June 15th, 2017 – OOC – Patch Day and Beyond…

June 15, 2017

I will have to admit that I was looking forward to sitting here and enjoying the game quite a bit more with the advent of the new patch 7.2.5 – well, patch day was more than a little bit exciting than I wanted it to be. Of course, I’ve been kicking around in this game long enough to know that it isn’t always a good day to play when we have patches. I never go into current content on the day of a patch because I know that there will be bugs galore and I heard that I wasn’t too disappointed with that plan either.

Lost my mounts for a time on my main account (the one that has all the achievements coming from it and all the mount collecting) which really set me off on a tizzy until I figured that the patch had changed the filters on my mounts – fixed that and it was on with the show.

I will have to admit, again, that I am totally an altoholic and love playing my lower levels, not in a big rush to hit end-game at all. I rushed quickly to the Under City and got my heirlooms all maxed out. Even did the weapons to be on the safe side and had been saving my gold up for said purchases since they mentioned the upgrades in a Q&A. I love my heirlooms because it allows me to have the time to level up at a good clip and not worry about my professions nearly as much. Yes, my big guys do make stuff for the little guys, however, I don’t mind going back and farming for mats on the little ones either. I’m weird that way because I enjoy running around on my hunters and doing the hunter thing.

Discovered that there had been a bug with World Quests and went in this morning and found that I finally had them showing on my Alliance alt. Why I have been holding back on running any other characters around on the Shore until I was able to figure things out a bit more. I hadn’t been able to do archeology of any relevance on the same alt too because it would not show up on the map – now it does. Weird bugs that have been plaguing me since I started playing the Legion content. Too bad that there isn’t a real “guide” on what you need to do with this expansion because I’ll willingly admit that I have spent a great deal of time trying to figure things out – that isn’t nearly as much fun as actually getting play the game through.

Still no flying for me yet in Legion because I have been dragging my feet and going at a snail’s pace due to mechanical malfunctions with my computers as well as not feeling well physically. Now, I can move along and do what I want to do and just take my time. So far, my intent is to finish up my gaming career with Legion unless they come up with a super awesome expansion for the next one. Legion started out pretty good and has dwindled off to the RNG gods too much and I just run around and do things hoping that I will be able to better equip my characters – no luck for me on getting any of the goodies that everyone has been raving about. I’m not complaining about the fact that I haven’t played enough to get even one of the Legendary items, however, it does seem like I am wasting a lot of my precious time trying. I don’t like the amount of RNG for everything in the game – glad that it doesn’t control my bathroom privileges because we might have real issues then too.

With the Summer kicking in, finally, I don’t know how much time I will be spending in front of my computer because I enjoy being outside without looking like the little kid from “Christmas Story” where he is all bundled up in his Michelin Man winter clothing. If it’s too hot, I don’t go out there and stay in the A/C as much as possible although my loft where all my computers and drawing materials are located gets a bit toasty because of the skylights. Hehe, love the natural light, don’t like the heat.

OOC – Pets are Great…

June 9th, 2017

Had a great day started with getting myself settled in to start working on some more things in my writing when my big 14 pound kitty decided to do some break dancing on my desk.  That wasn’t so bad because it’s something that I am used too with him – he demands attention frequently.  He hasn’t done anything like this for a number of years, so, I was a little bit astounded at his level of activity on the desk.  He likes to watch the screen when I am typing or when I’m gaming, so, it’s been a happy thing until this morning.

To make a long story short, I ended up wearing my cup of coffee, keyboard was filled up with the stuff as was my desk-top and mouse.  Luckily I was using my keyboard on the tray that is built into the desk, so, the computer was safe.  Oh what a glorious mess it was and I spent quite a bit of time getting things put back together.  Keyboard is working okay even though it took forever to dry it out and the mouse is working.   Luckily, it wasn’t the “new” fancy gaming keyboard, however, it was one that I happened to like anyway.

However, it did put the squish on my mood for writing anything productive today for a while, so, I’ll get back to that later on, possibly.  I did manage to get everything back up and running – had to take a quick trip downstairs from the loft and change my clothes – I was definitely awake after all of that because there is nothing so shocking as to have a full cup of coffee landing in your lap whilst soaking you from chin to crotch along with the aforementioned equipment.

I’m just fortunate that the poor old fellow didn’t hurt himself when he was making his escape because it might have been just as easy for him to leap off the balcony of the loft – I think the hot coffee freaked him out as much as it did me.    Anyway, I’ll try the writing thing later today or in the morning because I did have some ideas floating in my head prior to the misadventures of the feline.


