – he was mine long before he ever met her.

I really need to get a bath and go get my nails done, they are absolutely horrid and I suppose I need to go talk to Zippie and find out what kind of contracts she has for me. I hope she doesn’t think that I am going to be doing all of her grunt work for her either, not without some recognition and money from my brother.  Besides, if she goes to Shattrath to run things down there, I can run things here in Silvermoon without any trouble at all and without her nosy interference.

I hope my brother left word with the stableman that my mount needed to be properly groomed and outfitted with new tack.  I would hate for anyone to see me riding my hawkstrider the way that she looks right now.  Oh, maybe I can take Fnor’s black hawkstrider out, he’s a much better looking animal and the gear that he wears is very rich looking.  Yes, that’s what I’ll do, I’ll take one of my brother’s mounts.

Faendra Morningstar


July 13th

Dear Journal,

I know that it’s been forever since I have written in my journal and it’s been quite a while since I had anything of any great importance to say, however, I think I need to say something to someone about this even if it isn’t out loud in public or anything like that.

I have been going through my priestess training and learning how to heal the way that it is supposed to be done and I think I am doing okay with it.  I love my work, I like helping people and making sure that they are feeling better when I am finished working with them as a healer. It has been my whole life so far.

My real problem right now is the fact that I think that I have fallen in love with a young Ranger, he’s very handsome and very sweet.  His family isn’t of any real note and neither is mine, so, there shouldn’t have been any problems with the two of us if we happened to get together.  I know that it is kind of hard to do anything in this town without it being circulated all over the place. I know how people like to gossip about things.  Well, I think that there is going to be some gossip going around in a while even if there was something that I could do about it.

Okay, my brother, bless his flirty little heart, has made arrangements for me to marry an older man and to gain some social status in Silvermoon.  I don’t love the man and from what little bit of time that I have spent with him, he just wants to marry me to produce an heir for him and to keep his bloodline going.  The thought of the old fellow touching my private parts almost makes my skin crawl; however, he is going to have to do more than just touch to get an heir. Due to the old fellow’s age, I don’t know if he can even produce an heir or how many times we would have to have this “joining” going on.  Well, there are other ways to get an heir and in all honesty, I have no qualms in doing that if it is going to make the old fellow happy.

We have gone out to dinner a few times and he does seem to be likeable enough and his very intelligent.  Well, he had better be intelligent considering that he is one of the magistrates here in Silvermoon.  I do have to laugh at those titles because historically, you had to earn the titles, now, you can buy them for a few thousand gold.  He likes to talk about his work as a mage and I find it rather interesting and find it very mysterious sometimes.  I think that mages walk a very fine line between the Light and the Dark because I know some young mages act as if they know everything and have unknowingly slipped into the darkness through some of their trial and error methodology, poor fellows.  Anyway, I think I can tolerate being married to this man and he already knows that it is not a love match and I know that he has already gotten a goodly portion of my dowry from Fnar.

Getting back to my Ranger, he’s everything that a woman could want; he’s handsome, virile, brave and a bit brash at times.  Oh, I know that a lot of girls are just crazy about the Rangers here in Silvermoon.  One of the things that I will say about my young man is that he is not a man of means and is earning his way through the ranks much like my brother and Fnor Morningstar did, they didn’t buy their commissions because it has taken them years of experience to get to where they are today.  Oh, my Jax is definitely a man’s man in every sense of the word, a very careful blending of both my brother and Fnor.  Oh, he’s not as blunt as my brother and he’s not as diplomatic as Fnor, however, he is a whole lot younger.  I know it sounds silly; however, he’s someone that I am proud to be seen with and very proud to be with.   

I know this all sounds confusing because it is.  I am going to marry this old man and I want to be able to be with my Ranger.  They both are special in their own way, however, one is nearing the end of his life and the other is just starting out with his profession.  I am very worried how this is going to work out. 

I know that I am really in a quandary because I have given word to my brother that I would marry this old man and my heart is telling me that it is wrong of me to do so.  I know that there are marriages where the people are together for the reasons that this magistrate is marrying me and yet, the couples end up being very unhappy together and they take lovers or part company.  I have spent hours praying to the Light for some kind of guidance and I don’t know that it is going to help.  I know that my brother would be very upset with me if I broke my word to him and to the magistrate and yet, I am not sure that I will be any happier for it.  Here I sit loving one man and knowing that if I marry the other one; I will have more social standing with my friends and the rest of the community that will enable me to further my career too.

I’m not as sweet and naive as some of the people around me think that I am.  It is a persona that I have been very careful in projecting because it is what some of the people expect of me.  I’m not like Faendra and her obsession with my brother nor am I as hotheaded as she is.  When I do things, I am more methodical and I do hope more organized.   However, this particular situation is rather awkward and I wish that I had someone to talk too about it.

If Faendra were here, I doubt that I would even tell her about it because she would try to use it as another way of getting at Fnar.  I swear that girl is a fool because we have all told her that he is not the “marrying” kind and that he is one man that is completely happy with having a fling and doesn’t want the encumbrances of having a wife and children – children he may have, however, it is doubtful that he will marry anyone in the near future.

Speaking of Faendra, she is supposed to be here in Silvermoon to attend the parties and meet the families prior to her wedding and she isn’t here.  I’ve written to her in Orgrimmar to find out what the holdup is with her arrival here in Silvermoon. I’ve gotten absolutely no answers from her and to be honest, I know how unhappy she was at her arrangement to be married in a few weeks, however, I have met her intended several times and he is absolutely gorgeous and very nice. His family happens to be one of the nicest families in Silvermoon and not all arrogant acting.

I know that Agatha has been doing a marvelous job helping me with all of the things with my wedding plans and parties even if she is wondering how fast she is going to be able to do the same thing for Faendra if she doesn’t show up soon.   Sometimes that girl just doesn’t think about things and it makes it a total hardship for everyone else.

Oh well, I’ll keep thinking about my own situation and see what I can come up with.  I want to keep my Ranger and I want to make sure that I keep my word to my brother about this marriage, even if it does make me unhappy.

This entry probably doesn’t make much sense since my brain just keeps hopping all over the place like a very skittish rabbit.

Felessa Dawnglory