Summer Time …Let’s See What’s Outside

July 20

I think I have been busy this month with the birthdays and just generally getting outside for a while and seeing that bright light in the sky in person.   I know that I sure haven’t been inside writing that much and it’s been too warm to take the lappy outside and sit on the patio to write as would be my normal custom.

I suppose a lot of the people I normally play WoW with are doing pretty much the same thing that I am doing currently.  Waiting to see what happens with the game.  I had some “bad” food last night and was up in the middle of the night and decided to log into the game to see what was going – well, after checking my RealID list and seeing the number of people that haven’t logged in for days, seems we’ve all kind of taken a sabbatical.

I know that I am have been doing other things, playing a few other games when I do sit my butt down in front of the computer and am having some fun with that.  I think I have a serious case of burnout with WoW and the constant grind for gear and the constant manipulation of the Lore in rather erratic changes here and there that make it not as cohesive as it once was.  Let’s say that my character immersion has been shot to hell and I haven’t been able to get “lost” in the magic as I once did.

Nope, haven’t cancelled any of my multiple accounts yet, however, the thought is crossing my mind more frequently than it ever has.  Part of my game play is the most enjoyable with “friends and acquaintances” that I have made over the years, however, it looks like they are kind of packing it in as well.  Kind of depressing after eight years of playing the game almost daily.  I think the longest I took off was in November of last year when my beloved dog was put down and I went into some heavy mourning over my furry friend and got behind everyone else – since then, I’ve been dragging myself through the motions and trying to get back into it. Love the game, enjoy the people for the most part, however, maybe it’s time to just take a few steps back and see which way the developers are going to change the last vestiges of the game that I have enjoyed for so long.  I’ll just take the wait and see look

Nope, won’t stop writing for my characters and will log in when the mood strikes me, however, at this point it has been rather infrequent due to the schedule that I have with activities outside of the home.  I’ll see you when I see ya.


Another Delay…

Written in very cursive script denoting the maturity and education of the author

July 20th

Dear Journal,

Well, I was all set to leave or Orgrimmar tomorrow morning, however, it appears as though things have been delayed somewhat.  It is the craziest thing that I have ever heard of, however, the way that my luck has been running in the last six months, it shouldn’t be that much of a surprise either, I suppose.

I had everything arranged, bags packed and was ready to depart when a runner from the Krasarang base camp arrived at the farm with a message.  Great, the new commander that was to take my place decided to go off on his own and got killed, now, I have to wait for the new one to arrive.  I would have chosen one of the more experienced fellows that has already been serving here in Pandaria, however, that’ s now how things work from Orgrimmar, I guess.

I will admit that I am just as relieved to know that Dawnglory’s resignation and my own have been accepted, however, there was a stipulation that we could be recalled at some point in the future if our experienced minds are needed.  Well, that’s just like it was in the past and they pretty much left us alone for the most part until the Theramore atrocity pulled us all back in to do our duty, even if we disagreed with what was going on.

From what news I have garnered here in Halfhill and at the Shrine, the rebellion is still going on in and around Orgrimmar.  The Trolls weren’t as victorious in storming the gates of Orgrimmar and taking out that fool that is the leader of the Horde, just yet.  Well, there are more subtle ways to get rid of a problem like that than to do a full on frontal assault and get your backside handed to you.   From what I have heard, there are more things going on that I don’t have the details on, however, it’s just a matter of time before Hellscream is overthrown.  I wonder whom will take his place?  Not that it matters to me at this point because I am making plans to distance to myself, family and company from Orgrimmar as quickly as physically possible.

Now, I’m going to have to wait for at least another week for the new replacement commander to show up here in Pandaria and I’m sitting in Krasarang trying to keep my mind on the issues at hand.  Yes, I have the responsibilities to my men and my family to keep me occupied, however, I am just ready to get on with my life as I knew it before this exploratory mission here in Pandaria turned into an all out war.

