OOC – Just Having Fun …and Some Other Things

October 30th

Well, this has been another wild and crazy week in World of Warcraft with the incoming nerfs and buffs being added offset the nerfs .  This has always been the hardest part of getting ready for each expansion.  At least we do get the opportunity to get “used” to the changes a little bit before the actual game goes live.  To be honest, I can’t recall if the transition from Vanilla to BC even had an adjustment period.  I do know that these time periods are pretty stressful for some people and with these new changes – there will always be adjustments to be made either manually or Blizzard will do it for you programmatically.

I think that I have the majority of my characters have gone through the Blasted Lands and the ones that I was concerned about, my under geared 90s, haven’t done all that bad considering they are wearing some pretty shoddy gear.   Yes, I know, I’m a bad parent and not all of my children are dressed in their best just yet but you know that “time” is definitely money and sanity sometimes.

I think that during this last week that Blizzard has definitely nerfed some of the content in Blasted Lands for the freshly boosted 90s so that some people aren’t hanging out on the General Forums and wailing to the skies about how difficult it is.  I haven’t boosted anything recently so most of mine are set up and I don’t have to endure the “no flying” and the two spells to survive thing that I have heard about , however, there is that wonderful workaround that you can use of hoping back to you trainer in your main city and resetting your spec.  From what I could see last night when I ran one of my fresh 90s through there, there is a definite quest line that opens up the abilities for the folks that have boosted characters and they gain their abilities that way.

I have also spent some time in getting some of my baby alts up to 20 by utilizing the Holiday buckets and quests.  I hate all of that running around especially if they happen to be a Night Elf male.   Also got both of my alchemists leveled up to max in archeology to get that damned mount recipe – good thing I like archeology to begin with.   Yeah, I know that I am a late bloomer in getting to things in the game, however, I am also a major altoholic and have been extremely busy.

The pre-expansion event is kind of a let-down in some ways because there is really no explanation as to why all of this happening in-game that I can find, just another one of those “here take this quest and do it” kind auto drops when you log in on the character for the first time in the Shrines.   I think I was already kind of burned out on it from going through the multiple rebuilds that we had in Beta.

I haven’t really spent a lot of time in trying to do the last minute, must gear up, panic that I see people going through because I am taking a more casual approach and not turning the game into a stress-factor game.  I know that some of my characters will probably suffer with the lack of gear for a while but that’s okay, I can go back into MoP and still have fun questing and getting gear there before I push them into WoD.  I am going to take my time getting through this new expansion just as I have on MoP – gone are the days of running like a mad person to appease the others that want the best of the best – that sucked the fun out for me years ago.

I think I have spent quite a bit of time taking my characters to the barber shop and getting things tweaked to where I can at least tolerate them better.  Wish there was a custom thing at the barber shop to make my main Alliance Night Elf not run like a dufus, however, I keep hoping with every single hotfix that Blizzard has fixed that – I can barely play the poor fellow because it has totally shattered my immersion.    I keep going back and trying to play him (Kaldor) with the new models and it’s just not feeling right.  I think we will see more Night Elves being paraplegics and staying on their mounts most of the time now than ever before – really destroys the RP factor there for me.

My poor Forsaken characters look entirely too healthy and those eyebrows on my girls look like a very bad make-up job done by someone that escaped from the 30’s   Eyebrows should be penciled in to hit the mid mark on your forehead – just add the clown makeup and you’re all set there Bozo.

I’m still in the process of restoring all of my MRP information for my characters after the last little issue with the files being corrupted from the last patch.  Finally found the repair button after I did the uninstall and the reinstall of the whole bloody game which took hours.   The way that I feel about my MRP right now is that it may not get filled out completely until after WoD drops because I have a feeling that we are going to be having more “bumps” along the way with our add-ons.  Besides, I only have a few characters that RP these days and I may get to the point that I won’t even bother with the rest of them other than some rather shallow fill-ins.  Not much RP in the game for me during last year anyway, so, it’s like being on a regular PvE server.

I came to Wrymrest Accord when it first opened up for the RP and to rejoin the family members that had moved over there from  IceCrown.  I had a couple of really good years of RP and then it went down the toilet.   One thing about being on an RP realm, you don’t really have to RP, just trot on your way and do your thing, which is what I have been doing for the last two years.  Yes, I did leave two large guilds and started my own personal vanity guilds because I just couldn’t deal with guild drama and Mary Sues. There are still people out there that don’t understand the IC (in-character) and OOC (out-of-character) roles that are played out on these RP realms and I’m too damned old to try to explain it to them.

Soooo much drama that you can cut it with a knife sometimes.  I know the last real RP that I was involved with, one person kept getting kidnapped and everyone was supposed to go rescue the damsel in distress – first time it was fun, the sixth and seventh time it was getting old and I finally told the people involved that if this character was that stupid, it’s a shame we all lived through in-character pregnancy  and now know that she’s bred and those stupid genes have been passed on.   Guess they didn’t understand how boring it can be to go rescue poor Mary Sue every other week.

