Being Forsaken In Pandaria

March 31st

Dear Journal,

I’m going to have to say that this Pandaria place isn’t so bad.  I’m still not real good at following order because it goes against my way of doing things sometimes.  I just can’t help myself when I see a perfectly delicious corpse and I am in need of a snack.  I guess I wasn’t cut out to be one of those military types, I mean, I’m Forsaken, however, before that, I was a human girl – a farm girl to top it all off that used to go hunting with her Daddy.

I know that I am going to see if Zippie can’t get in touch with the Boss and see if she can’t get me liberated from this military stuff.  We should just put together a form letter where you just fill in the names and so on because lately, it does seem like there are more of us getting shipped off to Pandaria whether we like the thought or not.  I am well aware that I gave my allegiance to the Horde and I also know that I gave my allegiance to Lady Sylvanas – what’s one more to add to the list?

Yucko!   No, I’m not one to complain too often, however, what’s a Forsaken girl supposed to do around all of these Blood Elves with their fabulous hair and it’s all I can do to keep what little I have on my head.  Here, Hazey, wear this helm so that when you take it off, half of your hair stays in there.  Nope, ain’t gonna happen or I am going to have to see a wig shop somewhere, roll a few of these furry Pandaren for some fur or something.

I suppose I could waltz into Orgrimmar, claim brain damage and go back to Silvermoon and pledge my allegiance to the Lord Regent, can’t say that I care that much for Garrosh, big green stupid guy and I’m a bit concerned about the one eyed dude in Silvermoon City.   I mean, we could replace Garrosh’s brain with one that is functional and give the Regent Lord a new eyeball, although  I suppose that some people think he’s a sexy beast with that eye patch.   Well, from an all female perspective, he is a sexy beast – too bad he’s a Blood Elf and already knows how handsome he is.

I’ve been able to slip away and hit Undercity a few times to visit with Bri a bit.  She seems to be doing okay and I just wish she’d speed it up with that tailoring and enchanting business she has going on.  I could use some new duds other than the armor I have on my back.   Yeah, I told her I thought it was a bad idea to stop doing the leatherworking thing, however, she just put me on ignore and did what she wanted too.   I asked her to go to Orgrimmar and check on the house there because I haven’t been back since I got shipped out.  I just want to make sure that I don’t have some people living in there on my dime, you know what I mean?  I know how landlords are and sometimes they will double-dip on the gold if they think that they can get away with it.

I found a little farm in Halfhill and I got the place cheap.  No furniture, roof leaks like a sieve and let’s just say that I am making friends with the vermin.  I swear they are pushy little beasts, I think I have some living in the house with me some nights because I hear that little chittering sound that they make  – ewww, maybe they are under the house.  I don’t mind the spiders and rats that much, they make it seem homey, just wish I could find a decent coffin to put in the place, then, it would really be home.

I just had to find a place of my own and get away from that ranger camp business.  I mean, I can only take so much of the living as it is because they always look at me like I crawled out from under a rock  – well, maybe it’s because that’s the only place I could find to sleep when the tents were all full of Blood Elves.  My mind was about to explode with all of the talk about makeup, hair products and what or who they were going to sleep with when they got leave to go back to Silvermoon.  Well, the makeup thing was kind of interesting, however, I already know that I can put on makeup and I’ll still look like I do – walking corpse with hair that might have belonged to someone else, however, as they say about chubby girls – I have a great personality. I’m still laughing at the “chipped nails” thing – I have to worry about losing a finger just from pulling back my bowstrings.

I really like the Jade Forest so far.  Not too busy, not too boring at all.  I just like exploring.  I stumbled into this place called Dawn Blossom and I have found a lot of interesting things.  I will remind myself that the next time I see an egg on the ground to just leave the blasted thing there.

Yep, found an egg and returned it to those people across the way and now, I’m a Momma of a dragon, well, kind of a dragon thing.  It’s green, it squeaks and eats a lot of food, mostly fish and tiger flanks.  Nothing would do that I had to learn how to take care of it.  Well, no one asked me if I wanted to do it, they just kind of nicely insisted.  Of course, now, when I’m not in Halfhill or Dawn Blossom, I’m out learning how to ride one of those beasts.   Okay, I’ll go along with it and see how it all works out, however, if that little thing doesn’t stop pooping all over the place, I’m going to put a cork in it.

Yep, I think I’m doing just fine up here in Pandaria except for the military part.  Got a little piece of dirt that I am going to turn into a farm with a house of sorts.  Now, I have this little beastie to take care of – it’s like having children or something.   I suppose I’ll have to invite Bri to visit sometime, however, I don’t think I’m quite at that stage yet – she might get the idea that she would like to stay.

