Accepting Your Fate…

February 28th

Dear Journal,

I have survived the destruction of my home, the deaths of my entire family and the horrendous life changes that have occurred to me, so far.  My name is Alexander Brandric, I am Gilnean and I am also a Worgen, through no choice of my own. Let me step back here a bit and I will tell you some of my story, dramatic, comical and sometimes rather boring.

I was the son to a minor noble family at home, which that name is not important to me now because the family as I knew it are all dead.  I am the sole survivor of the slaughter because I was the one doing the slaughtering. We had endured the onslaught of the plague being cast into our midst by the Forsaken and Sylvannas – we considered ourselves fortunate, maybe we were just kidding ourselves and accepted the ugly death at the beginning. Little did we now that the forthcoming horror that would befall our land.

From what I recall of my family, I assume that we were happy, we had money and all of the creature comforts that we once enjoyed without much thought.  There were parties, friends and lots of young woman to peek the fancy of a young man such as myself.  I’ll admit that I was no respecter of women and their protected virginity and partook of anything that I so desired – money has its advantages.

One night after one of my parent’s balls that was held in our home, I found myself in bed with a sweet young thing, she couldn’t have been more than sixteen. We all had been drinking and dancing most of the night and it culminated with me escorting this sweet young thing to my bedroom for some more intimate discussions.

We had all seen and heard of the worgen running rampant though our lands and were aware of the consequences if you were ever bitten, you would join the ranks of the filthy beasts. The worgen were originally created by Archmage Arugal to fight the Scourge, however, these aggressive beats had decided to turn their interest on easier prey, the citizens of Gilneas. Woe be to anyone that was only bitten and not killed.

When I awakened the next morning this young woman was acting rather peculiar and she bit me as hard as I have ever been bitten by any creature.  I cried out in anguish and looked at her to ask her why she had done such a horrible thing and notice her eyes had changed to a brilliant yellow and she was trying to attack me again. By The Light!! My bedmate was a worgen going through the transition to beast – that meant that I was going to have to face that Curse, there was nothing to prevent it or cure it. To be blunt, I killed her before she had a chance to kill me and removed her body from the house to the dense forest near there.  I was hoping that I hadn’t been cursed and I was also hoping that no one would remember that I was the last one to see her alive, if they ever found the body, that is.

Apparently, this Curse starts to stream through your body rather rabidly and it’s only a matter of hours, not days, until you make the transition to Wolf. The inner turmoil and pain I can remember as freshly today and I did the day that it happened. I thought to lock myself away in my rooms and no one would be the wiser, I had heard that some worgen were capable of returning to their normal human form – I had planned on staying in my rooms until I could make that change.

In my bestial madness, I broke out of my supposedly secured rooms and went on a rampage throughout the house, killing anything in my path.  I can vaguely remember some of the people that I killed however, I can remember killing my Mother and it causes me great anguish to my very soul. I can still see her shocked and pained face as I attacked her.   Her only words were “Why Alex…why?”  I will carry that picture in my mind until the day I die. From that point forward, my mind seems very unsure of the things that I was compelled to do as this beast.

The most horrible thing that happens with the Curse is that you are still inside this beast, you can see, hear and taste the things that it does, however, you have no control over it at all.  You may be screaming for people to run inside the head of the beast, however, the beast still kills whatever it happens to be pursuing, you see it very graphically and can feel the pleasure that the kill often brings.

I don’t know how long I was like this, my human mind was so overridden by the beast’s mind that I think I lost consciousness.  I do know that I was eventually captured and subdued in a cage, then later moved to chains.  I was forced to drink a potion that was supposed to cure the Beast, however, that potion took its own sweet time taking affect.  I was in the form of the Wolf for quite a while until something triggered the potion and I was able to return to my human form once again.

I remember fighting alongside my fellow Gilneans, some in human form, some with the Wolf.  I can say that we fought bravely and it seemed as though we were all going to be exterminated by the Forsaken.  The Forsaken were still lobbing their plague filled globes into the city, the stench overrode everything else and there was constant fighting for every single little foothold that we were able to gain.  It was a horrific time to be alive, no matter what form you were in.  To see your entire lifestyle being ripped away, people dying al around you, it was a war that I had never thought that I would be drawn into.  What was once a very proud city was now in ruins, people lying dead all around, too many bodies to give a decent burial and so many worgen satisfying their hunger by eating them – these were the worgen that were not such as I.

Graymane led his men valiantly, losing his own son in the process, as we tried to take our city back from the Forsaken and the worgen beasts that killed whatever came in their path. It was a truly gut wrenching time. We finally had to forsake our beloved city and fought onward to the coast – killing pockets of worgen and Forsaken as we went.  I don’t know how many people I saw die and at this point, I am numbed to the whole thing.

We lost our land, our people and the rights to truly claim that we were humans during that time. We finally made our final stand with the Night Elf race that came to our aide.  Of all the races in this great world of Azeroth, they were the only ones that stood valiantly with us.  We had to escape our land and took our refugees to Kalimdor.  What few of us that survived the struggles now live in Darnassus.   Most of us are Cursed, some are not, it was at the direction of the Fates as to whom was blessed with being normal human beings, displaced by a war that we never asked for or saw coming behind our wall to keep the world at bay.

I oftentimes hear people talking about a cure for the Curse and I have to laugh to myself.  There is no cure, you fools, you just have to learn how to control this inner beast and carrying on with what kind of life that has been left to you. I have very little gold in my pouch and I will have earn my money by my own hard work – no family fortune here, all was lost the night I killed my family.

