Starting Some New Adventures…

January 30th

Dear Journal,

Well, I’m sitting here at Thrallmar, smelling the dust, the sweat and the blood as it wafts on the breeze.  Even for a Forsaken, this place is definitely not going to get my recommendation for one of those “must visit” places.  Nothing but red dirt and dust for miles and crazed Orcs that have decided to take another path other than with the Horde. It really does make me long for the smell and cool darkness of the Undercity.

There aren’t even any decent coffins where a girl can lay down and get a good night’s rest, just beds that you oft as not end up sharing with someone else, like a perfumed up Blood Elf or even a Tauren. As I opened my eyes this morning, I was lying in a bed face to face with a Troll. Okay, I’ll admit that I was slightly foggy headed and my brain was definitely not in the “ready” state at all and I screamed.  Scared the heck out of everyone in the Inn and definitely scared the Troll bad enough that he jumped out of the bed and ran out the door.  Well, guess who got stuck with paying for the nightly lodging?  Next time I feel the urge to do that sort of thing, I’ll hit the door too and that way I won’t have to pay.

I did go to the Faire last month and had a great time and here it is almost time for it again.  I am in hopes that I will be able to slip away and go again because I need a break from all of these living folks that seem to have some kind of death wish for even being here in Hellfire Peninsula.

Last trip out was great because I ran into some people that I hadn’t seen for a while. I actually ran into a fellow employee of Morningstar Enterprises.  Poor little Tauren was having a tough time in trying to decide the best way to get to the Undercity and Silvermoon.  Apparently, she was scared to death when she went to Orgrimmar and saw the conditions there and was afraid that she might get caught in some kind of coupe between Garrosh’s goons and the Tauren.  I told her that I didn’t think that we would see that anytime soon because Garrosh had lost enough support for most of the people that were left loyal to the Horde. I guess the guards were what had her put off when she visited the Tauren section.

Anyway, long story short.  She had been sent to Orgrimmar by Zippie to make a delivery and pick up the money.  She had done all of that and had run away from Orgrimmar as fast as her hooves could carry her and was then in a quandary as to how she was going to get the money to Zippie as quickly as possible. I told her that the mail was still running and that she could just mail it in like I do sometimes, however, she seemed to be real nervous about that because it was a great deal of money that she had collected from some goblin engineers.

Well, I was in a good mood from the Faire and I told her that I would take it because I had some stuff that I had to drop off in Silvermoon and I was going to be visiting with my sister in the Undercity for a few days and I would take it.  I should have known that it was a great deal of money because she handed me a chest of some size to deliver for her.  There are times that I could kick myself in the butt, if I still had one, for trying to be helpful. If there was enough money to fill up a small chest, guess I should just skip through Undercity real fast and get over to Silvermoon through the portal and come back to see Brianca.

The Tauren told me that the Boss had been in Thunder Bluff and had been there with some red-headed girl as well as his best friend, that good looking one as well as a very pregnant Blood Elf. Well, I could figure out the good looking elf, the Boss and the pregnant girl, however, the other girl, I was real curious about because the description fit the Boss’s sister that has been missing for months.

Damn!  I hope it wasn’t her because I was going to take some more time away from this wonderful paradise to see if I could find her myself.  The Boss had been offering a sizeable reward for information and the return of his sister to the Silvermoon office.  Brianca and I sure could have used that money now that we have two separate living areas to keep up.

Let me back up here and explain the two living areas.  I still have the house in Orgrimmar, a nice little two bedroom place for Brianca and I, which hasn’t been cheap to rent.  Well, Bri and I got into a fight about stupid stuff and she went back to the Undercity in a snit.  That’s the main reason that I was going to Undercity to visit her and try to convince her to come back to Orgrimmar with me.  We’ve never really been apart since the plague hit and we became Forsaken.  We’re all that is left of our family and we need to stick together.  To be honest, I had been pushing Bri real hard about doing more work and she was getting more homesick every day and kept wanting to go back to visit some friends and I just kept pushing her.  I thought that she was being lazy by fishing all of the time and not leaving the city that much to gather the hides and the artifacts for the company.  Well, it never dawned on me until after she left that she might have been afraid of going out into the Barrens on her own too. I know that I have had a few close calls out there and almost had to burn my pants a few times because I had been that scared.