Yeah, leave it to Zippie to know where I am.  Got a letter with a few more contracts to fill and payment for that last shipment that I shipped to her in Silvermoon.  I guess she doesn’t want me to get bored or something.  I don’t have time to get bored  – I guess I’m lucky that I don’t sleep that much because there aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done.

Hazey Smythe






A Letter To Agatha

March 29th


After giving this some thought, I think that it is long past time for you to return home for a visit.  It is almost as if you are avoiding the thing that we hold dear, your family.  Your father and I have kept our own counsel, however, there are many things that we wish to discuss with you, one is that we are at that stage in life where we must plan for the surviving members of the family that will carry on the bloodline.

We will forever be in your debt for the help that you have given us over the years while you were employed in Dalaran as well as your current employment here in Silvermoon City.  You are so close to your home that we are surprised to that you have not come home to visit us, your siblings are beginning to ask the same questions that we are.

Our youngest daughter would like to get to know her older sister a bit better.  The gifts that you have sent to her have been greatly appreciated and she will always hold them dear.  However, your Father and I wonder if you’re not showing your sister too much attention with the gifts because you never bestowed as many on your other siblings.  I’ll admit that it has caused some jealousy to grow between Adamia and her older sibs.  Poor thing is still very much alone in her thoughts of wanting to become a Ranger some day.  The rest of the family feels that she should join us in running the Inn that we have all worked so hard to make successful. However, she is as headstrong as you were at that age, my darling girl,  and you left to see the world and to create your own life.  I only hope that your life has been a happy one and will continue to be so.

We all know that you are very busy running the houses of your benefactor in Silvermoon, however, we know that he would feel it amiss on your part if you were ignoring your own family.  We are very much aware of how much he leans on you for your assistance and support with his family and friends. Mr. Morningstar is indeed a very lucky man to have had you in his service for all of these years, however, we know that he would understand our need of seeing you more frequently if he were made aware of the circumstances.

Please understand that I am not begging you to come home.  I am asking you to come home and rebuild some of the ties that you have with your brothers and sisters.  They know who you are and they know that you have been our benefactress over the years, however, they have never been around you long enough to know what a wonderful person you are.   You don’t need to buy their love, Agatha, you do need to build up those ties with them before it’s too late to do so.  Your Father and I are both getting older and we want to know that our family will be together long after we’re gone.

No, I don’t mean to put you on a guild trip, however, it’s long past time for you to  come home again.  You are so close, living in Silvermoon and yet it almost feels as if you’re in another world, away from us by some great distance.  I know that you have seen your siblings in town and they have visited with you at the house, however, they will need more from you as time goes on.

I’m not ungrateful for all of the things that you have given us, however, we need to get to know you again too.  Your Father and I both love you dearly, you’re our eldest child and yet, there are times that we feel that you have become a stranger to us.  Your ties with the Morningstar family need not be broken, for that we know that will never happen, however, you need to renew your relationship with us.

I have kept your secret all of these years and I think it is time that you realize that we may have been mistaken in doing so. Your burden has become my burden in so many ways and your Father has gone along with it.  Aggie, it’s time to let the secret out, don’t you think?



Walking Headache

March 28th

Dear Journal,

I sure hope the Boss knows what in the heck he is doing with his sister!! Well, I’ll admit that the house is a lot more peaceful since she has been “removed from the premises” as he puts it, however, it sure has made my life interesting at the office.  Of course, she can’t just waltz in there and demand all kinds of things like she once was, however, we’re all sick of hearing about what a dump her brother moved her into.

Man, we’d like something like that – you know, Zednick and Dooddah – they would be able to have a place to call their own and a house in Silvermoon is quite a feather in the cap as far as I am concerned.  She was raging about not having running water all over the place and a steady supply of hot water – well, she should try living in the slums in Orgrimmar.  We got hot water a lot there, even if it wasn’t all that great considering where it came from.  She even got servants thrown in too, that was something that surprised me a bit, although, I can see that they were put there to keep an eye on her Highness too.

At least we can walk around the house now and not have to worry about stepping on her toes for something that we might have done or not done.  Life is kind of pleasant and the Boss seems more like himself because he doesn’t have to worry about her raging at him all of the time.

She may camp out here at the warehouse to try to catch him and I wish her luck there because he doesn’t come down here that often to start with.  Oh yeah, I can see that she would think that he is avoiding her, wish she’d get the idea that there are a lot of other people avoiding her, not just her brother.

