A New Nightmare Begins…

Written in very cursive script denoting the maturity and education of the author


June 29th,

Dear Journal,

I’m sitting here at my desk while plying myself with as much coffee as I can obtain at this point. It was a very long night last night and not one that I would want to repeat for a while. It wasn’t a pleasant experience on the eve day of our wedding. No, Amyn and I didn’t have an argument or anything of that nature – that I think I could deal with more easily than what I did have going on. I know that I didn’t get that much sleep last night and got a bit of a scolding my lovely bride for staying up all night and working.

Little does she know that I wasn’t exactly working all night and that I wasn’t in my office all of that time either because I took a bit of a jaunt during the wee hours of the morning without waking her up.

I had been sitting in my office trying to make some sense out of the contracts that we have gotten in during the last couple of days. Trying to decide which ones we are actually going to accept and which ones we are going to refuse to do because of the amount of work involved and the low pay that it will eventually work out to be. Some people expect you to be able to harvest all of the arctic fur in Northrend and only want to pay you 1 gold per fur. That’s not going to happen, the hunters have their own expenses to cover, time and equipment – they need to end up with a profit over what the few copper it would at these rates. We already have several government contracts for that specific item and a civilian trying to compete with that particular market isn’t going to happen through Morningstar Enterprises.

I know that I had been sitting there working away when I happened to glance up and see someone coming towards the office door. Someone that I hadn’t seen or heard from in quite a while, which means that I was beginning to wonder if he had written the friendship off as well. It was Felestrien, the paladin that I had spoken with in regard to officiating at the wedding tomorrow and hadn’t heard back from since then.

We sat there for a while and talked about some of the things that had been going on in our lives. How our families were doing and how life in general was going along. I guess that his Mother had finally found out about the fancy footwork and annulment of his first marriage and had gone off on a tirade of sorts, as any typical Silvermoon banshee would. I know that she had even tried to take custody of Fel’s daughter away from him and his new wife, Etain. I know that she is one person that tried to cause trouble not only for him but she also tried to take some legal action against me, personally, and against Morningstar Enterprises.

It still makes me chuckle how she went to the courts and wanted to attach my assets in Silvermoon and how the court system just basically laughed at her and told that they were very sure that a lot of people would like to get their hands on the money I have there as well as the houses. Let’s just say that Zippie did her usual thorough job and has attached all of the woman’s assets and has taken control of any monies that this woman happened to have, which wasn’t very much. Her wealth consisted of very little and wouldn’t pay the expenses of running the Dalaran house and office for a month. Apparently she has backed off on her legal attacks against Felestrien too, which means that I can loosen the controls on her wealth a bit, just enough rope for her to hang herself with in the Silvermoon society.

Let’s just say that if there were any differences between Felestrien and I, those have been more than resolved at this juncture. I thought that since he was here and we were talking about all manner of things and enjoying our coffee that I would broach a subject that I wanted to get some answers for. Something that has been nagging at me ever since I met the woman. After all, Felestrien is a Paladin and I’m sure that he is more aware of some of the darker things in this universe than the average citizen on the street. At least I would assume that they cover both sides of things when they are being educated in the way of the Light when they are going through the trials with the faith.

Oh yes, I have my faith in the Light, Elune and the Earth Mother to bolster me as a person as I go through my daily living, whatever may happen. However, someone that is a Paladin not only studies the faith, they live the faith as well or that’s just an assumption on my part with the few of his ilk that I have known.

I started asking him some questions about things that have been troubling me since I met the young lady that has befriended my sister, Faendra, and Dawnglory’s sister, Felessa. How she reminded me so much of the dead fiancée that I once had. No, she wasn’t dead when I asked her to marry me, you buffoon, she was very much alive and committed suicide.

I told him about how I can’t get this girl out of my mind and how completely uneasy I feel about the situation since I met her. Her appearance, her mannerisms and even some of the things that she said when I met her just chilled me to the bone. Not to mention, I have been hearing whispers in my mind and have felt like I had more than just my own soul inhabiting my thoughts at times. I wanted to know if she could be some kind of doppelganger or some creature of darkness that was somehow connected to my deceased love. I don’t know what kind of answers I was expecting to get from him in regard to this particular situation, however, I was unprepared for the amount of questions he asked and the amount of information I did receive. If I was uneasy prior to the conversation and that’s why I was asking the questions, I was absolutely horrified by the time he finished his dissertation.

We talked at some length about my relationship with my fiancée and how things had gone from to worse before she died. We talked about the fact that I had taken the body back to Silvermoon to be buried along with our unborn child, a daughter. He wanted to know if I ever had gone back to visit the grave and I was very honest with him when I told him that I hadn’t gone back to the grave.

