Dooddah Goes To The Faire…

March 4th

Dear Journal,

I know it wasn’t very nice of me to fool my sister, Zippie, however, when she kept asking for someone to go to Orgrimmar to pick up some contracts and check on our old warehouse there, I was all but jumping for joy.  Of course, Uncle Zednick could have done the tasks because he’s already over there, however, Zippie said that she wanted someone that she could trust to get the job done – which kind of left me.

So, off I went to Orgrimmar, filled with excitement about visiting the city and not being supervised by Uncle Zednick.  I could feel free to wander around and visit with some of my old friends while I was there as well as seeing how things have changed since Garrosh left.

One of the things that stayed in the back of my mind was the fact that the Faire was in town and I could spend some time there just having fun after I got my work done.  I could ride the rides, play the games as many times as I wanted too as well as eating all of the food that I wanted to eat the last time and didn’t get the change.

Oh, what a great time I had although I will have to admit that I got kind of sick after drinking so many fizzy drinks that I felt like I was going to explode, hope I didn’t mess up the people too much when I ended up throwing up on the people below when I was flying around with those silly wings and going through the rings.  Maybe they were just Alliance people, if that was the case, I’m sorry but not nearly as sorry as I would have been if they had been Horde.  I had so much and didn’t really notice the time as closely as I should have, I suppose.

There were just so many things to see that I hadn’t had the chance to see before because the others were too busy wanting to go to other places.   I even got my fortune read although I don’t know what she meant about success with my ventures – I’m not venturing anything, I’m just doing my job.

Whoa, I don’t know what they gave that turtle at the ring toss this time because he was sure zipping around like he had rockets under his shell.  It was pretty hard to hit that post on this back.  I tried asking what they gave the turtle to speed him up and the girl there wouldn’t tell me.  I wouldn’t mind giving my crab, Salad, some stuff to speed him up sometimes. I would even share some of the stuff with Panmoshu, my Panderan friend,  to give to her turtle, Soup, to see if he wouldn’t pick up the pace a little bit.  Oh well, may I’ll find out one of these days.

Oh, they added a new race on the beach.  I don’t think I did very well with it because I got lost a couple of days and hit a few things that I shouldn’t and got shot off into the water.  I’m sure that my race time was dead last, however, that’s okay, I still had fun.  I know that I wish they had cleared out some of those big wolves that seemed to wander through the race track area sometimes and scared me half to death – at least my mount kept running and I didn’t get eaten.

It was fun and I don’t regret slipping off to go over there with a few of my buddies from Orgrimmar, however, I know that Zippie will be kind of upset that I took the extra time to have some fun instead of racing back to Silvermoon with the contracts I picked up.  Oh yeah, the warehouse looks great and it looks like the Boss made his decision already because there were some Orcs putting up a new sign over the doors that said “Morningstar Enterprises” on it.  I wonder if we will be moving back here to live, it might be a nice change for us because I will have to admit that it makes me nervous being around all of those elves all of the time.  I hope we can get our little house back or at least have a nice size area upstairs to live again since the Princess has moved on with her life – we hope she has, at least.

Well, time for me to get some sleep and start back to Silvermoon tomorrow so I can turn in this stuff and let Zippie know about the warehouse.   It was sure fun getting away on my own for a while – it’s like Zednick and Zippie don’t trust me to be able to handle things on my own because I’m the youngest – well, I can take care of myself fairly well.

Dooddah Prattfall

Zippie Takes Some Time Off

April 23rd

Dear Journal,

You know there are just times that you need to get away from all of the mooks and head somewhere to have some fun with your own kind.  While I like living in the big house in Silvermoon, I have to admit that it’s full of elves.  Tall elves, short elves, just elves.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I like elves and I like working for the Boss, however, there are times that a girl needs to get away from family and other people just so’s they can let their hair down and have fun.  I have been working real hard since we left Orgrimmar and now with the Shattrath thing going on, I’m ready to throw in the towel or get an assistant.  Well we all know who that assistant won’t be, right?