I know that I was about to go downstairs and tell her to calm down some because she was ranting at no one that cared when one of the new guys just told her to shut up.  Oh, you would have thought that he had committed some kind of sin by telling her that.  She went off like a rocket and started screaming at the guy – well, that would have been okay, however, the fellow didn’t know who she was and proceeded to punch her in the mouth.  I think that shocked her and she told the fellow, after she picked her butt up off the ground that she’d make sure he got fired and he told her that he didn’t care, he was a contract worker just like she was.  He gets paid by the contract, just like she does, however, he could freelance if there weren’t any contracts for him.

I did finally go down to explain to the guy after she stormed out of the warehouse and explained who she was and that he didn’t have a thing to worry about in so far as working for Morningstar Enterprises as long as he kept his end of the bargain by filling the contracts that he had been given.  Which, I have to remind Faendra that she has some outstanding and over-due contracts that her brother is not going to pay a penalty on just because she was too busy whining about her living conditions to fill them.  I mean, they aren’t even that hard to fill – just leave Silvermoon and shoot a few animals and skin them.

There are times that I wish that the Boss had never found her at the Faire and brought her back home.  I know that he was hoping that she had changed and is really upset that she has only gotten worse.  One would have thought that she might have learned a few things while she was traipsing around Kalimdor with Light only knows what kind of people.   I’m surprised that someone out there didn’t just kill her off or something.  I do know that nobody cared who she was or who her family was out there and it would have been just another girl gone missing.

I was laughing at Uncle Zednick the other night because he is still wishing that he had done more than sheep her when she made him mad.  The man will never change and I know that he means well with some of the thing that he does, however, I think that he needs to get busy with his engineering friends and come up with some gimmicks for us to sell for our “family fund” because I know that I don’t plan on working my whole life away.

I hope the Princess decides to go camp at the house to try to catch her brother tomorrow because she gave me a headache today that all of the herbs in the city won’t touch.


Home and Family…

March 27th

Dear Journal,

Life is finally settling down and I think that I may have finally gotten my children convinced that there is a wrath from their Mother that they do not want to raise.  Vashlan is acting as humble as I have ever seen him – I think I shamed him enough to where he will be a bit more discrete in his new found pleasures of the flesh.    The two little boys, well, Karing is always the one that is quiet and I think that he is going to be fine, however, I will have to keep a closer eye on Volardan because he, of all my children, seems to have the more devious mind set of any of them.

Oh, poor Kal, I know that he is having a terrible time with the way things are going between he and Kae.  I have tried to explain to him that sometimes it is much easier for women to talk together about problems than it is for them to speak with their companions or mates.   I tried to explain to him when he was in Stormwind last week that there was no reason for him to be upset with Kaelendra because she came to me with her problems concerning him.  She wasn’t being a tattle-tale, she was trying to figure out what it is that she is supposed to do to try to convince him that he can be wrong sometimes with some of his actions.

Oh, that prideful Sindorei blood will rise in Kal now and again – this is one time that I have to agree with Kae, he does need to be more careful with the things that he becomes involved in.  Plus, Kae has never had a family, she didn’t have the bonus of having a close-knit family such as we have.  Her life has always been a communal kind of thing, foster parents as is our custom with future Sentinels as well as being shuttled from family to family to avoid that weak spot of having a family to tug at one’s heart-strings.

Our family is the first family that she has ever been heavily involved in.  Poor thing is trying so hard to please Kaldor and trying to put aside her feelings that she still has for the Sentinels – once a Sentinel, always a Sentinel – this I know from my own experience.   I’ve learned how to hide that part of my personality rather well and put my family first these days.  There are times that I truly long to be back and a part of that organization because it was a huge part of my growing up and has been a mainstay in my life, almost as much as my Sindorei.  Poor child is having to go through a lot of changes in her life and I hope that Kal is reasonable enough that he will see that she is struggling with fitting into the family as well as into her new lifestyle with him.  No, they haven’t declared themselves as mates and they haven’t taken their vows yet, however, I do see that coming in the near future.  Her love for him is almost as great as my love is for my beloved and I do hope that he is intelligent enough to recognize it.

There are times that I have to remind myself that our children will never learn from our experiences before them, they have to experience everything for themselves, or so it seems.  All you can do as a parent is to advise them of things and try to make them aware, however, they have to learn it the hard way for themselves in certain circumstances for them to realize that their parents are not doddering old fools.   I was the same way with my parents.