I went to Silvermoon to deliver my stuff and drop off the money with Zippie that the Tauren had given me.  While I was there, I was chatting with Zippie and found out that the red haired girl that had been with the Boss in the Bluff had, indeed, been his wayward sister.  Let’s just say that Zippie wasn’t too happy that the girl was back although she was happy that the reward didn’t need to be paid out because the Boss had found her himself.  Damn, there goes that reward that would have been nice in my pouch.

Anyway, to make a long story short. I caught up on the gossip that is always going on in the company and  Zippie told me that she was going to be traveling back and forth between Silvermoon and Shattrath quite a bit. I guess the company is getting ready to open the doors in Shattrath here pretty soon since they are sending quite a bit of stock down there, I got some stuff to take back with me while I was there.  I was kind of pleasantly surprised when Zippie asked me if I would be interested in doing some escort work while I was in Outland.  Well, yeah, I’d be interested in it, it pays a whole lot more than going out and gathering skins, hides and various other things, it doesn’t pay as well as the artifacts but every little penny counts.  Seems Zippie wants to keep in touch with me and when she is traveling back and forth from Silvermoon to Shattrath, she wants me to accompany her.  Well, that’s a cush job if there ever was one, so, I said that I would make myself available.

I did get to visit with Bri in the Undercity for a few days and I’ll admit that it felt nice to be home for a while.  Of course, I left my coffin in Orgrimmar and had to make do with this ungodly made coffin that Brianca had gotten for me.  I won’t say that we kissed and made up though because she doesn’t want to come back to Orgrimmar to live for a while, she seems to have found a male companion in our fair city.  Well, at least he’s Forsaken and there won’t be any hanky-panky going on because I’m not even sure if he has those parts left. I got to talk with him for a while – Nestick is his name and he’s even more addle pated than Bri and I were when we first realized our condition.  At least he doesn’t seem to have a whole lot of trouble getting used to things and Bri has been helping with things too.  Well, so much for that idea of having her come back to help cut down on the expenses since she’s taken it in her head that this fellow needs help more than I do.

I got back Thrallmar and the first thing I get handed is orders to go out and kill a bunch of boars for the meat to feed the rest of the people there.  I guess the little Blood Elves didn’t want to get their hair messed up and their hands dirty.  Besides, I’ve gone out in the field with a few those elves and they usually scream like little girls and run if their hair gets messed up.

Luckily, I did run into another Forsaken fellow that has decided to partner up with me although I will have to say that our socializing is a bit limited.  He doesn’t have a lower jaw and it’s hard to understand what he is saying half the time.  I find myself grinning a lot and nodding my head even if I don’t know what he just said.  I did suggest that he should get back to Undercity and see if he could get a jaw replacement and all he did was pull his pockets inside out to show me that he had no money.  Well, we’ll get him some money and get him back there.  He’s kind of funny about the way he keeps trying to keep himself clean and tries to make sure that his gear is in good shape all of the time.  Never saw a Forsaken that was that meticulous about what’s left of his hair either – could he be a Blood Elf or was he a Blood Elf before?  I sure can’t tell.   Oh well, at least he’s very dependable and I can always count on him to have my back covered when we’re out there killing more boars.

Hazey Smythe

Assignment – Hillsbrad

June 12th

Dear Journal,

Well, I certainly didn’t expect to get my first posting where I did, however, one does not question the reasoning powers of the higher ups unless you want to spend the next six months cleaning the stables and I dislike that idea completely. 

I know that I am making the magisters crazy with my weekly trips in there with the same questions in regard to this Dawnglory guy.  Well, this week was kind of expensive because the magister actually had something for me this time.  It was a picture of the guy that I am inquiring about and the picture told me exactly what I wanted to know.  This man is my Father, he has to be because the image, although somewhat faded in the photograph was enough like me to be me – a lot older, however, he won’t be able to deny the family resemblance. Same nose, same hair, same smile – the eyes aren’t as large as mine but I got that trait from my Mom, I guess. Now, I just have to find out exactly where he is.

I know it’s going to be a big shock to him to find out that he has a child, not so much as child anymore, however, it should just rattle his senses enough to where he will at least acknowledge me.  That way, I can go back to my grandparents in Silvermoon and tell that I did find my Father without their help and my Mom wasn’t just some silly fool.  She knew who the man was, she just didn’t tell anyone.

