Visiting Stormwind…

February 9th

Dear Journal,

I know that I should have done this long ago and I am happy that I did.  I finally convinced Kae that she should start going with me to places like Stormwind and even Iron Forge.  So, yesterday, we got busy, got all of the chores done that we had planned for the day and took off for Stormwind, which is where we still are this morning.

Oh, I forgot to mention that I saw Dawnglory and his woman in the market the other day and they had their baby, it sure was cute even if it is a Blood Elf baby, they look so tiny in comparison to what we Kaldorei have.  Yes, we’re a sturdy breed and the babies we have reflect that too. Well, I’m part Sindorei, so, I suppose I could sire a throw-back too and my children could be small in comparison to the regular babies.  Oh well, I’m not going to worry about that right because I don’t foresee that I’ll be having any children for a while yet, life is too busy. We really couldn’t talk in the market, for obvious reasons, the war may be winding down here in Pandaria, however, it isn’t that way back in Kalimdor.  Prying eyes and wagging tongues could cause trouble for the both of us.

However, I did get to talk with him at the fence that divides our property here in Halfhill and found out all kinds of things.  I guess that my Aunt Fae is back and living in Silvermoon, I know that is probably both a good thing and bad thing for my Father, one less thing for him to worry about or maybe not.  She’s always been kind of weird to me anyway because of my heritage, however, she’s never made the mistake of being outright rude or mean to me, she has been to my younger brothers until my Dad took her off to the side and read her the Articles of War – in the family that is pretty serious because that means you’ve pissed the old man off. I guess Mom and Dad are still in Nagrand doing whatever it is they do, hope I don’t have another little brother or sister on the way, however, Dad is still pretty virile even at his age.

We talked about the business being set up in Shattrath and I guess Dawnglory is planning on staying here in Pandaria most of the time and especially after the birth of his daughter.  Can’t say that I blame him for that either because if I have children in the future, I fully intend on raising them up here too. Well, if Kae is the woman that I have children with, it won’t be an issue.

We were laughing about the fact that Kae is just locking herself away here at the farm and he told me that I really needed to take her on date, not just to the Faire, take her some place nice to eat and maybe do some socializing with some of our friends.  He told me that he thought that we lived like hermits and that wasn’t a good thing for any relationship.  He’s right and I have been thinking that I needed to get Kae out of here for a while, maybe even take her to some of the places that I have been – see the world a bit.  Maybe even take her to Dalaran, even though it’s way different now from when I lived there.  We could go out to eat, drink some wine and maybe visit some of the places in Northrend.  That’s a plan for the future. Right now, the plan is to get her to Stormwind, visit with some friends, go out to eat and stay overnight at the apartment.

We made it to the story event behind the Cathedral that I attended once before and I think that we both had a great time.  Kae said that she really enjoyed the stories and would like to go again, which I think can be arranged because I enjoy it too.  I did see some of my friends, however, they seemed to be pretty occupied with other things, so, we didn’t get to talk to them.  I definitely assured Kae that they weren’t avoiding us, they were just involved in something that we weren’t a part of, so, we’ll try to catch up with them again sometime.

We went over to the Pig and Whistle and had some food and drank a bit.  I think we both were just enjoying hearing some of the gossip of Stormwind.  I know a few things caused us both to laugh out loud and I even blushed a couple of times.   Well, to hear a Dwarf talking about their love life so openly was more than funny because he was definitely in his cups and was telling the world that his lover was a hooker and his girlfriend was ugly as a fence post.

When we got back to the apartment, Vashlan was actually there and was sitting in the great room with other clothes on than a robe, that was a shocker. We sat and talked with him a while because he was in a sociable mood for once.  I could tell that he had been drinking and I could also tell that he had been with a woman too, those tell tale marks on his neck were a bit obvious. Yes, he’s definitely no virgin from what I could see and it looked to me like the marks were bites like I get from Kae now and again – Kaldorei woman.

Kae excused herself to go take a bath, so, the two brothers sat there and had a man-to-man talk.  The first talk of that nature I’ve ever had with him.  Yes, he had been with a woman and he said that it was the most remarkable experience that he had ever had in his life, he didn’t know that women did those things.  So, we talked about that as well as some things that he needed to be aware of. I think Mom and Dad would be real upset if they became grandparents by accident.

I think that I embarrassed him a bit but I also hope that he was listening.  Sounds like the girl is quite a handful and a Sentinel that was on leave here in Stormwind for a while.  I started laughing when he told me that she had done all kinds of things to him at the Inn and had just worn him out.  Well, I do wish that he had had a more romantic setting for his first time, however, he seemed to be rather pleased with himself and plans on seeing her again.  He didn’t tell me her name, however, it sounds like she might be a tad bit older than he is and didn’t mind the fact that he wasn’t purebred.

I swear that this was the first time that Vash hasn’t had his nose in a book when I was in town or not planning to go back to the tower to study some more.  It was nice talking to him and I’ll admit that he is definitely growing up. He says that his magic is coming along and that he is still ahead of the other students that are studying with him, so, I guess that’s good.  He laughed when I asked him if he had set any curtains on fire or sheeped anyone lately.  Oh, those were good times in Dalaran.  He said he’s still having a little bit of trouble socializing with some of the people here in Stormwind and I told him that that was normal, not all people are going to be educated and polite anywhere he goes.

I know that when I woke up this morning, I was feeling pretty happy and contented with my lot in life especially after I stared at Kae’s sleeping form for a little while.  Yes, I’m a lucky man and I hope that things will stay as good for the two of us as they are now. It has indeed been a wondrous thing for us since Kae left the Sentinels because we don’t have to worry about the interference that was going on after I left.  No Commander asking embarrassing questions about what I was doing and no other Sentinels trying to force their attentions on either one of us.  They are definitely a horny group of people. It’s just nice having complete control over our lives now, well, with Elune’s help, I’m sure.

I think that I’ll see if Kae wants to go to Dolonaar to see my grandparents any my little half-brothers because she hasn’t met them and I think that it’s time that she did.  I know that my grandparents will like her a lot and they might even remember her as being one of their foster children years ago.  She vaguely remembers them, however, I’m sure there have been many more kids that stayed with them. Oh that was long before she was old enough to become a Sentinel and she has her tattoos now that might throw them off a bit.  I think it would be fun anyway.  I’ll have to ask her when she wakes up because she may just want to go back home to Halfhill.  We’ll do whatever she wants.

Kaldor Shadowmoon 

Alone In Stormwind

May 20th

Dear Journal,

Since I’ve never written anything in a journal before I suppose I ought to introduce myself to myself or maybe to the person or persons that may read this in the future.  My name is Vashlan Shadowmoon, most people call me Vash for short.  I was born in Shattrath City, you know the place with all the Draeni and Naaru – it wasn’t my idea that was where my parents happened to be living at the time.

