OOC: This Week in World of Warcraft…

November 12th

I know that after seeing all of the things being discussed in regard to the Blizzcon event, I’m certainly happy that I didn’t blow the $40 to sit here and find out nothing.  Yes, yes, I know that the latest expansion will be released in a few days, however, I was hoping that they would at least give us a hint as to what is going to happen with the next patch for it.

Oh well, guess we’ll have to wait, however, it does make me wonder how bad the fertilizer is going to hit the wind machine when some of the ill-informed hit that level cap and discover that the usual carrot on the stick isn’t there yet.   Oh well, we shall all see what happens next, I suppose.  I know that WoD will be setting the mark for further expansions and if I see that there is going to be a continuation of “no flying” throughout this expansion and future ones, WoD will definitely be my last.  I know I have invested quite a bit of time and money on “flying’ mounts in years past, however, I wasn’t planning on spending another ten years steeped in old content either so that I can fully utilize them.

I hope that the art team has their running shoes on because I really have some bad feelings about the Blood Elves.  I hope they don’t botch the job up as badly as they did with the running animations and the way that our other elves look.  Sad but social?  Well, maybe they want to be social, however, they are too embarrassed to show their “tiptoe through the tulips” run animation.  Yes, I will be going back to the old models.  I’ve tried getting used to the animation, however, it’s not what I thought would happen to my tall, majestic Night Elves.  I just hope that they don’t make the same errors with the Blood Elves because that will just put the nail in the coffin of my ever using the new models.

Don’t get me wrong, I still love my game and I will still play the game, however, I will always be a bit more than a little bit mistrustful of what I am told after these last few months.

I suppose I am somewhat excited about heading into Draenor, however, I do plan on lagging behind, both figuratively and actually, because I am not into the mind numbing mess that launches always are unless they have figured out phasing to allow us into areas that have a limited number of people in it.  Oh well, this will be the first launch that I have deliberately avoided.  I am also expecting not being able to get into my server for quite a while too – we’ve had queues in the past as well as continuous disconnects in the last few months and I would expect launch day to be one of those times when everyone that hasn’t logged in for six months will be trying to get on.  What I do plan on doing is going off and playing other games on launch day or longer if it is impossible to get into my main realm.

I know that if I were to go by what I have seen on the forums and I was a “new” player, I’d go spend my money somewhere else too.   I always read the forums to see if I can glean any pertinent information from the mishmash of threads that are on there.  Now that that they are taking away the class (Role) forums and such, that pretty much leaves General for all of the enlightened folks to post on – yes, I’m dripping some sarcasm on there.  I hope that people realize that it is only a vocal minority that spends much time on the forums.

Let’s see, this past week I did an RAF with another Bnet account to get another mount and I am still giggling.  I had done the RAF invitation from my WoW6 account to my new Bnet account.  Things didn’t seem quite right from the beginning, so, I kept a close eye on things and will have to admit that the “summons” didn’t work as advertised and I put in a ticket.  That’s where the real giggling started when the rep told me that I couldn’t do it from one Bnet account to another one  – oh hello, how do you use it then?  Well, anyway, I just let it ride.  What made me laugh was that the mount actually showed up on my WoW8 account and not on my WoW6 where it originated.  Methinks that Blizz may have a few things going on and a few more bugs than they thought that might have.  Rather than putting in another ticket and waiting four more days, I just took the mount and ran with it. So, in the future, I won’t be doing RAF no matter what kind of mount they are offering.  I already had the two two-seater mounts so this was for another mount altogether.

I know that while everyone is running about in WoD, I will be trotting along at my own pace per usual and will still be doing stuff in MoP and the older content.  I’m happier back there anyway and it seems like I can truly get immersed in the game.  Oh, I did purchase the expansion and have the ability to make the mad dash with everyone else, however, this expansion is going to be out there a long time and I will probably start the initial stuff on Monday after the mad dash is done and people have gone back to work.  I’ve done it three times already in Beta, so, I’m not that crazy about doing it the fourth time although I know that this time it will be for “real” and not just a passing fancy.

Guess I will wrap this up and publish it, finally, because I have been playing around with it for the last three days and haven’t put it out there.  I hope that WoD turns out to be everything that we all thought it would be and that we have something to do for the next year or so.  Good luck everyone!

