What Am I Doing?

*Language – blunt and a few swears – if you’re easily offended, don’t read this.*

May 31st

Yo Book!

Yeah, it’s me and it’s the middle of the fucking night and I’ve been outside drinking with Jogue.  Oh yeah, we have these late night discussions every now and then when I have a case of insomnia and I definitely wasn’t in the mood to go chase some strange tail when I have a perfectly wonderful woman sleeping in my bed – actually the best woman I’ve ever slept with, however, I’m sure as shit not going to tell her that.  Oh the things that she does to me have me reeling from time to time.

Well, the sex part has been in absentia the last few days because she is still recovering from a concussion, broken ribs and who knows what else may have been damaged in that scuffle that shouldn’t have happened with a Mogu.  I know that I was very happy to hear that her Lt. Commander is no longer on the mortal plane though – he was going to be a dead man either way if I had any say in the matter.  Good ol’ Morningstar with all of his diplomatic skills can still be a blood thirsty bastard when the mood strikes him.  Guess, it kicked him square in the ass this time.  Of course, the rumor mill is grinding away at the demise of the bastard in question.

I’m sitting here at the table feeling almost too fucking plastered to write, however, it’s probably best that I sober up some before I go to bed with Romy.  She’s sound asleep and seems to be sleeping rather peacefully tonight at last.

I have no idea what was in the pain medication that she was taking there for a while, however, it may have stopped the pain but it sure gave her some horrendous nightmares or something.  I have the fucking bruises to prove it.  Not to mention when she kneed me in the groin, I had more than just tears in my eyes – she was sound asleep.  I could always tell when she was going into one of those nightmares too because she would start twitching in her sleep and then she would let out a growl or moan kind of thing that woke me right up.  I’m still not used to sleeping with anyone every single night yet, so, just the slightest movement or noise kind of has me on edge.

I have to admit that I enjoyed meeting her Father, however, I’m happy to make note that he is not a frequent visitor to Halfhill at least.  Nice guy, bosom buddy in the future, doubtful.  He wants to make sure that I will take care of his daughter, I get that, however, I sure as shit don’t need some patriarchal dude telling me that every other sentence.

I’m looking at Romy now and the bruising on her face has all but disappeared now and the swelling has gone down, however, I will have to admit that she had me worried there for a while with the concussion and how her breathing was all fucked up with the broken ribs.  That’s why we haven’t been doing the horizontal dance lately – she can’t breathe.  I’m real worried about how fragile she is right now and I fully intend on keeping her on light duty when she finally gets the go ahead from the healers to return to active duty again.

She’s just as beautiful to me now as she was the first day that I met her.  I know under those sheets there is a body that is almost like a fucking statue – every line is perfect and those hidden places, well, let’s just say that I think I could lose my soul forever with the way that she makes love. She has definitely been my match in the bedroom. She’s beautiful, that long red hair spread out over the pillow like a veil and I can just imagine the rest, her lips slightly parted as she takes in a breath.  Let’s just say that if we were able to do anything physically right now, that’s what I would be doing.

I’ve enjoyed the time that we have had though.  We’ve lain in bed for hours just holding each other and talking.  She’s a very deep person and I enjoy hearing that husky voice of hers talk about her life with her people in Northrend. She even listens to me when I talk too. I like the way she laughs sometimes even if it does bring on a coughing fit now and again if I make her laugh too much. It’s not intentional, I can assure you, she makes me feel like I can say anything that I want to her and she won’t take offense. She makes me feel like I’m smart and very witty – yeah, I’m a fool for a compliment now and then.

I’m kind of sitting here this morning wondering about what the hell I’m doing and about what I have gotten myself into.  I’ve never had a woman living with me full time and it does feel a bit awkward at times.  I mean, I used to just rip off a fart without thinking about it, now, I feel like I should do the polite thing and go outside.  No more whizzing out the door into the yard if I wake up in the middle of the night either – oh well, I guess I needed to be civilized a bit anyway – I think I hit the cat a couple of times before I realized it, she still gives me dirty looks, poor little housecat.  I mean I’m not totally uncouth, just a bit rough around the edges after living around a bunch of guys in a camp. I’ve come to the realization that women may not fart either – at least I haven’t heard one yet since Romy has been here. Maybe that’s a good thing because I’m sure there are sections of Silvermoon that would have blown up in a methane explosion if they did. Oh well, get off the biological warfare thoughts there, Dawnglory.