I do see a lot of my Sindorei in our two sons and I also see how some of his ideals and things have also been absorbed by my two youngest boys.  You can say what you will, blood will tell as well as the environment that the children were raised in.

Oh, I am being so philosophical this morning that it’s making my head hurt.   I was just sitting here at my desk and overhearing some of the conversations from the warehouse below.  We definitely have a diverse group of people working for us here in  Stormwind, however, their loyalty to the Crown and to our company is almost shocking.   Seems they all weigh their actions to cover both bases.

I did send Magdamia off to Pandaria and she should be returning from there in the next few days.  I am anxious to hear her report about whether she thinks it would be feasible for us to put another warehouse in Halfhill or possibly the Jade Forest for our business.  It would definitely cut down on the travel time and distribution of the goods if we had a place up there to use as well as Shattrath and Stormwind.    Of course, I’ll have to discuss this with my Sindorei because it will be part of his business plans as well as my own.  I suppose we ought to look into hiring more people and gather more contracts up there as well as in Outland.

Speaking of my beloved, I wonder how his time is being spent in Silvermoon?  I know that we both have been extremely busy trying to get things in order with the business, however, I know that he had the added burden of dealing with his spoiled baby sister.   Poor man was very distraught with her actions when we last discussed them in Nagrand.  If there was something that I could do to make him feel better about things I would, however, it is going to be something that I can only advise him on because, it is his sister and my sister-in-law.  I do hope that he listened to my advice.

I will be happy when we have things settled enough in Shattrath to where we can spend more time together.  I don’t care what other women may say, I miss my mate and I miss his physical presence in my life more than I can decently mention.  Oh, to feel his arms around me and those caresses that only he can give me or part of the reasons that I love him so much.  We’ve been together for many years and we have been through so many trials and tribulations, however, the passion has never dimmed or died in our private lives.

Amynlarae Shadowmoon


This Is So Not Fair!!

March 26th

Dear Journal,

Of all of the nerve of some people.  I get back from working my behind off and find out that I’ve been “moved out” – no notice, just one of those things when you go into your room and notice that everything you had is gone.  Some more of my brother’s brilliant ideas, I suppose.  I guess I’m supposed to just take this sitting down and he’s not even home for me to scream at.

Agatha just informed me that the living arrangements had been changed and that I had a new house to go too.  Well, isn’t that just peachy!   It isn’t bad enough that I had to share this house that has been my home for quite some time since we left Dalaran and now, I find out that the goblins and whomever else might be staying here are more welcomed than I am.

At least the new place is habitable even if it is very small and very old.  I bet this place is older than my dear Brother.  The furniture is terrible and I suppose that I won’t be doing any kind of entertaining here for a while unless Mr. Morningstar is going to refurnish the place, I would be too embarrassed for my friends to see this house like it is.  I suppose I should be thankful that he at least let me have a couple of maids and a junior housekeeper.

I wonder who is going to pay for all of this, I don’t have that kind of money.   Agatha told me that all of the arrangements had been made and that my brother felt that I would be happier living almost on my own, since, I was a young lady of some means and needed a home of my home.  Well, that was almost like a slap in the face, wasn’t it?

I suppose the next thing that he will do is set up some kind of marriage thing for me and I won’t have it.  I have one man that I will marry willingly and he’s too far away for me to get to see him.  Yes, Dawnglory is the only man that I will marry.  If my brother thinks that he can stick me with some old stick of a man and I’ll stay in the confines of that marriage, he has another thought coming, I won’t do it.  If it’s not what I want, then, I’ll just do what I want with it.

My new bedroom is about the size of my old closet, speaking of which, all of my gowns and things had to be stored down the hall because there isn’t enough room for them in here.  It’s awful.  The color of the room makes me look green.  Oh, and the bathing area, that’s something that I can’t understand, we don’t even have hot water out of the tap, at least I have running water, which I suppose I should be happy about.

At least it’s in Silvermoon, I guess I should be thankful for that, however, I am going to be talking to my brother again real soon about these changes, if I can catch him now.  I suppose I’ll have to go camp out at the warehouse here in town to catch him and listen to that little tramp, Zippie, talk about how great business is.

Oh, the real corker is that I have keys to this house, there are no wards on anything, so, I’ll have to rely on locks, I can’t say that I have ever had that happen before.  Locks and keys for everything.   I don’t know that I can live here, it’s almost like camping out in the wilds except that I have lumpy mattress to sleep on.