Fnor Morningstar

No Good News…

July 15th

Dear Journal,

Time flies when you’re having a good time!  No, I’m not having a good time at the moment because I am still stuck over here with the Forsaken.  Seems like I can’t do enough or excel enough at what I do gain the recognition that I need to get transferred elsewhere.  Oh sure, there are a lot of us competing and a lot of us putting in for transfers that seem to have be done monthly.  With this place being as unpopular, you’d think that they would send the least worthy here instead of the Rangers that have been busting their behinds to get ahead.

I will admit that I am putting in as much time as I can with my duties as I can stomach, however, there is a limit as to what I am ready to do.  No, I am not going to try to schmooze my way up the ranks with these Forsaken because they literally make my skin crawl and sometimes I wonder if we aren’t being infected with some of the plague carriers.

I will have to admit that the majority of us head back to Silvermoon City whenever we have a chance to get some time off.  The first thing I do is to find a decent Inn and take a long hot bath and then grab a nice meal.  

Naturally, with gold being as tight as it is, I am still trying to make my inquiries with the magistrates in regard to the guy that I think is my Father, this has been a real expensive venture for me so far and leaves me a bit strapped when it comes to keeping my gear up to date and properly repaired.  Luckily for me, one of the fellows in my unit is also a black smith on the side, so, he’s been doing some work for me rather cheaply.  I’m sure that I’ll end up paying the price for his favors eventually, however, right now, that is far down the road.

Now, my last trip to the magistrates wasn’t nearly as costly because I was still inquiring about where this Dawnglory was in Pandaria.  Well, I was shocked out of my mind when I was told that he had resigned his position from the Rangers and his whereabouts were unknown. Oh yeah, I could find out more information if I had more gold, I’m sure.  This just makes finding him more difficult because I will have to resort to using outside sources to investigate things further.

Well, I was a bit disheartened at the news from the magistrates; however, I haven’t given up all hope in finding this man.  Of course, I am going to have to stay in the Rangers and do what I can to earn more money and still keep searching.  Ranger pay is the only real steady source of income for me right now.  Yeah, sure, I could do what some of the other guys are doing and hanging out in Murders Row earning money by doing some less than savory things, however, that makes me almost as sick to my stomach as the Forsaken.

Sometimes I get so angry at my Mother, may the Light bless her departed soul, because she could have or should have spoken out long ago. Why she didn’t do it is a question that I will always be asking myself, however, it could have been that she was ashamed of what had transpired when the “handsomest Ranger in Silvermoon” packed up and went off to war.  There she sat, pregnant, unmarried and her reputation was ruined in all the social circles although her family name and money kept her circulating.  No man of any worth wanted to marry her with a baby on her hip and no man taking responsibility for the activity.  Well, I can’t blame the people here in Silvermoon for being the way that they are, she showed quite a bit of carelessness on her part by not even getting the fellow’s full name even though she was with him more than just once from what I gathered from the family gossip. Albeit, the picture that I have of him shows him as being quite good looking and with the way that things are, I’m sure he was very charming. She was very young and very foolish and now, I have to pay the price for being here. Part of me is very bitter about how the family acted towards me when she died from a stupid case of pneumonia and put me out on the street before the funeral even happened.

Okay, Hanlin, stop whining in your wine. I’m not feeling sorry for myself, just very frustrated at my circumstances.  The man has to acknowledge me as his son and he is obligated at that point to be my parent, whether he likes it or not.  I will not go through this life as some bastard offspring.  I can’t, I won’t be accepted anywhere in our society if that is to be the case.  Sure, I can earn my way up the ranks with the Rangers; however, it would be so much easier if I had some kind of social standing other than what I have currently.

Okay, a bunch of us are going out to socialize while we can while we’re here in Silvermoon, I’ll have to watch what little gold I have and make sure that I don’t have to go hungry until I get paid again too. Well, sure, I can eat what we’re given to eat by the Forsaken; however, my imagination is too vivid to allow me to eat the stuff without retching.


Birthday Parties and Little Kids …Family Times

Had a fairly busy and uneventful weekend with the family.  Well, I can’t say it’s uneventful, our granddaughter turned three and that means that there had to be a birthday party with plenty of little kids, cupcakes (birthday girl’s favorite treat) as well as plenty of other family members around.