Ah well, such are the joys of being involved with very stale RP.  Let’s just say that I parted company with the guild and moved my characters to their home guild and they will never wander away again.  Walk-ups are always welcome and a short chitchat is good sometimes just to break the monotony, however, there is a limit as to where I want to go with it.  No, I don’t care that you’re going to stab me and try to kill me and you “do” mortally wound me in “combat” RP that wasn’t agreed too – I’m so out of there.

Let’s see, I have 70+ characters on Wrymrest Accord currently and I will have to admit that I do miss the social interaction sometimes, however, I’m busy leveling, gearing and just doing things that I enjoy other than standing around comparing lives.  Would I ever leave Wrymrest, probably not, it’s damned expensive to move guilds and characters and I can always roll another character on a realm and start over if I want too.    I have just been too busy in-game to get involved too heavily with someone else’s idea of a great storyline at this point.  Hell’s Bells, I might even turn off the addon for a while and just keep doing what I have been doing.

Sorry, didn’t mean for this to turn into a rant about lack of RP because there really isn’t anything to rant about.  I do RP once a week like clockwork with some lovely people off-realm and that’s the extent of it.  No more hours upon hours of getting heavily involved with stories.  As long as my characters can write their journals and I can publish them, I’ll keep going.   I think my RP died when Cross Realm came along and guilds started closing other people out – sad to say but that’s where it’s at and I’m definitely not one that will join in on some of the poorly written sexually deviant things that I have seen going on in some places.   For me to start actually doing RP again, it would have to be something that grabs my attention and has some quality to it.  I would love to run into something that is more related to Lore instead of the personal little things that I have witnessed in the last year.

I honestly do love the game, love the people involved in the MMO and I will continue to play “my way” until Blizzard shuts the doors.  I might take a break here and there in the future because , to be honest, my health isn’t as good as it should be and I can’t play some days and the game is ten years old.    So, now it’s back to Pet Battling – Zippie is getting real good at that one and other fun things that are in the game that I haven’t taken the time to enjoy.

Well Worth The Time…

October 29th

Dear Journal,

Well, I finally broke away from the office and went out to have some fun with the holiday.  Sure, I missed out on going with Uncle Zed and Dooddah because they were tired of waiting on me to go with them and went without me.  That’s okay because I know that I have been buried alive with the paperwork and getting all of the contracts out to the employees that could do the job.  The Boss has been busy doing whatever it is that he really does and I’ve been holding down the Fort.  No, I think that I just need to start doing other things other than working.  I know, I know, time is money, however, if you have all the gold in the world and you die, you can’t take it with you.  Might as well start enjoying life.

I did take off and go to Orgrimmar to see what I could see and start doing my Trick or Treating, fun things that you can get sometimes and the people that you can meet is all part of it.  I am a very social goblin and spending all of this time locked up with work really does tend to make me more than a little bit cranky.    I’ve actually started locating some more of our family members too, which is going to make it even nicer for the holidays when we can all get together and revel one another with our tales of how we escaped the trials, tribulations and disasters back home.    Yeah, I know, we can’t ever go back home, however, that doesn’t mean that sometimes we want to talk about things the way that they were before the volcano went off.

While I was out doing this bucket chasing, I thought I might try my hand again at this archeology thing too.  That’s a pretty lucrative sideline for gold and I haven’t been taking advantage of it like I should have.  Oh, I know I will never be as wealthy as Gallywix or anything like that.  A girl would like some new clothes and maybe a nice house to live in, you know? I know that Dooddah is always prattling on about the new gear she bought with the money she has made off some of the artifacts she’s been able to sell.   I know the little scamp sells stuff outside of the company and that’s okay, it’s her way of making money and I can’t blame her for wanting to work around the edges of the company while she is doing it.

I know that most of my friends live in Kalimdor and I have been stuck in Silvermoon City with all of those elves which can get to be real annoying sometimes.  I have yet to get out and really explore anything in the Eastern Kingdoms because I’ve been in the office.  Well, I think that I am going to start getting out more and getting away from the city as often as I can.

Oh, let’s not even talk about Shattrath.  I swear if the Draeni looks down her nose at me one more time, I’m going to punch her in the nose.  I thought Blood Elves were arrogant, however, they can’t hold a candle this Space Goat.   Yeah, sure, I even talked to the Boss about it and he told me that I was going to have to come out with some kind of working agreement with this Magdamia person.  Come on, man, she’s from the Alliance and I’m Horde, just because you like sleeping with the enemy doesn’t mean that we all kind of bend the rules that way too.   I know that this Maggie can really set me off pretty quickly because I think that she has figured out which of my buttons to push to make me mad – she speaks some Orcish although I can barely understand her.  I know I’d have to jump on a chair to punch her in the nose, however, there are times that it would be well worth the indignity of having to do that.  It’s not like I can’t hit her with a spell or something – I just think the satisfaction of smacking her one time physically would definitely be worth the extra effort.  Oh, she thinks that her people are more technologically advanced than us goblins – well, I don’t see anything that says we crashed a space ship that we built into someone else’s planet either.  So, we may blow things up accidently now and then, however, we seem to be better at things that her folks are, right?  Well, enough of that, I’m gonna change the subject because it’s making my good time into a bad one.