I checked out the kitchen and I am just not happy at all.  The larder is filled with everything that I need to live on, however, the dishes are older than anything I’ve ever seen.  Oh my, there is a hand pump in the kitchen to fill the sink and still no hot water.  The stove, well, it’s worse than the one than anything I have ever seen, well, maybe it might have come from some hovel somewhere but it’s not anything like I’m used to having.  It looks like I have to burn wood or coal in the thing to make it work, I don’t know how to cook on something like that!

I suppose I should be happy, however, I’m not.  There isn’t even a letter here from Fnor telling me that he has given me any extra money to live on.   No accounts to shop with and now, I have a house to support too.

I’m going back to the main house tomorrow and I am going to stay there until my brother sees me, he has a lot of things to answer for.  I won’t be shuttled off like some misbegotten person that he felt like he needed to give some charity too.  Well, even the apartment above the stables where the Forsaken are staying is better than this place.

Well, I’m not going to deal with this sitting down, no I’m not!  I wanted to move out and get away from him, however, I didn’t expect to live in a dump.  No, he will make this right or I’ll figure out a way to really make him suffer.  I bet the authorities would love to know about his little family of half-breeds and his Sentinel wife.  No, if I do that, there might be some fallout there that might make things worse for me.   I’ll think of something.  This whole thing is not fair and it’s not right!!

Faendra Morningstar

Is It All For Naught…

Written in very cursive script denoting the maturity and education of the author

March 25th

Dear Journal,

This morning seems somewhat better than the mornings have been since I returned to Silvermoon.  At least I don’t feel the urge to go out and kill someone and just rage at the world.  How one little girl can get me so aggravated is beyond me, I just know that I keep trying to make excuses for her behavior, however, I am beginning to realize that I am beating a dead horse with that activity, even if it is only in my mind.

This person living in my house in Silvermoon is not my sister, she can’t be.  This is not the girl that I raised and loved all of these years.  Maybe that incident with the warlock- witch – whatever in the hell it was has had some residual effect on her that none of us were aware of or it might be that she has always been this way and I have been blinded by feelings of “family” at all costs.  I honestly am at my wit’s end and I can’t seem to get my head wrapped around the fact that there are just some people that are mean to the core.

I arrived home from Shattrath and it was like we never left off with our last argument.  She’s been abiding by the rules that I set up for her and she is doing her job, however, the dripping sarcasm that comes out of her mouth makes me want to just put my fist in her face.  I am not a violent man when it comes to women, it makes me physically ill to strike a woman unless she’s trying to kill me, then, that’s a whole different kind of thing, that’s war.

What is going on with Faendra and I right now is definitely some kind of psychological warfare that I am not readily prepared nor accustomed to dealing with in the family.  I sat as an Ambassador for many years with the Horde and the political in-fighting there was phenomenal in its own right, however, what I am dealing with right now is beyond my comprehension.

Of course, her big complaint is her lack of money and how she is unable to show her face in public because her dresses are so last season.  Well, it’s not my fault that she took off with all of the money in the vault in Orgrimmar when she ran off and I had to replace that and it’s not my fault that she lost all of her jewelry on her trip out in the world.  I am just refusing to pick up where it all left off as if nothing happened.  However, I have got to do some thinking about what I am going to do with her – I can’t continue to have her here at the house and tormenting me, in particular.

I’ve already talked with Agatha about the possibility of opening up one of the other houses and putting Faendra there, just to get her away from me and she has said that it wouldn’t be difficult at all.  Even when the houses sit vacant for periods of time, they are still maintained by a certain number of staff.  So, that might be the solution.  My beautiful Sentinel even suggested something of this sort before I left Shattrath and I do believe that she hit the nail on the head.

She is of the opinion that Faendra is trying to make me angry enough to where I will just give into her whims and demands and that is on the verge, however, I am not going to let this one person ruin everything that I have strived for all of my life either.

Yes, I’ll admit that I worked for myself initially and then, I was working for the two girls, Felaran and Faendra to make sure that they had the best of everything that I could give them.  All of those years of searching for Fel really were nerve wracking, however, she is the one of the two girls that has been her well worth the effort.  She lives her life, even as a Death Knight, as it should be lived – at least the pride in family is there and she doesn’t feel like I owe her everything in the world to make up for what happened to her.  There are times that I wonder if all of this hard work has been for naught.  Here I thought that I was doing the best that I could for my sisters after our parents died, one is happy with her lot in life and the other only gives a long list of complaints.