I finally went to the Boss yesterday and told him that I needed a break, I needed to get away before I went nuts like his sister.   I don’t think that I’ll ever go that nutso, however, I know that there are times that I just want to smack someone for no reason – you know, you get frustrated with columns of figures that just won’t add up and you can’t get this part of the ledger to balance out because you’ve been staring at it for so long.  I know that the Boss has a lot on his plate right now with things concerning his family and the business, however, a lot of that weight also rests on my shoulders – I’m the one that makes sure that he has enough money to cover all of this stuff.

I told Uncle Zednick and Dooddah that I was going away for a while and naturally, Dooddah wanted to tag along.  Uncle Zednick just kind of shrugged his shoulders and said that he was busy right now anyway with his mage thing and getting in touch with some of his engineering buddies that are supposed to be over here in Silvermoon.  I had to tell Dooddah that she can go with me next time, I just needed some time away from family and the business.  Sure, she was disappointed and I can understand that, however,  I don’t think I need my little sister following me around especially if I meet a nice goblin fella somewhere in my travels.

The Boss told me to take a road trip, which I did.  He told me that Desolace was different – hated it.  He also told me that Feralas was a beautiful place.   Well, yeah, it’s beautiful if you’re not vertically challenged and all of the bushes and grass happens to be taller than you are.   I enjoyed the peace and quiet when the bears weren’t trying to eat me or some whelpling wasn’t trying to eat my face – yep, that was sure enjoyable.   At least the Tauren had some nice camps there and I got to learn a few new recipes for cooking that I might try out sometime.

It must be that time of year for people to take trips too.  I ran into some other goblins that were taking a break from Orgrimmar and all of those Orcs.  I know that we were sitting around and talking about all kinds of stuff.  Of course, they wanted to know about Silvermoon and I told them about what little bit I knew or had seen since I got there and they kind of frowned a bit – guess the place really doesn’t sound all that fun when you’re a goblin.  Come to think of it, I haven’t had time to have any fun since I got there.

They started talking about this place called Thousand Needles and how there used to be a race track there that had gotten covered over by  the flood when Deathwing came blasting through Kalimdor.  Well, there seems to be a goblin salvage operation going on down there from this big barge-they are salvaging parts from the race cars that were still down there when the flood happened and I guess a bunch of other stuff from the buildings that are underwater .  Seems this barge is run by goblins and the tall people aren’t all over the place either.  Sounded good to me.   It also sounds like a place where a goblin could make some good money too, I’m always interested in making money on the side.

Well, we all grouped together and made our way to the barge and that’s where I am right now.  Kind of got into a bar fight when we arrived.  You know those gnomes throw one heck of a punch when you hit them in the head with a bottle of grog.  I’m kind of sitting here with a bit of shiner, first one I’ve had since I left Kezan, and a headache that would make an Orc cry, I think.

This must be party central or something.  I know that I think I’ll take today off and maybe do some fishing while this headache finds its way to leave.  I think that I saw some of my friends from Orgrimmar working here too, might look them up and see how things are going.  You know, you kind of lose touch with people when you leave a city as fast as we did.

Zippie Prattfall




Oh Geez…

February 17th

Dear Journal,

I just knew that when the Princess showed back up that it was going to mean trouble for everyone she came into contact with.  I woke up to the screaming and yelling match that she was trying to instigate with the Boss, it was awful the way that she was screaming at the poor man.

Uncle Zednick was all set to arcane blast her once, just once because he couldn’t stand how she was acting to her own brother.  After all of the things that that poor man has done to make sure she was taken care of.  I know that it scared me with the way that she was yelling and the stuff she was saying about his wife and kids, it was awful.  I’ve never seen this side of her and I’ve never seen anyone talk to the Boss that way.  I kept waiting to hear her scream or something when he should have smacked her – in my honest opinion.

What a way for us to find out that the Boss was back in Silvermoon.

I guess something else happened because Agatha went flying into the Boss’s suite and came back out looking like she was going to cry and then the healer came.  I guess the Boss almost had a heart attack or something.  I know that it scared the heck out of us and we were wondering what to do next.  I guess I won’t get to see him until tomorrow because Agatha said he was okay, however, he needed to get some rest and settle down after that fight.

I don’t know how in the heck Dooddah slept through all of the noise and commotion but she sure did.  Being a hunter, one would think that she would have learned how to be alert to things even when she is asleep.  I hope she doesn’t sleep like this when she’s out in the field alone.