Luckily I had learned to hunt with my Father and his group of friends long before this transition, so, I do have a means to support myself here in this strange land that we will now call home.  I do know that I almost get some kind sexual pleasure when the Wolf takes over and I am out in the field.  I have never known such physical strength and prowess as a human – I relish the joys of hunting down my prey and killing it, sometimes rending it to something that is not even recognizable in my beast frenzy.

I am going to accept this Curse for what it is, sometimes a blessing and sometimes something that separates my people from the rest of humanity.  I’ll keep searching for this so-called cure, however, I don’t think that it exists other than in some foolish man’s mind.

Alexander Brandric

There Is Treachery …and Then

February 27th

Dear Journal,

I am so angry with my brother that I wish I could just pack my bags again and leave, however, I’m not going without some money in my bags to make sure that I can live the life that I want. He actually had the audacity to slap me, his own sister, when I was just telling him the truth about how his life is. Of all the nerve – well, he’s not even really a blood relative and I should have pointed that out to him again, he seems to forget that his bloodline is very sullied, even if his biological Father acknowledged him before he died…and left him a lot more money and another house here in Silvermoon.

How dare he give me all of these silly rules to follow, has he lost his mind completely?  Unless he’s changed his Will since I’ve been gone, I get part of the properties here in Silvermoon, which is five houses now. One I swear is haunted by his old Sindorei fiancée – now, there was another shady side of Mister By-the-Sunwell, holier than thou.  Yes, he was no angel and Amyn knows it, if she hasn’t lied to herself enough to think that he’s always been hers.  No, she’s had to share him and she was his mate, in the Kaldorei fashion, and she was just his mistress with his two bastard sons. Who is he to think that he can pass judgment on me? I’m a true Morningstar, not him.

Well, if he died and he hasn’t changed his Will, Felaran, even though she’s dead really, will inherit a portion of the houses as well as a large percentage of the company.  Doesn’t he realize that he is worth more dead than alive right now in my eyes. No, not even I could stoop that low, however, the thought is there that I might be forced into something like that.  I’m tired of him telling me what to do, I’m not one of his precious Rangers to jump when he beckons either.

Yes, he told about the fact that he almost had a heart attack when we had our argument.  Well, there is a difference between “almost” and actually having one.  He didn’t have one.  He should of had one with the way that he treated me because it was uncalled for.  All I was asking for were things that I have a right to have and I am entitled to them.  If he wants me to get back into the Silvermoon society, I have to have access to money and nice things.

Now, I am not going anywhere anytime soon due to the fact that I don’t have enough money and secondly, I do know that Dawnglory will come back to Silvermoon eventually. He has to come back because he has obligations that he has to fulfill here as well as this is where the main part of the company is for the time being.  When he does come back, I’ll be here waiting for him and hopefully he will leave that whore of his in Pandaria with their bastard child, if it is even his.  I fully intend on getting him alone and telling him what I think of his treachery and then, possibly slip him a philter that I have to make him love me…not her.

I’ve heard some interesting gossip when I finally did run into one of my old friends that would still talk to me.  Oh, I heard all kinds of things about who is sleeping with whom, who is playing around on their spouses and lastly, a real juicy piece of gossip.  I heard that there is a young Ranger here in Silvermoon that has been asking about Dawnglory, yes, a young Ranger that people have told me looks exactly like Dawnglory.  Now, could this Ranger be one of his by-blows that he left here in the city when he went off to war?  I’m going to check this out and try to meet this fellow, if my suspicions are correct, there might be a way that it would work to my benefit in gaining Dawnglory’s heart again.

I know he loves me, deep down inside.  The way he flirted with me in Shattrath was not just a mild flirtation and I even let him kiss me.  I know that he was very drunk and he even tried to do more than kiss me, however, I think he was just too drunk to do anything about it. He even invited me on a trip to see some of the sights in Outland, however, the trip never happened because he was too drunk to remember it when he sobered up.  That would have been a golden opportunity to have put him into a very compromising situation and the Fates didn’t let happen.  There will be other times and I have to think that after two years, he might still remember some of the things he said to me.

Oh well, enough, I have things to do and people to see.   I still don’t have access to the accounts for my shopping needs.  Yes, my brother left again and still didn’t change that.  I even went to the bank to try to withdraw some of the money from the company account and they wouldn’t let me do either.  I am really getting tired of being treated like a second class citizen because my brother is an idiot.

Faendra Morningstar 



Just Enjoying Being a Dad…

*Some very blunt language and swearing – if you’re easily offended by that sort of thing, please don’t read it.*

February 26th

Yo Book!!

What the hell can I say?  I am sitting here at the farm with my lovely wife and my daughter and acting as if there is no other place on Azeroth.  To me, there fucking isn’t.  This is my life and I am completely happy with it.  Would I fucking change my life to please someone else – oh hell no!!

I was lying in bed last night with my two girls, no fucking pervert, those days are gone.  I was lying there with my arms around Romy and the baby and I can’t begin to tell you the happiness that just washed over my body was fucking phenomenal.  The baby must have awakened during the night and I guess that Romy had decided to bring her back to bed with her after she nursed her, hope there wasn’t anything wrong.

I’m beyond happy that I asked Romy to marry me and she said yes.  I know that it quelled a lot of worries in my mind and I hope that it sends a good strong message to Faendra.  She’s started writing me again on a regular basis, guess someone told her about the baby and now, the baby is included in her hateful missives about my lack of integrity in casting her aside to be with some whore.  Well, Romy never was a whore and I doubt seriously if Fae really knows what one is – she should just look in the mirror, she’d see a real whore of the worst kind.

I know that I am going to have to take a trip back to Silvermoon here pretty soon.  Romy and I have some filled contracts that we need to deliver the items on as well as picking up some more.  I also need to make my presence known in town too, just so that the magistrates don’t think that I am not doing my part in my supporting the Regent Lord.  That was the agreement when I left the Rangers and left Orgrimmar so far behind me.  I would also like to check in on my sister and let her know I’m getting married, that would be the right thing to do.