OOC – This Week in World of Warcraft…Wut?

November 5th

After blazing away with the last Holiday which had me running several of my lowbies to just get the levels up was a big part of my time this year.   I didn’t run and get the new pets and I didn’t accomplish all of the things that I thought that I might because I just didn’t have the time nor the stamina.

I am very pleased to say that I got all 25 of  my 90s through the Blasted Lands for the intro to WoD and I really felt like it was a great accomplishment for me personally.   I know that I have way too many 90s to even fathom the idea of them all making it all the way through WoD, however, with Blizzard’s history of expansions lasting a long time between changes – I might just make it, I’ll have to see how it goes.  Some of the poor things weren’t the best geared, however, considering that the area was nerfed to hell and back this last week, I made it through.  Never have figured out why Blizz constantly puts the boosted fellows in such weird places – the first boosts were on TI – instant death by ganking or just trying to figure out which buttons to push if you weren’t already familiar with your class that you boosted and now the Blasted Lands.    I still have two more boosts on accounts that I purchased WoD for and I am going to take my time in deciding whom and when to use those boosts, I’m in no rush since there is no definite time period to use them.  Nope, I really don’t need any more 90s at this juncture.

Naturally, my two mains Fnor and Kaldor (Kaaldor -in-game) will definitely be the hard pressed ones initially followed closely by Felaran or Sadheart.   In some ways I am looking for the challenges that are supposedly going to be in WoD and part of me is very happy that I will still have plenty to keep me busy in Pandaria and other old content. Am I geared to the hilt?  Oh, heck no, not with my being gun-shy about running dungeons and raids PUG.  Oh, I’ll get over that eventually and just hit the ground running if the mood strikes me.  I’m the weirdo that likes gathering mats, exploring and doing all of the other things that don’t require me to be involved with the vitriol being spewed in LFR and LFG things.

I’ve been fortunate though, actually got to run some dungeons with people that invited me from other realms.   I know that always makes me laugh because I can get more RP and more group activity with off-realm groups than I can with my home realm folks.  Kind of makes me know where things are there, doesn’t it? To be very honest, with the number of characters that I have on Wrymrest, I am usually too busy running around “doing things” to stop and smell the roses anymore, sure, I do have some walk-ups every now and then and I actually try to RP sometimes, however, that’s really not a priority for me as much as it was a couple of years ago.   Scattered over multiple accounts, I have 70+ characters on the realm and they are in the guilds SafeHaven or Haven.  Altoholic ?!!!

Anyway, speaking of RP, I did have reinstall WoW on my main gaming machine which means that all of my MRP info isn’t back on the characters yet and I am beginning to wonder if I should go through the exercise at all.  Luckily for me, I do have all of the info saved off on a Word document, so , it’s just a matter of cut and pasting the stuff in there.  I may just wait to do that until after WoD drops next week and a lot of the add-ons have been updated.  I’ve been a real fan of MRP for many years because it’s quick and complete and I think a lot of people are still using that.

Had a great time running with the folks that I have made friends with, even have a character in their guild – the Sisters of Elune group that I always make the time run with on Friday nights which is the “Fun Night” raiding on old content for transmog gear, which, I am still working on.  Also got to run with Fussypants to try to do a SoO run for giggles and grins since I haven’t really done the whole thing through yet on either Horde or Alliance – had a great time even if we didn’t finish because, well, we did have a PUG group.  It’s always nice to get in a group and talk every now and again.

Now, on a personal note, I have been playing rather erratically the last couple of weeks due to some medications that I have been on and will continue to be on for a very long time.    I never had issues with my thyroid until recently and it has put me on a rollercoaster ride that I would definitely liked to have skipped.  One minute I feel fine and the next I am freezing to death – also, fatigue waves that knock me down for the count.  Irregular sleeping habits that should get sorted out over the next six weeks for the medication to finally kick in.    I am one of those people that when I feel bad, I’ll still play, however, I’ll go off on my own to do things rather than “share the mood” with others.   I’m retired so I can have crazy routines going without hampering anyone else too often.

Normally, I would be running myself ragged going to the Faire and doing all of the neat things there, however, I haven’t even started running my lowbies through for the profession boosts yet.  I plan on doing some of that today and the rest of the week, if my body will allow me to do that.