I’m still kind of chuckling at Uncle Zednick because I don’t think that he realized when he put on his robe and ran out into the hallway that he hadn’t fastened the thing.  There are some things that the eyes can see that you wish you could forget.  There was Zed standing there filled with wrath in his purple robe and clearly wearing a pair of heart covered boxers – that’s what started me giggling.  Where in Azeroth did he get a pair of boxers like that? Now I am going to have to push that image to the back of mind every time I see him because I don’t want to start laughing.

Well, the one good thing that has come out of all of the trauma this morning is that we haven’t seen the Princess step out of her rooms.  Maybe she left?  Oh, we couldn’t be that lucky could we?  I knew the fertilizer was going to hit the wind machine when the Boss got back, however, we don’t know what the results of that argument have been.  I hope that the Boss didn’t do anything foolish, like give into her demands.

I had planned on going to Shattrath next week to start hiring more people for the warehouse to get things set up, you know, shelving and things like that we have to have made.  Also, I’ll get a chance to see how much room we will have there.  The Boss had told me that there was an apartment setup on top like there had been in Orgrimmar, however, I’m not sure that we are going to stay in it if we can find another place, even if we have to pay for it.  Besides, we haven’t ever been in that part of the world before and we might want to branch out a bit. Uncle Zednick says that once he’s been to Shattrath, we won’t have any trouble traveling back and forth because he will be able to set up a portal, which will be freaking great – that’s a huge benefit for all of us if he doesn’t get drunk. We’ve ended up in some pretty strange places and situations when he’s drunk portaling.

Well, I guess I’ll get to talk to the Boss tomorrow when he’s feeling better, hope he feels better. I’m sure that he will be happy with the work the rest of us have done despite being saddled with the Princess.





Things Have Not Changed…

February 1st

Dear Journal,

I should have known that the Princess hadn’t changed one iota since she’s been gone, she just hasn’t let her brother see how she is now.  I think that she has learned  how to be a bit more subtle with her rants and raves, however, they are still there.

I was sitting in my office going through the invoices and trying to balance the books out for my monthly report to the Boss when I heard the familiar footsteps of Her Highness come in the office.  I just kept working because this is the time of day that I think better and I really didn’t want to deal with her this morning, to be honest.

She wanted to know what kind of work and contracts I had lined up for her and she wasn’t even nice about it because she was too busy trying to read my ledger upside down.  I closed the ledger real quick like and told her that her contracts and any other work that I had for her should be in her employee mailbox slot outside the office door.  The Boss had told me to treat her just like I would any other employee and I was going to do exactly what he told me to do because I just had a feeling that things weren’t going to go as smoothly as he thought they might.

Well, let’s just say that the noises she started making when she got her stuff out of her box were between a growl, a few Blood Elf oaths, and then she stomped back into the office to let me know that she was going to talk to her brother when he got back and “Oh, where is he, anyway?”  I politely reminded her to look at the due dates on the contracts and the list of things that she needed to do in the warehouse and she just went off like a rocket. As for where her brother was, I told her that he was in Nagrand for a while – which really upset her.

I don’t think that I have been called that many names in such a short space of time since the last time I had to go bail Uncle Zednick out of jail for mooning Garrosh. I am very proud of myself because I maintained my composure although I would have loved to let loose with some chained lightning on her backside, however, I didn’t. She then asked me for an advance because she needed some equipment and I told her to look in the locker at the base of the stairs in the warehouse because there was all kinds of equipment there and she still needed money to come back up and I would give her some.

Let’s just say that she hasn’t been back in the office and I doubt that I will see her for the rest of the day. One of the guys came up and told me that she had been in the locker and hadn’t taken anything out, however, she threw everything on the floor and stormed out.  So, that was another mess that someone else had to clean up because of her.

As for the money that she was going to ask for, I was going to give her what I would give any “new” hire that asked for an advance and that would have been twenty-five gold.  When people turn in contracts, they are paid and if they need any advances, I always decide how much they can be trusted for by the history of their work with the company.  She has no history with the company yet, so, a minimum amount is all that I could give her.   These are the rules that her brother and my Boss has had implemented with the company for years and I’m not going to be the one to make special decisions for her and change that.