I will have to say that I enjoyed flying all over Kalimdor trying to get to some of the buckets because let’s be honest – those Alliance people do not like to share anything.  Sheesh!  You’d think that one piece of candy would break the bank or something.   Besides, I think our Wicker Man looks better than theirs anyway.  We got smart this year and it’s in the courtyard at UC so the Alliance really have a tough time trying to douse our guy.

I had to laugh because I kept thinking about Zednick and his affinity for going around whizzing on the fires even when there seemed to be impossible odds to keep him from doing it – he says they were hard-pressed to keep up with him and his aim was always true.  It’s gotta be a guy thing or a Zed thing, that was fun anyway – the Harvest Festival.

Well, I had better get busy because I am planning on meeting up with some of my friends in Orgrimmar and we’re going to go out and hit some more buckets.  The candy is good and sometimes we just enjoy the company and the traveling – a few good Inns too.




Just Get On With It…

*Some mature language.  If that offends you, please do not read.*



October 24th

Yo Book!!

I will have to admit that the time is going by so quickly that it really does make me wonder how much has rushed past that we haven’t had a chance to really enjoy.  I know that before Mirren came along, I never really noticed the time going by all that much, however, with her growing in leaps and bounds, it definitely does make one realize the passage of time.

While I am sitting here and watching Mirren for a few minutes while Romy takes care of things that she wanted to too, I’m watching  our little girl just ramble around in the farmhouse and just investigating anything that takes her interest.  It really does remind me of when Felessa was a little girl, however, the Matrons at the orphanage tended to shoo me away as much as possible so that I could go do some other things – I suppose that was their intent, anyway.  What I think they were doing is to keep me away just in case some potential person came along to adopt a little blonde haired Sindorei girl – without her brother.

I know that I am still laughing about Romy washing the cat after his escapade in finding a skunk somewhere here in the Valley of Four Winds.  I know there are skunks here and I have seen them in Jade Forest, however, I can’t say that I have seen one up close and personal here in the Valley.  Her cat tends to take a long time hunting anyway, maybe it’s the male part of his persona.  Dawn is much older and I’ve had her for a long time, however, she is very efficient with her hunting and when she goes off on her own, she doesn’t stay gone for very long.  Poor Romy has her hands full with our daughter and trying to train her new cat is added work, however, one would hope that she will be able to take the time to work with the cat a little bit  – I can take care of Mirren a bit more when I’m not up to my eyeballs with the farm and Morningstar Enterprises.

No one ever said that parenting was an easy thing, however, I think it’s time for Romy and I to get married, take a couple of days off and let Mirren go visit with the Cloudhoof Clan.  I think that Mooma wouldn’t mind watching her for a few days, plus, Maha is there along with her brothers.  I think I will bring the subject up again Romy to see how she feels about it now.  I’m not wanting to get married for the sake of it, I want us to get married so that Mirren won’t have to endure what I have had to endure my whole life with lack of family.  You know what I mean?  I think it is much harder for a girl too because I had one heck of a time getting Felessa’s marriage arranged and  her dowry was unbelievably expensive.   No family, means no social standing without paying out the ass for it.  At least Romy’s family had a prominent name in Silvermoon, whereas, my name is just a name that was given to me – I have no clue what my real birthright actually is.

I just can’t believe how big Mirren is getting and how fast she seems to be growing these days.  One of the things that I am truly enjoying about having a child of my own is that I can almost live vicariously through her.  I’m reliving things that she is just discovering, the way the little things excite her so much, like a butterfly that kept flitting about her head and landed on her nose that made her laugh and go cross-eyed at the same time.  Like I said, it’s the little things.

I know that Romy was talking about taking Mirren to do some of the trick or treating this year, however, I’m not exactly over -protective. I don’t want her to be too traumatized with some of the things that I know will happen.  At least we’re able to travel with her more readily than we were a few months back, however, we still have to carry a whole lot of stuff along with us to make sure that everything is taken care of.  Maybe we can even take her back to Silvermoon for some of the revelry there.