My big success in life so far has been that my Father actually delivered me into the world.  I know that wasn’t his idea, however, the healers arrived shortly thereafter to take over the care of the new baby and my Mom.  I can well imagine that it was a scary time for all parties concerned, especially my Dad and Mom.

I’m not your average Kaldorei.  I’m of mixed heritage, my mother is Kaldorei and my father is Sindorei.  That’s one of the reasons that I was born in Shattrath because it was one of the few places on the planet that would accept my parents’ relationship, I suppose.

I guess what makes it totally odd is the fact that I have an older brother, Kaldor, that has grown up to be rather successful in his own right by being the best of the best of the combination of breeding.  He’s big, strong and a hunter, while I am not as tall as he, is not as strong, I’m decidedly different.  It seems that there must have been some High Born lurking in the family tree somewhere and I was blessed with being a mage.  Kal is a very manly man and I’m just…Vash.  I guess I was even different as a little kid, however, no one realized the real reason why.

Oh, I could take care of myself when we were kids and could kind of throw a punch as good as the next fellow, however, I discovered that sometimes if I was angry enough, I could make things happen.  Oh, I know I’ve probably diminished someone’s life a little bit by making them disappear for a while, however, they always came back and always avoided me after that.  I know that I discovered that if I thought about something for a long time, it would happen – like lighting a man’s pants on fire for calling me a freak of nature.  Yes, it hurt my feelings as a little boy and every time I saw this fellow in the Lower City, I would think about bad things happening to him and it did one day.   I guess that was because I was a “wild” mage as they call it – untrained with some natural skill.

The only reason that I am writing in this book today is because I’m lonely, plain and simple.  I’m in Stormwind going to school and I live in an apartment over my Mother’s business warehouse.  How exciting is that?  My parents and my brother are off in Pandaria and my two younger siblings live with my grandparents in Dolonaar.  So, I’m pretty much on my own and alone.  Oh, don’t get me wrong, I go out and I socialize with people, mostly other mages in training and we tend to hang out in the mage quarter and go to the Blue Recluse and we talk about magic a lot.  We talk about some of our instructors from time to time, you know, about how old they are and they all seem to be too old fashioned with the practitioners of magic – you know, follow the rules and don’t step outside the box. Oh, we’ve had a few students that bent the rules a bit too far and they are no longer studying with us.

Well, I think the reason that I feel kind of lonely today is that it’s my birthday and I don’t think that anyone remembered except for me.  If there wasn’t a war going on, I’m sure that we would have had a party of some sort, however, everyone is too busy for that right now.  When we lived in Dalaran, yes, we lived there before the purge, we would have had a party.  Now, it’s just me sitting here looking out the window at the rain and wondering what I am going to do with this “special” day.

I wish I could go to Pandaria with everyone else, however, I’m too young and untrained to go that far away from my instructors.  I’m studying as hard as I can so that I can go where everyone else is, however, it’s going to be a while before I make it. No one wants a young apprentice up there messing things up. So, I’ll just sit here in Stormwind and keep studying.



Moving Onward…Two Steps Back – Reflections

March 25th

Dear Journal,

Days and days of scouting.  It seems as if we’re moving forward by inches and it is taking me forever to get to Halfhill. It may just be me and my anxiety in reaching that one destination because I feel like that is going to be the place that I will be able to find my Sindorei.

I know that Kal wrote me a quick letter to let me know that he has been on long range scouting missions with his Sentinel and that they aren’t in town that much these days, however, he told me how to find his farm.  I know his farm is next to his Father’s, so, that should narrow down my searching a bit, I hope.

While this is a beautiful country and I am falling in love with the philosophy of its people, it is still very dangerous. We’ve had a few injuries in our group due to people mistakenly thinking that a particular insect or beast was gentle and used to people being around.  I always smile and shake my head because some of these women have got to realize that because it’s cute and seems friendly, it’s still a wild thing.  Oh well, lessons learned the hard way are often never forgotten in the long run.  I’ve almost fallen prey to the same kind of absentmindedness a couple of times, however, my Lumina has been smart enough to protect me from myself.

Lumina really seems to like Pandaria and I have to admit that it has put some life back into her too.  We have been together for a very long time, much like my Sindorei and his Pan.  I have noticed that when we are in Dawn Blossom that she stays rather close to me as if she doesn’t quite trust the Pandaren yet although she loves the attention from the little ones, strange cat. I know that it must be from the size of the adults that she gets nervous – she was this way when we were in Uldum too.

I got a letter from my parents as well as Vashlan.  He, of course, wants to know if he could make some changes in the apartment and I told him “no” because I know that he has been wanting to take Kal’s room for a long time due to the view of the harbor.  No, he can’t take his older brother’s room just because he isn’t there to use it very often.  Besides, one would have thought that Vashlan would have been happy with the room he has, it does view the Mage Quarter where he spends most of his time anyway. Knowing Vashlan the way that I do, his room is probably cluttered and a mess and he wants Kal’s room to have more areas to put his “stuff” – I honestly don’t know where that boy feels like he has to have so many books and robes.  Well, yes I do, his Father is definitely a clothes horse and has always had an extensive home library at all of our houses that we’ve shared together.  Being half Sindorei may have not only brought out the Mage in Vashlan, it may have also fed the Sindorei need for the “finer” things.

It sounds like the little guys are still giving my parents fits and that means that I will have to go to Dolonaar sometime in the very near future and read the riot act on them again.  Honestly, these two boys make raising Kal and Vashlan seem like a walk in the park.  My Mother seems to think that the youngest one is going to be leaning towards druidism, which is fine by me, however, my Mother remembers the long periods of time that her own Father, my Grandfather, would disappear into the Dream. She’s trying her best to steer him towards the priesthood, however, I don’t know if that would work for him either, he has a certain wildness about him that by studying to become a Druid might appease that.  The older boy, well, he’s a puzzle, he seems to be drifting from studying one thing to the next and isn’t able to make up his mind.  I know that at one point, I thought he was going to follow in his Kaldorei Father’s footsteps and take up the bow, now, I’m not so sure.  I know the hunting accident that took his Father’s life did leave him traumatized for quite a while because he always felt and probably still feels that it was his fault.  

I’m definitely torn with my duties of a Sentinel and my responsibilities as a Mother.  There has to be a happy medium there somewhere.  Oh, my Sindorei knows how I feel about being domestic after all of these years and he hasn’t pressured me to give up my life for the children or our homes.  We have both had to make compromises in our lives to make sure that the children didn’t suffer from our choices, however, I was the one that stayed in Shattrath alone for a long time raising our two sons. I think the poor man is trying to make up for his lost time with the two youngest, not only because their biological Father was killed but because he is trying to make up for the lost time with his sons.