Apparently, the Boss hasn’t’ seen fit to give the Princess a new communicator unit and she didn’t ask for one either.  Guess she isn’t going to talk to him unless she tries to find him in Nagrand and I don’t think she is that stupid. She wouldn’t have access to the warehouse or living quarters in Shattrath because the Boss had Uncle Zednick change all of the wards there and I don’t think that Zed would have included her in the setup because she was still missing when that work was done.

All I know is that I am going to have to sit here and hope that she doesn’t go on one of her rampages until after her brother gets back and from what I just got in the mail tells me that he won’t be back until the end of next week.  Everyone knows that when he goes to Shattrath and then on to Nagrand that we are not to bother him until he contacts the office – the man needs to have some space to himself once in a while. The ones that have been with the company the longest and have been very close to the Boss know that he is married to a Night Elf – I don’t see anything wrong with that and if it makes him happy, it’s his personal business.

I know that when I leave the office in a little while, I am going to lock the door and make sure that the petty cash is locked up in the safe. I just hope that she doesn’t cause any trouble for us at the house because Uncle Zednick was already unhappy with the thoughts of us being there to start with – he thought we should find someplace else.  We get to live there for free and it really is a beautiful place, we’ve never had it so good.

I could call the Boss, however, I don’t think that this is an emergency situation just yet unless she sets fire to something.  I could write a letter real quick and mail it out, however, he wouldn’t get it until a few days before he comes back and I don’t want to be the bearer of bad news and spoil his time off.  No, I’ll handle things her as I see fit and hope that I don’t do anything wrong, which I doubt that he would get upset because I put Faendra in her place. As the manager of the office here, I have the authority to do that and if I see fit, I suppose I could even fire her.

No, I don’t think that I will fire her anyway unless the items that she got out of her mailbox aren’t completed in a timely fashion.  I’m sure that she has gone off to cool down and will be back, not today maybe, however, I’m sure she will be back.


Still Searching…

June 14th

Dear Journal,

Okay, I’ve taken enough heat from Zippie and I’m going out to see if I can’t track the Princess down from Cross Roads.  It’s not that big of a place with lots of cows and a few elves running around, so, they should be able to remember a redheaded Blood Elf riding a green hawkstrider, right?

Uncle Zednick went with me this time because he has a theory that the Princess may have changed her appearance some and she might still be in the area.  Well, if I was her, I’d be long gone and not hanging out that darn close to Orgrimmar.  Well, he might have been right because some of the cows remembered a real rich Sindorei in the area with a green hawkstrider trying to buy her way out of town, which might have been her if she was stupid to be flashing cash around like that. Only thing is that this female Sindorei, sometimes it’s hard to tell, had black hair.  Guess she could have died that hair of hers, which means that Uncle Zednick was right.

Uncle Zednick and I decided that we would split up and he would take the North Gold Road and I could take the Southern route – well, I kind of missed the turn and ended up in Ratchet, which was fine by me because I could talk to some other goblins and not have to talk to all of these mooks. Besides there are some good animals there where I can get some hides to fill this bag full of contracts that Zippie gave me – she wants me to work twenty-four seven, seems like.

Well, I’m real excited because Pinchey and I have been roaming around for a long time together and as much as I love him, I still wanted to see if I could find a big kitty of my own like some of the other hunters have.  Of course, I’m sure that Zippie isn’t going to be too happy about the fact that I did tame Big Kitty, yep, that’s his name, and will be adding him to my expenses for stabling and feeding.  He’s beautiful with that big black mane of his and those blue eyes – he’s real pretty and he roars real big which isn’t always a good thing if you’re trying to sneak around things. I guess I’ll have to train him some more to understand what “Shhhh” means.

While I was down in Ratchet, I did do some asking around about a certain female Sindorei and nobody had seen her.  I thought maybe she had taken the boat to Booty Bay or something – that’s what I would have done.  I would have gotten out of Kalimdor and over to the other continent real fast, harder to track that way.  Nope, she didn’t take the boat from what I could gather. Lots of pirates hang out in Ratchet too, which kind of surprised me a little bit, however, with a ship coming and going all of the time, who knows what they are really doing.