Well, I know I’m being a fucking coward too.  I have glimpsed Faendra at the market a couple of times and have avoided her.  I know she knows I live in Halfhill, however, she’s not found me yet and it may be high time that I just take the bull by the horns and confront her. I know that I don’t want to have any trouble, however, anytime that girls is around there is going to be trouble and if I happen to be in the same area, the trouble usually falls on my doorstep. I know that it is just something that I need to do I suppose.  I just don’t want to lose the friendship that I have Fnor after all of these years.  I know that he and I have had some real arguments about this sister of his, however, I know that he has finally figured out what kind of woman she has become and I know that he’s not pleased.  See, the bitch even causes me trouble when she’s not even around – I just think I need to address this whole thing before Romy does.

I dearly love Romy and I enjoy the life that we have here in Pandaria, I just think that we need to get things finalized and maybe some of these nuisances will disappear of their own accord.  No, I am not interested in playing around and I don’t think that my marriage will be something that I regret, not with my two girls – Romy and Mirren.  We could go to Silvermoon City and just sign the papers in the office and have two total strangers sign as witnesses – sure, that will fucking piss off some people, however, that’s just how I feel about it right now.  I don’t need a big lavish wedding and I think that Romy is leaning more that way too because she doesn’t have the time to “pick out” all of the things that her family or Grandmother wants her to do.   I don’t care if we got married naked, I don’t need all of the extra stuff.

Speaking of naked…my lovely woman is beckoning me to come to her and she’s not exactly dressed for outside. Mirren’s asleep and I think it’s a lovely idea.  I do like that “Come hither” look.

Fnar Dawnglory

Owner of Plantation

Halfhill, Pandaria

Agatha’s Story – More Changes In My Life

October 22nd

Dear Journal,

It is apparent that I haven’t written in quite some time and it’s not because I have been terribly busy with work, however, I have taken some time off from Morningstar Enterprises that was well deserved on both a personal and professional level.

I know that I wrote previously that Fnor and I had a bit a indiscrete moment that probably made us both uncomfortable after the after the fact – we hadn’t had intimate relations since he got married to his mistress, a very lovely Kaldorei Sentinel that has been his mate in their fashion for many years. She also happens to be the mother of his legitimate children, I guess their legitimate in some way.

I know that it would be almost impossible for my daughter to be declared legitimate in any way shape or form, although, she is full-blooded Sindorei and I know whom the Father was and it’s none other than my handsome raven-haired employer.  I’ve never told him but I think that circumstances are starting to present themselves to where I am going to have to do just that.  It seems I am carrying another child, although I had taken all of the precautions for years, since we hadn’t been intimate for quite a while, I was ill-prepared for what did happen. Fortunately or unfortunately, the Fates had other things in store for us I suppose because there is a child and a child that I will happily give birth too.

Unfortunately, I am unable to go home to my family at present because my condition is very obvious and I had to leave Silvermoon City before my daughter and my lover realized what had happened. Yes, I know I am being very deceptive and I need to come out and tell them both the truth.  How do you tell your child that she really isn’t your sister and that she is your daughter?  How do I tell Fnor that he has fathered two children with me – one of which isn’t even born as of yet and the other is very much like him already.  I’m surprised that he hasn’t guessed at the fact already because she has his smile, his mannerism and her personality is very much like his.  Oh, I am already worried about the reactions from all parties concerned and I suppose that I should have addressed it years ago, however, I was hoping that it would come to pass of its own accord.  I know now that I was being foolish and my Mother kept telling me that I should tell them both because she was getting too old to cover up the lie.

Now, here I sit by myself and my only companion is a maid that I hired to help the “widow” of one of our fallen heroes take care of the little cottage she is renting on the shore and the midwife that stops by daily to check on my advanced pregnancy.   I have no problem playing the widow role because my emotions have been like one of those carnival rides, one minute happy and another minute I am very depressed.  I miss Silvermoon, I miss my daughter and I miss Fnor most of all.  I really haven’t let any of my friends in Silvermoon know where I am and my poor Mother is getting my mail  – she’s truly the only one that knows where I am.

I know that Fnor acted like he was ashamed of the fact that he had broken his vows with his wife, in the Sindorei fashion, however, I know that when they were mated, he did wander a bit. Men are definitely strange creatures and the rules seem to be different from one situation to the next.

Oh well, the midwife has just told me that she is going to be staying here for the next few days, apparently, the birth is imminent and she laughingly told me that the Father would have been proud because she thinks it’s going to be a boy.

I hope it’s a boy and I hope he looks just like his Father and I hope that when I do tell Fnor about our children that he won’t get all hysterical and go off the deep-end. I know that it is going to complicate things for us all, Amyn, Fnor and I.  I just pray to the Light that we can survive it all.

Agatha Fairsong

Just Because…

October 21st

Dear Journal,

I will have to admit that it is time that I did get out of the office more often.  I don’t think that Amyn wants me to stay here all of the time when she is readily available to cover my job now and then.  I know that I start getting more than a little bit stir crazy sometimes when I have been here for several weeks on end and it isn’t something that I like to admit to anyone.  I’m the cool, calm and collected one that keeps things organized, however, staring at ledgers all day or dealing with the employees will sometimes make me more than just a little bit cranky.   Now, just add that little frog from Silvermoon and I start heading off the deep end rather quickly.