I will have to admit that after two years of guild grinding levels, it feels a bit “empty” now that that challenge has been removed.  I just thank heavens that I was able to keep my guild achievements intact even if the guild perks suck the big one now.   I knew that Blizzard was going to revamp the guild structuring and perks, however, I didn’t know they were going to strip us down to our undies and turn us loose and I am still kind of disappointed in their judgment on that score.  Cash flow was never a big deal to me because my guilds are really only used by two people including myself for anything.  However, I will admit that I did know of someone that ran guilds up to Level 25, having complete control over the banks while other people made them money, selling the guilds and doing it again – they did this multiple times on both factions – those people are the ones that these changes were made for, hope they are happy.   Let’s just say that that person is on my ignore list for every single character.

Ah well, enough rambling for me this morning and off to do some other RL things before I log into the game for a while before I have to go run errands.  See ya in Azeroth!!

Great Week In World of Warcraft

July 3rd

What a great week this has been in the World of Warcraft, at least for me it has been, just one of those weeks where things went rather well and the enjoyment level increased considerably.  Sorry, I have no screenies from the Beta this week due to the fact that I am stuck in the area where you start building your Garrisons and have been unable to continue beyond that point due to not being able to complete the quests at the moment – bugs, glitches, whatever  – oh yeah, my hunter pet keeps disappearing. I will admit that the first time that it happened, I was getting my backside handed to me by some newly minted monsters and it did not end well for poor Fnor. Feign death, yep, still continued to beat on him until he was dead – I think hunters are now kind of doing some sort of “self-healing” not sure or he has developed priest overtones.

Having a blast in the guilds where I have truly gotten friends and family involved once again – Haven is now a Level 17 guild and we are actually able to run dungeons to get the achievements together for the guild.  SafeHaven welcomed back an old family member that has gotten his Druid to 90 and has been going crazy on the Timeless Isle getting gear.  We’ve both decided our DKs are very squishy or we don’t really know what we’re doing – probably a combination of the two.

I know that I have a Beta invitation for WoD on one account that is strictly active and is just going bananas, however, I do have a second invitation that is on another account that has been lapsed for several years.  It was an old starter account WoW2 that I had started and never could get the rest of the expansions to load to it – something was glitchy back then.  Anyway, it has an invitation on it as well. However, even though it is not technically an active account – I can utilize the invitation on it.  Weird.

Well, in order not to get in trouble with the “powers-to-be” at Blizzard I decided to put in a ticket to let them know about my WoW2 account. Ended up talking with a wonderful GM at Blizzard that told me that they couldn’t remove the account, however, they could make a new one – which I wasn’t sure I wanted to do, however, I can always use another account with my alts.  Got the new account set-up and due to all of the trouble that I had had with WoW2 and the fact that I have a few accounts, the GM was very generous with me and gave me all of the expansions, including MoP, for “free” – wheee!! I like free.  Not to mention I also got some free game-time out of it as well.

I still don’t have my cloak yet on any of my 90s, however, that is a work in progress that may or may not get completed by the time WoD drops. From the looks of things, it looks like most of the gear that I have been busting my behind to get will be kind of bleh when I get the character to WoD – quests are rough now, however, you start upgrading your gear immediately.  It’s still fun trying and now I have someone that I can at least quest with or make the necessary runs.  I hope to soon have more people at cap level so that we can start actually doing some current content and get the guild achievements as well.

Here we are at the Holiday Weekend, July 4th – Independence Day for those of us in the U.S., so it will be insanity in-game with all of the added folks.  My intention in-game this weekend will be to run some old dungeons and gain some much needed rep on my beloved main.  Who knows, I might even find something that I can do some transmogs with. Still doing the casual player, not driven by all of the things that I must have to reach the “end” and still having fun.

So, I will have to say that this has been a very enjoyable week and looking forward to having much more like it in the future.

I’ll probably post something else later today, have a few character ideas romping through my head, however, I don’t want to force the issue just yet this morning.


Playing As A Casual…

June 23rd

Sorry, haven’t written anything for a couple of days due to the fact that I wasn’t feeling all that great and didn’t play much, then, I started playing again and got all involved in that.