I thought that I would wander around a little bit more and see if I could a skeleton or something lying out in the tall grasses that might have been the Princess and maybe a hawkstrider running around loose.  I know that’s a grizzly thought, however, the wilds aren’t exactly downtown Orgrimmar.

I saw some of these Orcs out there on the plains doing some weird crap, which I’ll have to ask Uncle Zednick about too because they sure have torn up the land.  Yep, I guess they are called Earth Shapers or something like that – they use big giant crystals and dig holes in the ground with them using magic.  Seems kind of pointless to me considering you could get a big crew of goblins from Orgrimmar to come out, blast and dig out the holes without all the hand waving and magic floating around – that magic stuff still scares me even if Uncle Zednick is a mage.  There was big Orc encampment out there that wasn’t there the last time I came this way too – that seemed kind of odd, so, I thought I’d look around there and ask a few Orcs if they had seen a female Sindorei on a green hawkstrider pass through there. 

Well, those Orcs are just rude and mean.  I tried to talk to this one guy and all he did was grunt at me and wave his axe around.  I should have known then that this may not be the best place and time for a little goblin to be walking around either.  Asked another one the same stuff, same answer, only this one kicked me so hard in the back side that I almost flew out of the camp.  Okay, not even going to mention that I was just about out of camp when I saw a nice lioness that was going to finish off my quota for leather and took a shot at her.  Well, by all that is right in the world, my shot was true and I brought her down but I didn’t get to collect any skins – some idiot in a war machine started chasing me and all I could do was run as fast as my legs could carry me – didn’t even have time to get on my trike and take off.  Had to go back for the trike when the guy in the machine decided I wasn’t worth running over like they planned.   I’m not real impressed with the Orcs these days.

I don’t even like to go over to the slums to talk to some of my friends that much anymore with all of those Kor’kon guards standing around glaring at people.  I feel real bad for the Trolls right now because they are trapped in Orgrimmar and can’t leave their area without being roughed up by these guards. What’s to keep them from locking down the slums like that?   I know that Uncle Zednick has moved some of his stuff over with the Tauren and I think I’ll do the same, Zippie can keep her stuff at the warehouse if she wants, however, you never know when those Orcs are going to come crashing in there and taking stuff – I saw some of that happen to the people that weren’t fast enough to slam the doors and lock them during the riots. What’s to keep the Orcs from locking up the Tauren the same way?  Well, sure wouldn’t want to have a pissed off cow chasing me down because they were upset.

I wish we had never come to Orgrimmar some days, the place isn’t nice at all and never has been from what I can tell – it’s dirty, full of Orcs and noisy.  There aren’t any places there were on the Lost Isle where you could just sit in the grass and enjoy things for a little while, however, that’s all gone now anyway with the volcanoes that blew up.  I should have headed up where those Night Elves live, there are nice places there, I’m sure – they like trees and they don’t destroy everything that they touch.

That’s the one thing I like about being a hunter, I’m not locked into a city.  I can roam around and live off the land when I have too.  Of course, I do like a comfortable bed like anyone else does.  I wonder how Uncle Zednick and Zippie might feel about relocating to somewhere else, you know, far enough away from Orgrimmar to where we don’t have to have these guards everywhere.  What’s to keep these Kor’kon from going crazy like the Warchief and killing everyone except for Orcs?

Well, I’ve waited on Uncle Zednick long enough here in Cross Roads and I keep thinking that he’ll turn up with some news here soon.  I know that Zippie is in twisted fit wanting to find this girl before the Boss finds out, however, I don’t really hold much hope for that – she just gave us the slip, plain and simple.  I don’t think that Mr. Morningstar is going to be all that upset after his last visit with the Princess anyway – we all heard what she was yelling at him.





Still No Luck…

June 3rd

Dear Journal,

Okay, we got all the employees looking for the Princess and so far, nothin’.  Not a thing, no one saw her leave the stables on that hawkstrider of hers and none of the guards remember seeing a redheaded girl on a green hawkstrider leave the city – I even greased their palms a bit and they saw nothin’ – stupid Orcs, she didn’t just disappear or levitate out of the city, she’s not that kind of girl, she’s a hunter, she had to leave on a mount or on foot.  Hmm, Uncle Zednick says he’s not heard anything from any of the mages he’s talked too about her up and leaving – he said they’re like a brotherhood and if someone made a portal for her, he’d find out about it.