No, I think moving Faendra out of here will be the best thing.  The house that I have in mind is slightly older and smaller than this one.  I haven’t spent a lot of time refurbishing it, nor do I intend too at this point.  It’s a piece of real estate that I had planned on selling in the future to recoup some of the financial losses, however, I haven’t had any of those for a while either.

Business has been extremely profitable and I can almost imagine Zippie rubbing her hands together every time she gets the money from one of our contracts.  We’re making money on just about everything that we touch in Pandaria – everything from bounty to artifact collecting.

Well, it appears as though I don’t have to keep waffling back and forth between whether I should continue to tolerate Faendra’s presence here or not.  Agatha just came in and told me that she had already given orders to air out the other house and to move Fae’s things over there.  I can well imagine that it is going to be one little upset young lady when she finds out she’s been moved.  I can already tell the difference in my stress level, I do think it’s dropped down a notch or two.  There are times that I often wonder if Agatha can read my mind, we’ve been together almost as long as my Sentinel and I have.  She has seen a lot of things in my life, yet, she has stayed working for me all of these years, it almost makes you wonder why.

I think that we will be completely open for business in Shattrath by the end of next month and I can start concentrating on getting the other office started in Pandaria because a lot of my employees have voiced their opinion that we need to branch out more.  It’s feasible that we could cover all of the bases that way and cut down on the travel time, possibly.  I’ll have to give it some thought.


Fnor Morningstar


Both Busy and Fun Times…

March 24th

This is definitely an OOC post for those of you that haven’t figured out my writing style of late.   I haven’t written anything in the last few days due to the fact that I have actually been playing too much WoW – it happens when you boost characters that have opened up whole new mechanics for you.

I’m definitely still loving my Shaman and my Druid, however, the hunter is old hat and I had to boost her, just because she’s a Forsaken and I actually started one of my accounts just so I could play her in the beginning.   My Death Knight, well, we’re going back to the drawing board on that one and I’ll be checking out Icy Veins for some possible new rotations to try.  I’ve leveled up one DK the old fashioned way (one still waiting in the wings at 85) and now my boosted character.  I’m playing Unholy because that’s the only one that I had any kind of reasonable understanding of and haven’t done the dual spec yet.

One of the things that I have been doing that I dearly love is getting a chance to RP a bit more on both the Horde and the Alliance side of things.  It’s not been real eventful, however, with all of these new characters running around, people seem to be a bit more friendly than they have been in the past.  We’re all trying to make contacts, it seems like.  That’s a real bonus that I have seen, personally, with the boosted characters.

I actually play on two different computers, once it was strictly to do the quad-box thing when I was running a bunch of characters through RAF or whatever, however, I have stopped doing that since my pairs are so out of sync now that it would be like pulling teeth to get it back in alignment.

One thing I have been doing is trying to get my MRP stuff up to date on both machines to make sure that they match ;etc.  I had one of my machines that had the majority of the MRP stuff on it go belly up not too long ago, however, it’s working fine, I just had to redo the MRP stuff.   My Role Play is definitely a critical item to have when you’re playing “serious” RP on an RP realm.  I do tend to keep mine pretty brief because I don’t want to waste anyone’s time by trying to put in a novella for them to read before they say “Hello”.  This time I got smart and actually put all of the info in a word document so I can just cut and paste as needed for each character – previously, I had been doing one by one and that was a royal pain in the backside.   I also keep the word document on a flash drive so that it’s easier to transfer the information back and forth as needed.

I’m finding that if you don’t even RP and you have MRP on your system, you tend to want to fill it out just in case someone runs into you or not that “might”, just might, want to RP.  It doesn’t hurt to be prepared.  However, I do think that the boars up by IF get really tired of my little gnome warlocks need to greet them before she gives them the one shot.

So, there you have it, I have been getting myself organized and I truly am trying to get on one character and stay there for a while even if I have a bunch that I should be working on as well.  I tried the jumping back and forth thing and kept everyone right around the same level, however, that was starting to make the questing rather redundant.   I’ve lowered my initial goal of going the old fashioned way with a goblin engineer, a worgen hunter, a gnome warlock, a blood elf warlock ;etc.  to reach cap before the release of WoD.  I’m running, roughly, fifty characters at this point and I need to narrow that down and stay with some long enough to see daylight.

My biggest problem with blogging, and always has been a problem, is that if I write about a character, they should exist out there somewhere.  I feel compelled to see how they will react in different situations and get immersed in that character for a while.   I even have some characters that I don’t really like because they have real bratty personalities, however, that’s how they turned out.