OOC – Back in the saddle again…

May 28th

I know I have been writing a lot of OOC posts of late because my brain has just been wired that way for the moment.  Oh well, I know that it isn’t very interesting to read about someone’s personal stuff, however, I am not overly fond of FB (Face Book) either.   I know that it is really a social network that I do try to avoid quite a bit.

Anyway, to make the long story short, I finally have my gaming computer back up and running and I will have to admit that I am totally amazed at how the World of Warcraft looks with the new video card.  Mind boggling at how long I was just happy to be able to play the game at all.  So, it’s off to the races and back to some gaming in Legion.   I am so far behind everyone else that I know that it really doesn’t matter how I play, so, it’s back to playing for the sake of fun, which is what I pay for.

As I said previously, I did get a new keyboard and mouse for Mother’s Day and only got to play with them for a few hours before we decided to upgrade the computer and three weeks later – a birthday too – the thing is up and going strong.  Now I will be able to finally take some screen shots that take forever to load and look at the map without the game just stopping until I closed – yeah, it was bad.  Processor was great; however, the old video card was kind of bad but doable and I had to make-do until I could afford to do the upgrade.

Now the fun part begins with me trying to play and get used to the new toys.  The keyboard that I got isn’t a big deal other than it is a gaming keyboard that I have never had before.  Big, keys all over the place and lots of buttons that I will eventually figure out the key bindings. Mouse is trippy with all kinds of buttons too that, thankfully, it downloaded the stuff it needed that was compatible with WoW and I’m getting used to that.  LOL, I am going to play off by myself for a while until I get the hang of this new stuff because I have already shot off some stuff by moving the mouse – hehe, was kind of funny but I really didn’t want to kill the little critter either.  I know that I am talking to myself a lot when my character takes off and trots off the side of a mountain because I’m trying to make them stop – I’ll get it figured out.   Just typing in chat is sometimes a challenge because I am still trying to get the feel of the keyboard and key layout – no multitasking for a while. So, if I respond to you with gibberish, sorry, fingers got on the wrong keys.

That old saying of “You can’t teach an old dog some new tricks” that we’ve all heard a thousand times.  Well, I am going to do my best to prove that wrong.

OOC – April 27th – I’m Still Here

April 27th
I really haven’t been doing all that much in Legion in the last week, however, I have renewed my interest in Death Knights.  I have quite a few of that class and had put them on the back burner because I could move along faster with my ranged folks.
I did bring back one of my DKs from 2014 and got her to 100 the easy way because I was stupid – hehe, thought I’d get a token on her and just play away and transfer her to one of the realms where I have other characters.  Well, the token money was so high that I couldn’t transfer her straight away because she could only take 5K of gold with her. After the boost, thinking that would help the problem, I found out that you can’t transfer a character for 72 hours after the boost.    Yeah, sometimes I’m not too bright.   Anyway, that’s where I’ve been, just playing the game and trying to keep up with RL things.
I’ve always been an altoholic and that will never change because I like diversity and love to skip around and go into different areas of the game and explore to my heart’s content while I’m on various characters.  I do play both factions so I can get the gist of the whole story while I’m playing.  Love losing myself in my fantasy world for as long as I can sometimes.
I have been reading some of the stuff on the forums and a lot of people wailing about being forced into doing certain things to get that feeling of accomplishment.  I’m not overly fond of that sort of thing either, however, I do maintain that if I am having fun that it doesn’t really matter what I do.   Of course, I’m still plodding along on my main in Legion and not really giving two hoots if I get flying in the next month or so because I’m not in the mood to do it. If I want to fly, I hop on an alt and zip around Azeroth or Draenor and have a great time while I’m doing it.
Yeah, I know, I have too many characters and I toon hop way too much and that’s another reason that I am so far behind on things.  Does it really matter?  It doesn’t really matter to me because I play the game for the entertainment and if I my brain skips a beat now and then, that’s okay too.  I still play solo most of the time and enjoy that immensely because there are times that I must break away and go do my chores.
I’m still playing alone in my guilds because the people that I thought might come back haven’t made their appearance yet and I am beginning to realize that their interests are somewhere else or another game.  So, I’ll just keep doing my thing.  I do RP a bit more these days which is always an added incentive to keep playing and I do attend events now and again, just to keep that interest going.
I am trying very hard to get back into writing again and it’s quite the struggle right now.  I’ve had some writer’s block and kind of at a loss as to where I want to go with some of my storylines.  I’ll keep going and maybe start publishing some of the stuff that I have written and not published yet.  Can’t say that it will all be good though or maybe I am overly critical of my own work.  One never knows these days.