I know that it is going to come as a shock to my sister because I have always been adamant about not getting married.  I didn’t want to be held down to that little piece of paper, although, it’s kind of a double standard, isn’t it?  I did arrange for Felessa to be married and now she’s pregnant with her first child.  Talk about being tied down and having your life directed for you.  I know that I should be ashamed of myself, however, it’s the Sindorei way – you need to make sure that your women are taken care of, married and someone else’s responsibility at a certain age.

I know that I am going to have to face the probability of having a bit of a showdown with Faendra when I do get to Silvermoon.  I could just stop by the warehouse and office and not bother going to the house, I suppose. I have never been one to run from adversity.  I might as well face this face on rather than let Fae think that she is going to be okay with pulling some kind of stunt to either embarrass me or try to form some kind of problematic thing for Romy and I.  I think it’s time that I take Romy back there with me, some of her family haven’t seen the baby yet – neither has my sister.

I did get a letter from Fnor and he is back in Shattrath again.  I guess things did not go well with he and Faendra at the house in Silvermoon.  I could have told him half the things that he wrote about due to my past experience with that fucking little girl.  He indicated that I needed to go down to Shattrath in the very near future to put my stamp of approval on things there.  Well, I wonder if the baby can take all of this traveling…no, I’m not leaving Romy and the baby in Silvermoon if I do go to Shattrath.

I wonder if babies can travel like fucking normal people or do we need to take the long route.  I don’t know if babies can handle portals or what?  Wouldn’t it scramble their little brains or even mess up their developing senses? I have no idea.  Come to think of it, I haven’t seen any babies near any of the portals that I have taken recently. 

Well, I do know that you can’t mail the little fuckers – can you imagine the stench in the mailbox if you could?   I guess I have to talk to Romy about this because she’s been around more babies than I have recently.  After I left the orphanage, I kind of avoided anything that was wearing a cloth on their butts that needed to be carried around.

Light Dawnglory!! You’re brain is bouncing around like a bird caught in a whirlwind.

I have already been out working on the farm this morning and I was fine with working in the rain, however, when the lightning started, I did head for the house.  I was just in time to smell the fresh bread and saw Romy standing at the stove making some food for lunch.  Oh, that smell and the sight of that woman made me very happy to have someone to come home too.

Romy and Mirrin are taking a nap and I am busy putting the finishing touches on a pair of boots for Mirrin.  Little tiny boots!! I know she can’t fucking walk yet but she has to have some style going for her instead of those little bootie things that she is constantly pulling off. By The Sunwell!! That baby is too much like her Daddy, she keeps taking her booties off and her clothes, nothing makes her happier than to be sitting here in the buff. 

Now, I just need to figure out a way to get that ink off of Mirrin’s feet.  Well, yeah, I had to have a pattern for the soles and the only thing I could think of was dipping her feet in some ink on a dish and putting the prints on some parchment.   Trust me, I fucking slammed her booties back on her feet before her Mother saw the black feet – now, how can I do this without Romy noticing it?   Yak milk might take it off – damn, I hate the thought of trying to milk ours, guess I’ll go ask Jogu to do it.

Fnar Dawnglory

Owner of Plantation

Halfhill, Pandaria 

Isn’t This Supposed To Be Fun?

(Just a little OOC rant, kind of)

February  26th

After sitting here and beating myself up with my inability to make it through the Silver level of the new requirement coming in WoD, I’ve decided that it’s time to go back to square one and get myself geared a bit more.  My iLevel isn’t good enough to get into the Flex Raiding because I took a lot of time off and I’m still “catching up” as it were. I’m still bashing my way through the content on Thunder Isle as well as the newer one.   Did I mention that I am doing most of the content solo?

I have taken a lot of time off during the last year due to the fact that I was burned out, lost a lot of old time friends in RL and in-game which made it doubly hard to dust myself off and get going again.  Now, with this new “requirement” of getting through the Silver level in the Proving Grounds has been a bit of a fiasco for me.

One of my issues during the last year has been the fact that I don’t have an enchanter high enough yet to be of any value and gold was scarce – that has since changed  considerably.  Oh, I had “friends” that said they would help with the enchants on the higher level characters that I play and…well, let’s just say, I ended up going to the AH to get them anyway.  One of my problems was taking the time to figure out exactly what was needed to make things “right” and I did get some new addons to help with that so that I wouldn’t bother people with it in-game – time is a precious commodity.

I also abhor running dungeons with a passion that almost reaches religious proportions, however, since I am in a guild by myself most of the time, it’s something that I intend to address once I get my characters to where they aren’t an embarrassment.  I know the mechanics of the classes quite well because I have been playing for a very long time.  I don’t think that I have been “carried” when I was raiding on a consistent basis and I know that I have taken a lot of people through dungeons in the past and hitting high dps while I was at it.  Never thought of myself as a “bad” player  – now, with the proving grounds, I’ll have to say that I must be a bad player.

Anyway, I was asked to help someone run a lowbie through some of the lower dungeons in MoP, I said fine – not realizing what I was getting myself into.   Got the task done and was about to go back to what I was doing previously and was called out – yep.  Do you realize that your gem in your belt is not correct?  Uhuh, yeah…and did you realize that those pants don’t match shirt, kind of thing.  Okay, I informed the person that was waaayyy ahead of me in iLevel that if they were doing an inspection on my gear, please note…I have no enchants and haven’t reforged  since the Resurrection of Christ?   I wasn’t the one that had asked for help getting a dungeon done.  If the critique had been done with a modicum of compassion, I would have been okay – they didn’t know me and I didn’t really know them – they were the ones asking for help, not me.