I know that I am really happy that I have taken a few days to go out and explore things a bit more and I have even found that I actually like doing this archeology thing too.  It really gets me out to stretch my long legs as well as keeping me on my toes when I know that I am going into Horde territory sometimes too.  I’ve found quite a few interesting things that I know that I can sell through the company to make myself some extra money – after all, Winter Veil is coming soon even if we can’t seem to realize that the time is going on.

I’ve also had some time to go over to Darnassus and visit with some of my friends there as well as going back to the Exodar to see my family now and then too.  It wasn’t healthy for me to just shut everything else off except for work.  It was making Maggie a very dull Draeni.   I know that Lagn always seems extremely happy when I go visit him although we do have to be careful of things because I know that if some of the other employees found out that I was actually sleeping with him, they might start screaming that I was giving him special treatment for that as well as being of my own race.   Well, it’s really none of their business.

I suppose that I ought to just admit that I needed to get away from Stormwind when what I am trying to get away from is living under the same roof with me.  Oh, Vashlan is a nice enough young fellow and I will have to admit that he is a sexy devil even when he’s not trying – must be that mixed blood of that is calling out to me too.  Oh, I’m not in love with him or anything like that, however, I am very much in “lust” with him.  I know that he is not intending to do the things that he does to me or I hope that he isn’t even aware of it.  Yes, he is still very much the little womanizer, however, I think that he has learned how to be a bit more discrete and since his Mother gave him a good talking too and his biological Father backed her up, he’s not been bringing all of his women here to the apartment like he was there for a while when his parents were too busy to pay attention to what was going on.   I had to smile when he came to me and apologized to me for not showing me the proper respect, after all, we do share that apartment area above the warehouse.

I know that I am feeling much better about things and I can deal with the nonsense that needs to be dealt with a much better attitude than what I had going there for a while.  I was one miserable person because I just couldn’t tear myself away from the business and it’s not even my own business, I just work here.

I have been enjoying the holiday a little bit too, all of these costumes and all of the revelry.  Oh, there seem to be parties almost every single night right now and I do attend the ones that I can, however, I know that I am running out of time and running out of costumes.  I know the silly game of trying to guess who someone is in their costumes is kind of hard for me to play because I always get guessed because there is nothing that I can do to cover up my hooves enough to where they won’t be seen.  Long dresses work for a while, however, the minute that I move, that clomp gives me away.  Ah well, maybe I’ll figure something out – I always do.   I really like some of the new pirate costumes that I have seen some of the people wearing though, I might try to figure out something with that, put on a cape to cover up my tail and those boots just might be enough to cover my hooves better.   I’ll give it a bit more thought because I’ve been invited to a rather large gala at the end of the week.






OOC – Busy Week

October 18th

Wow!  This has been an extremely busy week for me in-game.  With the drop of the patch and all of the new changes it has been somewhat interesting and stressful at the same time.  Love the bag stacking ability as well as the reagent bank slot – that is a bag space saver and love the fact that I can now do a lot of my crafting away from the bank and all of the stuff is not taking up valuable bag space.

As far as the class mechanics, I have gotten almost all of mine ready to go with the exception of my Pally and my Warlock.  The one that I thought that was going to be the real pain in the butt to change were my Druids, however, they really weren’t that bad.  I don’t miss the button bloat there at all and really rather enjoyed spending some time on them last night.

My trick of surviving the changes of a new patch is that I will pick a spec for my classes and play that until I feel comfortable before going back to the second spec and working on that.  I still play BM and SUR on my hunters and I am really kind of enjoying them because I have been playing that class for the better part of ten years – a few adjustments here and there and I’m back into the groove on them.  Right now I’m not so concerned about my dps and gear as I am in getting them to where they are just as fluid to play as they have always been.  Sure, I’ll go back later and do the major tweaking, however, I know that Blizzard isn’t done with them yet.  I guess I am still a causal player because my attitude is still to do the best that I can and not get sucked into that “best of the best” mindset that sucks the fun out of things sometimes.

I still haven’t done the Blasted Lands quests yet due to the fact that I have done them a few times in Beta with the rebuilds that they did a while back and I am waiting until the bugs about the loot seems to have settled down some.  Nope, not planning on putting a new boosted character out there until WoD goes live- did fine the cheat where you zip back to your main city through the portal and get all of your abilities and you don’t have to struggle with the three or four you get when you land there “fresh” and new.   I really feel bad for a new player that jumped right in with a boosted character that they have never played the class and there they sit wondering what they are going to do while things are eating their faces.

