Just Because…

October 21st

Dear Journal,

I will have to admit that it is time that I did get out of the office more often.  I don’t think that Amyn wants me to stay here all of the time when she is readily available to cover my job now and then.  I know that I start getting more than a little bit stir crazy sometimes when I have been here for several weeks on end and it isn’t something that I like to admit to anyone.  I’m the cool, calm and collected one that keeps things organized, however, staring at ledgers all day or dealing with the employees will sometimes make me more than just a little bit cranky.   Now, just add that little frog from Silvermoon and I start heading off the deep end rather quickly.

I know that I am really happy that I have taken a few days to go out and explore things a bit more and I have even found that I actually like doing this archeology thing too.  It really gets me out to stretch my long legs as well as keeping me on my toes when I know that I am going into Horde territory sometimes too.  I’ve found quite a few interesting things that I know that I can sell through the company to make myself some extra money – after all, Winter Veil is coming soon even if we can’t seem to realize that the time is going on.

I’ve also had some time to go over to Darnassus and visit with some of my friends there as well as going back to the Exodar to see my family now and then too.  It wasn’t healthy for me to just shut everything else off except for work.  It was making Maggie a very dull Draeni.   I know that Lagn always seems extremely happy when I go visit him although we do have to be careful of things because I know that if some of the other employees found out that I was actually sleeping with him, they might start screaming that I was giving him special treatment for that as well as being of my own race.   Well, it’s really none of their business.

I suppose that I ought to just admit that I needed to get away from Stormwind when what I am trying to get away from is living under the same roof with me.  Oh, Vashlan is a nice enough young fellow and I will have to admit that he is a sexy devil even when he’s not trying – must be that mixed blood of that is calling out to me too.  Oh, I’m not in love with him or anything like that, however, I am very much in “lust” with him.  I know that he is not intending to do the things that he does to me or I hope that he isn’t even aware of it.  Yes, he is still very much the little womanizer, however, I think that he has learned how to be a bit more discrete and since his Mother gave him a good talking too and his biological Father backed her up, he’s not been bringing all of his women here to the apartment like he was there for a while when his parents were too busy to pay attention to what was going on.   I had to smile when he came to me and apologized to me for not showing me the proper respect, after all, we do share that apartment area above the warehouse.

I know that I am feeling much better about things and I can deal with the nonsense that needs to be dealt with a much better attitude than what I had going there for a while.  I was one miserable person because I just couldn’t tear myself away from the business and it’s not even my own business, I just work here.

I have been enjoying the holiday a little bit too, all of these costumes and all of the revelry.  Oh, there seem to be parties almost every single night right now and I do attend the ones that I can, however, I know that I am running out of time and running out of costumes.  I know the silly game of trying to guess who someone is in their costumes is kind of hard for me to play because I always get guessed because there is nothing that I can do to cover up my hooves enough to where they won’t be seen.  Long dresses work for a while, however, the minute that I move, that clomp gives me away.  Ah well, maybe I’ll figure something out – I always do.   I really like some of the new pirate costumes that I have seen some of the people wearing though, I might try to figure out something with that, put on a cape to cover up my tail and those boots just might be enough to cover my hooves better.   I’ll give it a bit more thought because I’ve been invited to a rather large gala at the end of the week.






Too Many Distractions…

June 27th

Dear Journal,

I have decided that I need to really get out of Stormwind more often or at least to get out of my office more frequently.   Why do you think that is?  Well, I haven’t really been anywhere of late other than to Shattrath and after having met the little frog person that I am going to be working with down there, I wonder how that is going to work out?  I know that I was extremely stressed when I was informed that we were comingling the warehouse goods with the company from Silvermoon City.  I know that it probably never occurred to my boss that this was going to present certain problems with her accounting and maintaining a proper inventory of the goods that we have shipped down there already.   How am I supposed to know if there is a shipment that the frog needed more supplies to ship out and she has helped herself to my inventory? I know that I will have to give it a try and see what happens, if I find it too stressful, I’ll hire someone to keep track of things there , kind of an assistant or something.

I think that the thing that has me more upset at the moment is that I haven’t heard much from Lagn and we were supposed to get together to have dinner here in Stormwind in the very near future, maybe it might have even turned into a sleepover for him.  I do have a room in the apartment upstairs although that is another matter that I need to change soon.  I need to find a place of my own, I think. Nothing fancy, mind you, just a place to call my own and a place where I can escape from the demands of my job for a few hours at least.