I explained politely that I was in the process of finding out what I needed and was rectifying the situation as time and gold permitted.  I didn’t need all of the bells and whistles for what I was doing in the game currently, leveling, rep grinding and various other solo things.  Let’s just say that the whole thing was a wakeup call, again, for me. I had forgotten, silly me, that there will always be someone in-game that will be quick to point out your shortcomings publicly, not in whisper, not in a manner that one would find acceptable – it’s like telling a guy his fly is open standing in the middle of a party group of people.  I was humiliated and embarrassed to be caught with my “fly” open, so to speak.

I’ve since rectified the issues at hand, got the enchants, did the reforging as well as doing some upgrading with the points that I had available to me.  I’ll admit to being a bit lax in getting this stuff done in the last two months since I have started playing regularly again, however, it wasn’t important to me as the person behind the keyboard, I was busy trying to solo a guild to Level 25, alts running madly, mains working their tails off;etc.

Luckily, I have a neighbor in RL that plays the game like a  pro, has raids going at least three nights a week, Flex Raids/Cross Realm.  He has lead these groups since it all started and plays the same spec as I do, has the same classes of characters that I do.  Okay, he was noticing that I was unusually quiet in-game and wasn’t my usual cheerful self with my responses.  He asked me what was going on, was I not feeling well;etc.

We got on the subject of my failed attempt at the Proving Grounds, the total fubar gear that I had to work with and he helped me out.  I didn’t have to spend those dreaded hours of looking at enchants until my eyes bled, nor did I have to go to the reforger and pull out my calculator to make sure I got it right.  Sure, we used an addon, AskMrRobot, to get the job done, however, I’ve tried using it alone and just sat here with my mouth hanging open and my brain in neutral.  What started out as being a very depressing time ended up a happy one. At least I now feel that I am confident enough to walk down the street on my characters and not have some elitist call me out for not having all of the things that I need to be almost as “good” as they are.

On a happy note, I got contacted in-game by a person that I hadn’t seen in five years.  They came to the realm searching for me and to see that I was still in-game.  Yeah, the Armory gave me away.  Anyway, I’ve had a rollicking good time getting to talk to an old and very dear friend from the old days.  We’ve kind of joined up to start leveling together and will probably do some other things.  Since we live on opposite sides of the country, we’ve never met.  We have known each other since the days of Sims-Online and partnered quite well in that game, we even played together quite a bit before I realm transferred when Wyrmrest opened.  So, it’s happy times that I have a partner in-game again – it’s been a tad bit lonely since my son quit playing a year ago and I isolated myself further by withdrawing into my little guilds.

I do want to say that the game, World of Warcraft, is supposed to be fun, not a job, not a career and definitely not a life.  You’re paying to play a game to have fun, not be stressed out by things.  Sure, you’ll run into the occasional douchebag that wants to make themselves feel like they are superior  in all facets of game play, however, you turn the computer off and that person disappears like someone’s dirty laundry in a washing machine.  Sure, I intend on buying the next xpac, however, I may not qualify to get past some of the gated things but, I’ll be out there doing my thing anyway.  I don’t think I’ll get crazy and buy copies for all of my accounts early on though, two at the most to start. I intend to keep on playing even if I’m “bad”.

Not A Divided Front…

February 24th

Dear Journal,

My Sindorei finally made his appearance in Shattrath late last night and I will have to say that he looked a little worse for wear, more exhausted than I have seen him quite a while, however, it was understandable.  Apparently, the business side of his life seems to be doing fairly well, however, his youngest sister has almost driven the poor man to distraction.

We had all hoped that she would have changed, maybe matured a little bit while she was off on her adventures after running away from Orgrimmar.  She may have matured, however, it sounds as if she is just as demanding as she has always been and maybe a bit more devious, if that were even possible.

My poor Sindorei has come to the conclusion that Dawnglory and I were correct in our assumptions that she is just using him for her own gains.  She may love him in her own way, however, it’s not that visible to the rest of us that know the man so well.  I know that we talked about this quite a bit last night after we enjoyed a nice warm welcoming from one another.  I know that Fnar is heartbroken at the thought of how things might end up going with this sister.

Apparently, the poor darling laid down a whole plethora of rules and regulations for Miss Faendra to follow and he feels now that those rules are going to be broken one by one.  He doesn’t like the ultimatums that he delivered to her and is afraid that he might be forced to enforce them. Oh, I can understand his concerns there because I have been around the girl quite a bit as she was growing up and I can assure you that the once sweet child that he adored has definitely become a very selfish young woman.   

Oh, enough of that, we will deal with the issues as they come up because he knows that he won’t have to do this alone.  I will support him in anything that he decides to do or is forced to do in regard to his sister.  He told me about the physical difficulty that he had in Silvermoon and that did frighten me somewhat and I will try to shoulder as many of the burdens that I can to help him.  He needs to start thinking about the fact that he isn’t still that young debonair Sindorei that strode the Barrens as if he owned them. At least he came to tell me what was going on and didn’t flee to the arms of another woman as he might have done in the past.

Since we were married in the Sindorei fashion, I will admit I know for a fact that the man has not strayed from his marital vows to me.  Oh, he’s had opportunities, as have I – we both don’t even feel like looking at another anymore, or if we do, it’s just cursory glance.  We can look, however, I don’t think that either one of us will cross that line.

We talked about my visiting the boys in Dolonaar and he is trying to convince me to bring them to Shattrath soon because he misses them as much as I do.  I don’t think we’re quite ready to bring them here though, he doesn’t seem to remember what a handful they were in Dalaran anymore.  If I brought them to Shattrath right now, my attentions would be very much divided between my children, the business and my loving husband.  I can multitask with the best of them, however, I don’t think that I want to stretch myself that thin just yet.  I know that the little guys still have some of their friends living here in the city as well, which means, that the mischief could reach new heights.