I look back at my life and have to frown and laugh at the same time.  I’ve had two loves in my life, my Sindorei being the first and my Kaldorei mate that I took when I thought that my Sindorei had abandoned his family.  I wonder what things would have been like if I had done things differently? Would I change anything?  I think my life would have been the same as it is right now, children, husband and extended families.  I don’t think that I would trade it for anything and this is the path that was chosen for me by Elune.

Oh well, it’s time for me to put this book away and get back to the business at hand.  I wonder how much closer we will get to Halfhill today?



Life in Panderia…It’s Not All War

January 26th,

Dear Journal,

I am really enjoying my time in Panderia, the longer I am here the more I hate going back to the rest of the world.  Sure there is a war going on, that’s why we’re here, however, I can actually have time to do other things than to just go on patrols, fight and try to make sure that I don’t get hurt while I’m at it. 

My biggest thing here in Panderia is my farm.  I’ve never had something of my own like this before and I am finding that I love it.  I can grow my own crops, tend to the sheep and the yak that makes some pretty strange noises sometimes.  Oh yeah, Dog – don’t know why he just sits around as much as Farmer Yoon sometimes and really doesn’t do much of anything other than to oversee the place. At least on the farm, I feel like it’s mine and I can do as little as I want or work myself into a good kind of fatigue and know that it’s all worthwhile.

Kae and I both spend a lot of time just sitting around the farm sometimes and we’ve actually become closer over the last few weeks.  She laughs at my jokes and tells me what a dolt I am when I start getting into one of my moods.  At least she doesn’t seem to think that there is anything wrong with our living arrangement at this point.  I kind of like having a woman as my best friend anyway, there’s nothing that I have to prove to her that she doesn’t already know about me.

I just got a letter from Mother and I will have to admit that I am shocked and surprised that she decided to take the little guys from Shattrath and they are staying in Dolonaar so she can rejoin the Sentinels.  I know that Dad is probably fit to be tied, however, he’s been attending to his duties here in Panderia and I know that Mom really wasn’t cut out to be the domestic goddess that he wanted her to be. I just hope that she will be careful, I don’t know what I would do if anything happened to her. She’s the one that has made everything feel like a family, even when she was just considered Dad’s mistress for all of those years even though they were mated.

I have made a few friends with the other fellows in our group and most of them haven’t really figured out how different I really am than they are or they just aren’t mentioning it.  I do know that sometimes when they all decide to go out drinking and chasing women, I kind of beg off and head back to the farm because I just don’t think that I need to get involved in that sort of thing right now.  Oh we joke and we have fun when we’re out on patrols, even though it is dangerous that doesn’t mean that we can’t have fun at the same time.

I don’t know about all of the political crap that is going on right now, I just try to keep my head down, do my job and just try to avoid any kind of discussion of it.   Okay, we got ordered to Panderia, that’s all well and good – I think it’s good.  I’ll be here a good long time unless some Horde decides that they need to plant my body in the ground somewhere – which I plan on avoiding for as long as possible.

Who said that life can’t be good in wartime?  I don’t have any idea what they thought it was going to be like.  I know that as long as I do what I am supposed to do, life is pretty awesome for me.  Of course, I don’t get to go out on some of the assignments because my commander still doesn’t trust me completely because of my heritage, no big deal, I’m fine with it.

Another thing that I have found in Panderia that I never even was real interested in before is the archeology.  What beautiful artifacts are up here and if I play my cards right, I can turn a good price for them with the collectors.  All kinds of stuff and I’m seeing a lot more of Panderia than what my “duty” calls for me to see.  I know that Kae gives me all kinds of grief sometimes because I’m not what they would call real sociable.  If I’m not farming, I’m out digging around trying to find artifacts, doesn’t leave much time to get friendly with some of the people.  I think I do better when I can get off to myself anyway, I can let my mind wander and just enjoy the beauty of this country.

I guess things didn’t work out with Josie because we never did see one another during Winter Veil and I haven’t even heard from her either.  I still have her gift here at the farm stashed under the bed and if she ever gets in touch with me, I’ll give it to her.  Somehow, things just weren’t meant to work out between us, I suppose.  Maybe I was just too different and maybe there was something there that wasn’t quite right or even meant to be.  Yes, I did care about her and I still do, however, if I can’t see her or hear from her, I guess that means she doesn’t want anything to happen.  We can still be friends and the invitation that I gave her to come to visit up here is still open.

There are times that I think that relationships are just over-rated.  I look at what my parents went through for all of the years that they have been together and from a child’s standpoint, it wasn’t all that great. 

A lot of things weren’t right for them either, however, they seemed to be very happy after they got married. Things seemed to working as they should be until this war broke out. Dad’s a Sindorei and they look at things differently and Mom has her own way of thinking about things because of her duties and life with the Kaldorei.  How they have ever been able to stay together for this long is always a shock to me when I think about it.  I’m a product of their union and I hope they realize that it isn’t easy, not fitting into either race.  I am a person of my own race – a half-breed. I am making my own way in this world because there really isn’t any other choice.

Oh, Vashlan would be wringing his hands and lifting his robes up all of the time if he was up here in Panderia.  Poor little bookworm would be beside himself with the way that things are.  No, he probably wouldn’t last all that long because he would be thinking about something else and a tiger would have taken a huge bite out of his butt before he realized it.  I do miss him though, he has his own way of looking at things and with the magic that he is learning, he’s really got a twisted sense of humor. Oh I know he really does make Mother angry when he “sheeps” our brothers but it makes me laugh a lot.

I miss being at home sometimes but I like the freedom that I have in Panderia.  I feel like I have learned so much about everything that it really makes my head spin.

I know that Dad is still very upset about losing everything up in Dalaran, however, I think that he was smart in getting us all out of there before the fertilizer hit the wind machine.  I enjoyed living up there, it was beautiful and it did make you feel like you were just a little bit special and you could walk away from everything going on in the world when you got there. I miss the constant source of hot water and the bathtubs that we had in the house – now, that kind of Sindorei luxury I can deal with.  I don’t think I’ve felt clean since we left there although the house in Nagrand is supposed to have the same stuff in it. I hope that Vash was able to find a spell to put on the bathtubs to make the water hot all of the time like it was in Dalaran, I’ll have to ask him the next time I go to Stormwind.