I’m going to show my age here and I really don’t care.  When my son was growing up, there were tricycles that you just went out and bought with what money you had available.  Nothing fancy, nothing real expensive, you just went for the one that was the favorite color of the child.  I know that you could get them preassembled too – for those of us that are less mechanically inclined.

OMG, who knew that the trike market has gone bonkers with so many to choose from – well, ours had to be pink because that is Em’s favorite color.  She already has one of those loud noisy big wheel things that used to drive me wild when her Father was little and she also has one of those little cars with a roof over it (has a trunk to put your neat stuff in for those vacations you go on) which always makes me laugh – I think the girl is either going to be a cab driver or a traveling salesman when she grows up at this point – she likes to take “trips” a lot.

Of course, Grandpa had to find the pink trike and make sure that it was what Em would like it – I think it was more of the Grandpa thing of giving your grandchildren stuff you couldn’t afford to get your own kids when they were at that age.  Anyway, our little munchkin ended up with a very nice trike which made me giggle quite a bit because not only was it pink, it had a bell on it too so that she can let people know she’s coming down the walk.

So, I guess you could safely say that this was a family weekend with lots of family things to do.  I don’t know if the Fates had this all planned out in advance, however, all of our family things – birthdays;etc, seem to happen in the Summer months when it is a lot nicer to be outside. Oh yes, trips to the park are a must-have to tire out the younglings so that they will sleep soundly.

Now, for my next trick which will be getting the patio put back in order and hosing it down in the process.  I don’t mind the extra work because it was well worth it with the fun that was had by all.

Sorry, didn’t get anything written this weekend, so, it’s back to banging my head on the desk and pulling out a good story.  See ya.


July 13th

Dear Journal,

I know that it’s been forever since I have written in my journal and it’s been quite a while since I had anything of any great importance to say, however, I think I need to say something to someone about this even if it isn’t out loud in public or anything like that.

I have been going through my priestess training and learning how to heal the way that it is supposed to be done and I think I am doing okay with it.  I love my work, I like helping people and making sure that they are feeling better when I am finished working with them as a healer. It has been my whole life so far.

My real problem right now is the fact that I think that I have fallen in love with a young Ranger, he’s very handsome and very sweet.  His family isn’t of any real note and neither is mine, so, there shouldn’t have been any problems with the two of us if we happened to get together.  I know that it is kind of hard to do anything in this town without it being circulated all over the place. I know how people like to gossip about things.  Well, I think that there is going to be some gossip going around in a while even if there was something that I could do about it.

Okay, my brother, bless his flirty little heart, has made arrangements for me to marry an older man and to gain some social status in Silvermoon.  I don’t love the man and from what little bit of time that I have spent with him, he just wants to marry me to produce an heir for him and to keep his bloodline going.  The thought of the old fellow touching my private parts almost makes my skin crawl; however, he is going to have to do more than just touch to get an heir. Due to the old fellow’s age, I don’t know if he can even produce an heir or how many times we would have to have this “joining” going on.  Well, there are other ways to get an heir and in all honesty, I have no qualms in doing that if it is going to make the old fellow happy.

We have gone out to dinner a few times and he does seem to be likeable enough and his very intelligent.  Well, he had better be intelligent considering that he is one of the magistrates here in Silvermoon.  I do have to laugh at those titles because historically, you had to earn the titles, now, you can buy them for a few thousand gold.  He likes to talk about his work as a mage and I find it rather interesting and find it very mysterious sometimes.  I think that mages walk a very fine line between the Light and the Dark because I know some young mages act as if they know everything and have unknowingly slipped into the darkness through some of their trial and error methodology, poor fellows.  Anyway, I think I can tolerate being married to this man and he already knows that it is not a love match and I know that he has already gotten a goodly portion of my dowry from Fnar.