I’m sitting here at the kitchen table and watching my Sindorei slumber his life away.  Poor man really does need to start thinking of himself a bit more and not allow his sister to get him so upset anymore.  I know he loves her, however, he needs to start loving himself more.  His family, his sisters primarily, have always had a priority in his life, however, they are probably not too happy that the roles have changed and his own children and his wife are now the front runners in the race for his attention.  We will muddle things through, my Sindorei and I – we will do this thing together.


Life Changes…

*Some very blunt language and swearing – if you’re easily offended by that sort of thing, please don’t read it.*


February 22nd

Yo Book!!

I know that I am sitting here in the kitchen this morning feeling more than pleased with myself and more than just a bit exhausted from the physical exercises that I went through last night.  I’m still kind of surprised and pleased with the way that things were again.

Fuck me!  I know that it has been at least three months since Romy and I had any kind of intimate relations due to her advanced pregnancy and then, the waiting after the birth to commence that side of things again.  I’ll admit that I was starting to bay at the moon with my libido about to go insane, however, I’m pleased to announce that I didn’t stray, I didn’t even look at another woman, how could I do that when I have the most beautiful and most passionate woman in all of Azeroth living with me. That red hair, those breasts, those hips – how could I even look elsewhere, not to mention, I don’t think that I have ever loved anyone as much as I do her.

Yesterday was like any other day in our lives since Mirrin was born.  Romy was taking care of the baby and I was out in the fields working as per usual alongside my drinking buddy, Jogu.  He really can work when he’s not too drunk to move, which is the majority of the time.  Anyway, I was about to finish up the row of plants when Romy came out with Mirrin and brought me some lunch- she has turned out to be quite domestic and she always makes sure that she keeps me well fed.

We were sitting there on the ground, Mirrin just gazing around and you could see that she was starting to see some of the clouds and the more interesting things around her – it always makes me laugh when she gasps and starts laughing when something new catches her attention.  I finally broke down and told Romy about the letter from Silvermoon, both of them, actually.

I know that Romy couldn’t help but notice that I have been more than a little pensive of late with the fucking things that I have going through my mind.  I was more worried about the prospect of having Faendra show up on my doorstep again than I was about asking Romy to marry me.  Fuck me, Fnor’s sister can make a man wish that he were living on another planet or somewhere else in this life.  I even showed Romy the letter from Fae that I had gotten.  She might as well know that this girl is more than just obsessed, she’s crazy as an Undercity rat.  I watched Romy’s face as she read the letter and knew that she was more than a little bit angry.  What kind of shocked me was that she gathered up the baby and told me that we would talk more about this later.   That left me a little bit uncertain about things and made me wonder if I had made the right decision in showing her the letter.

It wasn’t long after all of this went down out in the fields when I saw the healer walking up to the house.  That made me wonder if something was wrong with Mirrin or if something was wrong with Romy.  I know that there are all kinds of female things that can crop up after a woman has a baby, however, Romy did seem to be coming along nicely.  She had even started to act more romantic in the last couple of days, which definitely made me wonder if there was going to be something else going on in our house soon – we both have been so busy taking care of the baby that we haven’t really had time for each other.

Let’s just say that things are well in the house of Dawnglory at the moment.  I have a woman that loves me and a baby that is the most precious thing in our lives.  I know that I am always wondering if this  isn’t some kind of amazing dream because I’ve never been this happy in my life.

The subject of marriage came up and all of the reasons that we should go ahead and do it.  We had Mirrin to think about and we didn’t want any of those fucking idiots from Silvermoon to be able to cast aspersions on her parentage.  So, it may not have been the most romantic setting in the world for this sort of thing to take place, however, did.

We had been making love and when we finished that round, I got out of the bed and knelt next to it and asked my love to be my wife.  She said “Yes” with such wild abandon that I didn’t even have time to give her the ring until later.  I had been carrying it around with me and would put it in the drawers next to our bed when I was at home. She said “yes” and now we have a wedding to plan for.  I hope that it won’t be one of those grand things that some women like to have, I would like something very quiet and simple.

Hells yes!  Here is one of the biggest philanderers that ever walked the streets of Silvermoon, his heart has been taken by a wild red haired woman from Northrend.

Fnar Dawnglory

Owner of Plantation

Halfhill, Pandaria


Heading Back To Shattrath…

Written in very cursive script denoting the maturity and education of the author

February 21st

Dear Journal,

I’ll admit that I am still sitting on my arse in Silvermoon getting a few things dealt with.  Zippie has done a great job with the warehouse and business here and seems to be anxious to get a look at the establishment in Shattrath.  Can’t say that I am disappointed that she thinks that she can handle both places for a while until business starts to build up in Shattrath again like I suspect that it will.

I am a little proud of myself this morning because I actually was able to fill two of the bounty hunting contracts from the clients in Undercity just by walking down through the Bazaar.  One fellow literally ran right into me and we talked briefly  – he told me his name and I had him covered right there.  The second one, I was sitting in the bar and  another fellow joined me for a drink and told me his name – he was nabbed that quickly too.  No muss, no fuss, no scene.  These were just petty thefts which told me that they might have been harder if the people that were involved were a little brighter.  I sent Zednick over to do the collections and to take the fellows back to Undercity to face the music.