I looked back at my journal and I haven’t really written much since Winter Veil.  Well, if the truth were to be known, I was too busy and I didn’t feel like writing anything down.  I need to get back into the habit of writing in it again.  I know Kae is looking at me grinning like a jackal because she says I look like a school boy doing his studies.  She’s weird that way, she says I’m definitely all man, however, she likes it when the “little boy” shows up when we’re having fun.  She keeps a journal too, however, I don’t think she writes in it very much.

One thing I have noticed about her that I find a bit odd.  She doesn’t talk about her family a whole lot and doesn’t ever take leave to go home.  I guess there is something there that she isn’t ready to talk about yet.  One day she will and I won’t pry because I’ve mentioned it a couple of times and she gets this really sad look in her eyes and tells me that I’m lucky to have the family that I have.  When she’s ready to talk about it, she will tell me, I’ll just have to wait and not drive her away with questions that seem to just make her sad.



Guests Have Gone…Alone Again

January 2nd

Dear Journal,

It’s actually nice to be able to sit down here at the kitchen table and let out a sigh of relief.  Most of the people have already headed home after the holiday this morning and I just look around at the mess that we will have to clean up so we can feel more comfortable.

Oh, I think that everyone had a good time and I know that I enjoyed having all of the people and family here, however, it’s nice to just have the house back to where it’s just the little boys and my Sindorei now.  I think my face hurts from smiling all of the time and I know that I have never laughed so much at so many jokes for a very long time.  Some of the jokes were old and stale, however, being in our new home almost made them seem like they were fresh and not so time worn.

It was nice having my two oldest sons home together for a while, however, I think that poor Vashlan felt a little awkward around his big brother because there are so many differences between them now. Kal has been out in the world and Vashlan has been sheltered away in Dalaran or Stormwind since he left Shattrath.  Oh, they put on a good front, however, I could tell that Vash was a little envious of his big brother and his independence. Kal was very generous with his brother with his gifts this year and I think that it was a good thing for him to do, however, I think it made poor Vashlan feel bad because he had spent all of his time putting together a new journal for Kal that had some magic worked into it so that others would be unable to read it other than Kal, himself.  It was a beautiful book and I could tell that Vashlan was very proud of it.  Kal was very gracious for the gift and he was very pleased at how Vashlan looked in the new robe he had brought for him and that staff that he gave him was magnificent with all of the jade worked through the staff head – I was actually kind of envious.

I actually felt kind of bad for Dawnglory while he was here.  His sister was driving him crazy with all of her begging to stay in Shattrath, however, he stood his ground and told her that she was going back to Silvermoon whether she liked the idea or not.  Oh, she definitely can be a pouty little thing when she wants to be.  Of course, I also think that everyone was expecting Dawnglory to pop the question to Faendra or at least give her a ring of some sort and he didn’t do it.  I could tell that Faendra was more than a little disappointed with him this trip.

Fnor and I had a wonderful time with the family being here, although I could tell that he was really exhausted most of the time and would have loved to have spent more time in bed sleeping.  He gave the two little guys some beautiful bone bows that they are still anxious to try out, however, they promised that they would wait until Fnor took them to Nagrand to do some hunting – I do hope that they will be careful, that’s how I lost my mate, their Father.  It actually sent shivers up my spine when they were talking about taking the hunting trip down there.  History repeating itself? 

I’m just letting Fnor sleep this morning for as long as he wants.  He looked rather exhausted yesterday and acted as if he was half asleep most of the time.   I think he was just tired from having to be constantly on the go with all of the people that were here and feeling like he had to be the good host even if they were mostly family.

I know that he will be happier when the house in Nagrand is completely finished and we are able to go there for most of our time. It’s much larger than our house here in Shattrath and I will have to admit that he is really trying to make it almost as comfortable as the home we had in Dalaran. Oh, no, not nearly as large as that was, however, it’s big enough to accommodate the people that might be visiting there from time to time.  I know that our bedroom is as big as the old one and the bathroom is just as luxurious, however, it won’t have that constant flow of hot water that we got so spoiled with in Dalaran.

I know that I shouldn’t say anything but I have never seen anyone pine for a place that they have lived in for a long time like Fnor has been doing for the house in Dalaran.  It meant more to him than just a building and to have it wrested from his hands like it was has been very hard for him to take.  Maybe someday we will be able to return there again and take the house back.  Who knows what is going to be going with this war and the stupid politics that are involved.  I just know that some crazy woman is in charge up there now and it almost makes me physically ill to think what might be happening to our old home.

I know that my Sindorei is wanting to find a healer like he had in Dalaran.  As vain as he is, that scar on his neck is still an angry red and is very noticeable since it starts below his right ear and disappears into his collar, no matter what he wears.  I might make the suggestion that if he can’t find one here in Shattrath that he go back to Silvermoon and find one, I know that they have the best there now.

Well, I just got finished giving breakfast to the two boys and they are off to school.  My Sindorei is still sleeping and I can tell that it is a very deep sleep.  I always laugh to myself when I see him sleeping like this because he will end up with only the furs wrapped around his waist and the rest of his body exposed.  Silly man only sleeps this deeply when he’s home, where he knows that he’s safe and sound.

Oh well, I guess I should start cleaning up and I’ll make some food for Fnor when he wakes up and maybe we can spend some time wandering the stalls in the Lower City before the boys get out of school.  I want some fresh fruit and I have been smelling the freshly baked bread all day.  

I’m just thankful that the holidays are over and we can settle down for a few more days.  Fnor will be home with us for a couple more weeks and I am looking forward to spending some time alone with him.





Love The Ones You’re With

Written in very cursive script denoting the maturity and education of the author.

December 26th

Dear Journal,

I will have to admit that it is nice being back in Shattrath although I do miss the creature comforts that I once had in Dalaran.  I miss my office, Amyn’s sitting room and our huge master suite with the private bath. Oh well, those days are gone and it’s time for me to get settled in here, even if it is a little bit crowded at the moment with all of the guests for the holidays.  My desk fits nicely under the windows in the bedroom and I can gaze out and view Shattrath any time I choose.  However, if I want to indulge in my nasty habit of smoking, I do have to step out the front door and sit on the porch.

I know that when I arrived home that I shocked Amyn a little bit.  Yes, I had lost some weight due to my fever that I had with such a minor injury – that throat wound was still just a troublesome thing and the scar that it was leaving makes me feel that much older somehow.  Of course, I explained to Amyn what had happened and how I had gotten – the whole story and she was mortified that it had happened at all, however, she understood.  Only she could have the knowledge from her own experiences in the past with the Sentinels.

