Just Working…People are just Weird

August 30th


Well, what the fuck is Fnor thinking about now?  He hears rumors in Orgrimmar and he thinks something catastrophic is going to happen and he wants to stop the world for a while.  He doesn’t have that kind of money or power that I am aware of.  If he did, I’d definitely be talking to him about my percentage of profit that I am apparently missing.

I have so many contracts here in Orgrimmar right now that it would take a very large mammoth just to get the piles of paper to another location.  Lots of government contracts, lots of privateers wanting to stock up on stuff and let’s not forget the usual plethora of odd things, the usual kidnap and ransom things, the bodyguard duties and most of all…the little side trips that people seem to want to take with a bunch of guards so that they can say “I’ve been there!”

I had a few contracts that I needed to get to Shattrath, some to the Ranger we sent down there and a few others to be distributed to the other employees in the area.  I found the Ranger in the Tavern down there and he was sitting there at a table with a young lady.  A very attractive young lady, I might add.  I thought he knew her but apparently they hadn’t even introduced themselves to one another by the time that I got there. 

The Ranger is a nice enough fellow and I understand that he is going through a lot with his personal life, however, he is rather moody, and it appears.  His cat wasn’t drinking the water in Outland and I assume that he had tried a bunch of different things with no luck on that.   The young lady at the table was a mage and offered to make some conjured water to see if the cat would drink that.  Oh you would have thought that we had committed the most heinous act when the water was offered to his cat.  Dawn drank it without any problems but she’s not a real finicky kitty.

I know some hunters are overly protective of their animals and I definitely am knowledgeable about my animals, however, I don’t act like the fucking world is going to crash down if they aren’t given what I think they need.  It was an awkward situation.  One of these days I am going to have to explain to this fellow that I am not some kind of moron and I have been at my profession for a very long time without the benefit of his wisdom. 

I would like to be a friend to the fellow because he seems likeable enough, however, I think he might want to remember that he is working for the company and I don’t work for him. Yes, I suggested some things when I was there in Shattrath and you would have thought I had stepped on his cock or something with the way he was acting.  We’ll have to wait and see how he works out, if it doesn’t happen, he can be easily replaced, plain and simple.  I thought he was being overly sensitive and a bit rude and voiced my opinion – that was another mistake.  He’s an odd duck and very hard to figure out and I don’t know if our personalities are going to mesh very well. 

I talked to the mage for a while and apparently she was in need of the services of a bodyguard.  I thought that the Ranger might be in need of some extra gold and asked him if he would be interested in that sort of thing?  For the money, not to shag the woman.  Apparently, that was another mistake on my part with the way he acted and I can understand the reasoning.  Sure, his broken heart is posted on his forehead and we’re all supposed to be cautious of that.   I can sympathize with the fellow and empathize with his feelings, however, I don’t think my middle name is doormat and I don’t have a “kick me” sign on my back either.  I think we’ll just keep it at business until he gets over being so damned sensitive that you’re afraid to even talk to him about anything.   I’ll keep checking on his progress down there and I’ll see how he is doing – who knows, we may yet become friends at some point. 

Well, anyway, I offered the services to the woman for one of the contractors from Morningstar Enterprises if she wanted that service.  I did get Zippy to send a letter out to her and I hope that she will take the contract, which, I might end up being the one to take it myself.  Couldn’t be that difficult to take her around the area and let her study leylines or whatever it is that she wants to do.  I will definitely have a time limit on how long I plan on spending my time down there.   No, I’m not in the mood to hit that at the moment either, I’m still trying to catch up with Fae and hopefully, we can try to build a relationship that is more than what it is right now. 

