OOC – New Things To Add To The Fun…

February 26th

I don’t usually like to post too many OOC articles close together, however, there really isn’t a whole lot I can write about my characters right now with their storylines because I’ve been too busy playing the game.  I know that I really have been having a real enjoyable time since the 6.1 patch has gone live.

I was real surprised at how much better my Blood Elves looked on “live” than they did in the PTR – I was very pleased that I didn’t have to spend a fortune running back and forth to the Barber Shop to get face lifts or changes in hairstyles.   The only complaint I have about the hairstyles right now is the fact that they really didn’t do justice to the hair color for BLACK – the new black appears to be mostly GRAY – not exactly the thing that I wanted my main to be wearing  at this stage in his life- he’s mature in age, however, I didn’t think that he was that old.  Oh well, I hope that it gets fixed in the near future, however, it’s not so bad that I can’t get used to it as it is right now.

Oh my, the changes to the male Night Elf is awesome.  I can finally log back in on my Alliance main without cringing every time he runs across and area.  Now, he doesn’t look like an albatross trying to get airborne with clipped wings.  It is going to be a real pleasure to get back on that character too.  I know that I could have turned the “old” models back on and continued playing, however, I liked so many of the other models that I didn’t want to have to go through that constant switching back and forth.

Heirlooms!! Oh my, that has been such a bonus that I find it really hard not to be bouncing in my chair when I load a character on that doesn’t have them yet – that heirloom tab has got to be the best thing to happen for me in-game that I am going to totally enjoy.  I know that when I first saw it in the PTR I was tickled to death and even had to transfer over a couple of my alts to make sure that it worked the way that Blizzard said it would.  So, it was with real nervous excitement that I awaited the drop on the 24th to try everything out “live” and I was definitely not disappointed.

I haven’t really had the chance to get started on all of the new stuff in regard to my Garrisons just yet because I’ve been busy jumping from character to character getting everything setup.  I am looking forward to the jukebox quests and the battle pets – well, I’ll get to them this week anyway.   I really like the changes that I have been able to take advantage of  so far and I think that it has definitely added quite a bit to the things that I want to do with my Garrisons now.

Well, I do know that I will probably have quite a bit of time to play World of Warcraft for the next few days with the continuous snowfall that we seem to be experiencing at the moment.  It started snowing yesterday morning and it appears as though it really hasn’t stopped yet and isn’t expected too until sometime on Monday.  Good thing we got everything all stocked up before this latest round of snow started because my spouse and I both hate driving in this stuff.

Hope everyone is having as much fun with the new patch and changes in-game that I am currently having .  I definitely hope to be able to start my regular writing schedule in the next couple of days too, lots of things to get caught up on.   I can now feel more comfortable in getting my MyRolePlay storylines reinstalled on my characters after my latest system failure a few months back – really didn’t feel like putting them all back in when I wasn’t exactly sure that I was going to have more trouble.   See you all later.

More Business On The Horizon…

Written in very cursive script denoting the maturity and education of the author

February 20th

Dear Journal,

Well, it seems like it is a never ending thing here in Draenor and I know from my own past experiences that this is how wars go or even conflicts.  I hesitate to call this a war as the true creature that I am used too and have a knowledge of because this place, this time , seems as if it is made up of skirmishes with the various factions.  Albeit we know our enemies all too well since we brought some of them with us and the truce that we declared may be applicable to the factions back in Azeroth, however, here that truce is shaky at best and meant to be broken eventually.  One never knows how other members of my own faction may react to different things and I know that the Alliance must be having the same issues that we have been having too with the confusion that seems to overcome our troops upon occasion.

Alternate universe or not, there are times that I truly feel that we shouldn’t be here regardless of our mission to hunt down our ex-Warchief to make sure that he doesn’t spread his insanity  to these people here in this land, he has already interfered with the events in this land and introduced many of the weapons that we had available to us in Azeroth, however, one can only hope that someone will see through his evilness before it’s too late and not recoverable.    Ah well, I will be here until there is no further need of my services although I feel that it is something that someone else could do in my stead should I fall or return to my own time in Azeroth.

Speaking of Azeroth, I know that I have missed the holidays that meant so much to me when I was home and wish that there was some way for me to recover those times lost.  I did my best to get things mailed out for Winter Veil and I’ve done all that I can for the goblin holiday and sent out mail to everyone that was supposed to get things.  I know that I sent Amyn a beautiful fur robe and I hope that she got it in time for the holiday, not only getting it smuggled into Stormwind was very expensive, getting it shipped from Draenor to Azeroth was phenomenally expensive, I was shocked with the cost.   I hope she likes it, the white pelts were hard to come by although I will have to admit that I did have some of my garrison people helping me with it, it was beautiful.

I just go a letter from Zippie and it appears as though there is interest from some of the investors in Orgrimmar to have us reopen our offices there.  I am seriously giving it consideration considering the fact that our new Warchief has given some of the people their property back that was taken by Garrosh’s people.  Zippie said that she has already started negotiations on my behalf to recover the warehouse and offices that we had there and is very pleased to say that it isn’t going to cost nearly as much as she thought it might initially.   I know that some of the employees that we have with Morningstar Enterprises have been wanting to do away with the trips to Silvermoon and Shattrath and wanted to be able to stay within their areas of expertise nearer the Horde capital.  Sometimes that little goblin surprises me and sometimes it’s a good thing – this time it’s a good thing and I’m happy that she went ahead with the negotiations as well.  Now, I need to catch up with what has been going on and make sure that I have received the mail that she mentions from the city council in Orgrimmar.  She knows full well that I will approve or disapprove the negotiations as I see fit because it is my company after all.