 I’m just sitting here looking at this woman and wondering what is going to happen to us down the road.  I care about her a lot and would like for this relationship to last for a while.  I’ve only been close to being in love once and the girl took off without any warning – I’ll never know what went wrong or if she was just a nut job.  What the fuck!  What’s there not to love about me?  I’m tall, I’m blonde, I’m wealthy in my own right and I have no strings attached to a family that expects me to do anything.  Well, my sister might but she’s getting married off soon and that will be one less financial entanglement for me to deal with.

I guess I should go back to bed and wrap my arms around this woman while she is still mine to hold and go back to sleep.  The sky is starting to show some signs of the dawn and I should get another hour of sleep at least before I have to put on my armor and head back to base camp. Sure wish we could do something besides sleep though – that might be the one thing I ask about in the near future.  I’m not ready for that to go away for a long time.

Fnar Dawnglory

Owner of Plantation

Halfhill, Pandaria


Mahamura Cloudhoof

Mahamura Cloudhoof

Mahamura Cloudhoof

Mahamura Cloudhoof – Happy to say that she made it to 90 yesterday and I was indeed very pleased with myself.  She just happens to be my second oldest character that I have on Wrymrest-Accord and my very first Tauren that I ever rolled.   Got to admit that there was some sentimental reasons as to why I had to get her up there.

I currently have six 90s in various stages of gearing, rep grinding and whatnot – I may never have the best gear or have every single rep that there is to exalted, however, I’m having a blast with the game after eight years.

One Happy Tauren…

May 30th

Dear Journal,

Yesterday was indeed a wonderful day for Naton and I.  We finally made the trek through the Jade Forest and came into the Valley of Four Winds – what a beautiful place this has turned out to be.  It reminds me very much of the rolling hills in Mulgore and makes me even more homesick than I was before.  Naton seemed to be very pleased with where we had gotten.

The best thing that happened yesterday is that we were finally able to make it to Halfhill.  It is a very large farming community and I have never seen such huge vegetables.  My Mom would be so pleased to see all of the growing things in the valley and the herbs that she could gather are very plentiful.  We, meaning Naton and I really were happy to see a farming area – it is going to make our lives a whole lot better.  Oh, we had good food while we were traveling, however, it isn’t the same as the fresh produce that we will have here.

We were wandering the market and looking at the fare that the vendors were selling and wondering if we should splurge and buy some of the items when we ran into Mr. Morningstar.  He really seemed very happy to see us there almost as happy as we were to see him.  He had the biggest smile on his face and invited us to his farm.  Yes, he even has a farm here in Pandaria, who would have thought that a rich Sindorei would be interested in having a home here and actually having to work the land like the rest of us?

Anyway, Mr. Morningstar was full of all kinds of good news and surprises for us both.  First of all, he gave us some money, which will make life much easier for us and then he gave us a deed to a little farm not very far from his – it isn’t much but it’s a start and a place that Naton and I can call home when we are here in Pandaria.  I think the best news of all was that Mr. Morningstar got us released from the service – that means no more orders to follow other than what might be handed down from on High and we have the right to choose whether we want to do it or not.  At least we won’t have to hear some Orc screaming at us anymore to hurry up, which is like being released from a prison. Of course, we will honor the Oath that we took to the Horde when our Chief sent us off to fight the war, however, the way that this has been arranged, it’s almost like being normal again. He gave us some papers to carry with us in case we are ever get stopped and questioned about why we aren’t in the army – well, we’re mercenaries now and we work for Morningstar Enterprises, just like before when we would take those kind of contracts.

Now we can go home and visit Mom whenever we want and for as long as we want.  This was very good news because I know that Naton and I both have been very worried about being this far away from our family in the Bluff- Mom isn’t a young cow and we always worry that she is going to get ill and we aren’t going to be able to take care of her although Nahai and Tahfal are there with her all of the time. I don’t know about how Naton really feels about it but I feel like I have had a huge weight lifted from my shoulders.

Well, it seems that the rumors we had heard while we were traveling through the countryside were true and that the Orcs and Trolls are fighting one another.  It’s a rebellion against the Warchief – which doesn’t surprise me at all.  Of course, now we will have to watch our backs not only from the Alliance but we’ll have to be careful around people in our own faction.  Mr. Morningstar said it was very serious and the we should be cautious and not talk to anyone about what is going on unless we really trust them.  That shouldn’t be too much of a problem for Naton and I because we don’t usually talk to many people anyway other than a few other Tauren that we’ve met since we’ve been here. I don’t think that they would say anything because they hate this war as much as we do.  I guess there is actually fighting going on in the Barrens with the Kor’kon – that doesn’t surprise me all that much because of the fact that they are just robots controlled by their Orc Warchief.  I never have trusted the Orcs, even when I was home, because they are always mean and they smell bad.