What I didn’t tell him was the fact that the reason that I didn’t go back to the gravesite was due to the fact that I was absolutely heartbroken when she died and didn’t want to see the grave to remind me of what I felt like was a personal failure on my part. . I also didn’t tell him that I felt responsible for her demise, I have and always will feel that there was something that I could have done to help her and therefore, preventing her death. Several years went by before I could even push that guilt to the back of my mind and get on with life again. So many years wasted in self-doubt and maybe more than a bit of self-pity at the loss of someone I had loved deeply and the loss of a child.

We both decided that it would be best if I did go back to the gravesite to see that things were as they should be. I was extremely reluctant to go back to the grave, even now, with the implications that Felestrien was talking about. That nothing had changed or seemed out of place. The more we talked, the more concerned we both became to the point that nothing would do than the two of us would set off for Silvermoon as soon as possible.

So, off we went, like a couple of heroes out of some cheap romantic novel to find out if the gravesite was as it should be. I’ll admit that I was surprised at the urgency that the Paladin wanted to address the situation, however, I felt relieved that I had been able to talk to someone about this and have them understand how I was feeling and someone that was assuring me that I wasn’t losing my mind. The things that were happening could and were assuredly real, or it was at least feasible.

I know our trip from Dalaran to Silvermoon was rather uneventful or we both had our minds on the task at hand that we didn’t notice anything untoward. I did notice that there are parts of Silvermoon that can still flood my mind with memories and that the beauty was still there especially in the wee hours of the morning when most of the populace happened to be sleeping soundly in the luxury they had grown accustomed too.

As we were coming out of the city and headed towards the burial site, I could feel the hair rising on the back of my neck when I heard the soft laughter in my mind, a woman’s laughter. Even now, it makes me feel uneasy to even remember it. When we drew nearer to the site , in the shadows near the grave, I could see a woman standing in the shadows as if she were waiting on someone.

Felestrien had told me that this could be a situation very similar to what we had experienced in the past with the Bokor. How a wielder of magic would and had possessed someone else’s body as a host so that they could live longer and work their evil deeds. Of course, this was a while back and this particular entity was after larger game than just a mere mortal such as myself.

I recognized the person as we drew closer and I will have to admit that I almost started crying with just the fear of the unknown. I’m not a coward, however, this was so far beyond any of my comprehension that I felt like my emotions had been reduced down to the level of one of my step-sons.

Her laughter rang out through the night like a myriad of bells going off all at once, a cacophony of sound that was almost as harsh as the look in her eyes when she gazed at the two of us. She spoke and said that she was expecting me. I’ll always wonder how she knew that I would be coming to Silvermoon to this gravesite in the middle of the night – was this some sort of plot or plan that she had devised.

Felestrien asked her name and she told him that he already knew her name because she was sure that I had told him. She kept saying weird things like Fel’s faith was intruding on her magic, he was a Light walker and his faith was intruding on her darkness. She also kept asking for his name.

She finally said her name was Angelese …Dawnglory. Okay, with that revelation, I’ll admit that I almost passed out. I knew she wasn’t a Dawnglory and I called her on it. She wasn’t anything like Felessa nor Fnar, she was dark in her coloration and they were both light. She laughed and said that was the name that she had chosen for this week. She might want to keep the blonde hunter as a pet .. it went on and on and just became totally bizarre. I didn’t know that she had even met Fnar or if she had, I’m sure he might have said something to me about how much she looked like someone he knew in the past.

Felestrien exchanged a few more words with the woman and I could tell that he was getting a bit heated with her attitude. I know that there was a gap in my memory at that point. Apparently, she started laughing and walked over to me and put her hand on my face and said something on the order that she had my body and she wanted my soul. I guess Felestrien knocked her hand away and she cast a spell and disappeared.

When my mind kicked back in to gear, Felestrien was asking me if I was okay. I think I was or felt like I was a bit bewildered. He told me what had happened. We started looking at the burial site and the two markers that I had put on the grave were gone. The ground didn’t seem to have been disturbed, however, Felestrien knelt down and started doing some casting of his own.

Okay, I can now add grave robber to my resume if I should ever have to go out looking for work on my own. We dug the casket up and I’ll admit that I was horrified at what we were doing. We wanted to make sure that her body, my dead fiancée, was in there. I know that I didn’t want to look in the box anymore now than I did when her body was placed in it years ago. When her body had been placed in the coffin, she was holding our child in her arms as if to comfort the child in death when she hadn’t even held it when she was alive.

We examined the body closely, the baby’s corpse was gone and it appeared as though her body was there. At first I thought it was her and then on closer examination, I knew that it wasn’t. Felestrien quickly pointed out that this body wasn’t even female. It was so deteriorated from being buried for so long that it was hard to tell. However, Fel said he could pick up on the Fel and Arcane magic that seemed to still reside in the corpse. I think I almost passed out because I was sure that it was her, she had on the necklace that she always wore, the ring I had given her was gone.