Our reunion was everything that I had hoped it would be.  Just being able to see the little boys and seeing Kal with his brother Vashlan was well worth the trip.  All seemed as it should be even if we were in a new location.  It was just nice seeing us all gathered in one place where we could at least see that each of us was still giving around on this world.  It made me happier than I have been in years.  It was a shame that Amyn’s parents couldn’t make it, however, I can understand their reasoning behind it because of their ages and the fact that they have had to move twice in the last six months.  It still put a bit of a damper on the occasion for Amyn anyway.

I can remember the years when I thought I had everything a man could want for the holidays – I always had a nice young Sindorei woman on my arm that I thought I was in love with and I had the only thing that I didn’t have was a family of my own.  Oh, I would go to the parties with my Sindorei friends and we’d drink and laugh, exchange gifts but it always made me have a hollow feeling about things.  I’m glad that I woke up before it was too late and had lost the only real love in my life and my sons.

How Amyn has put up with me all of these years is almost beyond my ability to fathom at times.  She has been through so much because of me and, yet, she only gave up one time.  She took a Kaldorei mate and started a new life.  I know that there are times that she misses the man terribly, I can tell that when she looks at my step-sons a certain way because they both resemble him more than they do her. 

I almost hate to admit it, however, he was probably three times the man that I am.  Oh, yes, I met him on more than one occasion and he always very kind and understanding.  Of course, he would be understanding, he had a woman that very few people have ever really truly known, a home, children and a subtle happiness that I was still searching for at the time.  I know that Amyn mourned him when he died and his sons still miss their true biological Father, however, I am trying my very best to fill that gap for them.  Hunting accidents are always the worst when there isn’t some stupid war or conflict going on and his loss was felt very deeply by his loved ones.

Odd as it may sound to outsiders, we have one of his bows hung up over the mantle so that everyone can see it.  It’s in memory of the man that his mate and his children loved very deeply even though I was always lurking in the background somewhere.  I am proud to have been able to call him a friend and still admire him very much for the man that he was.  I wish that I had some of his skill as a hunter and the patience that he always had with his sons – there are times I want to thump them, however, they are still little guys and they have every right to be children.

Oh, we had quite the feast here.  It was wonderful being able to spend some time with the family.  My sisters seemed to be happy with the gifts that they received, although, I can’t understand why Felaran felt the need to cry when she got a kitten for a gift – a soft cuddly little fellow that she promptly named Blackstone. There are times that I think that my Death Knight sister still has some of her emotions from her previous life and this was one time that it showed.

Of course, the little guys had toys and games that they definitely enjoyed, much to our chagrin when they really enjoyed playing with the boxes and using them as “forts” for their toys to have all out battles with one another. I had brought back some little carved jade figures for them from Panderia, which they promptly turned into “warriors” to fight their battles with.  I ended up giving Vashlan a fur-lined cloak for the time that he is in Stormwind because his Mother tells me that it can get to be quite cold with the way the wind will whip through the city streets – I can honestly say that I have never been to Stormwind in the winter months. I think Kaldor was a bit surprised when I gave him a very nice cross-bow, however, I think that he will still use his long bow and probably use the crossbow occasionally. 

Ah, Amyn was very pleased with the armor that I had made for her in Panderia although the measurements were a bit off and she will have to have the adjustments made.  I always end up with the wrong measurements for her chest, I either have them made too large or too small, heaven forbid that this chest piece was too small.  I also brought her back some gems that I had picked up so that she can have them set into a necklace – yes, she got some jade too.  Of course, we have had our alone time where a husband and wife can exchange their emotional and physical gifts to one another – I can’t say that it was my best performance, however, I think that she understood about that.  It had nothing to do with any kind of dampening of my desire for her, it had a lot to do with the fact that I had been ill just a few days prior and was still recovering.  I’m sure that we will be able to make up for that during the time that I am home this time.

Dawnglory showed up with his usual blaze of glory and had everyone laughing so hard with his tales of his adventures in Panderia.  How he even let it be known that he is deathly afraid of the Panderian women.  I never realized that he actually was afraid of them for more than just sexual reasons, he’s petrified of them just for being themselves, I guess.

Faendra has stayed glued to Dawnglory’s side since he walked in the door. It still disturbs me a bit to think that she is going to give her heart to this man and he may not have made up his mind about what he would want their relationship to be.  He gave her some very nice gifts for the holiday, however, there was no ring in the gifts for her.  I think that he is trying to make up his mind and yet, he’s already decided about a few things. Faendra may want to settle down, have babies and a home, however, I don’t think that Dawnglory is ready for all of that domesticity that would grow from that.  I’m not going to say a word to either one of them about it and let Nature takes its course.  If they end up hurting one another, I am not going to let it change my relationship with my friend.  Yes, Fae is my sister and I love her more than life itself, however, I think that I understand where they both are in their lives right now.

I did have to laugh when we all saw Pan and Lumina slipping off for some of their own brand of “alone time” together.  Those two have such an attachment to one another that it is almost frightening and almost like they were people instead of our trusted feline companions.  You can almost see the years shed off from Pan when he sees Lumina, much like mine do when I see Amyn.

Yes, I’m having a wonderful time here at home with the family and I know that the days will fly by and I will have to report back to Panderia soon enough.  I will treasure this time with my wife and family when I go back to war and hope that we have more like this in the future.  One never knows what the Fates will have in store for you during wartime – I definitely have no idea how the Shas will influence our lives in the future either.


Fnor Morningstar




Getting Ready For The Holidays

December 24th


Dear Journal,

Well, I finally have everything unpacked in Shattrath that I intend on leaving here and still have the things that will go on to Nagrand packed away until the construction is finished.  My Sindorei should be arriving home today to spend the Holidays with us as well as Kaldor.  It will be nice to have them home again, I’ve missed the friendly banter that has developed between the two in the last few months.

Shattrath hasn’t changed all that much since I moved to Dalaran and came back.  Same people, same friends and same old thing with the exception of the fact that there seem to be even more Sindorei here than ever.  I guess with the dangers that were being discussed in Dalaran and a lot of them are persona non gratia in Silvermoon, they had no other place to go.  It’s not crowded yet, however, I am happy that we kept the house here so that we didn’t have to worry about where we were going to live.

Speaking of crowded, I never realized how much we had accumulated in Dalaran until we moved back here.  I know I spent a great deal of time just going through boxes and boxes of things and trying to decide what to keep and what to give away.  I suppose everyone accumulates stuff all of the time but I never realized how much Fnor and I had between us that were just sentimental things that are of no further use to us, other than the memories attached.  I mean, how many uniforms do we need between us?  I still had some of my old Sentinel garb that I don’t even know how I wore it back then, much less now after having four children.  Your body changes as you get older, or so they say.  No, I didn’t pitch any of Fnor’s belongings away because he needs to make those decisions, I don’t think he needs to keep his very first set of armor that he had when he became a Ranger, do you?