We were both shocked about Dalaran and the things that went on there with that Lady Proudmore and how she has driven all of the people out of there.  Well, I guess we shouldn’t be all that surprised with that bit of news because Mr. Morningstar moved his offices from there back to Orgrimmar a while ago because he felt that it was safer for his family to be away from that city.  He’s a smart man, always has been since I’ve known him.  It’s not true what they say about the Blood Elves because Mr. Morningstar has always been good to us and never has treated us unfairly since we’ve been working for him.  Now, he’s the next best thing to being our Chief as Baine is, in my eyes.  I know that he is the one that has always made sure that we doing okay and we were able to take care of our Mother the way that she should be.

Naton and I walked over to our farm after we got finished talking with the Boss – it seems funny to think of him as the Boss again.  It isn’t much and the house is going to have to have a lot of work done on it before it’s really livable, however, it’s ours and we have the deed for it in our hands.  Naton was really smiling when he saw the new forge and anvil there already, another present from Mr. Morningstar. I know that we have worked for him for a very long time, however, this generosity has really surprised us both.

I’m actually sitting in the house right now as I write in my journal.  There isn’t any furniture and the roof looks like it might leak, however, it’s ours and it’s going to be home for us.  After we get things fixed up a little bit more maybe we can get our Mother up here too – it would be a nice change for her and maybe it might help her live a much longer life.  Of course, I’m sure that Nahai and Tahfal will want to come with her, they really aren’t going to get too far away from her.

I just know that I am one happy Tauren.  I have everything that a girl could want up here in Pandaria with the exception of a mate, which will happen in time and I’m going to be real picky about that.  I’m a Tauren of some means now, not just someone plodding along.  I know Naton was already banging away at his forge last night until I yelled at him and reminded him that some of us have to sleep.   I guess I should get up from the floor that I am sitting on and start doing some work outside so we can get this place ready to live in. Praise the Earth Mother for all of the bounties that have been given to us!


Oh, The Discussions We Sometimes Have…

May 29th

Dear Journal,

I will have to admit that Kae and I are finally starting to wind down a bit since our last patrol up in Kun’lai.  That seemed to be the longest four days that we have spent up there for a long time.  It seems as though there is a great deal of unrest amongst the Horde these days.  I haven’t had a chance to talk to my Father about it but the rumors that we are getting here in Pandaria is that the Horde is imploding.  Sure does look like something is going awry in the worst possible way for them. 

I know that Kae and I both were spotted a couple of times by Horde scouting parties and they made no move on us at all.  It actually kind of creeped us out a bit because we’re used to being shot at, at least chased some distance before they give up, however, this time, they just saw us and didn’t do anything at all.  I know that I have seen fewer Rangers up in the area, which is all well and good because that always fills both us with trepidation because you never know if my Father will be with them or not.  For a commanding officer, he sure does seem to spend a lot of time out in the field with his men.  I’m happy our commander doesn’t feel like disturbing her beauty rest long enough to get her hands dirty and go out in the field with the rest of us.

We were able to get in some personal hunting while we were on patrol and I have a substantial amount of hides to send back to Maggie in Stormwind again.  Of course, I’m keeping out some of the best pieces to make some things for Kae and I because we’re both in dire need of some larger saddlebags.  Yes, we are starting to accumulate more “stuff” the more we’re together.  One of those things where I would have already sold it off or thrown it out, Kae is going “we might need that” to me.

My Mother seems to be rather pleased to be able to come and visit us at the farm since it overlooks Dad’s place.  She can at least catch a glimpse of him when she is here and he happens to be in Halfhill.  I know that they are still stealing a few hours to be together alone every now and then.  And yes, Lumina is very definitely going to have kittens and Kae has already said that she wants one.  Mom is going to give her the pick of the litter, I guess.  I’m glad that the two women in my life are appearing to be at least friendly to one another.  Kae talks more openly around my Mother than I ever thought would happen and that’s always a pleasant thing to overhear them talking about me when I was a little boy and the things that I used to get into.

I guess that Mom has explained to Kae about the rebel cause and the Horde stuff in the warehouse and Kae seems to be able to accept the explanation more readily than she did when it came from me.  I guess Mom went into more detail with her about how things are done with the company because she knows that Kae and I are still working for the same goal when we’re not doing Sentinel business.  Who knows, if things go as badly for the Horde as they appear to be from the rumors, the company in Stormwind will be even more valuable than it already is.