Now that I have the majority of my characters set to go and I can get back into my normal routine of things, I’m a happy camper.  I’m really kind of enjoying the new characters, however, I do hate the run animation on my Night Elf male and may just switch back to the old models when I play them because the run animation is that disconcerting.  My once dignified Night Elf runs like Bobo the Clown and if I could find big red shoes, nose and a clown transmog, I’d use that just to make it all fit together.  Most of my female Forsaken look like a real bad Joan Rivers cosmetic surgery thing (no disrespect to the deceased is intended, I liked Joan Rivers quite a bit).

Well, I am off to do some more things in RL and will start getting back into the groove of writing again now that my characters seem to be somewhat happier with their circumstances.

On a more serious RL note, I have had some medical issues crop up that might keep me a bit distracted for a while with the medications that I am taking.  I’m always a little loopy anyway, however, some of this stuff just kind of keeps your head foggy until you get used to it. Thyroid, who’d a thunk that it would wait until you’re older than dirt to take a hiatus?  I’ve also been forewarned that I am leaning towards diabetes, however, I might be able to get that back under control with diet – this particular issue runs rampant throughout my family anyway, so, it wasn’t something that I am unfamiliar with because I have been borderline most of my adult life.  Damn, that means I have to cut back on carbs.

Life Goes On…

October 15th

Dear Journal,

Well, I will have to admit that I am enjoying the girls’ little house in Orgrimmar that they have allowed me to sublet since they have already departed to Pandaria.  I would have enjoyed going with them, however, I had things that kept me back in Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms.  Oh well, I suppose that it is just as well that they went on their own and I might join them at a later time for a visit. At least I didn’t have to bring much furniture with me because they left most of theirs here for me to use other than a decent coffin, which I will get a new one from home.

I think that I can understand why the girls were constantly bickering because their personalities are as different as night and day.  Hazey is a true huntress and has her own way of doing things while Bri, poor Brianca, would much rather sit and sew and make pretty things.  I think that I can understand why Hazey would constantly be fighting with her sister about her sewing things because I have found more than my fair share of pins in the strangest of places, mostly where I might place my posterior.  Tailors are truly an odd lot, however, Brianca will always be very special to me.  At least I do get to see Brianca now and then when she comes back to Orgrimmar to meet with some of her clients for fittings and making deliveries that she won’t trust to the mail.

I suppose that Orgrimmar is okay in its own way, however, I think there are entirely too many Orcs living here. Yes, yes, I do know that it is an Orc city and I do know that with the current regime that it is just something that I will have to tolerate although I am truly not in the city all that often.

Zippie seems to think that I needed a change of scenery or it may be that she wanted me to keep an eye on her Uncle Zednick – not real sure about me being any kind of good influence on the fellow because he is a typical goblin and very headstrong with the things that he does, not to mention, he’s a mage. He’s a strange little fellow that loves his drink a bit too much sometimes and has a temper that flares up sometimes with no apparent reason.   Oh yes, everyone knows about his getting thrown in jail for mooning the Warchief too, however, I really thought it was funny even if the timing was a bit off.  I know that the Commander was none too pleased at having to drop everything that he was doing in order to head back to Orgrimmar to bail the little bugger out, not to mention, there was a hefty sum that had to be paid as well as mending some diplomatic fences that had been damaged. I think that Garrosh should have appreciated seeing a goblin backside as a change of pace from looking at his own kindred, they are truly ugly.

Look, I’m Forsaken and I know what some of us look like, however, we can have a few things added or removed readily enough if we can find the replacement parts from a fresh corpse.  I think I am a pretty handsome fellow since I had my jaw replaced from the metal one that I had to a fresh new jaw that seems to work fairly well although it’s definitely not as strong as my old one.  I just have more to shave when it’s required now than I did before, however, I’m not one to complain about hair that actually still  grows.   At least it doesn’t look like the Alliance King’s chin, now that’s a chin to write stories about.

I think that I will ask the girls about changing the curtains in what we have for a bedroom though, the pink flowers really kind of annoy me and make me wonder if I’ve died and been left in a very feminine mortuary.  I’m sure that Bri made them, however, it does sort of make what I have left as far as masculine sensitivity feel a bit out of place.  Just for the sake of getting a good night’s sleep, I think that I might suggest some darker colors, maybe even black with some red and white lilies just to had some color.  I’ll have to talk to Bri when she comes to town again.   I think I will also ask her to make a couple of new satin pillows for me as well because my old ones are really more than a bit threadbare.

I ran into an old friend of mine here in Orgrimmar the other day.  I was really surprised to see that he had left the Undercity behind to go out adventuring.  Naturally, he was down on his luck and I was able to give him a few copper to hold him over until he could find some work. I actually told him to go to Silvermoon and see Zippie about getting work with Morningstar Enterprises because I will have to admit that the Commander does pay top dollar for the skins and leatherwork that I contract for.   It should be a good thing for him and I did give him some money to make the trip back to Silvermoon City too.

Ah well, I’m sure that I’ll get used to being in Org a bit more after some time passes. Staying based in Org doesn’t necessarily mean that I can’t go home every now and again either.