I think that what is truly bothering me is that the apartment may be very spacious by some standards, however, having to share it with my boss’s son is another matter.  It never bothered me before and I think that I know what is bothering me now is that he is growing up and becoming very much a man by all standards.  Oh, he’s a mage and normally he is covered from neck to boots in a robe, however, here at the apartment, he tends to be a bit more casual and I find it very distracting to say the least.

Vashlan is much younger than I am,  however, he has physically matured quite a bit in the last year.  He’s always been very studious as a mage often will be, however, he has finally gotten his nose out of the books long enough to see the world for what it is – there are females out there.  No, I’m not going to jump his bones or anything like that.  He definitely has turned out to be a very handsome and alluring young man.

Maybe it’s those green flecked eyes, the way that he smiles or the way that he is always infatuated with his appearance.  After having met my boss’s Sindorei husband, I can see a lot of the sire in Vashlan.  Very handsome indeed.  He is a smaller carbon copy of his older brother, Kal, however, Master Kaldor is very much spoken for even if he hasn’t taken a mate yet.

Oh, Maggie, you’re an evil woman for having these thoughts about this right now.  I guess it really is time for me to find another place to live because with the temptation seeming to be more alluring than ever, I don’t want to give into it. Maybe I’ll take a couple of days off and go visit Lagn in Darnassus, that’s probably what I need to do, get my head cleared of these thoughts and come back and concentrate on my job better.  Oh, these thoughts are not something that I plan on sharing with any others either, I can just well imagine how some of my acquaintances might react, it wouldn’t be too pleasant to be the butt of many jokes and a lot of teasing.

Hmm, I wonder what I should take with me to Darnassus?  Maybe a nice gown in addition to my usual attire and armor.  I know there are several nice places to eat there and I do know a few other people that live in the city – I plan on staying at the Inn because I have no idea what kind of accommodations Lagn might be able to offer since he is relatively a newcomer to the city himself.

Oh well, the change of pace will do me good and I’ll get to be with some of my own kind and age.





Meanwhile…Back In Stormwind

June 9th

Dear Journal,

While it can be said that I enjoy working for Shadowmoon Enterprises, I’m not so sure that I enjoy having to deal with this little frog person from Morningstar Enterprises when I am in Shattrath.  Her voice, oh by the Light, her voice makes my teeth hurt and the language – it’s so crude sounding when she speaks Common, which she has a limited vocabulary at best.  At least we’re not together all of the time, we just happen to run into one another in Shattrath from time to time. Zippie, what a ridiculous name that is and the surname isn’t too far from wrong with it being Prattfall – she does seem to do that frequently, in my opinion.

I suppose if I could be considered a traitor in some circles by working for an employer that is married to a Sindorei and they are running businesses and selling goods to both factions.  Amyn tells me that is making money for both sides and that I should realize that she would never do anything that would be harmful for the Alliance.  I do know that we don’t send out weapons to the Horde, however, we send out all manner of goods to them.  Of course, now that this Zippie person has access to our warehouse goods in Shattrath, it will mean that I will have to inventory a lot more when I am down there to make sure that we have what  we need to service our customers and that we are being compensated correctly when she takes goods.  I don’t think that combining the two companies outwardly like it has been done is a wise decision either – what if some person happens to talk to the right people in Stormwind, we could all end up in jail.  At least I only have to endure the place once a month down there and collect what monies are owed on contracts if Amyn hasn’t already done so.  She works hard for a boss and I will have to tip my hat to her for that because she seems to balance her marriage, her family and the political situation quite well.   I have seen her husband in Shattrath and I will have to admit that he is quite handsome for a Blood Elf.  I can actually see some resemblance in the boys now that I have laid eyes on their Sire.  Most assuredly, the boys look more decidedly Kaldorei, however, the way they both smile  and that self-assuredness that seems to be a trait of the Sindorei is definitely in evidence.