This is where it got really weird. Fel ran his hands over the body using the magic that he has been blessed with and jumped back as if he had been shot with an arrow. I guess that when he came into contact with the necklace, the taint was so strong that it pushed him away.

That’s when we started talking about soul shards, how a warlock can make soul shards. Felestrien gave me a pendant to wear that is a reliquary for holy water. At least I can’t hear the whispering and I don’t feel like I’m mind sharing with someone. He even started sprinkling holy water on the ground as we started reburying the remains and the ground literally started smoking as if it had been burned.

I had so many questions that I wanted to ask him and we both had the urge to leave the area as quickly as possible. Of course, we both knew that Angel could show up at any time as well. We went back to Dalaran to my office and talked for hours. We discussed quite a bit about my lost love, what her family was like, if she had had any kind of magic in her bloodlines. I really didn’t know that much about her or her family. She was of noble birth, her Father was abusive and he had arranged for her to marry a mage from Silvermoon, which she escaped from by coming to Dalaran. The mage eventually went insane and disappeared from Silvermoon. I was her rescuer, I suppose because I noticed a beautiful young woman standing on the walkway, crying and offered my help. That’s how it all started. The body in the casket that we had unearthed was the mage.

I know that my brain is so overloaded with information at this point that I can’t even begin to fathom it all. Apparently, this Angelese is or could be my resurrected fiancée in body if not mind. Some kind of Fel magic is involved, throw in a little arcane for giggles I guess and some nether chaos for grins. it’s all so damned mind boggling at this point and I’m very confused.

This whole thing has a surreal quality to it, even now , that I am still having trouble grasping at the reality of it.

The long and short of it is that I have to tell Amyn that we’ve had a change in plans with the wedding again and that Felestrien will be officiating. He will be coming by the house later this afternoon to help me explain to Amyn what is going on with Angelese. Yes, there is a danger there that I don’t even want to bring it out into the open without some reinforcement from the Paladin.

Well, I suppose that I need to stop writing and try to sneak in a nap so that my beloved won’t be upset with me anymore than she is. She thinks I was in my office smoking my brains out and working all night. Little does she know.

It’s less than twenty-four hours until the wedding and I think we’re both nervous. Yes, the wedding is going on as planned and I’ve been assured that our wedding guests are in no danger whatsoever. I will not have Amyn’s day spoiled for anything. The whole wedding means a lot to both of us, however, it means even more to Amyn because it gives her some closure in knowing that I am her husband, her mate and that means that we will be together for the rest of our lives.

Well, providing this weird woman doesn’t figure out a way to kill me or something worse. I’m tired, I need to sleep, nothing makes sense at the moment. If I’m dead, it couldn’t’ get any worse, I suppose.


Fnor Morningstar


More Worries and How to Hide Things From Your Wife

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Written in very cursive script denoting the maturity and education of the author

June 29th,

Dear Journal,

Yes, I did make it back to Dalaran rather later last night and I’m sitting here in my office with my coffee and cigarettes and just trying to gather my thoughts a little bit. Here I had planned on spending some time alone with Amyn before the wedding and it seems to have taken quite the opposite turn, which has made me rather cross.

The house does seem a little empty without all of the kids running around, however, it is rather pleasant and does remind me quite a bit of the times before when it was just the two of us. Oh yes, we did have different surroundings back then and we definitely didn’t have the luxuries that we have now, however, it does make me think about what it was like back then. We were almost blissfully happy in Shattrath and just enjoyed a normal existence for a Ranger and a Sentinel trying to keep our relationship fairly well hidden and yet, a bit more open to the public view than we would have liked sometimes. Those were happy times, however, I may be looking at that time period with rose colored glasses and putting a different spin on how things were than what the reality truly was.

I am sitting here smiling thinking about the romp Amyn and I had night before last and thinking of how we haven’t changed all that much since our younger years. With the children, I do mean the two youngest being out of the house right now and staying with their grandparents in Dolonaar, it means that we have no interruptions and we can act like adults without a care in the world for a while. It’s a fool’s paradise for certain, however, it’s something that we both needed.

Oh we had way too much wine the other night and when we added chocolate fondue and strawberries to the mix, it was almost decadent. If it were possible for two people to just have an orgy all of their own, we did just that. I’m still getting chocolate out of my ears and I’m sure that Amyn is still getting chocolate out of other places. I’m sitting here grinning like a hyena and chuckling to match the same critter because it was fun, even if we were both a little bit on the drunk side.