Catch Up With What’s Not Going On…

October 13th

I think that I am one amongst several thousands of people that are all kind of waiting for the other shoe to drop when it comes to the patch tomorrow in World of Warcraft.  I know that I have been apprehensive for quite some time and not real sure how I am going to deal with all of the changes.  Of course, this is the same feeling that you get each time you have a pre-expansion patch being dropped and after almost ten years of playing, that feeling happens each and every time.

I will admit that I haven’t completed all of the things that I had set out to do six months ago with my game play, however, it’s something that I will live through and will pick right back up where I left off.  One of the things that I won’t be able to do is to finish up my Alliance guild to Level 25 because that is going away tomorrow.  I will definitely miss all of the challenges that leveling a guild solo brought to me while I went toddling along with it.  At least I did get my Horde guild leveled completely up and that’s fine because I have started playing primarily Horde anyway.  I think a lot of that has to do with the fact that I have played mostly Horde since I came to my current realm.    I will probably continue to play what I enjoy and adapt to the changes and if I find that I no longer care for the game, I’ll drop it like a bad marriage.

One of the things that I am happy about is the fact that I have finally replaced my laptop that I gave away several months ago.  What that actually means is that I will be able to do some of the things that I like to do and that is to write more than I have been in the past few months.  Oh, I know that my writing isn’t all that great but it is something that I like to do and I like to live vicariously through my characters in World of Warcraft – they can do all of the things that I no longer am capable of doing in RL.  Oh, to be able to run like the wind, leap over things without a thought and actually be able to jump on a flying mount and be on my way without any worries about the traffic. Oh, wouldn’t that be lovely in RL!!

I’m still sitting here thinking that I should be playing World of Warcraft instead of just rambling on, however, I just got my Alliance guild to 24 this morning by running crazy with the Faire that just ended and rolling a new character and blazing my way along in my BoA gear to just have things to do. Nope, no cape for me and no Garrosh kill – this will be the first expansion since I started playing that I will not be making it to end-game.  Does it bother me?  Not really because I have really enjoyed playing the game my way and exploring all of the places and doing some of the fun things that I like.

So, be prepared for more writing and more posting on my WordPress account in the future.  Good luck to everyone with the new patch and the new expansion in another month. Am I going to jump into WoD with both feet from the beginning?  No, I really am not all that excited about the new expansion with the changes that Blizzard has implemented.  I almost can bet that this will be the last expansion (if there is another) that I will ever preorder.

Thoughts and Plans For The Future…

October 12th

Dear Journal,

I know that I am getting back into some old habits of mine that will drive my Sindorei insane, however, I can usually curb that part of my nature when he is about.  There are times that I just can’t sleep at night, the way the moonlight seems to call my name is almost impossible to ignore and I just get up and roam throughout Stormwind and beyond.   Of course, the guards may look at me a bit strange, however, they know that it is not all that unusual for a Night Elf to answer to the call of their nature and be out and about in the wee small hours of the morning.

Just the scents and smells of the dampness in this city by the shore really does make me long for my homeland even more.  It also makes me long for my two youngest boys and to hear that lilting laughter as well as the musical tones of my Mother speaking to me in our native tongue.  Common is a language that I use because I have too, however, it does not have the musical sounds of my own tongue – I oftentimes will laugh at my Sindorei because his language makes me homesick even if the words are different.   I guess that our languages are similar due to the fact that we are elves, he is a Blood Elf and I am Kaldorei, however, the thing that we have in common that isn’t apparent in the other races is our own version of grave and beauty, not to mention, a long life and history with education of our ancestors.   I think that the Tauren may be of a similar ilk with their worship of the Earth Mother and their constant respect for the land and for their Elders.

Anyway, I was wandering through the streets earlier this morning and I couldn’t’ help but notice that there seems to be a certain tension in the air that hasn’t been there for a while.  We have all gotten used to the way that people carry on about Pandaria and their ignorant hared of things that are new and exciting in some ways, however, this tension last night reminded me of the times when I was in Pandaria and you could feel the tension building with the other Sentinels as we readied ourselves for battle.   Call it a sense of foreboding or maybe an early warning of some kind from Elune to make me get my thoughts out of the clouds and back to the reality of this world that we live in.

I had been seriously thinking about talking to my parents again about making the move to the new house in Nagrand, however, with these feelings that I have been having, maybe, just maybe they might be safer where they are now, in their own home.   I know that my Sindorei would like for them to come to Nagrand and stay at that house with the boys, however, I think that I might talk to him again about the feelings that I am having recently in regard to these mysterious omens that seem to crop up sometimes.  It’s always best to listen one’s intuition rather than let my very diplomatic mate talk me into something that I am uneasy about.