I did get rid of all of the baby clothes that I still had by donating them to the orphanage along with some more of the leather goods that I had made for them for the holidays. I mean, I didn’t need to hang onto the cradle that Fnor had made when Kal was born and I didn’t hang onto the beginner bows either because they were just taking up room. 

My Sindorei and I have made the correct decision in not expanding our family at this time.  We have no idea what is going to happen with this “new” war in Panderia and there was no sense in us bringing another little soul to have to defend for the next few years.  My oldest boys are definite proof that there is still a certain bias against their heritage, however, it still isn’t as flagrant now as it was a few years ago where they had to hide their differences by wearing masks and disguises. My two little Kaldorei boys are having the time of lives since we’ve returned to the place that they have spent most of their lives – they are truly little terrors and I know that I will have my hands full with them for quite a while with this war on.

I really miss my parents and I wish that they would reconsider their decision to not come here for the holidays because I know that the children will miss seeing their grandparents.  I suppose that they are correct in their opinions that they need to stay home and get things organized there again and get back into the routines that were disrupted when they moved to Dalaran with us. I will miss my Mother’s pastries and her kimchi the most right now.  She wants to stay home and tend her garden and I guess my Father wants to go out hunting with some of his old cronies – I hope that they won’t drink too much and do something foolish because they are all getting up there in age.  I know that sometimes my Father’s mind will tell him that he can do the things like he did when he was young man and his body just can’t deal with it like it did back then.  Silly old darling.

Faendra and Felaran are already here to see the family and I will admit that the two of them have been a great help with the little ones.  Fel really isn’t the motherly type, however, she does her best to keep them entertained and has taken them out foraging a few times since she’s been here.  However, I really do need to talk with her privately about some of her language – the boys have come out with some very different oaths since she’s been here.  Faendra is here to see Fnar, if the truth were to be told and I know that he will be arriving here shortly because his little sister is here, all aglow with the thoughts that she might want to take up residence here instead of Silvermoon.

I have to laugh because one of her main reasons that she wants to move to Shattrath is not because of her training.  It’s to get away from the iron hand of Agatha, the housekeeper.  I guess that Agatha has made it very clear of what she is going to allow to go on in the houses in Silvermoon as long as they are under her watch.  That means that Felessa has a curfew that she has to abide by or she has to go sleep at the dorm at school if she misses it.  I’m sure that Agatha has kept Dawnglory appraised of any indiscretions that may have happened.  Of course, Felessa is at that age where any man in uniform is going to be attractive to her. Oh Elune! I hope that she isn’t going to turn into the female version of her brother, I don’t know how my Sindorei and I could deal with two of them.  She’s always been a quiet little thing, especially after the last incident with the demon in Silvermoon, however, I am fully aware of what people say about “still waters run deep” and all that, it does make me worry.

I was very happy to get a letter from my beloved that told me that he is going to take an extended leave from his duties in Panderia.  Well, not that long of a leave.  He will be here until after the first of the year.  That means that not only will I get to spend some time alone with him but it also means that the construction in Nagrand will definitely be boosted up to high speed with him overseeing a large part of it.  What was once a little rustic cabin will be turned into another Sindorei showplace with adequate room for family and friends.

For the holiday, the sleeping arrangements have been altered somewhat and I am sure that Kaldor and Vashlan are not going to be too happy that they have share not only their beds but their room with their little brothers. I am going to have a very stern talk with Vashlan about not turning his little brothers into sheep any time they upset him, that has got to stop.  I have visions of him taking them to the market or something and selling them as livestock to some unsuspecting individuals.

Kal has already informed me that he will be spending some time with his girl from Stormwind, he just hasn’t said where they will be just yet.  He said that he is waiting to hear from her on that.  It almost sounds like he is trying to let me know that he intends on taking things to another level with that relationship.  I hope that he knows the ramifications that it might bring, I mean, she is from Gilneas and we all suspect that she has the Curse like most of her people.  I really need to talk more seriously with Fnor about it too because I know that Kal has a Kaldorei woman staying at this farm in Panderia too.  Talk about playing with fire and adding more heat to it.  He keeps saying that both relationships are platonic – well, it may mean that he hasn’t done anything physically with them yet, however, he’s not very smart when it comes to females, he’s that much like his Father.

Oh, I had better get busy and finish up with some of the baking.  I don’t think that Dawnglory’s sister knows how to cook really well and we don’t have Agatha here to handle the kitchen work like we did in Dalaran.  Oh, Fae does okay in the kitchen, however, Felaran does make more munitions in there than she does eatable fare.  I almost broke a tooth on the berry pie that she made last night, it smelled delicious and looked fabulous, however, I think one needed a very sharp axe to even cut it.  Yes, yes, I know that Death Knights don’t eat often, if at all, however, as often as she blew up the kitchen in Dalaran, I was hoping for some improvements in that area of expertise.

I need to make sure that I get our bedroom aired out today and everything in order before my Sindorei comes in.  He has mentioned that he wants to be able to sleep as long as he wants in that big bed of ours.  I hope he doesn’t want to really sleep all of the time because I have some other ideas that I want to try out with him.  He loves a good romp as much as I do.

I think that most of our friends are here in Shattrath, however, I haven’t been able to find the time to go out and look for them.  I heard tell that Raleth and Lalli are here already.  Lalli must be getting fairly large with her baby now and I am sure that Raleth is a nervous wreck.  I hope we can connect with them while Fnor is home, I know he enjoyed talking with Raleth.  I wonder whom else might be here?



Back In Shattrath – Settling In

December 18th

Dear Journal,

Well, I still have more boxes to unpack and put more things away.  One would have never thought that I would have accumulated so much in the short time that I lived in Dalaran, however, a lot of the things that I have here are from the main house, things that Fnor has gotten over the years.  He told me not to leave anything behind, which I didn’t, however, I think we will need a place to store some of it since we don’t have the room in the house for all of it.  Maybe once the construction is done on the house in Nagrand, I can move them over there.

No, my parents didn’t come with us to Shattrath, I knew they wouldn’t the moment that I mentioned it and my Mother started to tear up.  They decided to go back to Dolonaar and their little house there rather than make the change to Shattrath.  They weren’t happy with having to move again, however, after I told them about some of the things that my Sindorei had told me, they were understanding of it at least.  I’m sure that Mother will be happier once she has the time to putter around in her own little garden and my Dad will be able to get away and do some of the things he enjoys, some light hunting and fishing.  I know that I already miss them more than words can say, it was nice having them near us, even if it was only for a short time.