I had planned on sleeping quite a bit yesterday, however, that wasn’t meant to be. Amyn had gotten up earlier than I did and was in her sitting room writing in her journal when the damned comlink went off. It was Fnar Dawnglory in Orgrimmar with some rather disturbing news.

Just when I thought we were finished with getting bizarre things in the mail, we seemed to have gotten a plethora of them in the last week. Yes, more body parts and more heads delivered to the office. It seems that Morningstar Enterprises has become a target again, however, I have a feeling that this is coming from the fact that Shadowmoon Enterprises is starting to be noticed in Stormwind. We don’t go out of our way to become noticed, it’s just that our business has taken off much faster in that area than I thought it would, not to mention, Kaldor has really been bringing in more contracts than anyone there.

I’m also starting to get word that more inquiries are being made about the business there and about my sons being in the city so much. Of course, Amyn has been so busy with the wedding plans that I am sure that she hasn’t really noticed much other than what kind of flowers she can get there from her homeland for the decorations.

I know that Sollonne had brought me word of a group called “Shadows of Elune” that seems to be operating out of Darnassus and has cells in some of the major cities on the Alliance side. She was definitely pretty well beat up when she and I met. Seems she has been tracking some of the members for a while and apparently had a bit of a scuffle with them before she returned to Dalaran to let me know what was going on. These people apparently have the idea that they are going to purify the bloodlines of Azeroth by doing away with any of the mixed bloods that they find. I wonder if that would include the poor bastards from Gilneas that have been given the “curse” of the worgen?

I don’t think that the people in Darnassus would take it too kindly if this group moved against the Gilneans in the city because there appears to be quite a few residing in the city proper itself. Of course, not all of them have been touched by the “curse” but it seems that this group just takes things on a blanket label without a whole lot of proof.

Amyn has made several inquiries about the group and wasn’t able to find out a whole lot other than it was small and didn’t seem that much of a threat. However, we did have Kaldor and Vashlan come back to Dalaran for a few days and warned them about the possible dangers that they could be facing in their travels. My gut feeling is that these people would like to get their hands on Kaldor since he seems to be the one that is making a name for himself in our business these days. Would they kill him? Possibly. Would they want to make some kind of example of him because of his mixed heritage? Possibly.

I also found out that Morningstar Enterprises may have been infiltrated by a spy or spies that is giving out information in regard to our business to some of our competitors in both factions. This causes me a little bit of concern because of the fact that it means that my employees may be in some danger again just for their place of employment. Fnar is not a happy fellow at the moment because he is having to deal with some rather strange new employees. We’ve hired so many in the last couple of months that it may take us some time to ferret out the individual or individuals that are playing cards on both sides of the table.

I know that my last trip to Silvermoon on business was very profitable and the bounties were rather large, which is why I handled them myself rather than let someone else take the risks involved. I didn’t have any trouble waltzing into the city and doing what needed to be done and collecting the fees before I left. Yes, bounty hunting can be a dirty business and some people like to call it “murder for hire”, however, I don’t look at it that way.

Faendra seems to be okay staying in the manse with Felessa in Silvermoon and I did stop in to see how they were doing. Of course, I also had to stop off and pick up the wedding rings while I was there. I will admit that the rings turned out even better than I thought that they would. Of course, Amyn and I are waiting to hear back from Teniron to see what he thought of the engagement ring that we had made in Silvermoon too. Wish we could have found him before we did that but the ring looks okay to both of us, we just wanted to make sure that the workmanship met his standards. I know that the enchants on it were done correctly at least.

Anyway, getting back to the girls, I did ask Felessa if she would be willing to officiate at the wedding this weekend and she had said that she would. Apparently, she has been upset since then and has caused some emotional upheaval with her brother and Faendra. I don’t know what it is about, however, I do hope that she gets over whatever it is before Sunday. Amyn and I don’t need any drama at the wedding in front of our friends and families.

I still can’t get Faendra and Felessa’s friend out of my mind for some reason. Her name was Angelese or something like that – they just called her Angel. Her resemblance to my dead fiancée was uncanny to the point that it made my skin crawl and set off all kinds of alarm bells in my head. I think it was the way that she looked at me with those eyes of hers and the sound of her voice. It was almost like being haunted by a living person that was a throw-back to another time. Still, I can’t get her out of my head, it’s almost like some kind of thing that keeps nagging at the back of my mind and surfaces when I least expect it.

I think that I will see if Fnar can’t track down Sol and have her do some of her snooping around in regard to this young lady. I definitely don’t want her putting my sister or Dawnglory’s sister in any kind of danger, however, you never know. There is just something completely eerie how she kept staring at me and smiling a rather cold smile. I could almost swear that she was able to read my mind and had access to some of my deepest darkest secrets. It still makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up even while I’m sitting here in Dalaran and this happened days ago.