One of the things this morning at breakfast is that I noticed is that Fae never meets my eyes.  We never make real eye contact at all.  That tells me that she is already plotting and planning stuff.  When I think about it though, she hasn’t been able to look me square in the face for quite a while. She was like this for a while when Felaran joined us in Dalaran, however, when I think back on it, she has been this way since Amyn and I got married in the Sindorei fashion.  I know that there is a good deal of resentment of my wife and even, yes, jealousy, however, it is just another thing that I have noticed since she and I have spent some time together.  I know that it almost breaks my heart to think that Amyn and Fnar may be right about her – I’m just a means to an end for her and that’s the only relationship that we have left.  She’s in it for the money and not for the love of family.  I know that my parents would be deeply saddened to see this happen because they only wanted what was best for their daughters and I suppose that Fae’s exposure to Silvermoon growing up may have put the nail in the coffin.   Oh well, I’m not going to dwell on it because I think it might be too late to even try to change her now.

She has never said she was truly sorry that I got ill after our argument the other day.  She is acting as if it never happened and is following the guidelines that I laid out for her, however, I can tell in her manner of speaking that she wants to say so much more about things regarding the business and my family.  Well, I do have Zippie keeping an eye on her in regard to the business and sometimes here at the house, however, I think that I will have a talk with Agatha about it as well, she has an eagle eye for things that are not quite right.

Speaking of Agatha, I just realized how long she has been working for me without complaint.  When I first went to Dalaran and could afford a housekeeper, she was the one that hired.  Her loyalty to me and the family have been astounding.  From what I can gather from some of the conversations that I have had with her, she has no family to speak of and she’s never married.  Her not ever being married surprises me because she would make some lucky man very happy.  I know that she is a very attractive Sindorei woman and there were rumors flying around Dalaran for quite a while about some kind of relationship that might have happened between the two of us.  To be honest, I thought about it a couple of times, however, I always follow the rule of not dipping my quill in the company ink.  She’s been loyal to me and a steadfast friend when I was at my lowest points in my life.  Let’s just say that I just gave her a sizeable increase in salary for the many years of service.

I told her about the plans of opening the house in Nagrand again and I would appreciate it if she could recommend someone to take charge down there.  Her immediate response was that she would go with the family to Nagrand if that was where we would be spending most of our time and it would be far easier for her to find a replacement for the houses here in Silvermoon. That did have some merit because it would make my life a lot easier with the transition.

Oh these last couple of nights have had my head and body filled with dreams of my Sentinel.  I am not inclined to have these wild erotic dreams, however, I think my body is telling me that it is time for me to get back into the arms of my lover. Last night was a pleasant dreams as far as dreams go and I did wake up feeling very satiated, which is surprising since I was definitely alone in bed.

Someday, in the future, possibly in my lifetime, my family will be able to come to Silvermoon with me.  A man is allowed to dream, isn’t it.  A foolish dream, however, it is one that crosses my mind frequently.  I would love to show my sons the beauty of the city since it’s recovery from the Scourge Invasion, I would like to show them where I grew up and show them the places where their Father actually studied.  You can say what you will about the Sindorei, the vanity notwithstanding, we are a very proud race and have fought hard to maintain our existence even with treachery occurring in both factions.

Well, my bags are almost packed for the trip back to Shattrath and to my love.  I am looking forward to seeing her again and to spend some more time just feeling like the old married man that I very much am.   I think Pan will be happy to escape the confines of Silvermoon too, he and Fae’s cat do not get on well even though the cat is one of his offspring.  What can I say?  Dawnglory’s cat has had several litters with Pan being the proud Father.

Fnor Morningstar


To Be…Or Not To Be

February 20th

Dear Journal,

Well, isn’t this just a fine kettle of fish that I find myself in these days.  I was disowned by my family, kicked out the University and definitely put on the black list of Silvermoon society, if my Mother had her way.  That really seems to be about it, other than the fact that I was summarily booted out with just the clothes on my back and a gold filled pouch my Father decided to give me in lieu of standing up to my Mother, the raging bitch.

Oh, I suppose that I should introduce myself instead of just babbling on like this because if anyone should ever find or read this, it might be nice to know my name.  My name is Solerin Dawnshadow and I used to live in Silvermoon with a happy family.  People that know me well enough, just call me Sol.

My Mother was the only one that called me Solerin and it was usually because she was upset with me about something.  Oh, now she has my sisters to promote out of the house and marry off to the highest bidder – good on her, hope she can find someone that will take the whiny things.

I suppose everything would have been okay if I had walked the straight and narrow, however, it wasn’t in my nature to do that.  I was always drawn to the darker side of life.  Tell me I can’t do something and I will break my neck until I do “do it” regardless of the consequences.  Well, this time it was something that couldn’t be covered up or hidden away in a cupboard.

I suppose that my parents will keep paying for my son’s support and education – I never bothered getting married, she wasn’t someone of the same social ilk, so that was a taboo to start with.  Figures I’d find the only fertile whore in Silvermoon to knock up when it was my first time out. I’ve only seen the kid once and that was only briefly, he doesn’t look like me at all and I wonder if he is mine or she just decided that it looked like my family had more money than her other clients and it would be a good way to score an income that didn’t entail her being on her back all of the time.  I was only fourteen and was finding how everything worked, must have done a good job while I was at it.

Anyway, that’s neither here nor there.  What finally got me kicked out of the house and put on the list of people not to have anything to do with is that I decided to follow in the footsteps of my Grandfather.  Now that was a fellow I could look up too and be afraid of all at the same time.  He did his own thing and fought his way to the top of what the people in Silvermoon like to call – the social heights.  He was a warlock, plain and simple, he was a warlock when you could get killed just for practicing your art or having people find out what you truly were.  He passed himself off as a scribe and businessman and apparently did rather well with it.  I suspect there was more black magic in the money he accumulated in his lifetime than my Father would like to admit. He was quite the old hell raiser and I’m sure that I am not the only one to have a bastard child running around, he had quite a few mistresses at his funeral. As far as I know, no one ever knew what he was, maybe my Grandmother did, however, that didn’t keep her from pumping out six children – my Father being the only surviving male.