Plus, with the addition of my boosted characters, I am finding that I want to “everything” all at once as well as drag my long-time nineties along for the ride as well.  I also find that I need to take a break from the game and just relax a bit too, which cuts into my “time” in-game.

I’m still having some health issues now and again if I force myself to stay in front of a computer for too long, so, that’s been taking a bite out of my time.   Let’s not even talk about the fact that you have to make time for RL friends too – it’s getting to be that time of year where things will be happening “outside” under that big bright light in the sky.


Just Setting Up My Goals…

This was also posted on the WoW forums for Wrymrest – Fools Company Writing Contest – just as an example of some of the things that could be written.   Also it is intended as a joke for the GM of the guild because he didn’t believe I’d be crazy enough to roll a gnome rogue.


March 21st

Dear Journal,

Well, my Mom told me that instead of asking her questions all of the time, I should start making a list of the things that I wanted to know about.  You know, those things that prey on  your mind when you’re just sitting around minding your own business.

My name is Civardi Daytripper and I’m a gnome, kind of, well, sort of.  My Mom had a moment of too much beer and fell for the persuasive tongue of a Night Elf.  Yeah, one of those slick talkers that just wanted one thing and they got it.  I can well imagine that she was surprised when she found out that she was expecting a baby – that baby was me.  At least she got a name off of the fellow so I wasn’t just some little whatsis.

Every time she gets upset with me, she tells me I’m just like my Daddy.  Well, who is my Daddy?  Where is my Daddy and why hasn’t he been back to see me?  I guess Mom didn’t really know where to find him to let him know he was going to be a Father or whatever because she was embarrassed.  I mean, I would be embarrassed if I was a girl gnome and slept with a Night Elf.  How is that even possible – I don’t want my mind to even go there because it scares me to think about it.

If I didn’t look so much like my Daddy, I guess she would forget how I came to be.  I have green hair, I grew a goatee because I thought it was cool and, yes, I’m a rogue.  Just like my Daddy – sneaky fellow that he was.  I think I’m almost as good of a rogue as he is too – I’ve heard stories about this outlaw rogue that was running around Stormwind and I wonder if that isn’t my Dad.

One of these days, I’m going to go to Stormwind and see if I can’t find him.  He’s pretty sneaky and I guess he stays out of sight most of the time, however, being as how I’m a rogue and all – we might have the same connections, you know, get to know the same kind of people and such.  I’m saving my money now and stealing anything I can get my hands on to sell so I can make that trip.

I know that I am still a young fellow and I will have to be careful when I get out into the big world more because, as my Mom puts it, there are people out there that might try to take advantage of me too.  Well, no more than how she fell for that guy.

So far, I’ve been able to get outside of the city and kill boars, trolls, wolves and a few other things that I am not sure what they were – big tall hairy things that were easy to sneak up on.  A little stealth, a little ambush and they fell like stones.   I was talking to one of my fellows here in IF and they were talking about adding some poisons to my blades and that really seemed to kill things a lot faster for me.

Oh yeah, I’m working hard to make that money.  I know that it is going to be exciting to travel to the big city of Stormwind and see the sites and get to make some new friends too.  I think I have already talked one of my buddies into going with me too.  I also ran into a dwarf by the name of Andrew Bitterbeer and he has promised to get me in touch with some people he knows in Stormwind that will be able to give me some good employment, other than my own private fund raising efforts. All I can say is, I haven’t gotten caught yet, a few close calls, just not apprehended by anyone that could hold me for long.


Civardi Daytripper


Getting Back In Control…





Amynlarae Shadowmoon_crop

March 20th


Dear Journal,


Well, I think that I have finally put the fear in Vashlan, if that is even possible.  At least he understands that what he has been doing as well as being totally immoral.  He couldn’t even tell me the number of women that he had slept with in the last month, much less the last week.  I told him that not only was he ruining his reputation, he was ruining his family’s reputation as well.  That seemed to hit a vein in his mind and I think he was ashamed, he blushed just like his Father does when he’s done something that he’s ashamed of.  Anyway, I don’t think that Maggie will have to worry about him making anymore overtures to her in Stormwind.


I went home and saw my two youngest sons and read them the riot act as well.   Karing was just being himself for the most part, however, his older brother is the one that I am going to have to keep my eye on.  As slick as he thinks he is, he’s been caught stealing things and people will talk about that.  Volardan is the one that seems to be the instigator in getting the two boys in trouble. His little mind seems bound, bent and determined to cause as much mischief as possible. I would take him back to Stormwind with me, however, I think that he might get into the wrong kind of crowds there, at least here, my parents can somewhat control him.