No, I haven’t discussed this with Amyn. I’m not that stupid or I think I’m not. How would it go if I just sat up in bed and told my wife-to-be “Oh honey, I think I found the ghost of my ex-fiancée in Silvermoon the other day and I can’t get her out of my mind.” I don’t think that would bode well for me at all. Not to mention, Amyn hasn’t shot me in a while and I would like to go to our wedding without a noticeable limp or a sore rump from receiving an arrow in those parts that shall go unmentioned.

Well, I had better wrap this up for this morning since the pile of contracts on my desk hasn’t gotten any smaller. I wish that Felaran would stop in the office this morning, I have some contracts picked out for her that I think she will enjoy. One thing about having a Death Knight in the family, they are very efficient when it comes to collecting those bounties that are unsavory to some of my employees other than myself.

Oh, one thing, Amyn thinks we’re going to Feralas for our honeymoon. I have a surprise for her that I think that she will like. I think we will go to one of our old haunts in Nagrand, just for old-time’s sake. No, not the cabin, just one of the islands that we used to like a lot when we were younger. I’ll just act like we’re going to Feralas until we actually start to leave the reception.

Fnor Morningstar

Enjoying The Time Together Before the Wedding

June 28th

Dear Journal,

The wedding is not that far away and all I can feel at the moment is the relief that it is almost over. I know that I am doing this largely to please my Sindorei, however, I am also doing this for myself and for the boys. I don’t want any questions to ever be raised again in regard as to how our relationship really is.

I like the relationship that we have now here in Dalaran. There is no question as to whom my husband is and that I am his very much in love wife. I know that I have always felt this way, however, I’m not sure that it was recognized by a lot of people, including some members of my family. Now, with the wedding, it will all be resolved.

I know that it was all that I could do to drag my body out of bed this morning and to not just lay there with head on Fnor’s chest , just listening to his breathing and his heart slowly beating as he slept. I will have to admit that the hair on his chest is so soft next to my skin that I would stay there forever if I could. Just laying there next to him, feeling his arms wrapped around me and that one leg of his draped over mine. I don’t know how he can sleep like that, maybe he thinks I’m going to get up and run away. Everything feels very tender, loving and secure…this is how Elune must have meant for us to be all along.

I know that some of my Sisters wonder how it is that I fell in love with a Sindorei, they are so small and delicate. No, they may be small in stature, so am I for a Kaldorei, however, they are very much men in all things. Some of my friends have met our sons and they are very much aware that my Sindorei must be capable of getting me with child, there is no doubt about their heritage.

The house is so quiet with all of the children gone and I will have to admit that I am enjoying the time away from them for a while. I miss the antics of the little ones, however, I am just enjoying the fact that I can sit here in the sitting room at my desk and write without being constantly interrupted. I do miss Kaldor and Vashlan quite a bit however, they are enjoying their freedom in Stormwind and I do know that I can’t keep them with all of the time, even if it were possible.

Fnor and I have been hiding away a bit with the wedding so close. Last night we sat in our room and had strawberries, with some wine and chocolate. It was heavenly, we both just sat there and laughed until we cried with some of ways that we came up with how we could eat the strawberries and melted chocolate. I will admit Fnor surprised me a couple of times as to how he wanted to do some things that we had never done before. Even when I’m thinking about it right now and wondering if he got all of the chocolate out of there, I can feel myself getting a bit aroused all over again. I know that we both had chocolate from head to foot before it was all over and I’m sure that the sheets that we had thrown on the floor in front of the fireplace were a glorious mess.

Of course, after we had finished with our gourmet lovemaking, we were both rather intoxicated as we stumbled into the bathroom. I am so happy that my Sindorei had the sense to have the tub made large enough for two people to lay there in the hot water. I can’t explain to anyone how it feels to have your hair washed the way Fnor does mine. Of course, we both have long hair and I will have to admit that we both seem to be rather sensual these days, must be we are just making up for lost time and enjoying the time without any of the children in the house. I just sit here and blush a bit as I think about what we’ve been doing for the last few days. I suppose we ought to save some of this more intimate moments until after the wedding but it has been so long since we’ve had this time alone.

I can’t believe that we have so much to talk about. It’s almost like we have been starving for the conversations with one another. I suppose we could look at it that way, somewhat, with all of the years that we spent apart or with other people. This is different, this is more loving, that’s the only way that I can put it. I can actually look into those green eyes of his and see the warmth there and the tenderness that I always felt was missing.