Mom said that Aunt Faendra is going to be getting married to some fellow in Silvermoon that Dad arranged for her and Mom doesn’t think it’s such a good idea.  Oh, the Sindorei are definitely different in how they handle things like marriages and family alliances than what the Kaldorei are.  I had to laugh at Mom because she was telling Kae and I that it was a blessing in disguise that I took after the Kaldorei more the Sindorei, I would probably have a rougher time of fitting in with that group of people.  Oh well, I’m not going to worry about it.  At least I won’t have to endure one of those arranged things – if anything happens, it will happen because I want it too and the person involved with me would have to be in agreement to it.  Marry or mate for love, don’t do it for money and social climbing.  Seems kind of barbaric to me the way the Sindorei do things like that.  I guess that Aunt Fae isn’t too thrilled with the whole thing either from what Mom had gathered in her discussions with Dad.

I know it’s nice for us to be at the farm for a few days.  I will admit that my shoulders are giving me fits these days.  I guess I need to start thinking about springing for a new set of shoulders since my current armor doesn’t seem to fit as well.  It’s too tight right across the shoulders.  I think that Kae and I both need to look at getting some replacement gear.  Oh, hers fits her perfectly, I’m the one that seems to be still growing.  I kind of miss those days when we lived in Dalaran and all I had to do was to march down to the smithy and he would set about making a new set for me without any money up front.  Well, he had the Morningstar account and had had it for years.  He’s the fellow that really kept us all looking great.  Ah well, those days are gone for good I suppose.  I’m still kind of shocked at the changes there but I guess that’s how it’s going to be.

My Mother embarrassed me to death the last time that she was here when she asked Kae if she was taking any precautions against getting pregnant.  She even gave her some of the herbs that she uses because she had brought quite a supply from my Grandmother’s the last time that she was in Dolonaar.  Mom said that she wasn’t ready to become a grandparent yet and if I was truly my Father’s son, then, we’d be going at it like rabbits.  Mom, how could you do that to me?  I thought Kae was going to laugh until she cried because she saw how dark my face got and the shocked look that I had going there. Kae told Mom that she thought I must be taking after my Father because I seemed to have quite the appetite for what we were doing when we were alone.  My Mom just nodded her head and smiled the biggest smile.  I think that she did that on purpose.

I guess I was just embarrassed that my Mom knew I was “doing it” just like I was embarrassed the first time I walked in on she and Dad having some fun times.  Oh well, I guess we’ve all agreed that it’s a normal fact of life that men and women will do the horizontal dance when they get the chance.

It’s almost time for the Faire again and I think that we’re hoping that we can take some time off and go this time.  We missed last month’s fun.  I know that Mom is going to remind Dad of the fact that it’s coming soon in hopes that he will be able to get away and go with us.  I would like for Kae to meet him away from Pandaria and the prying eyes.  I think she is going to be in for a big surprise when she finally gets to talk to him.  I laughed when she told me that she thought he was a very attractive man for a Sindorei.  She kind of likes to take a peek at Dawnglory every now and again too.  I hope we get to meet my friends from Stormwind again and maybe Kae will be relaxed enough to where she can get to know them.

Well, guess what, Dawnglory has some redheaded woman living with him at his farm now.  That sure didn’t take long for him to get  a woman in there.  I saw her early this morning and she looks a bit beat-up and frail.  I guess that’s how the Sindorei women are these days.  Oh, I’m sure that Dawnglory didn’t hit or anything like that because I know him well enough to know that that isn’t his style. Love and leave ’em, yes, not beat them up and leave them.  I suppose that she must be kind of special for him to have her living there with him.  I wonder if she is  a Ranger too?  I’ll have to ask my Dad when I see him.

Oh well, I guess that we’re going to have to do some other things today while we’re here at the farm too.  Looks like weeding is in order after all of the rain that we’ve been getting.  Kae has already made breakfast while I was writing and is standing in the kitchen tapping her foot like she always does when she wants me to hurry up with whatever it is that I am doing.  


Fun In Real Life..and Then, There’s World of Warcraft

May 28th

Actually had a very nice weekend with the family and friends outside of WoW.  Oh yeah, they do play sometimes but their addictions aren’t as heavy duty as mine it appears.  Oh well, we still had fun in RL together, which is the important thing.

Saturday was the day that we had set aside to spend some time with our granddaughter and our son.  Awesomsauce!  We had a great time taking the little one into a store full of people and all kinds of things to catch a 2 1/2 year olds eyes.  Surprisingly enough, she was very well behaved in spite of everything going on.  We even got brave enough to take the little one out to a late lunch in a real live restaurant – once again, she surprised us all with the way that she was so well behaved.  Could have been her excitement of watching all of the people in there because it was a crowded place – she even thought it was great fun to try to color the little hat that they brought her – can’t say I’ve ever seen a school bus that color before, however, for a two year old – that wasn’t a bad color – hot pink,  I suppose. There is nothing that melts a grandparents’ heart faster than the words “I love you, Grandpa and Grandma.” Naturally she thinks that her Dad is the greatest thing since sliced bread because she doesn’t have to share his attention with any of her siblings from her Mother’s previous liaisons. Of course, Daddy dotes on the little girl and we all know that she is going to be terribly spoiled  – which is okay, kids need to be spoiled.