I will have to admit that I enjoyed the short trip that I made to Pandaria, however, I’m not sure that I like all of the bears there.  Oh, they are friendly and likeable enough, however, I don’t think that I have ever been overly fond of furries.  The countryside is beautiful and dangerous in some areas or so I’m told.  I know that I was up there primarily to give my opinion on opening another warehouse up there and I don’t think that it is such a good idea because who knows which way the Horde will go from one day to the next  – the other company’s people might decide to revolt and take everything over and then, where would our employees be?  Not a good plan in my considered opinion.

I had Vashlan keep an eye on things while I was away and his Mother was visiting with his Father.  Not real sure that was such a good idea.  He hired some people while I was away and I can’t help but feel that he wasn’t using his brain when he hired them – they were all women.   At least I know what drives the young man and I think that I will ask someone else the next time I have to be absent and Amyn isn’t going to be in town.   We’ll have to see how all of this works out, won’t we?

I guess that Kaldor is making arrangements to have all of his stock for his contracts shipped into Stormwind instead of making the trip down like he was.  I wonder what is up with that, I really like that young fellow.  I suppose his late night carousing here in Stormwind with his friends has caused him some complications with his woman, she’s a Sentinel or was a Sentinel and those women don’t put up with much nonsense from their men, which is as it should be.

Oh, I did have a nice surprise when I got back to town.  I had a letter from Lagn and he is staying in Darnassus for the time being.  He also had some flowers delivered that were quite lovely.  The letter was friendly enough and was mostly about his time with the Kaldorei and then he asked me out to dinner.  I suppose it wouldn’t hurt anything if I did go out to dinner with him even if he is an employee.  I’ll have to give that some thought though, might not  be the proper thing to do.

Oh well, I suppose I ought to stop writing and get back to work.  I just dread trying to balance the books for our share in Shattrath and then have to turn around and balance the books for here in Stormwind.  There are times that I feel almost trapped at my desk and the weather has turned quite lovely and I would like to be outside enjoying it – this past winter of being stuck here most of the time has made me almost loathe it.





Oh! Thank You!!

March 6th

Dear Journal,

While I will be the first one to admit that there are times that I just want to smack the crap of people and ask them if they were born this stupid or was it something they acquired over time.  I’m hoping it was something acquired, I would hate to think that they were born that way.

We run a very simple business here in Stormwind, or I think it’s a simple business.  We’re an import/export firm that does occasional odd jobs such as escorting people to different locations and they don’t want to travel the roads alone, that’s fine.  We also have been known to do some mercenary work once in a while, however, we do charge a fair price for it.  The bounty hunting is a good sideline, however, I do have some really stupid people to deal with sometimes. 

Yes, you took the bounty hunting contract because the money was very good, however, you’re supposed to deliver the body to the client as proof that the contract was filled, not bring the body back to the warehouse and try to store it.  Really?  Yes, it really happened and it was quite the stench that took over the whole building that alerted me to the fact that something was definitely dead in there.  What can I expect, I have Night Elves, Dwarves, Worgen and a Pandaren that might sometimes suffer with too much to drink or maybe just total forgetfulness – I don’t know which is worse.

I wish the owner of the company , Amynlarae Shadowmoon, would spend more time in Stormwind and not spend as much time in Shattrath City right now.  I guess she is going to spread the operations out a little bit more to make more money .  She said that she has had a business in that city before and she is in the process of reopening it again.  Well, I don’t care, I hope that she doesn’t expect me to handle the books for both places now – what a nightmare that could be. Yes, I know that the owner is mated to a Sindorei, however, that is kept strictly under wraps – I wonder what her family thinks of this arrangement – the boys are grown men for the most part.

Okay, I’m cranky, that’s nothing new.  I need to get back to see my family and do some other things rather than working all of the time.  Besides, the boy, Vashlan, has finally discovered women.  I was beginning to worry about him, you know, always wearing those robes and always messing with his hair – must be a by-product of his mixed breeding.  Yes, I have known that he was part Sindorei from the day that I laid eyes on him – those green flecks in his eyes that he tried to pass off as a by-product of being a mage with all of that magic.  Well, if that wasn’t something silly for him to say, I have no idea what was.  Once I met his older brother, same eyes, I knew that the owner of the company had to have had more than one pass at the other faction, a nice little Sindorei  fellow.  It really doesn’t bother me, I’m not of these people in the Alliance, my people are from a totally different planet and we happened to crash here. I just hope that some people here in the city aren’t as observant as I am because it could mean trouble for all of us that work for the business.