I digress, what got me kicked out was that I got caught, plain and simple, doing a summoning .  Summoning my imp.  of all things, he and I needed to have a face to face talk about his constant jabbering and complaints in my head.  He was making me very distracted.

I had been sent off to the Academy to become a mage. Okay, that’s magic, I can deal with that.  I tried very hard to follow along and do all of the things that my instructors were telling me to do and I was doing them quite well. It was all the “good” magic that people can accept.  Well, I was fine until I started doing some reading and experimenting on my own – there are books in the library that talk about the magic that a warlock, those damned for life, evil people can do and I read them.  The more I read, the more I wanted to try them out and moved even further from the Light of the Sunwell – I was very intrigued by the demonic things that I read about and got sucked in further and further.

I suppose I would have been fine if I hadn’t gone snooping in the family home and found some of my Grandfather’s old books in the attic.  I’m surprised that they weren’t burned years ago instead of hidden away in a trunk.  I mean,  the man had some books in that trunk and I don’t think that he put them there. I honestly don’t see the harm though because with the books and his journals I have been able to learn quite a bit. Sure, I have met a few other closet warlocks there in Silvermoon and was able to glean some more knowledge from them.

I don’t think that I am an evil person, I truly don’t.  I just happen to look at things a bit differently than some of the more “normal” folks.  When I was busy trying to be a mage, I was very good at that too, odd thing is that it felt awkward to me and wasn’t as fulfilling as it is when I would start dealing with runes and the nether.  It’s amazing what you can find in the nether and I think that if people were to try it, they might find themselves a bit more enlightened.

Sure, Warlocks are still not a part of the acceptable society, however, there are more of us living in and around Silvermoon than what the general populace would like to know about or admit.  I’m definitely on the road and trying to do my best to survive and survive I will. At least I won’t be hindered by so-called family and friends.  One would act like a person grows horns , some do,  we don’t eat babies or anything of that nature, can’t imagine they’d taste that good anyway.  We’re just different from your mages waltzing around in their robes – people just can’t seem to comprehend that we’re not out to destroy the world or anything of that nature.

Oh well, enough chattering from me.  I am happy that my Father at least gave me some money and told me that he understood .  Looking  back on the brief conversation, it makes me wonder if he is one of those closeted warlocks himself, little things that he says and does kind of make sense to me now. I know that he has been beaten down by my Mother with her constant verbal assaults and I really didn’t respect him all that much because of it.  Now, I’m wondering if he isn’t just taking shelter behind a shield of cowardice, who knows.

One thing that I will always caution another warlock about is that they should dismiss their creatures when they are approaching places that are inhabited by others, it’s just a good practice and will keep you from being locked up in a jail somewhere or even possibly killed.  I think there is an unwritten list that along with the Scourge, warlocks are on the list too.  The often abused and  misunderstood warlocks and feared by the uneducated.  Ah well, such is life.

I will make my living in this world and one day I will go back to Silvermoon and take my place back with my family. I will mend what bridges that I can and lie through my teeth to let them know that I have changed. I won’t go back until I am wealthy enough to where it won’t matter.

Solerin Dawnshadow






In-Game Bugs Make Me Sad…

February 19th

I’m just sitting here today kind of saddened with the latest patch foul up.  At least I could log in and wasn’t FUBAR – we’ll see how long that lasts.  Is it me or is it just something I am imagining?

With the advent of the realms merging, there have been some strange bugs that have happened that seem to unresolved for the most part – missing items, characters; etc for some of the poor people that have undergone that kind of thing.  Luckily, Blizzard hasn’t gotten crazed yet and decided to try to merge Wrymrest Accord with anyone, we’re already Full and add in the CRZ people, we’re really crowded in some areas.

I was online yesterday when the realms came back up and things were peachy for a short amount of time until I logged out to do some more RL chores.  Came back and got in-game to discover that I had oodles of missing mounts and pets. My RAF mounts were missing, however, they seemed to have come back again, for how long, I have no clue.

I had started a weird habit last year in January to keep my store purchased mounts on an action bar in-game.  I know it’s crazy but I do – just paranoid.  Anyway, I had done several character transfers from one account to another and every time that I did it, the purchased mounts and pets would disappear, seriously. I would put in tickets and spend days with GMs trying to get the problem resolved, which stay fixed and might not – I’m counting at least six times it was fixed and five failures.

So, I went to the forums to see what was going on and sure enough, there was a huge thread in Customer Service in regard to the matter.  I followed the instructions to the letter and nothing happened – after the restart this morning, still, nothing happened.  Now, you have to list all of the Mounts/Pets that you are missing. Okay, that’s not much of a problem unless you’re a collector of said pets and mounts.  Not only are the purchased pets missing, some of the collected pets are gone as well. I had tons of pets and was in the process of clearing out the duplicates last week and selling them, donating them and just flat giving them away in some cases.  I was nearing the limit – does Blizzard have any idea how much time it takes to go through these lists?

Anyway, to make a long story short, I am somewhat cranky and to top it all off, my MRP was fine yesterday and everything was as it should be, however, this morning, it’s not.  To a role player that MRP is like the bible, you have to have it filled out;etc. in order to get into some serious RP sometimes without having to tell your story in whispers to others.

So, back to the Mounts/Pets thing.  I hope to heck that I don’t have to start keeping a ledger of pets and mounts and do a monthly inventory to make sure they are there and the books “balance” because that would be too much like work and I’m retired.   I’ll admit, I do keep a roster of my characters because I have too many, my bad, and I track what they’ve done, what profession levels they are and weird stuff like that.  Now, if I have to do that with the pets and mounts too – OMG.