Sunday was going to be one of those days where I just kind of relaxed and did a few things around the house and got play WoW a little bit because even though we’re both retired, it does seem like our weekends are just as busy as they were when we were working.

Yesterday, Memorial Day in the US, we were planning on having a nice dinner with our son sans granddaughter because she had to go spend some time with her Mother.  Anyway, we got up and did a few things around the house to make it look less ‘lived’ in than it normally does – yes, the dust bunnies were starting to demand equal privileges with the cats – wasn’t a happy arrangement for either groups.

Luckily, I had some time to jump into the game for a little while and play on my little Tauren that has been languishing in Pandaria for far too long without any kind of progress.  I would work on her periodically when I needed a break from usual plethora of elves – Horde and Alliance.  She finally hit the precious and forever long level of 89 today which means that it is going to be the longest grind in history to 90 before she can fly in Pandaria. Even with the increase in experience points with each quest completed, it still seems like it takes forever.

All was good in the world yesterday until some poor fool decided that flying his vehicle in the air was a much better means of transportation rather than staying on the roadway with the rest of the peons.  This little antic caused a great number of us in the area to be without cable, telephones and internet for roughly twelve hours while the repairs were being made.   Yep, we don’t know if the poor fool lived through the ordeal or not, however, our main cable boxes for a portion of the Southeast section of the city did not survive the antics. 

We had a great time spending some quality time with our adult child without any interference from our cable, telephone or internet, however, it did cause us all to overindulge in the food that we had prepared.  Just for grins, we decided that a prime rib was in order with all of the side dishes that usually come along with that main dish.  To say that we overindulged is an understatement which leaves us all feeling a bit “beef” saturated today with the side effects. 

World of Warcraft

5.3 has been a fun time for those of you that have been able to enjoy it to its fullest extent, however, for those of my ilk – still working on getting there due to the number of alts that I play  – it’s been a tad bit interesting.  Reporting several issues in-game with uncommon bugs that seem to have cropped up after the patch was dropped and logged back in today to find that those bugs were still very much alive and still mucking up what it was that I wanted to do on my alts for the day.  As for the storyline that has come along with the patch, I don’t know if I am impressed or not – if I’m asking myself that question, chances are it’s the latter.

Last week, when the patch dropped, I thought it would be a fine time to work on some alts since I knew that Pandaria was going to be packed to the gills and less that feasible for common courtesy to survive more than a few milliseconds in some areas.  Oh, I wasn’t disappointed when I went to the Seat of Knowledge – looked around and made a hasty departure back to where I had been and parked my mains for the duration of time.  Little did I know that the plethora of bugs that were created with this drop on poor Kalimdor would actually put a halt on leveling much on that continent – I’ve found workarounds with some of the issues by going to the Eastern Kingdoms. Mostly buggy things like gathering mats – kill something, try to skin it and it didn’t work, however, if you backed up in Un’Goro you could kill the ravasaurs and skin them  – pity the poor people that were doing questing in the area when several of us were trying to gather mats for leather working.

Rerolled a mage that I had been working on for quite some time and had left languishing since Christmas and discovered that I wasn’t all that bad, not with all of the BOA gear he had on his little body.  Yep, think I’ll be working on him some more.  I also decided that it would be a good time to reroll one of my shaman because I couldn’t really play the higher level one with any kind of confidence at all only  to discover that this wasn’t such a bad character to play after all.  Yep, let them sit in the files and get dusty for a few months and not only the nerfs will do you in but you’ve also forgotten some of the mechanics of playing them.  Oh no, don’t even think that I would be silly enough to run one through a dungeon with perfect strangers – those names even though they are just names tend to make one kind of feel like you’ve been riding the short-bus most of your life.  I would truly hate to be a “new” player walking into some of these instances for the first time – they would probably cringe, cry and quickly unsub their subscriptions with some of the behaviors that I have witnessed of late.  It’s not just the lower dungeons that seem to have evolved a new legacy of cretins.