Did a change of pace thing and actually rolled a new character on Sisters of Elune to check out the RP there and to join up with a guild that I had been running and RPing with on Wrymrest.  So far, so good and it feels odd not having all of the conveniences that I have on my home realm to help my newbie out somewhat.   Oh yes, did pull some of my BoA gear off to help the new character out so that he can level faster, that’s what they are for, right? Haven’t had much time for lamping conversations as I am leveling, however, I did notice that with CRZ I am seeing a lot of the same folks that I see on Wrymrest – so, if you see a Fnor running around at a low level with a special character for the “O” in his name, yep, it’s me – Big Fnor is my main character in-game and has always been that since I started playing  – so, yeah, he’s almost ten years old now.  Wow!! Has it really been that long since I got this addiction to this silly game?

Opened the doors a little bit on my Horde guild on Wrymrest and invited in some old friends that were coming back into the game and restarting on Wrymrest.  It’s been fun and I will admit that it does seem strange to actually have people chatting in the guild while I am leveling and doing the things that I do.  I’m all set to run some dungeons with the “new” people in the guild when they get ready to do that sort of thing. The Horde guild “SafeHaven” is truly following its name in the way that it is a good place to just “play” the game and not have the pressures of raiding and all that nonsense – no guild drama either. It’s nice.

Poor Alliance guild is still trotting along and I hope that I will get it to Level 25 before the next expansion drops, however, it does sound like that won’t be happening for quite a while – there’s plenty of time.  All of my Alliance characters are now in that guild on Wrymrest and it is kind of nice having them all grouped together again even if it does get a tad bit lonely at times.  Kaaldor (Kaldor) is the GM again and is my main on the Alliance side.   Haven was actually started almost two years ago now with the help of some friends that have left the game or have moved to other realms, so, yeah, it’s another one of my soloing guilds, which isn’t all that bad.  I still have the opportunity to PUG and to group with people occasionally although I will have to admit that I didn’t get that chance in the last guild that I was in that was “active” – people taking breaks, doing their own thing or whatever, so, all of my toons came “home” to Haven.

One of the things that I enjoy about having most of my characters isolated is the fact that I can actually do some exploring, do silly things that other people might be shocked at – okay, I still like to go to Northrend and skydive into the lake below Dalaran – very rarely do I miss and die. If some poor soul is fishing in the lake I usually make a comment on the order of “Sorry, just dropped in to see how the fishing was here today.”  Usually gets a laugh after they get over the shock of a flying character hitting the lake.

Still working on my 90s and trying to get them as geared as I can for WoD, however, my two mains will be making the trek long before any of the others and I keep that in mind every time I log in.  As for the buff this week, since I hadn’t even started that quest line for the Black Prince, it really does me little to no good.  I don’t have the cape on any of my characters so far, however, I’ll keep plugging away with or without the buff and I just might make it.  So far, Fnor is the only one that is even remotely eligible for LFR and not even remotely close to Flex Raiding (let’s face it, people keep changing the iLevel requirements for it to where you can’t get in the groups – oh well, no biggie, I’ll get there eventually).

I certainly do wish that we had more information about the profession changes in WoD because it really does make me wonder if I am wasting my time in trying to keep up with them on my current stable of 90s.  Everything that I have seen or read so far leads me to believe that a lot of the professions will be absorbed by the Garrisons, which each character must get – it’s not shared, from what I’ve read.   It also reminds me of the “Farm” in Halfhill, I just hope it’s not nearly so grindy.  Of course I’ve seen all of the people on the forums shouting about time-sinks and no flying in WoD and it doesn’t really matter to me, if I find that I enjoy flying more than I am enjoying WoD, guess I’ll be one of the ones that hangs back until I have to play on Draenor.  Am I excited for the new expansion, I’m really not sure because I waffle back and forth with all of the changes forthcoming as well as the news I see on the forums.  I hope that Blizzard will send out more invitations for Alpha or at least give us a chance to try out the Beta if they even have one – I am starting to think that Alpha is the Beta and we’ll be beta testing the game when it goes “live”.  Just my opinion, mind you.

Yes, I am a casual player and will do what I feel like doing because I enjoy it, not because I need to compete with other people. Nope, don’t expect to be carried either because I usually make sure that my characters are geared enough for a specific area before I take them there – dungeons, battle grounds; etc.