Of course, Vashlan was the one that caused the more uproar about moving than any of the rest.  He was upset that he would have to leave his instructor and his friends there in Dalaran.  Now, he’ll have to go in search of another apprenticeship in Stormwind, which I know won’t be easy for him.  I’ve already sent out several letters to the various mages that I have knowledge of in order to find placement for him.  In the meantime, he can get settled back in at the apartment over the warehouse and try to connect with the friends that he had before he left for Dalaran.  If he truly isn’t happy in Stormwind in a few months, I’ll have to do it all over again in Darnassus. He could even stay with my parents, if he wanted too.  I know when I mentioned that he gave me that wrinkled nose look and told me that he’d like to live in Darnassus if it came to that because his Grandparents wouldn’t understand what he was doing because he was the odd one in the family.  I guess he has some feelings there that may have been hurt because he is the only mage in the family and we’re not exactly sure where that came from.

I guess the Bitterbeers went back to Ironforge for a while.  I did go to check on things in Stormwind and had hoped to run into Kal while I was there, however, Romey hadn’t seen him.  I sent word to the dwarves that their services were going to be required even more than ever since a few of the employees have decided to go off adventuring in Panderia as well as my son. I am kind of surprised that they didn’t follow Kal to Panderia for two reasons, they liked him a lot and enjoyed his company and I’ve heard talk that the beer is so much better in Panderia.  Of course, with them brewing their own, I’m sure that they would want to investigate the breweries, at least, in Panderia.

Luckily for us, the house isn’t that far from the Scryers Terrace and that is where the little guys will be attending school.  I certainly hope that they don’t start blowing things up like they did in Dalaran.  I don’t think that the people here would turn a blind eye to those antics.  I’ve heard talk that some of our old friends from Dalaran are already here although I haven’t seen them just yet, I’ve been too busy getting things put in order here at the house.

I know that I miss my Sindorei more than ever right now.  It seems like old times in a lot of good ways and bad ways too.  I can remember the months and even years that I have spent here in Shattrath with the children while he was off in search of something that he already had.  The way the rumors would fly and I would find out that he had taken up with some Sindorei girl, those were hurtful times for me.  If I didn’t truly love the man with all of my heart, I would have left a long time ago.

I can’t help but think about my Kaldorei mate while I sit here at the table writing.  If he were still alive, he’d have been here with me, helping me to put things away and telling me that everything would be okay.  He was totally different from Fnor in a lot of ways, he didn’t mind doing household chores and he definitely didn’t mind taking the children with him, to give me a few hours peace, when he would go out hunting.

The two little guys are having some trouble adjusting to being back in Shattrath.  The first thing they wanted to do was to go visit their Father’s grave, which we did.  Of course, we went there and they looked so surprised when we got there that I asked them what they expected.  The gravesite was in order and as it should be, however, I didn’t even think about this until they said it.   They were in hopes that he had somehow come back to life and the grave would have been empty – children wish for the strangest things.  So, we had to have a long discussion about that, how when a person dies that they are rejoined with Elune and, no, they don’t come back.  A few tears were shed and the first day in Shattrath was rather sorrowful for them.

Yes, they love my Sindorei as their “new” Father, however, they still have that love for their real Father that I will never try to dampen down.  He was the only Father that they had known for most of their lives and they are still trying to accept Fnor as their Father.  it will all come in good time but it almost breaks my heart when I still see them kind of jump and look at each Kaldorei male hunter they see walking around the city.  I suppose if they don’t settle down soon, I’ll have to go talk to someone to see what I can do to help them get past this.  At least they have found some of their old friends and have been playing with them a lot.

I think that my Sindorei will understand the changes and the way the young ones are acting because he told me that it was going to be hard for them to step back into a life that we had left behind when we moved to Dalaran.

I really miss my parents.  My Dad would know how to handle what I am going through with the boys, he always seems to understand and knows instinctively how to deal with things.  He truly has been a constant throughout the boys lives and I know they love him and respect him.  Maybe I can get them to come to Shattrath in a few weeks for a visit.  Well, they will be coming down for a visit to spend some of the Winter Veil with us.

Oh well, these boxes aren’t getting unpacked with me sitting here writing and I think I’m almost done with the things that I can unpack here.  I do wish that the construction on the house in Nagrand will be finished soon so that we can have some room in this house. 

I miss my husband. 




A Change of Pace

December 5th


Dear Journal,

I will have to say that I feel more relaxed today.  Instead of constantly having my mind on my Sindorei and Kal, I am just sitting here kind of smiling to myself because of the fact that I took my youngest boys and my parents to the Faire last night.  I needed a change of pace; I was starting to feel like I was trapped with all of my worries and concerns.  That doesn’t mean that I’m not still worried about my men in the war, it just means that I have other things that I have to start focusing on or I will make myself mad with worry.

Oh, my parents hadn’t been to the Faire in years; however, they had their eyes all aglow just like the children did.  I really must start thinking of Vashlan in another way because he’s almost a man now; even if he does still like to pull those childish tricks of his with his little brothers.

Anyway, we spent the entire night down at the Faire.  Naturally, the two youngest boys spent most of their time either eating all that they could or getting into more mischief.   My parents were just in awe of the crowds of people and were a little bit concerned that not only was the Alliance there enjoying the Faire but the Horde was there as well.  As I said, they hadn’t been in years and they last time that they went, the Faire was in Goldshire and the Horde weren’t exactly invited to attend.   We had a marvelous time and I think that we ate more than we should have of all of that fired food.  My Dad especially liked the different spirits that he could try and definitely imbibed in those even if my Mother was frowning at him.

Vashlan was pulling a Kal routine in watching the ladies a lot this time.  I know that he knows about the birds and bees, however, I don’t think he really realized that there was something else in the world other than his books and his magic.  He honestly was so smitten with the sight of all of those females that he literally ran into a post that was in clear view – he got knocked on his backside with the impact and turned a brilliant red with his blushing.  I suppose it didn’t help matters any that I started giggling and told him to be more careful of his robes and to not trip on them.  Yes, I got that “Awww, Mom!!” speech that the boys like to do when I remind them that I’m a woman and have interest in looking at some of the fine specimens of males on display at the Faire.

I wish that Fnor and Kal could have been there with us, however, I understand that their duty calls them away and that’s just how it is.   I can’t say that I wasn’t sad that they weren’t there because I was – it won’t ever be a real family outing until they are able to join us again. 

I didn’t realize how much I had been allowing myself to wallow in my worries and concerns until we got away from Dalaran and got to go some place that wasn’t all talk of war.  Of course, there were people there that I could hear talking about the war when we were sitting near the cooking vendor; however, I tried not to listen in too much.  Why is it that people that are drinking always seem to have to speak louder than normal?  Drunk doesn’t mean you have to be so loud, or that’s just my opinion.