Just my own personal point of view, I do actually think that 5.3 is probably the most bug infested patch that Blizzard has created in quite a while, including the CRZ debacle that we’ve all learned to adapt too. Quests are broken, looked at the Bug Report forum and some of them area listed and some are not – turned in more bug reports in-game than I ever have and I know they were ignored completely after this morning maintenance.   Where has the seamless game that I have come to enjoy disappeared too?  Wish I knew because my frustration and my inability to get any kind of character immersion going at this point has reached a new high.  Still love the game and hope that it gets fixed to where it’s fun again without the little bothersome things cropping up at each level of the game.  Doesn’t matter if you’re level 90 or a level 10, those bugs reach out and grab your attention real fast when you’ve been playing for eight years.  Seems to be that most of the bugs that I have encountered seem to be where the new content has “splatted” down – Yep, those caravans must be hard up for leather and you forget about running a goblin around on the rocketway because it’s not working any longer.  Wonder if the trolls were using it for some kind of military strategy that we are unaware of at this point? Poor Kalimdor.

Ah well, this wasn’t meant to be a rant about all of the things that are wrong at this point, however, I was bit taken aback to find that none of the bugs that were reported were fixed in the old content.  I guess you either “have to play” the new content or you get swept under the carpet.   Well, just so happens that I am pretty burned out on Pandaria  – it’s been a great expansion, however, with six 90s trying to finish out their tenure up there, it really gets old grinding away.   That’s why I wanted to play my alts – to get away from Pandaria for a while.

Oh well, I’m sure that my mood will change before too much longer and I’ll get back into the swing of things again.  Oh yeah, we didn’t get the internet back until after ten o’clock last night which made it nearly impossible for me to pick my poor little characters’ pixilated brains to get a good story written today.

Cheers, hope my brain kicks in and I can get myself buried in one of my characters for a few hours at least.



A Tauren In Pandaria

May 27th

Dear Journal,

While I may long to be home in Thunderbluff with my Mother and brothers, I am finding things in this new land that are very enjoyable.  I have spent a great deal of time in the Jade Forest and I see how it comes by its name.  There is so much green there that you can almost become lost and mesmerized by it.  Yes, there are dangers there that will sometimes catch you by surprise if you are not wary.

I am definitely following the teachings of the Pandaren with their “Slow Down” and I’m definitely savoring every minute that I can of the beauty of this land.  It’s definitely not Mulgore, which I am still very homesick for, however, it has its own special beauty.  At least Naton and I have found more Tauren in the area and we’ve started making friends with them.  We like to gather together sometimes and talk about home and sometimes we just sit there and laugh at all of the adventures that we are having.

“Slow Down” that is the one statement that makes me smile and sometimes even makes me laugh outright because Tauren are not known for our speed. Oh, we can speed up the pace when we are attacking something, however, we normally take a slow pace so that we may cover a greater distance without fatigue.  That’s the secret, why rush to do something and then be too exhausted to carry on further.  We’re a nomadic people and traveling the roads of Kalimdor for generations has taught us that speed is not something that will get you to your destination any faster.  I can’t begin to tell you how many little Blood Elves we’ve ended up carrying with us, literally, because in their haste they have depleted their energy to where they would have ended up dead if it weren’t for the Tauren in the area.

We are definitely learning how to embrace the land and try to repair some of the damages wrought by some of our Horde brethren as we travel along.  Of course, we do have some Orc that want to kill everything in sight, while we continue to plod along and hoping that they might get eaten by some of the beasts in the area.  I guess that doesn’t sound very loyal when you’re fighting a war, however, I never much cared for the Orc when we were still in Kalimdor, I care less for them in Pandaria.

I know that Naton made one of our sergeants angry the other day when the fellow was just yelling at us to speed up, the war would be over by the time we got our mangy hides into the fray.  Naton’s response to that was that we would live to get to the battle whereas, he may not make it himself due to his haste and inability to take in his surroundings as he galloped along.   Besides, without the Tauren to put the Orcs back together again, Hellscream probably wouldn’t have much of an army at his disposal, so, just be quiet and we will arrive at our destination in due time.  Sometimes my brother surprises me with the way that he can take all of this in stride without seeming to get upset about it – I know I cry sometimes because I do get weary and I do get frightened.  Naton offers me comfort and solace when I feel upset and I think that is because he has seen this “war” thing all before when he was under the influence of the Lich.  He keeps telling me that things will get better.

