Nice to Visit…Nicer To Get Back Home

December 8th

Dear Journal,

Well, we were able to escape the farm for a few days and head back home to visit with Mom and the boys.  Oh yes, we definitely spent some time at the Faire again and a good time was had by all.  I know there are times that I feel guilty when we do this because there is so much to do in Pandaria.

At least the Boss is in residence for a while at his farm so we don’t have to take care of his farm and Dawnglory is at his farm most of the time these days with his pregnant elf.  I know that Naton and I giggle constantly about what a homebody this fellow is turning out to be these days.  He won’t stray far away from his woman and even if he did scowl when I suggested that I bring Mom to Pandaria for the birth of the child, she’s delivered a few babies in her life.  I guess he has found a Blood Elf midwife to attend to that task.  At least I offered.

Naton and I are just as happy to attend to our farm to fill the contracts that we have here in Pandaria and I guess we’ve been lucky because the Boss has always taken our goods back to Silvermoon when he goes and sends our money to us.  I have only been to Silvermoon once and that was long ago.  It was almost like Dalaran with the way they furnish everything with those delicate little chairs that a normal size Tauren would have trouble sitting on.  Naton says that most of these elf cities are not prepared to accommodate the likes of us, so, we did camp outside of the city.

We’ve been worried about Mom with her age showing the way that it is, however, this last trip kind of eased our minds a bit.  What with the battling going on over and around Orgrimmar, she seems to have found the spring in her step again, which was nice. Tahfal says that she has been going over every day to help with the wounded and left most of the cooking to himself and Nahai.  I can well imagine what they’ve been cooking, however, Mom stayed home and cooked for Naton and I, at least.

The one thing that has stayed consistent with all of us is our love of going to the Faire.  It’s the one place that seems to stay the same and never changes.  People seem to leave their troubles at the door and we all just relax and have a good time.  Well, that’s not entirely true, there are a few that try to bring their political troubles into the Faire to rand and rave about things, however, normally, they are shut down rather quickly by the other patrons.  There seemed to be more families there this time than usual.  I was happy to see more Blood Elves with children in tow, maybe the race won’t die out the way that we have feared in the past.  Naton says they aren’t a large group in number still, however, he was happy to see all of the children.

I wonder if there are times when Naton wishes that he could marry and have children like a normal Bull, however, even if he doesn’t have children of his own, he seems to draw them to him like a magnet.  People seem to be more trusting of this huge Death Knight and have no problems with their children spending time in his company.  There are always one or two kids at the farm while he is working at the forge and he is always chatting away with them, telling them stories of our people.  They don’t even seem to notice that he’s a Death Knight these days.

I had brought some new ribbons with me to tie in my mane when we were at the Faire and in Thunderbluff, and the raves that I got on them was amazing.  Yes, we may be at war a bit, however, women still like to look nice and we’re always trying to find ways to make ourselves more attractive. Mom had actually found some material that I could use to make myself a dress when we go back to Pandaria, it was almost like Father Winter had paid her a visit before the season even began.

We had missed the Harvest feasts, however, Mom had been able to save back a couple of pies and a few other things that Naton and I really made pigs of ourselves eating.  The time has been passing so quickly in Pandaria that, to be honest, I think that Naton and I lost track of the season.

We keep working away on the farm and adding things here and there to make it seem bigger so that we have plenty of room when Mom and the boys come to stay with us.  We’re both looking forward to the day when the Cloudhoof Clan can make their home in Pandaria.  Oh, we’ll never stop going to our home in the Bluff, it’s a huge part of our lives.   I did notice that Dawnglory has kept his tent next to our family home even if he doesn’t get back there very often. Mom seems to think that he’s going to be bringing his little one back to visit a lot after it’s born.  She’s even made a few little toys for the baby, a doll and she did make this beautiful blanket , just the right size for a Blood Elf baby. I asked her if she wanted me to take the things back to Pandaria to give to them and she said “no” because she wants to give them to Dawnglory and his woman herself.

I know that it is very quiet at the farm tonight, even Naton seems to be taking a break.  I think he ate too much at the Faire and is paying the price.  For one that doesn’t eat very often, I think he probably ate enough to keep him for the next six months, plus, you add the food that he had when we were in the Bluff and you have a stuffed Death Knight.   I suppose I ought to go to sleep myself because it is going to be a busy day tomorrow, the weeds and virmen didn’t take any time off while we were gone.