As for Fnor and his freaking “The Sky Is Falling!” thing, I am going to see what I can do with the contracts that we have here in Orgrimmar and try to keep everyone as close to their homes as I can.  Yes, I have an allegiance to the Horde; however, I have a bigger allegiance to myself and my sister.  You know where you keep your ass alive?  It’s been too peaceful of late and that warmongering bugger sitting in charge of things has all the markings of being a bit too aggressive with his own thoughts and not those of his people.  If it comes to war, I’m not real sure which way I’ll go other than as far away from the trouble as I can.  If I get recalled to the Rangers, I’ll go and do my duty, however, we’ll see how things go from there.  At least I know that Felessa and Fae are safe in Dalaran and they had better stay there if they know what’s good for them.

Well, I think I’ll go do some target practicing and see if I can hear anything else about whatever is going on in this crappy place and maybe overhear something since the peons in Garrosh’s seem to be working out a bit more.  Hmmm…Should be some interesting shit going on.


Oh, The Joys Of Homeownership

You never know when RL is going to throw you a curve ball.  Oh, the joys of homeownership.  You never know when things are going to hit the brakes and you get a good case of whiplash.  I would like to apologize for not being readily available in-game during the last few days, however, when the plumbing in your house decides to take an unannounced sabbatical, it makes life interesting.

For the last forty-eight hours, we were unable to run water in the house, use the lavatory, take showers or even wash our hands without making the trek across the street to one of our neighbors.  Nothing like camping with all of the creature comforts of home, however, people would definitely frown if you used the same principles of when you are actually camping…you know the shovel, go behind the bush, dig a hole and do your thing before burying it again.  At least cats have litterboxes, yes?

I do have one question though.  With the number of plumbers that I have seen in the last couple of days, it must be a professional thing that is required of them – you know, the squat down and half their butt is seen over the top of their pants.  Do they have a test that they have to pass before they are given a license…you must shoot all of your customers a halfmoon when you squat down.

At least things are settling down now and we don’t seem to have the constant parade of plumbers through the house at all hours.  Thank goodness we live in an HOA or I’m sure we would have filed bankruptcy.

See ya in-game!!

“A Sense of Foreboding

Written in very cursive script denoting the maturity and education of the author 


August 28th

Dear Journal,

I am sitting here in Dalaran this morning with the usual cup of coffee and my cigarettes because that’s what I intend to do for the next few days.   I returned home from Orgrimmar rather late last night after being stuck in the city for longer than I would like at times.

The place is rife with rumors and with all of the contracts that I have been getting in the last few weeks, the rumor mills grinding away, I am certain that something is definitely in the wind.   I know that I haven’t had contracts requesting a lot of items like this since the last war and I am almost afraid to speculate what is going to happen in Azeroth due to my past experience.  I know that I have such a sense of foreboding and my intuition is telling me to pull my family back to Dalaran.  I know that sounds stupid but it is just a strong feeling that I have that something is about to happen.

I know the last time that I felt this way and it was hitting me like a hammer for months prior to the rising of Deathwing and the feeling I have now is even stronger.  At least with Deathwing we had a bit of a warning, this is just a feeling that I have right now and I am going to listen to it.

Months before Deathwing rose, there were warning signs all over Azeroth.  The elementals were insane and would attack cities, villages and towns for no reason.  It was as if they were trying to drive out the humanity so that they could either cure their ills or they were filled with the murderous rage of a Nature that we couldn’t comprehend. It was indeed some harrowing times for everyone on the planet.  It seemed to be primarily hitting Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms.  We all know what happened in the end of that cycle, we were all introduced to an insane entity known as Deathwing and the destruction that he wrought on the planet will never be forgotten.

I know that I am seeing through my contracts and from what I’ve seen in Orgrimmar, a heavy troop buildup again.   This makes me almost heartsick because it can only mean one thing and that is that our Warchief is up to something.  No one seems to know exactly what it is or when it will happen, however, the feeling is that it is going to be soon.  I’m almost afraid to check my personal mail right now because I feel like I may be recalled to take over a command in the Rangers again, which means only one thing.  All out war with the Alliance. 