Oh, we did get to see Mr. Morningstar when we were in Dawn’s Blossom for a while.  He looks very tired, however, he was very happy to see Naton and I.  He told us to be careful and on our guard while we were making the trek through the Jade Forest and he would have a surprise for us when we get to Halfhill.  I wonder what that surprise could be?  He’s one of the big Ranger Commanders now, however, he will always be Mr. Morningstar to Naton and I after all of these years of working for him in Kalimdor.  The good news is that he said that we were still on the payroll for Morningstar Enterprises and that we could still send things back to Orgrimmar and we would be paid just like always.  That was good news to the two of us because the money we get for being in this army isn’t all that great and we still money home to Mom and the two boys when we can.  I miss those days of just being near home and being able to help the family with what I could earn there. At least we have been able to keep up our trades a little bit and have been able to send things home.

Ah well, I should put this journal away and get some rest, we have a long trek tomorrow and should be arriving in the Valley of Four Winds.  We always hear rumors about the places that we are going, however, I am curious to see these giant vegetables that we have been told about – the noodles we have been eating and some of the vegetables that we have been able to find have been delicious, however, I would love to make some cabbage soup with bits of carrots in it and have time for it to simmer to bring out the flavor – everything is cooked so fast while we travel that some of the flavor is lost.  Oh, and the tea, we always have tea with our meals.

Oh, I am smiling now because we were able to make camp early enough tonight to be able to sit around the campfire and have our own version of Story Circle.  It wasn’t as splendid as the one that we have on the Bluffs, however, there were some wonderful stories told by some of group.  We even had time to sit and sing some of our tribal songs for a few minutes.  It was almost like home, not quite, however, it made me proud to be a Tauren.  We may get frowned upon by some of the Orcs, Trolls and Blood Elves for our lack of speed and our caring about the land, however, we will always carry our love and traditions of the Earth Mother with us regardless of the circumstances.  That’s what makes our people truly strong – our faith.

Some of the other women and I are looking forward to the day when we can actually put on a dress and do the things that we were used to doing at home.  This constant wearing of armor is not very feminine and we have all noticed the young bulls traveling with us – we’re all of marriageable age and even if there is a war going on, we still are women.  We were giggling amongst ourselves last night about a couple of the young fellows that seem to be determined to make a name for themselves here in Pandaria because they want their tribes to remember them as heroes.  Well, I’ll take a lesser Brave as a mate because I don’t intend on being made a widow early in my life with calves to care for.  Give me a nice Druid or even another hunter to be a companion with, that is all that I ask, Earth Mother.

Mahamura Cloudhoof


Meeting Daddy…

*Contains very blunt language and swearing – if this type of thing offends you, please don’t read this.*


May 26th

Yo Book!

Well, I was able to get Romy back to the farm in Halfhill and we were just starting to go in the house when she recognized someone and called out to them.  What the fuck!  Turns out it’s her Father and he’s a Death Knight.  Alrighty then, this should be fucking interesting, yes? I could tell that she was pleasantly surprised to see her parent and I think that he was even more surprised to see her with me. Oh well, not my problem to deal with, I suppose.

Can’t say that I’ve ever met a girl’s Father before that wasn’t holding a gun and threatening to shoot my ass either.  Interesting concept and I am sure that the Dads’ have their reasons that they want to protect their little girls – how do they think they got little girls – the Dragonhawk Fairy dropped them off? Anyway, that’s beside the point.  I met her Father.

I will have to admit that it was rather awkward because there was no denying that his daughter and I were “together” in the true sense from the way our conversation went.  We were more than just acquaintances.  Yo Dude!  I’ve been shagging your daughter for quite a while and we talk to each other!  Anyway, it was real awkward standing there on the porch, so, I introduced myself and invited the fellow into the house.

I will admit that Romy still doesn’t look her best, however, there is a vast improvement already from what I was told that she looked like when she was initially brought into the medical tent for treatment. The swelling and the bruising on her face has gone done considerably, however, she seems a bit addle pated now and again from the concussion.  Her ribs seem to be taking a bit longer to heal than what I would have thought, however, I’m not a fucking healer.  It definitely has put a squelch on our more intimate moments, nothing like having your woman coughing and gasping for air, just kind of spoils the mood, if you know what I mean.

Anyway, I think her Father and I have finally agreed that there isn’t going to be a pissing contest between the two of us in regard to Romy.  Sure, he’s a badass in his own way and I’m a badass in mine, however, that’s not the point.  I don’t have to prove to anyone what I’m capable of as a man, much less a dead guy.  Anyway, I basically told him to knock the bullshit off and call it a truce – we’re equals and we were together talking only because of Romy.

After that initial “meeting” of the minds, I did kind of like the guy.  He has his own interests in how he wants things to go for his family line and so on, however, it isn’t going to rain on my parade one iota.  If Romy wants to go along with her Father’s wishes, that’s fine and good, however, I’m there for her…not her family.