I had a nice looking Draeni fellow stop in and he put in application to do some work for us.  I will admit that I was more than just talking to him, I was definitely looking, hope he didn’t notice that.  It’s a rare thing for one of my countrymen to be free lancing as a hunter, however, you do what you have to do in order to survive.  His name is Lagn, he says the “g” is silent and just call him Lan.  Honey, I’ll call you whatever you want me to call you, okay?  I don’t even think the ink had a chance to dry on the application before I found myself hiring him on the spot.  I know that I gave him some of the best contracts that I had available that paid the most – well, for a  hunter anyway.

I think it has been too long since I have been with a man.  Maybe that’s why I’m cranky.  I offered to show this Lan fellow the city and I definitely thought that he would catch on that I wanted to show him more than just the city.  I wasn’t too forward, I was trying to maintain my decorum, however, those horns, those hooves and the way that he talked was enough for me to almost throw that nonsense out the window.  I hope he didn’t notice how many times I was blushing or how I was just staring at him – my he is a handsome fellow.

I would just like to offer my thanks to any of the Powers To Be, I don’t even care which ones at this point, for dropping this fellow in my lap, almost.


Just In A Mood…

January 31st

Dear Journal,

Well, I must say that I am very surprised how my Boss is currently dumping everything in my lap while she is off trysting with that Sindorei mate of hers. She’s already been gone a week and I get a note from her this morning to say that she will be in Nagrand another week, plus, she wants me to take a trip to Shattrath to see what I think of the way that things are set up with the warehouse and the staff living quarters.

I’ll go down there and do an inspection and give her my opinion, however, I hope that she isn’t thinking that I am going to give up my life here in Stormwind to go to Shattrath to live.  Of course, more of my people live down there, however, I’m not so sure that I want to make the move.  I wouldn’t mind making a trip down there every couple of weeks or so, however, I don’t know that I could handle being there all of the time.

I hope that she doesn’t end up getting pregnant or something because that would mean that she would either be bringing the kid here or she would be going wherever it is at the time.  I know that when she occasionally brings the two younger boys here I am always relieved when they leave because there is nothing sacred to them.  They play with everything here in the office as well as the warehouse – I usually do a full inventory after they leave because things are so  out of place.

Her two oldest boys are very handsome and even I will have to admit that they don’t look that much the Sindorei except for the eyes if you look directly in them, you can see the green flecks.  Of course the oldest one is almost as tall as full-blooded Kaldorei and the younger of the two isn’t too terribly short either.  However, the younger one is a mage and has more clothes than I could even imagine having and nothing but the best materials and he has collected clothes and books to where I don’t think he even knows what he has.  The older one is living in Pandaria with a Sentinel and I often wonder how that is working out for the two of them because the last time they stayed here at the apartment, it was obvious what they were doing upstairs.  Oh well, I wouldn’t mind giving him a tumble, however, he probably has a hang-up about hooves.

I’m just a little bit upset that I am being left here in Stormwind taking care of everything about the business while she is making all of the money and I have to survive the best that I can on what I am being paid.  I know that I thought about quitting my job a while back, however, part of the reason that I didn’t leave is that I do have free reign over things without much worry.

I don’t know, maybe I’m homesick, maybe I’m a little bit jealous because she seems to have everything a woman could want and I’m still the old maid in my family without any interest or any real prospects at this point. My Mother has told me that maybe my standards are set too high and I need to adjust them a little bit.  I don’t think that it is too much to ask to find a man that has some real intelligence and common sense as well as being nice to look at.  I want a man that will be equal in things and not someone that expects me to be subservient to them in any way. I would also like to find a man that I am not afraid of crushing – maybe I should go home for a while.

I think that I am just a bit on the cranky side this morning, that’s my problem.  I should just lock the office door and go take a walk or something and maybe my attitude will change a little bit once I get out in the air.




A Few Words About Running a Business

April 22nd

Dear Journal,

Well, it certainly does seem like these people that I work for are just being a bit too particular right now and I am starting to get very furious with it.  It’s not that I dislike my job, it’s in Stormwind and the money is good, not to mention, it gives me a chance to mingle with the people.

