The reason that WoWStorylines came to pass is due to the fact that I am an avid Role Player and have multiple characters that I create stories for.  Not only do they have their own storylines, they also will join in with others that are sharing their stories. 100% of my characters reside on Wrymrest Accord and have since the realm started up.  Sure, there have been a few race changes as well as a faction change here and there – you know, sometimes a character feels and fits better in a particular faction.

I hope that people will enjoy the stories of the characters and will feel free to make comments – good or bad, it’s what makes it all work for the author.

I’ve taken a few breaks in the last year from the World of Warcraft due to burnout and health issues, however, after those breaks, I’m back in there and playing with wild abandon.

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    • Oh yes, it’s usually a very busy realm and there are times when you are almost overwhelmed with RP and then, there are times that there seems to be a drought. Welcome to the world of blogging – it’s fun and I’ve been doing this for well over a year now – thanks for commenting.

      • I should have written this the other day. I use RP to flesh out some of the Lore in order to feel ” a part ” of the story in progress. This type of interacting with others also adds a new depth to the Lore in your own mind. You should try it sometime and see if you can get that full immersion in the game that some of us strive for.

  1. Just found your site here 🙂 Looking forward to dive in. I haven´t got the time needed to RP anymore sadly, but when I did, I had some of my finest moments, making me look at the game in a whole other way and explore so much deeper lorewise. I really cherished it.

    Your way of doing it sounds very interested, I´m sure I´ll enjoy it 🙂
    It must not be easy to deal with anxiety attacks and as a result of that, I imagine, writers block, too. Fingers crossed, that both will fade away soon.

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