Apparently this dude is heavily involved in some of the more dangerous things right now which include as being a somewhat active member with the rebels to overthrow that moron in Orgrimmar.  Now, I was  a bit floored that he started talking about this shit with a perfect stranger. How the fuck was he to know that I’ve been involved in a more clandestine manner and don’t feel the need to shout it from the rooftops?  Morningstar Enterprises has been involved in shipping supplies and other resources to the rebels since the riots in Orgrimmar.  Albeit, we’re keeping a low profile because neither Fnor nor I want to have our damned heads removed from our shoulders and our relatives snuffed the fuck out either.  There is a time to use to be covert and clandestine methodology than to just dance your ass out there going “Hello, Look At Me!  I’m Here to overthrow Garrosh!” kind of thing.  I did explain to the guy that we, meaning the company, have been involved in this shit long before the Trolls decided it was time to make a move – I trust the Troll leader about as much as I trust the Black Prince which means that I’ll keep my fucking low profile and see how this shit works out.

I was kind of shocked that Fnor stopped by the house while Daddy was still there to let Romy and I in on some news – good news if you weren’t the dead guy.  It seems that the Lt. Commander Lightshadow met with an unfortunate accident – a very short rope and a long drop.  Yep, the bastard committed suicide rather than to go before the closed tribunal that had been scheduled to hear the charges brought against him for abusing his female subordinates.  Oh yeah, guy was a real winner.  I had to laugh at Fnor because he said the guy committed suicide and then did the tongue-in-cheek thing that he does occasionally and mentioned that it was either the rope that killed him or the slit throat.  I knew what happened at that point – Fnor didn’t want to sit through a long tribunal just to find the bastard guilty and try to ship his ass back to Orgrimmar.  I would like to say that I was a bit surprised, however, knowing the man as many years as I have, I wasn’t “real” surprised.   Anyway, that’s one less asshole walking around on the planet.

Naturally, we all sat around and talked a little while after that and the topic of the rebellion came up again.  Fnor assured Dad that the company was assisting and had been assisting the rebels for quite some time and that we were definitely involved in things even if we weren’t waving flags around.  Guess they will get together and talk about this shit some more later on.  Frankly, I’m to the point that I just want the war over and done with – I’ve had enough playtime at the direction of Hellscream.

What Romy and her Father didn’t realize is that Fnor is an Ambassador for the Horde and has been involved in privy council meetings for quite a while.  I think that Romy and her Dad were shocked a bit when he said he had to go to Orgrimmar to attend one of those meetings.  Kind of looked like they raised their eyebrows.  I guess they didn’t realize that Fnor has been playing these diplomatic games for quite a few years as well as doing his share of espionage as a mercenary.  We haven’t always been Rangers, you know – there are other profitable ways to make a living.  I hope no one ever questions our loyalty to the Regent Lord because they won’t survive the accusation for very long.  We’re loyal to Silvermoon first and foremost even if we do hate the city, it’s where our seat of government is and the place that assures that our race will continue on in spite of constantly getting sold down the fucking river.

What I had planned on happening when I brought Romy home to the farm was for her to get some rest and to relax.  This first evening was anything but fucking peaceful.  I was happy to have met her Father and was pretty impressed with him regardless of the fact that he’s a Death Knight now.  Shit happens!  I’ve dealt with Death Knights before and have even lived around one, Fnor’s sister Felaran for quite a few years – they are odd ducks, no two fucking ways about it, however, they are just people for the most part.

Our guests finally departed for the evening and I made sure that I got Romy tucked into bed with her meds and was about ready to grab my bedroll and head down under the house to sleep.  I didn’t want to fucking make her uncomfortable with her still aching injuries.  I was pleasantly surprised that she asked me to sleep with her in the bed, so, I did. No, sex was definitely not on the menu with the way that she is banged up.

It was just nice holding her in my arms and falling asleep next to her.  It’s been a while since we’ve just lain in bed together without a good romp before falling asleep, however, that will happen in time – I’ve got plenty of time to get used to having this woman in my house.  Can’t say that I’ve ever lived with a woman before other than my sister and Fnor’s family.   It’s going to be interesting, we can at least find out if we can tolerate each other on a daily basis now.  Oh fuck no! I’m not getting married and I don’t think that’s something that has even entered Romy’s head even if it did make her Father happy.

As for my feelings at this point, I’m not real fucking sure.  I think they’re mixed emotions – I care about Romy more than she even realizes, however, I’m not real sure that one could say that I am in love or not.  Time will tell, however, one thing I do know is that we can have an arrangement of any kind that she wants, however, marriage is still not something in vocabulary.

Fnar Dawnglory

Owner of Plantation

Halfhill, Pandaria