Of all the places to be assigned!  Somehow I must have made someone angry with me because I’m to report to Hillsbrad to start my rounds as a Ranger.  From what I’ve heard it’s an awful place and full of Forsaken.  It’s bad enough that I have to leave Silvermoon and some of my friends behind but now I have to go stay around Forsaken, the whole thing makes my skin crawl.  I wanted to complain about the assignment like some of the others were doing, however, I didn’t step up to complain when I heard what they were being told.

I guess only the best of the best are being sent to Orgrimmar to help quell the rebellion there, the rest of us have to continue on with our training so that we can earn our way to Pandaria.  I guess I should be happy that I wasn’t at the top of my class because that assignment actually sounds worse than what I got.  I can’t imagine being stuck in Orgrimmar all of the time at the beck and call of the Kor’kon.  I don’t care what their title is, they’re still savages and they are still Orcs.  I haven’t met many Orcs in Silvermoon, however, the ones I did meet were of lesser education and they were just rude.  Just because you’re an Orc doesn’t make you that special, especially if the Warchief is crazy and he’s an Orc.

Oh, there’s lots of talk in the barracks about the things going on in Kalimdor.  Seems like the Orcs have gone completely crazy along with their boss.  Doesn’t sound like it’s a good place to be at all and the survivability isn’t that great for a Sindorei sent out with them on patrol.  Especially if the Sindorei happen to be Rangers that are supposed to be scouting for them and are supposed to join back with the Orcs to help with any fighting.  I hear that the Orcs just go into some kind of blood lust and sometimes they kill anything that moves, even the people that are supposed to be their compatriots.  Doesn’t sound too good to me, however, the people that go there first and survive are sent directly to Pandaria and they don’t have to spent months slogging through the mud around Hillsbrad.

The only thing that I am really not looking forward to is running into those people from Gilneas because they turn into wolves now.  Can’t be all that exciting because they are really big wolves and would stick out from the rest of the wildlife there, I suppose.  My Commander over there is some Forsaken lady and to be honest with you, I really don’t know how that is going to work out.

We were supposed to be billeted in Undercity and I think that it’s a good thing that that idea got killed off real quick when we were shown the “coffins” that we were supposed to sleep in.  No, I wasn’t going to do that in any way shape and form.  I’m not sleeping in a coffin and I don’t care if they are supposed to be real comfortable and all that.  What’s to prevent someone from closing the lid on the thing and you get hauled off and buried in your sleep?   No, we all kind of rebelled against that idea even with the orders that were given to us that we were going to like it.  No, a few of us put our money together and we’re staying in Brill.  It’s full of Forsaken too, however, it’s above ground and the stench is at least bearable with whatever they call this “fresh” air.  I thought I was going to gag when we were in the city – the water was so green and slimy looking that we all thought that it must be poisoned. 

I thought I had seen and gone through a lot with boot camp and the training that we got there, however, we were at least given a decent place to sleep in the barracks and we could eat the food.  I’m not sure that I am going to be able eat anything around these Forsaken. I know that we were told before we came over here that they had some odd habits, however, they didn’t tell us that they were cannibals or that’s what it looked like to me when we were riding through the area to get to Hillsbrad.   We passed through some areas where the Forsaken were fighting what we think were Worgen and they didn’t look like they were looting the bodies so much as they eating parts of them.  I know a couple of the other fellows just threw up out the back of  the wagon.

At least we were able to keep the mounts that we had in Silvermoon.  I know that I would have hated to give up my hawkstrider after spending all of those months training him.  He’s a real pretty animal, all black and the tack that I was able to get for him really sets that off.  A fellow still likes to look nice when he is on a mount like that.

Hanlin Darkstrider


Hey It’s a New Journal…

November 29th

Dear Journal,

Well, yes, I’ve decided that I can afford to buy a journal and start keeping track of things because you never know when you’re mind is going to start dropping things here and there.

I suppose that I should introduce myself to start with so that this makes a little bit of sense if someone happens to find it at some point.  My name is Hazey Smythe and I live in Under City with my sister Brianca.  We weren’t always dead, you know, we had lives once upon a time and looked like anyone else.  Now, well, I guess we’re dead although I don’t feel that way – just a bit more boney.