I do know that I am getting anxious to get away from Stormwind again too.  I can only stay in the confines of the city for so long and I start to twitch.  I guess it comes from living in the openness of my home as well as any of the places that I have been stationed as a Sentinel in the past.   Stormwind has its own kind of beauty, however, it doesn’t have the grace of buildings like it does with Darnassus. I’m spoiled I guess.  I think that I enjoy the place because that is the place where  Vashlan can study and feel safe as well as where I can do my business the way that I want too without too many questions being asked.    That is the key thing, no questions of what it is that I am doing and with whom I happen to be dealing with.   Employees are easy to come by and as long as they fill their contracts in a timely fashion, they will always have jobs.

I  know that my Sindorei  often feels a bit caged in and trapped with his work in Silvermoon as well.  We just got back from one of our escapes to Nagrand and I know that I should be thinking about leaving again so soon too.  Being there definitely brings back some really great memories for me and I know that it must be the same for him – we’ve had a good life together for the most part.  Oh well, I suppose I need to get my head back into my business and stop drifting off into these other  distractions.

I will have to admit that I was happy to hear from my Mother that Karing has finally started coming into his own.  I will have to admit that I was somewhat concerned about him because he has had to undergo quite a few changes in his life, his biological Father dying , Fnor coming back into his life again and the moves we’ve made.  I know that if I had been a young child, I would have been a bit withdrawn myself – so much confusion and turmoil in a youngsters life is very hard to adjust too.  I know that my parents have been very patient with him and his brother and I was very pleased to hear that Karing is turning into quite the accomplished hunter. I know I laughed when Mom told me that he is insisting that he will be “good enough” to join with the Sentinels as a Scout.  I think that I will have a talk with him about that soon because I don’t want him to have any surprises like his big brother Kal did.



It Does Get Lonely Waiting Behind…

October 11th

Dear Journal,

Ah yes, it’s been quite a while since I’ve last written, however, these are busy times and there are many things to occupy my time.  The one thing that seems to occupy my time more often than not is the pack.  It keeps growing and sometimes I wonder what I am doing with this many in my group.  Of course, I do depend on Felley quite a bit to help me out sometimes, however, she has her hands full as well because she has decided to go out adventuring on her own a bit more these days.

There are times that I would be more than willing to put all of this aside and go off adventuring with her.  We’ve been together for quite a while and I will admit that I wouldn’t change a single thing about our time together with the exception of the fact that I would like to make our relationship a bit more formal, however, I don’t think that she would go along with that right now.

Felley knows that I still think about my wife and children that I lost in Gilneas, however, after the last year or so, I’ve actually stopped looking for them.  It was extremely difficult for me to give up on my old life, however, the logic of the situation finally registered fully on my mind.  There isn’t a chance that my family survived the fall of our homeland and it’s rather doubtful that they survived the Curse even if it did befall them.  Not everyone can adapt to that big change in their lives with their sanity intact.  I know this from my experience with some of the people that I have gotten to know since my arrival in Darnassus.

We did try to make the transition over to Stormwind for a short time, however, it was one of those things that just wasn’t meant to be due to the fact that some of the members of the pack couldn’t’ adapt to the city life without causing undo problems.   Rather than break the pack up and leave some of the youngsters behind, Felley and I, decided to bring the group back to Darnassus and to Dark Shore.  At least here people can kind of expect some of the social accidents that will happen with a young wolf, be they female or male – we all have our problems.  Sometimes the younger males will want to try to challenge my patience with the pack, however, that is usually short-lived and they have the choice of staying with the pack under my leadership and they can move on to another pack and try their luck there.  I know that Felley and I coddle some of our youngsters, however, they are the only children that we will ever have.

I do know that I haven’t seen or heard of anyone of our kind having children of our own since the Curse.  Maybe that ability to propagate has been taken away from us along with the Curse, no one really knows and it isn’t something that we discuss with one another.   There are a few people here from Gilneas that were not affected by the Curse but they are indeed a rarity and I will admit that there are times that I am somewhat envious of them having new families here in this land.  If only we hadn’t allowed ourselves to be cut off from the rest of society for so long that we lost touch with the reality of the situation of the lands and factions.

Oh well, all of that is hindsight and you know what they say about that.  I will have to admit that I have learned an awful lot from my mate in the last year.  I can read and cipher as well as she can even though I don’t have the formal education that her family afforded her before the changes happened.

From all of the rumors that seem to be floating around Darnassus, it does appear as though we’re in for some new and exciting changes as well as an opportunity to engage in some adventures with some of the old foes.  It may be rumor, however, not one to hide from adversity, I think that I will have my little pack ready for whatever may be looming on the horizon.

I hope that Felley will make her way back home before too much longer, I know that I miss her more than anyone could even fathom.  I guess I have let go of my past and I am looking forward to embracing the future if it’s not too late.  Who knows, she may have found another in her adventures to some of these distant places although I will have to admit that her letters are as warm as ever, they still aren’t quite the same as having her here with me.