I know that we are both planning on taking some time off after the wedding for our honeymoon and yes, we’re going to Feralas. I don’t know why we feel so drawn to that area of Kalimdor but it is as if we are coming home when we’re there. I know that our boys, all four of the boys, not just Fnor’s and mine, seem to enjoy the area as well. We’re going to take our biggest tent to camp in and that will be wonderful because we have had some custom things made up to make it even more comfortable. We already know where we are going to camp and it is doubtful that we will have anyone stumble into our camp. Naturally, we will be taking Pan and Lumina with us because I don’t think that either one of them would let us out of their sight at this point.

Both cats were really upset with us last night when we locked them out of the bedroom, however, there are times when we need to be absolutely alone and not have two pairs of cat eyes staring us down like we’re doing something wrong. I know that when I opened the door this morning, they both raced in and started sniffing at everything to make sure that we were the only people in there. Honestly, you’d think we were having an orgy in there with the way those two were acting.

I hope that Fnor and I run into Raleth and Lali because I would like to make arrangements for them to keep my kitten until we get back from Feralas. It wouldn’t be fair to bring a new kitten into the house and then leave it alone with the housekeeper while we’re away. Besides, I’m a firm believer that you have to bond with the animal shortly after you take ownership or they will give their affections to the person that has spent more time with them . I don’t think Agatha would mind having a little kitten attached to her though, she doesn’t have a family of her own.

I thought that Fnor was going to spend the day in bed and sleep today but I just heard him start cursing under his breath and walk into his office. Poor man really needs to take that comlink and throw it off of Dalaran some times. He’s still not completely well from his collapse, although, the healers seem to think that he’s doing just fine for the time being, he just can’t “over-do” as they like to put it because it could happen again. Who knows what is going on now? He definitely has his hands full with the employees in Orgrimmar right now, several new hires that are giving Dawnglory a fit.

Well, I think that I am going to get up and get dressed and take a walk. Maybe I will run into Lali in the park or maybe I can just go by and make sure that our flowers are going to be ready for the wedding. I also need to pick up some more herbs or we will have another little one running around the house if we’re not careful. Or, I may just continue to sit here in my robe and enjoy the luxury of being able to just do that. I’m sure that Kaldor is handing things in Stormwind.

I’m still laughing at the fact that my Father had Uncle Andrew and his brother go to Stormwind to keep an eye on things while I’m otherwise occupied. I know that it is probably making Kaldor mad enough to spit but he’s a good boy and he will do the right things, I’m sure. I hope that my two youngest aren’t making their Grandparents too crazy, however, knowing my Mother, she’s got them running all over the place and making them help her gather herbs. She’s of the opinion that if children are idle, they will get into trouble.


Dwarf Escorts …Finding Fires ALL NIGHT LONG!!

June 27th

Dear Journal,

Whether the dwarves like it or not, I’m going to take a nap. Seems they thought I needed to help them go through the entirety of Azeroth last night and the wee hours of this morning and help them put out fires. Why? Well, it’s a celebration of the Summer – it’s just hot to me. Anyway, we traveled the length and breadth of the place, of course, they had to stop and have a few beers at every fire so that they would feel the need to relieve themselves at the next one.

I will have to admit that I am getting used to having them around and they do keep me laughing with their outrageous behavior. However, I will have to admit that the two little fellows, or I should say short little men, know a lot about hunting and even some shortcuts that I know that I wasn’t aware of.

I don’t think that I would be so tired right now if I hadn’t started having some beers with them. I thought that with my size, I could out drink them, you know, body weight and all that. Maybe that’s how I ended up going to Vash’yir (however, you spell it, I just call it Waterworld). I thought it was kind of funny that they wanted to wait on beach while I went down and took care of the fire.

Who knows with those two? Maybe it wasn’t time for their yearly or quarterly bathing that I’ve heard tell of with dwarves. I like water, I like swimming and I don’t like naga. The whole time I was down there, I kept thinking about the time that Vash and I went exploring in Un’Goro and fell in the tarpits. Yeah, it was kind of like that but at least you could see the shore there and knew you’d be able to move naturally again soon. Not down there!

So, since I knew I was going to be doing the work for the three of us while I was down there, I drank enough to make sure I could go that much. That was my mistake; I was so drunk that I think I hit the fire and anyone that happened to get near me. Have you ever started going and you couldn’t stop, no matter what? Haven’t had that happen since I was a little kid.

I can hear the dwarves laughing in the kitchen and I almost wonder what is so funny but I’m too tired to go look. Not to mention, I think I still have enough water in my ears to make my brain all fuzzy.

Sleep, I think I’ll just sleep and hope they don’t have any more of these all night adventures planned again. I want some time to go find Josie.