Well, I did finally get the letter that she, Zippie,  was talking about and it was buried in the huge stack of mail that I got, discounting the military dispatches that don’t have to rely on civilian mail services.   Well, the deal does look rather interesting and seems a bit in the way of trying to rebuild some of the businesses that left hurriedly and went back to Silvermoon.   The cost doesn’t seem to be that extreme for the initial purchase, however, I am trying to figure out what Orgrimmar will get out of my business if I decide to start another office there – what kind of percentage are they are anticipating on getting from my hard work?  Hmmm,  I think that I am going to make arrangements to get back to Azeroth to look into this further and to take some time to see my family – might as well spend the money and get everything taken care of all at one clip, right?

I know that the leadership in Orgrimmar is well aware that the Blood Elves in the service of the Horde are really still very much tied to our Regent and will follow his orders above and beyond what we might receive from the current Horde leadership.  With all of the things that have happened in Pandaria and here in Kalimdor it is with good reason that we, Blood Elves, are trying to rebuild that trust that was violated by Garrosh and damn near sold us all down the river for a small fee.    I know that my loyalty to the Horde was shaken to the core when Garrosh was on his rampage for her “perfect” Horde that really didn’t seem to have any room left in it for those that were not Orcs.

Who knows how soon I will be able to make arrangements to take a leave and make arrangements for a portal back to Azeroth?.   I know that I have quite a few officers here in the Garrison that should be able to take over in my stead while I am gone.    While I am at it, I may as well see if Dawnglory wants to go with me because I know that he has been pining away for his woman in Pandaria especially since he found out that his going to be a Father for the second time.  I  can sympathize and empathize with him in his longing to be with Romy and his daughter because I have been through the experience myself.

I just asked Pan if he wanted to go home and I swear that he sometimes thinks he is a canine because his reaction was not very feline  – his excitement was rather hilarious to watch.   Well, I guess I had better start putting together the paperwork and getting things lined up so we can go home for a few days.

Fnor Morningstar



OOC – Getting Back Into Things

February 18th

Sorry for not posting anything for days, however, I really have been playing a whole lot of games lately due to not feeling all that great.  It happens and the best way for me to deal with it is to not do things that make me feel worse.  Had some medication changes that made it difficult to concentrate and gave me a  whole new case of writer’s block because of my lack of the ability to put two sentences together in a short span of time.  No worries, I’m not driving when I know that I feel this way either, so, the highways are at least safe from me.

I really have to admit that I have played some here and there because I miss seeing things in-game.  Spent some time in the PTR and keep praying that they will get rid of the Jay Leno chin on my male Blood Elves because it is rather disturbing.   I do like some of the changes coming in the 6.1 patch and I’m taking a wait and see attitude on how this all pans out in the long run, can’t help but think that the 6.2 patch is going to be the one that will have a killer amount of content in it.

I am looking forward to the Heirloom things coming because that will be one chore that I will be happy to let slide to the side of things.  Gone will be the days of constantly having to update my spreadsheets that tell which alt has what Heirlooms and I don’t have to stop and think if I remembered to update it either.  Now, it will be an easy thing to track down and use when I get ready to play a new character.  I like the idea of the heirlooms being brought up to level 90 from all of the ones that I had upgraded prior, that is a real bonus.    I actually haven’t played a whole lot in the PTR other than to check out a few things to see how it is going to hit my game play because I don’t want to be burned out on the game before it goes “live” anyway.

I will have to admit that I have been blindly playing my Garrisons without much thought to the followers and things going on because I thought it was real confusing.  I finally have taken the time to do some reading as well as doing some experimentation on the PTR with some of this and I am actually starting to get the gist of things, I think.  So what if I haven’t had a single invasion on my main Horde character because the game was so buggy during the launch that the first one never happened, at least I found out how to recoup that and will hope to get one sometime in the life of the expansion.  All of my other characters have had invasions and I see where the game bugged on the original one at least.  The new additions in 6.1 sound like they are going to be fun and allow us more interaction with other players in the Garrison too, that’s going to be nice.

I’ve actually spent a lot of time reading some old books that I have in my library to recapture some of the fantasy that I’ve always enjoyed immensely and that lead me to playing video games in the first place.  Oh yes, definitely rereading some of them has been a real pleasant way to pass the time even if I can only read in spurts and only for short periods of time due to health reasons. Yes, I’m definitely trying to read Dragonriders of Pern by Anne Mc Caffrey again because it has been one of my all time favorite series of books, awesome stuff.  Darn vertigo is a thing that I wish would go away, however, there are times when I can tolerate it more than others – one of the reasons that I quit raiding was the fact that I would get so dizzy that I couldn’t really keep up with what was going on some of the time.

I have tried to keep up with bloggers on WordPress as well as hitting the forums now and then when I can handle it.  I hope that I haven’t missed too many posts because I have followed quite a few and there are times when I can’t actually read all of them.  Sometimes I just lurk and won’t leave comments, so, please don’t be offended if I happen not to say anything because I will usually put a “like” on it too.    I definitely hope to get back to my RP and stories for my characters very soon too.

Well, here’s hoping that I will be able to play a bit more in the very near future and get back into my fantasy  gaming because I do enjoy it quite a bit.  See you in-game!!