Okay, I may have made a mistake by giving that guy the contract that I did for the delivery of the goods to that Sindorei’s company, however, I thought that he would be the best guy for the job.  He’s experienced and he is the son of the owner of the company, after all.  He’s done work like this before he got shot in the backside with romance and adventure and went off to war in Pandaria. As far as I can tell, he did a good job this time too, however, Mommy doesn’t think that it was such a good idea. I just got a letter from her telling me that I need to contact her if I want to send her precious son out on a contract like this again.  It really did make my day start out rather rudely – I don’t like rude.

I mean the fellow is a half-breed, where else is he going to find work like this and at the price he was paid for being the guide for this group of people.  Of course, he probably wouldn’t even be in Stormwind at all if it weren’t for his Mother anyway.

Here I sit.  A perfectly lovely Draeni woman with a good head on her shoulders for managing this company for this Sentinel and her Sindorei lover and this is the thanks I get for it.  How else could she go off traipsing after that Blood Elf in Pandaria and playing house with her son?  If it weren’t for me, they’d have to shut the doors.

Now, she sends me a Pandaren hunter to start sending out with the other hunters to learn the ropes.  By the Light, he’s a bear, can’t she see that?  Not to mention all of these Worgen people sending me their goods to sell – what is this, a zoo? I’m surrounded by Dwarves that sit here and drink themselves silly, Worgen that snort and growl at the other employees, now, I’m going to have to contend with a short round  Pandaren that can’t even find his way to the front gates of the city yet without a map. Well, he’s not the first Pandaren she’s sent to the office here for contracts – Panmoshu is another one of them and I suppose that she can get this Peiling started out on the right foot.  They speak the same language even if they are weird.

All of this “Slow Down” and all that stuff, that’s not how to make a profit and I know that.  I’ve heard of taking  a slower pace but these little furries are just so overweight that they have to take it slow or they will roll away.  Yesterday they brought another one of their kind in to see the office and to see if I had anything for him to do.  Great!  You let one in and the next thing you know, you have a whole crowd of them.  This one is a monk and I guess I have to listen to his philosophy when he brings in the jewels that he was hired to find. Changwu – what kind of name is that, sounds like someone ringing a doorbell.

Not only do I have to run the whole operation, now, I have to babysit the mage kid too.  Seems he is supposed to start doing some work for us as well.  Well, he’s another half-breed kid of the owner. If I was a lesser person, I’d turn the whole group in and call it well worth it, however, I don’t think that I could find another job where I can be in charge of everything at this pay rate, I’ve looked, trust me, I’ve looked.

I manage the office, run inventories and do the accounting, that’s a lot to do and trust me, it’s not an easy task.  Now I have all of these “things” to contend with.  I am supposed to hire an assistant, according to this letter that I got this morning.  Well, I tried that but how was I supposed to know that the little pink-haired gnome was a warlock – she didn’t put that down on her application.  You know how I found out?  Well, I suppose she thought that it was okay to let her familiar run free in the warehouse and he set a pile of boxes on fire – that’s how I found out.

Maybe I should take a few days off, it’s been a good solid year since I’ve gone back to visit my family and it might be a change that will help me stop being this way.  I don’t demand much of these people other than getting their contracts in to the office, completed, the forms filled out and the numbers added up before they hand them to me.  Well, that seems easy enough, however, the dwarves seem to think that it’s funny to add extra numbers in there so that I have to go check everything that they have brought in.  Oh, that Hammon even pinched me on the butt when I was checking his inventory.

I have to check all of these things before I start handing out money.  Doesn’t anyone know how stressful that is?  Not to mention, I do have a couple of guards that like to pilfer things now and again.  I suppose that means I have to hire more security to watch the security that I have already?

Running a business isn’t easy especially when it’s not even your own business.  I think that I am starting to come unraveled.

I didn’t mean for this journal entry to be just my ranting, however, what’s a girl to do?  I can’t sit down and discuss it with the employees without them trying to take advantage of me.  Maybe that Bitterbeer person is right, I need to find a man – not him, oh Light!  He even waggled his eyebrows at me when he suggested I needed a man.

There was even a party last night that I wanted to attend, however, I opted to stay in the office and work on the accounting.  I’m working too much, I need a break, I need to talk to my Mother and Father to see if they have any suggestions.  Maybe I should change professions?  I can just hear my Mother telling me “Maggie, just be patient, these people don’t have the intelligence that you do.”