Employees Day Off and A Realization

Written in very cursive script denoting the maturity and education of the author


June 26th,

Dear Journal,

I dropped a note off to the Paladin to let him know that we were going to use Dawnglory’s sister for the wedding rather than him due to his own upcoming nuptials and I knew that he was a busy man. I will admit that I was more than a bit taken aback, however, not too terribly surprised. Seems he’s already had his wedding. Funny thing is, I don’t recall getting a wedding invitation either, however, with the group that he is affiliated with, it was rather doubtful that I would be getting an invitation to anything. I certainly do wish him all the best of luck with this marriage following so closely on the heels of this divorce to his first wife and the mother of his daughter.

I wonder if the ex-wife gave away the bride. Wouldn’t that have been a choice development? No, I’m being spiteful. I do wish him well and I hope that his life is as happy as mine is and will continue to be since I am avoiding that past affiliation like the plague. As for anything that he owes me, that is off the books entirely and was written off long ago after not hearing anything from him since he offered his services to officiate at our wedding and nothing since then. That’s another one of those “friends” that you have that is out of sight and out of mind as it should be. Fair weather. It would be like me sending a wedding invitation to Poetica, more of an insult that an invitation to join in on the happiest day of my life. No, Poe won’t be getting an invitation either because I’m not that hurtful to people. What happened between us is over and very dead.

Funny thing is that I considered a lot of the people in that group my friends; however, I’m finding that that was one-sided. So be it, they no longer exist in my mind. I do know that I have passed several of them in Orgrimmar multiple times and they don’t even acknowledge my presence either. I am just as guilty though because I tend to avoid their old haunts as much as possible. I will relegate them to the “acquaintances” level in my mental files and leave it at that. I would like to give them the same kind of support that they have given me since I left their little organization.

I had gone to Orgrimmar again yesterday to finalize a few things and met with Zippie for a while. She’s in agreement with Fae that I shouldn’t be giving all of the employees the day off the day of the wedding because the costs would be astronomical. I still think that one day isn’t going to hurt anything and I will let Fae know that I’m the one to make that decision, no matter what the numbers show.

The company has been going better than ever on both sides of the factions and I can’t see not letting the employees have the day off at least. They have all been working hard and they deserve the extra day to spend with their own families for a change. It is a paid day off since they are paid by contract and if they have their contracts caught up; it won’t be a financial burden for them. I’m also considering sending out an extra bonus to them on that day too.

Amyn and I both are kind of relaxing and taking it easy and counting the hours until the wedding. I think that we are both too tired right now that we might just sleep for the rest of the time until we have to get everything down to the wedding site.

The house seems rather empty without the little guys running amuck, however, I know that Amyn and I both are enjoying being able to take a nap if we feel like it and I do mean sleep.

Fnor Morningstar


Dwarf Escorts…Fights With Vash Over Females

June 27th


Dear Journal,

Just great! I know that I know how to do my job and can do it better than anyone here in Stormwind other than my Mom, maybe and now I have two dwarves dogging my tracks with every step that I make. Not only are they scrutinizing and criticizing everything that I am doing in the field, they are telling me how to conduct myself around people. Well, dwarves have better manners than a Kaldorei? I don’t think so. No, I’m being unkind; they came to help my Mom out because my Grandparents asked them too.

I was a bit taken aback when I offered them some water from canteen, since they didn’t seem to have brought anything else along with them except for beer or mead out in the field. Andrew tells me this “Laddie, ye don’t want us drinking water now do ya? Ya know that fish fornicate in that!!” Well, let’s just say that it put me off water for a while until it dawned on me that he was only making a joke. The Bitterbeer dwarves are quite the pair and I think that I am going to lose my mind if they have to stay with me all of the time. They are even staying in the apartment with Vash and me.

I wish I had never told Vashlan that I had met a girl in Stormwind that I really liked and hope to see again. I made the mistake of being too honest in tell him that she was a worgen. Well, the jokes have not stopped yet and he keeps telling me that I need to be careful and makes sure she doesn’t bite me. I don’t think that we can catch the Curse, Kaldorei seem to be immune to it. At least I was smart enough not to tell him her name.

Of course, being his older brother, I had to start teasing him about the Draeni here in the office that seems to be one of Mother’s friends. I know Vash has the hawts for her and he can’t keep his eyes off of her when he doesn’t have his face buried in a book. My girlfriend my turn into a wolf but she doesn’t have hooves and horns.

That’s how Mother found out that we are both involved with girls here in town too. Now, we both have to go have a talk with Fnor in Dalaran. What can he possibly say to us? He’s a Sindorei with a Kaldorei mate and offspring. I’m not sleeping with Josie, I just like to talk with her and spend time in her company, that’s all. She such a nice girl and the only one that hasn’t been totally freaked out that I’m not of pure blood. It’s a friendship at the moment and nothing more. Besides, I think that that Harrier fellow would probably do away with me if he even thought that I cared more for Josie than I do at the moment.