I honestly think that trying to keep one’s children walking the straight and narrow is more difficult than being a Sentinel.  At least you kind of knew what you were dealing with in those situations. I’ll admit that my parents must truly have all the patience in the world while they are raising my two youngest – yes, I admit that I need to change that and start taking them with me instead of relying so heavily on my parents.  They should be enjoying life at their ages and not being constantly tied down with my two youngest.  I’ll have to see how things work out in Shattrath, they might be okay down there since they already have a group of friends that they spent their early childhood with already there.  I’ll talk to my Sindorei and see what the thinks about that solution, it’s always best to discuss things with your mate before you do some of them.


I know that my time in Dolonaar wasn’t nearly as long as I liked, however, I needed to get back to Stormwind and run the business for a few days while Maggie took some time off.  She wanted to go visit her family and to see what was going on with them.  I know that she seemed excited when I told her that I needed her to go to Pandaria to see if she saw any potential up there of opening another office for us in Halfhill.  She’s never been there, however, I do trust her judgment. Oh, I’m sitting here kind of smiling to myself because I think she has found a fellow here in Stormwind that she hired on the spot, another Draeni.


I do hope that things are going well for my Sindorei in Silvermoon.  I know how much he was dreading going back there to deal with his sister and his business.  I did put forth the suggestion that he put Faendra in another one of the houses that he owns to get her away from the rest of the people that he has staying at the main house.   I hope he listens to me and will do what I suggested.  Naturally, I did suggest that there be set limitations on what she could do or couldn’t do while she has the run of a residence and that Agatha could keep an eye on it for him.  Just a thought, mind you, however, I think it was a good idea.  Also, I suggested that we both go back to Pandaria so that we can put all of the business and family troubles behind us – there is a certain peace of being able to sit in Halfhill and just watching the crops grow.


Amynlarae Shadowmoon






Just Being A Tourist …

March 19th

Dear Journal,

Well, after hearing Maha and Naton talk about the farm in Pandaria and hearing all of their tales of adventure, I decided to take them up on their invitation to come to visit them in Halfhill.  I think that I have been walking around with my mouth hanging open for the last week.  The vastness of the land is almost overwhelming, so many places to so, so much to do – not only on the farm, just getting away from the Valley of Four Winds and exploring.

Oh, I should say something here.  My name is Nahai Cloudhoof and I live in Thunderbluff, although that might change in the near future, if I can tear myself away from my Mother and my little brother, Tahfal.

Oh, the farm is beautiful and I will have to say that Naton and Maha have really worked hard and the place is more than I expected.   I think that if we ever get Mother up here, she will never want to leave again.  The crops are enormous and always very plentiful even if you do have to fight the virmen for them sometimes. Oh, I’ve tried my hand at herbing up here and I am just astounded at how plentiful they are even with the influx of some of the new people coming into the area.  Mother would be out of her mind with joy because the herbs are plentiful and are large enough to where she will be able to see them as she flies over it in her flight form instead of always taking the physical route.

I had met quite a few Pandaren long before I came to Pandaria, however, seeing them in their native land is amazing.  I don’t think that I have ever seen a happier group of folks, maybe it’s from all of the beer they drink, however, I don’t think that I have seen people work as hard as they do to keep a positive note on things.  I have spent many hours just walking in the marketplace in Halfhill, talking to people and listening – yes, I am a people watcher amongst other things.

I know that the Earth Mother had to have some kind of design in this land too.  It’s beautiful and everything is as it should be.  I can imagine that there are struggles here that I have yet to see, however, the tranquility of where I have been has me totally mesmerized.  Of course, I haven’t strayed too far without either Naton or Maha along with me – there are dangers in this land, it’s not rainbows and sunshine.

My big sister and my big brother like to scold me for taking flight and leaving them in the dust, however, I’m a Druid and that’s how I roll.  I love to see the land from above and feel the fresh air flowing through my feathers and the wind drafts that I have found to flow with, are just amazing.  Hardly an effort to fly  here in this land.

I know that I must sound like a fool with the way that I am carrying on at the moment, however, I have never felt the freedom that I have felt since I have been here either.  Of course,  I will be going back to the Bluff to check on my Mom and my Brother, however, I will be coming back here to Pandaria.  I feel like I have a place here and Maha and Naton need help with the farm too.  One day, when I can save up the money, I will buy a place of my own.  I know that Tahfal and Mom would definitely love it up here if I could convince them to leave Mulgore and see a bit more of the world.

Nahai Cloudhoof