Getting back to my Ranger, he’s everything that a woman could want; he’s handsome, virile, brave and a bit brash at times.  Oh, I know that a lot of girls are just crazy about the Rangers here in Silvermoon.  One of the things that I will say about my young man is that he is not a man of means and is earning his way through the ranks much like my brother and Fnor Morningstar did, they didn’t buy their commissions because it has taken them years of experience to get to where they are today.  Oh, my Jax is definitely a man’s man in every sense of the word, a very careful blending of both my brother and Fnor.  Oh, he’s not as blunt as my brother and he’s not as diplomatic as Fnor, however, he is a whole lot younger.  I know it sounds silly; however, he’s someone that I am proud to be seen with and very proud to be with.   

I know this all sounds confusing because it is.  I am going to marry this old man and I want to be able to be with my Ranger.  They both are special in their own way, however, one is nearing the end of his life and the other is just starting out with his profession.  I am very worried how this is going to work out. 

I know that I am really in a quandary because I have given word to my brother that I would marry this old man and my heart is telling me that it is wrong of me to do so.  I know that there are marriages where the people are together for the reasons that this magistrate is marrying me and yet, the couples end up being very unhappy together and they take lovers or part company.  I have spent hours praying to the Light for some kind of guidance and I don’t know that it is going to help.  I know that my brother would be very upset with me if I broke my word to him and to the magistrate and yet, I am not sure that I will be any happier for it.  Here I sit loving one man and knowing that if I marry the other one; I will have more social standing with my friends and the rest of the community that will enable me to further my career too.

I’m not as sweet and naive as some of the people around me think that I am.  It is a persona that I have been very careful in projecting because it is what some of the people expect of me.  I’m not like Faendra and her obsession with my brother nor am I as hotheaded as she is.  When I do things, I am more methodical and I do hope more organized.   However, this particular situation is rather awkward and I wish that I had someone to talk too about it.

If Faendra were here, I doubt that I would even tell her about it because she would try to use it as another way of getting at Fnar.  I swear that girl is a fool because we have all told her that he is not the “marrying” kind and that he is one man that is completely happy with having a fling and doesn’t want the encumbrances of having a wife and children – children he may have, however, it is doubtful that he will marry anyone in the near future.

Speaking of Faendra, she is supposed to be here in Silvermoon to attend the parties and meet the families prior to her wedding and she isn’t here.  I’ve written to her in Orgrimmar to find out what the holdup is with her arrival here in Silvermoon. I’ve gotten absolutely no answers from her and to be honest, I know how unhappy she was at her arrangement to be married in a few weeks, however, I have met her intended several times and he is absolutely gorgeous and very nice. His family happens to be one of the nicest families in Silvermoon and not all arrogant acting.

I know that Agatha has been doing a marvelous job helping me with all of the things with my wedding plans and parties even if she is wondering how fast she is going to be able to do the same thing for Faendra if she doesn’t show up soon.   Sometimes that girl just doesn’t think about things and it makes it a total hardship for everyone else.

Oh well, I’ll keep thinking about my own situation and see what I can come up with.  I want to keep my Ranger and I want to make sure that I keep my word to my brother about this marriage, even if it does make me unhappy.

This entry probably doesn’t make much sense since my brain just keeps hopping all over the place like a very skittish rabbit.

Felessa Dawnglory

Caretakers…Farming In Pandaria

July 12th

Dear Journal,

Oh well, I guess that Naton and I won’t be going home for the Faire this time, however, that’s okay.  We had a good long stay the last time and had a lot of fun at the Faire with Mom and the boys, Nahai and Tahfal.  I kind of wish we could go this time too because I’m that much of a child at heart.

The reason we’re not going this time is because Mr. Morningstar has asked us to do him a favor and that is one person on the face of Azeroth that we don’t mind helping out when he asked for it.  Sure, we work for him and he could have made that the reason, however, he said he needed a personal favor.  Well, for a man that proud, that’s a lot.

Seems he has left the Rangers and needs to go back to Orgrimmar to take care of the business there as well as a few other places.  He asked Naton and I if we would keep an eye out on his farm and to watch over Mr. Dawnglory’s place too while he’s away.  I don’t mind, it just means that we will be doing a lot more work at all three farms.  I don’t mind.