I hope that they can get this “bug” fixed in the near future. There are a few other bugs out there floating around that need to be addressed, however, they have been there for months and years in some cases and they haven’t been resolved yet.  With the way that the game is starting to become a bit more of a hassle to play with the “bugs” I am truly questioning my intelligence in returning to the game full force.  Am I going to purchase the expansion? Three days ago, I would have said “yes”, however, I’m not so sure right now.

Can you imagine if you paid for a Level 90 boost and you log in to discover that that particular character is now missing?  I’m not planning on buying one of those, however, you do know that some people with more money than intelligence will do it.




Just Thoughts of A Death Knight …

February 18th

Dear Journal,

Oh my, it has been a terribly long time since I’ve written in my journal – I noticed the date of my last writing and also noticed that the book was neatly secured deeply in my bag, so deep that I had to almost empty the bag before I could even remove it.

There are times that I do miss the fact that I can’t truly remember my family and then there are times that I am filled relief that I don’t after seeing and hearing some of the things that Felaran is going through.  Yes, I know I had a family, I didn’t just pop up out of the ground as a full grown man, become Scourge at the commands of the Lich, I had to have had a family, at least parents.

I know I did laugh at poor Fel the other night when she was writing in her journal and grumbling curse words every few seconds as she wrote things in her journal.  Her immediate family really isn’t that large, however, her extended family and friends seems to be quite extensive.  She is fortunate that she has all of the other people in her life, I suppose, however, I’m very happy that she is in mine because I honestly don’t know what would have become of me.

She’s still teaching me things, things that a man grown should have already achieved and known about and she is teaching me how to enjoy this unlife that we exist in. Prior to her coming into my life, I had had a very lonely existence and took it for granted that this is how I would exist in the here and now.  Since she came along, I am finding myself learning how to care about other things, other people and perchance, their feelings.

What I was laughing about the other night was the fact that it appears that her younger sister has returned to the fold and started making everyone’s lives a bit more tumultuous.  I have never met the young lady, however, from the descriptions that I have had from Fel, I’m not real sure that I want too. Felaran had told me that when she, as a Death Knight, returned to the family, there had been quite a bit of trouble from her sister due to the fact that a Knight was not socially acceptable to the people that her sister was acquainted with.  I can well imagine the uproar it might have caused. I suppose that they made amends and became friends when they were living in Dalaran – you know that sister kind of thing.  However, it does sound like Felaran has had her hands full with her much younger sibling and I do feel sorry for Fnor because the poor bugger has been stuck in the middle of it.

I know that in my travels through the Kingdoms, after my release from the Lich King, people were oftentimes less than friendly and I would take all manner of insults hurled in my direction from them.  As time has gone on and the people have found that we can be of service to them in our ability to fight to protect them from things – they have begrudgingly accepted us. However, I will say that our acceptance here in Pandaria has been a much welcomed reprieve from the cruelties that we had gone through before – not that it wasn’t deserved.  We were meant to be storm troops, killers at the call of our Master and we were not designed to have the emotions or feelings of our living counterparts.

Oh, I’m letting my mind wander too far back, I tend to do that sometimes and it does make me not only grateful for the life that I have now, it always makes me a little sad to think of the things that might have been different if I were a mortal man.

I’m sad a bit this morning because Felaran and I went to Halfhill and we were planning on buying our little farm, unfortunately, we were a few gold shy and the fellow just wouldn’t barter with us.  I know that Fel was disappointed, I could see it in her eyes and the way she carried herself.  We talked about it afterwards and have decided that we’re not in that big of a hurry, it will only take us a few more weeks to come up with the money and not be broke after the purchase.  It would be nice to be able to fix the place up a bit before we actually move in too – the house needs a lot of repairs and Naton has already told me that after we buy it, he will come over to help us fix things up – he’s a good man for a Tauren and a fellow Knight.

I know that Fel and I both love Pandaria and there are times when we both almost forget that we are what we are until our Rune Blades remind us, none too kindly, I might add, that we need to attend to certain things in order to survive.  I just know that it seems as though we are more acceptable to the people living here than we ever were in the Kingdoms.  We have decided, when all of this is over, that we are going to make our home here with the Pandaren. I know that the thoughts of having a home and a place to call our own has made us both very happy – yes, we’re going to stay together no matter whatever else may happen.  I think that we were both tired of being alone most of the time and we enjoy one another’s company…and there are other feelings as well.

I know that being with Felaran has softened me quite a bit, however, my old persona will show up without much warning when we are in a battle without fail.  It’s odd that there just seems to be a calling when our adrenalin kicks in and we become what we once were again.  Afterwards, I know that we both feel the glow of the battle, however, we welcome the reprieve of returning to what is considered the norm for the living.

I know that Felaran teases me unmercifully about Fuzzbutt, the kitten that she gave me a while back.  Well, that kitten has gotten to be rather large and is almost fully grown by feline standards and I still treat her like the baby she once was.  Of course, when we’re not doing our duty, we’re able to relax in Dawns Blossom at the Inn where Fuzzbutt seems to be the center of attention to some of the people visiting there as well.  She’s a friendly little thing and is truly getting to be more spoiled than she already was.   I know that I like to hold her on my chest and feel that purring rumble through her body and the warmth.  Fel told me that I treated the cat like a baby and that I was going to ruin her for any kind of “mousing” ability that she might have – you know, killing the virmen would be a good thing for a cat to do.  Anyway, I told Fel that Fuzzbutt was the only child that we would ever have and I thought she was going to split her sides laughing – it’s true, we can’t have kids, so, we might as well have pets, right?