OOC – Musings and Some WoW News

March 16, 2017


It does seem as though I am fluctuating back and forth with World of Warcraft lately and it may well be a burnout issue.  There are days that I just don’t really feel like playing and there are days that I just want to play and try to figure some of this garbage out. Some of the things in Legion are just confusing to me and sometimes I feel as if I have it figured out and they change things.  Blizzard has put tons of stuff in Legion, however, the RNG has got to be at the highest level that it has ever been. Still no Legendary anything for me yet, so, it may get chalked up with the not flying this expansion.

Still stuck with just the one 110 and that’s because I had started my second Main (Alliance) in Warlords and yanked him out of there to start in Legion and I’m just stuck.  I guess I should just clean his bags out and start fresh again. I hate dumping quests because I did that once back in the day and have never been able to recover from that for Loremaster. 

Nope, still don’t have Loremaster yet after these years of playing the game.  Oh, I’ve gotten close a couple of times and had one more area to go before everything got wiped in Cataclysm – I was totally bummed with that.  No, not the expansion itself, just the fact that I had to start the areas over again for them to count towards the achievement.  Of course, we now have a whole lot of stuff to do in Legion to get that one completely cleared out for Loremaster.  Some people say to stay on one character and some say to spread it around on multiples – well, at least the achievements are shared these days.  I’ll eventually get it all done if I can keep playing long enough.

I have started watching Twitch/TV to see some of the dungeons and see how others are playing the game, it’s been very entertaining at times.  At least I haven’t been depressed all the time with the news on television. I know that I’ve been closely watching all the stuff on the medical insurance because I may have to make the decisions if I want to play WoW, eat or take my meds that I need to survive – a lot of Seniors must make the choices if they are going to be able to afford some of the insurance supplements that help Medicare work for us.  It’s been a rather worrisome issue and the not knowing when the shoe will drop.

Just watched the Q&A about itemization and the only thing that I found interesting is that they are going to jump up the Heirlooms to 110 in the future.  It won’t happen in the coming patch, 7.2, because of the changes being made to artifacts and the Broken Shores invasion again.  Sounded a lot like how they did the Garrisons – hell’s bells, I’m not even near ready for the next patch.   At least they are now realizing that people are wanting to play their alts and not being locked into one character for the duration of the expansion.  I have too many alts and accounts to just let them sit there and was seriously thinking about going through and dumping some of them again.

One thing that I do know about myself is that I tend to jump around on my characters to try to avoid burnout in current content.  At least if they put in the changes for the Heirlooms sometime after 7.2 drops (no date was mentioned) it will make the transition a lot easier.  You can also buy the boost up for the artifacts once you hit the 110 level – sounds a whole lot better than having to go through a lot of the same content repeatedly.

They did announce another Q&A for next week and they will have one of the Devs coming on to talk about the patch content for 7.2 – apparently, there is some confusion as to what is going to be done with the “build” mode for the new area.  Yes, we’re back to building buildings and upgrading that stuff again.  Really sounds like another continuation of Garrisons from WoD.  I hope I can catch that one so I can see if I have something to look forward too – no mention of when flying will be added either.  Kind of makes me worry that we’re going to get hammered by the RNG Gods even harder again.  I know that I am personally just about at the limit of how much more I can bust my bum without feeling like things are progressing at all.  I guess my Twitch watching is trying to get myself inspired a little bit too.  Sure, wish I could excited about some of this stuff.  I’ll come toddling along at some point because I am still so far behind that it is going to take me several months to get to where some of the people I know are already.

See you all in-game soon.




OOC – February 1st – trying to make a comeback…again

February 1st, 2017


I must admit that all my grand plans of getting back on track with my writing took a bit of a detour due to medical reasons and a weeklong hospital stay.  Not a fun thing to go through, however, that part of the medical issues is dealt with and I must go back in a couple of weeks to have some more surgery done.