Mr. Dawnglory has that fish guy kind of taking care of things at his place, however, Mr. Morningstar wanted us to keep an eye out for any kind of funny business.  The fish guy is nice, however, he does drink way too much, more than anyone could imagine.  I bet he could drink the Pandaren and the dwarves under the table without too much effort on his part.

So, no Faire for us this month, however, we know that we should be able to go next time because everyone should be back in Pandaria by then, I hope.  I’ll admit that the Boss looked a lot better yesterday than he has since he and his wife were attacked in the Jade Forest, hardly any limp from his leg wound.  We’ve never met his wife, however, the Boss keeps his private life well hidden from the employees and I can’t blame him, that little sister of his in Orgrimmar is quite the Blood Elf though, very excitable little creatures.

I can’t believe how busy Naton has been at his forge since we’ve really started letting people know what he does.  He’s one of the few Tauren blacksmiths in the area and there is a lot of business for him.  I wish I could help him mine for some of his ore, however, I’m not very good at it when I do try.  He seems to have a natural instinct for that sort of thing.  At least he has started doing some of his mining at night when everyone else is asleep, he says there are fewer claim jumpers up at the hours that he goes out – I could believe that, Death Knights don’t need to sleep that much.

Oh well, time for me to get off my backside and start checking the other farms and come home to do my own work here.  The crops grow so fast here in Pandaria that it is like an never-ending job of harvesting and tilling the ground.   I hope that one day soon we can get Mom and the boys up here too, they would love the land and the people – there isn’t war everywhere even if you’d think there was with the way that people talk in Orgrimmar and sometimes Thunderbluff.


Busy Busy

July 11th

Ever thought that you might want to run some maintenance on one of your computers that are in terabytes?  Yep, shot myself in the foot this morning when I started doing some heavy maintenance that hasn’t been done in a year.  Yep, most of it is auto and there was no problem with the machine, however, being a geek, I thought that I better do some of it and “it really shouldn’t take that long” kind of thing.  So, I have my better gaming machine tied up in maintenance, kind of forgot about the heavy duty sun glare that rains down on the other machine at this time of year to where you can’t see it – so, here I sit with my lappy that is a hundred years old until my machines are finished with maintenance or I can see the screens. 

It has been a rather strange Summer so far and very busy in RL – yes, I wrote about the passing of some friends and pets last week that put me into some pretty awful depression and it still walks up and smacks me in the forehead and I have to go QQ to myself. Not to mention I am still struggling with the “quit smoking” campaign that isn’t going so well currently – backup, regroup and try it again with the same goals in mind isn’t fun.  Oh, let’s not forget the “scattered” thunderstorms that have been assaulting where I live with consistency every afternoon and will be for the rest of the month – nope, don’t need a cooked computer to be replaced.

One thing that I haven’t mentioned is that when I get in these moods, I go off and do other things than scamper around in WoW or write – I play other games. Yes, Virginia, I do know there is a Hoover in the closet and I do know how to run it – cleaning house is my least favorite thing, however, one must deal with that too.

I have really started getting into Sims3 again – I got as many of the expansion packs as I could afford, including the newest one and I’m off to the races.  I will have to admit that I have laughed at some of the juvenile antics that some of the animations do now and with it being 3D, it’s even more hilarious for some reason.  Okay, there’s that kid in me that thinks it’s a hoot when the lightning goes off and some Sim (not your own) wets the floor.  Oh yes, going to college, pulling pranks, playing different Supernaturals and so forth have been a blast.  One of these days I’ll figure out the customizations a bit more and post a screenie or two.

I know that I have missed some of the acquaintances and dear friends in WoW, however, I fully intend on logging back in with a bit more frequency than I have been.  One of the things that I am waiting to see with World of Warcraft is how much the game mechanics are going to be played with in 5.4.  If the game changes too radically, after eight years of playing, and if I don’t enjoy it, I will take a sabbatical until the next expansion, even as much as I love the game.   I have quite a bit of time and money tied up in the game; however, I will be curtailing some of my less frequently used accounts very soon.  If I’m not playing them, why pay for them?

See you in-game when my machines are finished making me wait.  *sigh* Don’t think I’ll do this again – maintenance – unless I do it overnight.