I’m not gonna panic, I keep telling myself that but the Boss is gonna be so mad when he finds out that his sister gave that hired mook, the bodyguard, the slip and blew town. I was able to pull some of the money out of our savings account to put in the cashbox that she stole, plus bought a new cash box which I’m gonna bill the company for – ain’t my fault she got a case of the glue gloves and took my box too.

Now, I’ve changed the combination on the  safe and I wasn’t able to put the surplus cash back in there because I don’t have that kinda money.  I already gave Dooddah a smack upside the head for suggesting that I use what was given to me and raise money that way – I’m not that kinda girl and my prices would be too high for the guys here in Orgrimmar anyway.

Yeah, yeah, I sent Dooddah out to track because she supposed to b a good hunter and all she found were a bunch of plainstriders and a few boars.  She said she got chased by some kind of weird trolls but things are kinda hinky with them right now anyway and I’m not sure I believe it.  She’s my sister but I swear by the cashbox that she is kinda weird. She said she heard there was a girl hanging out in Crossroads for a few hours trying to get outta there, however, this one had black hair even if she rode a green hawkstrider.  So, we kinda blew that one off.

Besides, this girl sounds like she was dressed to the nines and had all kinds of equipment and cash that she was flashing around – I’d hope that if our Princess was going to run away that she’d be smarter than that. I asked Dooddah if she was going back to see if she could track this girl and she asked me why – see what I mean, the girl can be seven kinds of dense. I told her to get her little green butt back to Crossroads and see what else she could find out.

I asked a couple of the Tauren that work for us if they would keep an eye out for the Princess and they said they would.  I doubt that I will hear anything from them for a while, besides the Mama is kind of blind and we get all kinds of stuff mixed in with the herbs that she brings us sometimes – the snake in the bag was probably the worst thing so far – although, the crab was probably the worst in Uncle Zednick’s eyes since it grabbed him by his manparts when he was emptying the bag – made for some nice eating though, the crab, not the manparts.

Okay, it’s been a week since she took off and nobody’s seen nothing.  The city got locked down by that Warchief and we’re having enough trouble getting supplies in and out of the city without laying down some serious cash to the guards, which is gonna cut into the profit margin.  The Boss was supposed to be back in town at the end of the week but he sent a letter to me saying that he was going to be delayed another week due to his duties in Pandaria.  Well, that bought us some more time at least.  However, he sent a letter to the Princess too and he told her he was going to be here and that she should have all of her stuff packed and ready to go because he wasn’t going to stay in Silvermoon very long and she was supposed to do whatever Agatha told her to do.  Man oh man, he’s gonna be real upset when he finds out she ain’t here either. The Boss also told me to pay the bodyguard for another week, heh, well, the bodyguard took off the same day that the Princess did, he didn’t want to face the Boss either.

I still haven’t built up the nerve to write the Boss and tell him that his baby sister flew the coop and we have no idea where she is in Kalimdor, well, we think that she is still in Kalimdor. Who knows, she might have decided to go back to the Undercity or even to Silvermoon because that’s where she used to hang out when she was growing up. Yup, I should get some of the guys on that side of the world to start looking for her too – I can get a letter smuggled to that Dranei in Stormwind to see if she has heard anything.  You never know about those people over there, they might know something.

I can see how my letter would go to the Boss in my head and it ain’t pretty.

Yo Boss!

Remember your sister that we were supposed to be keeping an eye on here in Orgrimmar?  Well, she ain’t here and we don’t know where she is.  Remember that 10K you had in the safe, well, it ain’t here either – we think that it left with your sister.

Business is going great and have a nice day.


No, I don’t think that whole thing would go over well in a letter, so, I think that I’ll just kind of wait for him to show up or the other Boss might come in, the  blonde hunter that was so gung-ho for the archeology stuff.   I’m going to need more than a new business proposition if things turn out the way that I think they might.

Oh well, time for me to get my inventory done and see what kind of profit margin we’re gonna have, at least I think that will be good news for the Boss. Maybe he won’t be too upset about his sister disappearing if he knows he’s still making money?

Zippie Prattfall