I guess that when the plague hit, it wiped out our entire family and we’re the only ones left that we are aware of.  No more little brothers, no more Ma and Pa, just us.  I know we’ve gone back to the farm and we didn’t see any signs of anyone else living there that hadn’t been munched on – one thing about being Forsaken, you never have to be hungry for long.

We’re still trying adjust to this new life and it’s a pain in the butt, if I had one, I’m sure that it would be hurting. One thing that I have to admit is that I do have a better looking set of boobs than I used to have, had them installed the other day, one is a tad bit smaller than the other one but you can’t expect perfection here in the labs, I suppose.

We have found ourselves a nice little corner to hold up in for a while.  No one seems to bother us and we were able to get some really decent coffins to sleep in.  I just had some new satin put in mine and picked up a not real holey wool blanket and a nice feather pillow from some fool that just happened to be asleep when I borrowed them.  Now, Bri has put some nice touches to our little place, she actually was able to sneak into Gilneas the other night and found a nice big rug to put on the floor, the stone can get a little chilly even to our boney feet.  One thing about it is that it’s real quiet – too quiet.  I suppose we do breathe because Brianca still snores sometimes and I have to smack her in the face to make her stop.  I have to be careful not to make her lose her nose though – she really got upset the last time that happened.

We really had a good time last week when the people were out running around like morons getting their feast supplies put together.  Yep, we were out there with the rest of them and eating like we had never had food in our lives.  We even got to go to places that we had never been – wish I could remember some of them, however, I took a shot in the head yesterday and it seems to have wiped out some of my more recent memories.

I know that we aren’t ones to sit around and bemoan the fact that our old lives are behind us and we have nothing left.  It gets real old real fast if you just sit on your haunches and think about it for very long.  I know that we were just thinking about the fact that we have no one to tell us what to do anymore – if we want to take a day off and just lay in our coffins reading a book or something, we can do that – well, unless we get tagged for some tasks that are unavoidable from the Lady herself.

Oh yes, we’ve heard all of the talk about this new land down south where the sun is warm, the game plentiful and there are funny looking bear people living there.  We’ve seen a couple of them here in the city and they do look like they would make for some good eating.  No, we didn’t try to bite any of the ones here, I think that wouldn’t be very hospitable on our part.  Maybe one of these days Bri and I will get a chance to get down there.  I know that all of the blood elves we’ve seen of late have been blabbing about the place and how wonderful it is except for the fact that the humidity messes up their fabulous hair.

Idiots to complain about a place because of their hair.  Oh well, we don’t have that problem, we just have to remember not to brush ours too hard because it comes out in handfuls as it is sometimes.  Same kind of things happens with the teeth too but we’ve found a way to replace those fairly easily.  I will have to admit that the Alliance must have the best dentists in the world, those people have the nicest teeth and usually a full set of them too.

I should say that Brianca and I are both freelance hunters and have tied up with a company in Dalaran, Morningstar Enterprises.  I’ve never met the big boss but our boss seems to be likeable enough for a blood elf.  All of that long blonde hair is kind of annoying but I suppose if I still had those feelings and parts, he’d be a real turn-on.   We just go out and get the skins that he needs and he pays us handsomely and on-time for them – that way we have some money in our purses rather than just the moths that I see some people carrying around.

Anyway, the pay is good and that’s why we’re looking around trying to find a little house for the two of us, maybe a couple of cats, just to make the place seem alive.   I suppose we could act like we’re farming a bit too, just to remind ourselves that we were people once.

Oh my, I do have to write about the fact that we saw Dranei female the other day.  No, we didn’t kill her because she was just trotting down the road.  Now, you can say what you want about the Forsaken but those Dranei are built wrong.  Their legs look like they were taken from some other species and put on wrong – they just look they bend wrong or something.  I know Bri and I just stood there with our jaws hanging open when the girl ran by.  She had a tail too, a really big tail that looked like she could use it for a weapon – I bet they do.

Oh well, it’s time for us to roll out of our coffins and get busy or we won’t be able to buy that farm in the near future.  Hope no glue-gloved idiot steals our stuff while we’re out, we’d be real upset if our coffins were gone.

Hazey Smythe