I have been taking some heavy-duty medication for the last few years and sometimes medicine can cause other issues that are sometimes overlooked because of side effects.  Unfortunately for me, some of my stomach issues were caused by internal bleeding that had been going on for months.  Yep, I kept wondering why I was so tired all the time and felt extremely uncomfortable.  I finally got fed up with it and had a long talk with my doctor which caused him to run some additional tests – seems I was more than a quart low.  Anyway, bedrest, blood transfusions and even more in depth medical procedures and it seems that they have the bleeding stopped.  I do have a hernia that needs to be fixed in a couple of weeks, however, they wanted to go ahead and fix the current issues and give my body a chance to heal from that before they started doing the manual slice and dice on that.  Getting older is sure a pain in the backside, however, the alternative sounds less appealing.

I know that I still seem to be taking a long time to get the energy back and there are still times that I can get uncomfortable but not anything like I went through before.  Oh well, at least I can take all the time that I need to get caught up with the things going on in World of Warcraft.  One of the things that I can honestly say is that when I feel tired or don’t feel up to playing video games, I go take a rest and watch television of just kind of be lazy and do things in moderation.

I must admit that if I get any further behind in Legion it is going to seem like I am playing the game backwards.  Still only have the one 110 and a couple in the pipeline with 101 or 102 now, however, I just can’t do the full-on press to get them leveled up like I used too.  Legion is fun for the most part, however, there are times that I feel that it is more than a little bit redundant and I still get lost on the maps most of the time.  Yeah, I know, sense of direction sucks in the game.  I have a lot of quests to turn in and can’t seem to find the place to turn them in without jumping through hoops and fighting my way back to where I thought they were.  I’ll get there one of these days if my quest log doesn’t fill up all the way again – which it seems to do daily if I play.


OOC – Being Lost Is Not All Bad…

January 5, 2017

I think that we can safely say that 2016 is finally behind us and that 2017 has started.  Who knows what this New Year will bring?  I don’t think that many of us have an idea of what is going to happen in RL or really in some of the games that we play on-line.  So many changes and so many things to feel a tad bit apprehensive about.

I think I spent more time in November and December of this past year feeling unhealthy – constant issues with medications and then battling with the depression of not feeling well adding the icing to the cake.  What a miserable two months it has been, however, I think that I am on the mend now.  Still trying to get used to my “new” computer that I had to buy after my gamer bit the big one – it’s not as good as my old machine but I can still do what I want to do on it in-game.

Naturally, I start feeling like a human and Colorado being the type of place that it is, we have snow and arctic temperatures to deal with.  I don’t mind the cold as much as I do the snow and ice because I usually end up slip-sliding outside only if I must do so.  Forget about driving anywhere, ain’t happening. This is the first real measurable snow that we have had in the Metro area all season, however, it isn’t something that most of us city slickers like to deal with if we don’t’ have too – hence, we live in the city and not in the mountains with the ski resorts.

I’ve started getting back into playing WoW a little bit more and all I can say is that at 110 and trying to get caught up is really hysterical.  I feel like I know less about what is happening in the game than I ever have before.  Areas I need to go, how to dump Ancient Mana since I haven’t quested enough in Suramar to increase my mana pool yet – it’s been crazy.   I did a lot of exploring initially on my Main and picked up quests as I went along which lead to constant Quest Log overload – now, I’m paying the price of going back and getting things picked up and cleaned up.  I know that’s why things are so confusing for me right now.  I know that on my next character that I take to the Broken Isles is going to take it one area at a time.  I haven’t even gotten to the point where I can do the actual dailies yet – yeah, I know, I’m going real slow.  If I got any further behind everyone else, I’d still be in Draenor.

I can see why some people are saying that Legion is not real friendly to the alts that a lot of us have, however, I am still playing mine and if they happen to be in Draenor, that’s okay too because I still have a bunch in Pandaria. Of course, I use my alts to play when I opt out of my Main and the frustration levels in Legion.  I have enjoyed Legion quite a bit when I apply myself to it, however, there are times I need to run completely away from it while I get some of my confusion organized a bit better.

I am still playing on Wyrmrest Accord primarily, however, I did branch out and have quite a few characters on Sisters of Elune.  Naturally, there happens to be a bit more open RP on Sisters of Elune because the population isn’t as large and people seem to have more time to RP with a total stranger.  I just ran up a little Worgen hunter yesterday and I have been having quite a bit of fun with her so far and haven’t had much of a chance to RP just yet.  Oh yes, still primarily Horde on Sisters of Elune for the most part although I must admit that I am enjoying Alliance just as much there too – I just can’t limit myself to one faction.

I hope to be blogging a bit more here in the future because while I have not been writing as much in the last few months, I still enjoy it and the fantasy it helps me build with my characters. Hope to see you all in-game.