We really had such a good time and I have promised to take them all back next month when the Faire is open again.  I know that I am just enjoying how things were last night to dwell too much on the more weighty concerns that I have.

I am happy that Dawnglory went back to Panderia, finally.  It was all that I could do to keep an eye out on Faendra to prevent something from happening that might change things for them forever.  Oh, I understand that a man and a woman have needs and they will seek each other out, however, I knew that my Sindorei would be very unhappy if something had happened without him giving his seal of approval.  Dawnglory is a nice enough fellow but I honestly don’t think that he is ready to settle down yet and Fae is so young that my heart aches for her.

I guess the little guys are still suffering from overeating last night because they weren’t really interested in the food that my Mother and Agatha prepared this morning.   I know I spent half of my night at the Faire taking food away from them before they got sick.  So many sweets for them to get involved with and the drinks were nothing but pure syrup.

Naturally, they spent a lot of time on the merry-go-round and fighting about which one of them was going to ride the murloc on there.  Honestly, there were enough mounts to go around; you’d think that they wouldn’t have had to argue over just the one.  Yes, the canon was a great thing for them to do and I had to laugh at Vashlan because he did try the canon this time but got so tangled up in his robes that he didn’t look all that wonderful flying through the air with his undergarments in full public view. I will have to remind him that he needs to wear something different next time or at least wear the long pants under his robes – I honestly don’t think the boy thinks about things fully unless it’s magic.

Oh well, I do need to get up from here and get some of this office work done.  Faendra is acting kind of mopey since Dawnglory went back to Panderia, however, I’m sure that we will keep her busy enough that her mind will get occupied with other things rather quickly.  

I still have to make arrangements to get to Feathermoon this week and talk to my old Commander again.  She sent me another note this weekend and said that it was not really urgent but she wanted to talk to me as soon as possible.  I wonder what that is all about.



More Worries and Concerns – Amyn’s Thoughts

November 30th

Dear Journal,

It’s been a few days since Kal and Fnor went back to Panderia and I will have to admit that the loneliness is the thing that is getting to me more and more each day.  Yes, I have my parents, Vashlan and the little guys here with me in Dalaran, however, it isn’t the same.  I know that I miss Kal and Fnor’s laughter and the way that the two of them could liven things up with just a word or gesture sometimes.  I miss them both.

I know that I have found out that some of our acquaintances have left the city.  I guess that Lali and Raleth have left because they felt uncomfortable here in the city with Lali’s being pregnant.  I know that the atmosphere itself in the city has changed and I’m not seeing as many of the Horde acquaintances that we had out in the streets as much. It’s rather disheartening.

I had always assumed that Dalaran was a neutral city and would remain so indefinitely.  The city itself is still a neutral area, however, the people living in the city are not feeling so inclined to mingle inter-faction as they once did.  I know that some of the shopkeepers are acting a little bit strange when I make purchases and charge them back to the Morningstar Enterprise account.  I know I had one little girl ask me if the company was owned by the Horde or not and I told her that it was and she made a face, which made me feel a bit awkward.  I did ask her if it would make her feel more comfortable if I opened another account under the name of Shadowmoon Enterprises because it was my own personal company and the other company was owned by my husband.  Naturally, she got all flustered and gave me my goods and I went on my merry way.

It’s instances such as these that are starting to make me realize that there is more than just a little undercurrent running through these streets of a city that my Sindorei loved more than his beloved Silvermoon City. I know that he has lived here for years and has always felt very comfortable with things even if the main bastion of the actual work for his firm was in Orgrimmar. Maybe he is right and we do need to start thinking about moving out of this beautiful city and heading back to our old haven in Shattrath.

I honestly don’t know what that will do to the little guys if we move back to the city that only gives them reminders of a very sad time.  I don’t know if my parents will want to uproot themselves again and head to a place that they have only visited once or twice in their lifetimes.  Of course, that would mean that Vashlan would either stay here in Dalaran to continue his studies or he would have to move back to Stormwind, which I have heard is even more hostile towards people of mixed heritage than they ever were before.  Of course, he still has his friends there, that I hope are really his friends and he could always stay at the apartment over the warehouse, it’s definitely large enough to accommodate quite a few people without feeling overcrowded.

I really need to talk to Fnor and find out what he really feels about this whole situation and also talk to his sisters that live here in Dalaran as well.  I mean I know that Felaran can take care of herself in any given situation, however, I do worry about Faendra sometimes because her temper can get the best of her sometimes, just like her brother’s can.  I know that Fnor just told me to keep my eyes and ears open to what was going on around the city to see if his feelings when he was here for the holidays were truly happening.   I guess I can say that they appear to be at this point.

I still haven’t had the opportunity to make my way to Feathermoon just yet to see what my old Commander wanted to discuss with me yet, however, that will be something that I will attend too in the next week.  I know that I am truly wondering what it is that she wants to discuss with me.  I hope that she isn’t going to try to talk me into coming back into the Sentinels in that area.  If I were ever to go back to the Sentinels at this point, it would be requested to be sent to Panderia. In my heart, I will always be a Sentinel, in my life, I will always be my Sindorei’s wife and mate.

I keep hearing all of these wonderful things about Panderia and I can’t help but be a bit more than envious of my husband and my son in their being able to see this wondrous place.  I know that I have all of these responsibilities here at home, however, there is the part of me that wants to go where everyone is enjoying a different country, a different kind of life.  I know there is a war going on, however, there was a war going on when Fnor and I met and we were able to manage to stay close together for the most part.  I want to be able to do that again.

I’ll write to Fnor and see what he wants me to do about the situation in Dalaran.  I wish our comlink worked in Panderia because I wouldn’t have to write a letter and have it smuggled to him.  I suppose that I could get Faendra to send one of the employees to find Fnor in Panderia, however, I don’t think that it’s that serous yet.

Yes, I’m concerned about the safety of the family here in Dalaran, yet, I don’t know how much of that is my own war hysteria that is starting to get a sharp stronghold in my mind.  I suppose that I should make sure that my parents can take care of things while I am gone and make a trip to Shattrath to see some of my old friends down there as well as checking on the property in Nagrand.  I would be more inclined to have the property in Nagrand enlarged enough to where the whole lot of us could just go there anyway – it’s off the beaten path and not many people will take the time to even go there to explore the area.

I suppose I ought to get up from desk and head to Stormwind to talk with Romey and some of the others to see if they are hearing any bad things in Stormwind.  I know the last time that I was there, all anyone wanted to talk about was Theramore.  Yes, it was a horrible thing that happened and it was uncalled for, however, it’s been a while and maybe the furor has died down.