Yes, the wedding for my parents is this weekend and I think that they are going to have a good time. I’m not attending because I need to stay in Stormwind and keep an eye out on things. Of course, my Mother understands that reasoning too. I’m truly happy for them and I know that things will get better for them in the future. It can’t have been easy on either one of them not to have that little piece of paper that the Sindorei seem to cherish so deeply, although, from what I’ve heard, that doesn’t mean they will stay together for eternity either. I think that if I ever marry in the future, it will be in the Kaldorei tradition or whatever my betrothed would want. I’ve already told Mom that I would stand still for one of those arranged marriages that the Sindorei seem to do. I’ve heard stories about those and it always seems to end badly.

Oh well, seems the dwarves have decided that I need to learn all of the secrets of the fire festival now. Naturally, I’ll be doing all of the work and they will be doing all of the drinking.






Waitin’ On The Tram

June 26th


Well up, guess I should start out by saying that my name is Andrew Bitterbeer and I was born and raised in Iron Forge. Not much of real happenin’ thing there but it happened and I’m here. Me and my siblings all were born in Iron Forge to be exact. Ma didn’t believe in traveling that much and the brewery was close by.

Oh yeah, we used to have a brewery before it blew up and it was called Bitterbeer Brewery. Da didn’t know why it never really took off like it should have. I mean the name is catchy and all that, the product was good, I was reared on it. *chuckles and smiles* Well, I suppose ya could say it take off with a bang that last day, however, we lost Da that day too.

The only reason that I’m even writin’ this thing is because I’m waitin’ on my younger brother to drag his bum down to the tram so we can go to Stormwind together. His name is Hammon and his bear, Rye, had to go take care of what bears take care of in the woods. Didn’t think it would take him a fortnight to get the critter to cop a squat out there. I tried to get Fuzzbutt to go with ’em but he’d have none of that.

Now, don’t even get started on names here other than knowing the fact that I have siblings with worse names. I even have a brother named Haggis because that’s what Ma was hankering for when she carried him; he’s a bartender and a damned good one. Me and Hammon try to keep his business going every chance we get. Now, Ma has a couple of daughters that I feel sorry for, one named Cheesecake and the other one named Berry. Imagine havin’ to go through your life with those handles. Poor Ma, she always thought it was the way things were supposed to be and that the spirits were telling her what to name her children. I’m the only one of the four that has a decent dwarf name. Andrew sounds like a good strong name and the Bitterbeer surname isn’t all fruity sounding. It sounds like we’re good, decent hardworking folks.

I don’t write much, I think it’s one of those things that fancy people do when they don’t have the time to do anything else or can’t get someone else to do it for them. So, I’ll write when I get the chance.

Right now, I’m waiting here at the tram and passing the time because there’s nothing else to do, you can only shoot so many rats before it gets boring.

I got a letter from the Shadowmoons that live in Dolonaar which was kind of a surprise. I haven’t heard much from them since I stopped huntin’ that much in that area. Oh we had some high times, that hunter and his druid mate. Oh yeah, things did change after they had their daughter, Amynlarae, which is why they wrote me.

Seems she’s got herself in a pickle because she’s running a business for her mate out of Stormwind and has some young cubs that need to be instructed on the proper business procedures. Yeah, she’s got two kids of her own, no, wait, she’s got four but the two eldest are the troublemakers I guess. Ain’t their fault though because it seems she got tied up with some little Sindorei fellow and popped out these two pretty fast. What is a nice Kaldorei girl can see in a Blood Elf, it’s beyond my old brain’s comprehension.

Anyway, she was asking her Dad to come to Stormwind to keep things running for her while she goes off and marries this Sindorei fellow. Seems like the Dad didn’t want to do it because she had two other kids that he and the missus are taking care of while she goes off gallivanting with this blood elf. Okay, so, he writes to Andy and asks me if I’d be willing to help him out one more time. Well, sure, why not, h’ain’t been in the city for a while and who knows, there might be some sweet young thing that catches my fancy while I’m down there.

So, after talking it over with Ma, Hammon and me are going down there for a while to see what’s going on. I guess this oldest boy of hers is a handful and thinks he knows all there is to know. A good slap upside the head should learn him his manners and to know that he’s not all there is when it comes to hunting. Damned high uppity blood elf for a Daddy, what does he know about real livin’? Oh well, I’ll keep my mouth shut and open it when I see what’s goin’ on.

Well, Hammon and Rye just showed up and we just missed the tram again. Oh, isn’t that grand, he brought a couple beers along with him, that way the waitin’ won’t be with a dry mouth. He’s looking at me like I grew a third eye in my forehead because he sees me scribblin’ here.