Here we’ve been sitting with our rose-colored glasses on and thinking that the world would change for the better.  I don’t think that I will ever truly know peace in my lifetime.  My main concern right now is with Amyn and the children.  If it comes to another war with our factions, how safe will I be able to keep them?  It’s not like I can hold them hostage in Dalaran to keep them safe.  I don’t know which way my children will go if war comes again.  Yes, I’m worried; I’m frightened and deeply concerned.  What if my sons decide that they have to join the services – would I ever have to face my son on the battlefield as I did my wife on a few occasions?

Here I was sitting in Dalaran a few days ago, content with my lot in life.  I actually felt happy and content with everything. Now, after spending a couple of days in Orgrimmar and hearing the rumors flying around the city, I am filled with dread and fear.  Yes, fear that my family will be torn asunder and put into harm’s way.   The only thing that I can do at this point is to get prepared for what may be a very bumpy ride in our future.

I will be pulling most of the employees in the company back closer to their homes and families and will try to keep them there with the contracts that we have available.  More contracts keep pouring in, it’s as if they have almost tripled in the last two days and that’s what has me worried.  I still have to go through them and approve them; however, I am going to be extremely cautious as to which ones I take.  I will have to talk with Dawnglory and see what news he has been able to garner from the city as well because he is much more in touch with the population in Orgrimmar than I am at this point.  Although, being friends with some of the people that are privy to some of Garrosh’s ideas that he has floating through that warmongering skull of his and they are being very quiet on the subject, not matter how much I tried to pry without being obvious.

I know that the things that I have heard have disturbed my inner peace greatly and I just hope that I am wrong with what my intuition is telling me is going to happen.  I sit here in Dalaran, looking at the family that I have under my protection and I am also thinking about some of our friends.  Some of them are just starting out in life with their dreams riding a high that only being that young can give you.  I look at Raleth and Lali, starting their family already, a baby on the way.  What will become of all of us if there is war on the horizon?  What will that do to our children that we all love more than life itself?

I’ve already spoken with Amyn and she has said that she hasn’t heard anything of any great importance other than the usual grumbles and rumors that one always hears in Stormwind.  I suppose any large city always has those types of rumors floating around.  However, I did ask her to make the trip to Stormwind and start sending our employees out on contracts that will have them closer to their homes rather than running them far afield.  I also asked her to make sure that Kaldor and Vashlan returned to Dalaran as quickly as possible.  She is also going to Dolonaar to speak with her parents and try to get them to come to Dalaran and stay for a while; I know she would feel more comfortable with them being up here rather than there.

I know that I am probably being an alarmist but I’d much rather be a fool for wanting to make sure that my family is safe than to just ignore the facts that I see in front of me and adding the rumors, it could only mean one thing. 

I am still worried about Sol, however, I am going to keep a weather eye out for the other things and continue my search for her.  If they have moved her out of Ice Crown, then, the next place that has the best areas for hiding is Storm Peaks.  I will take a run up there later today or even tomorrow to see if I can see any signs of a group traveling through there.  Of course, I have some friends up there that might have noticed a group of people acting covertly in the area.  If it is the same group that we have dealing with for the last few months, they are going to be extremely difficult to find because they can blend in so easily with the rest of the population, however, I can’t imagine that Sol would be blending in real well if I know her.  Damn the timing on this!!   I know she didn’t have this planned but I wish to all that is holy that she had left some word with someone before undertaking this kind of adventure on her own.  I know she likes to protect the company and the family from any harm that she can, however, I think that sometimes her heart overrules her intelligence.  She’s gusty, brave and one of the best fighters that I have ever had the privilege of knowing, however, I hope she hasn’t gotten into something that will cost her more than just that long braid of hers.  Damn it!!

I need to get my mind on some more pleasant things or I’ll start drinking brandy.  I know that I have these concerns but I can’t allow them to push everything else out of the way at this point.  I have things that are still keeping all of us happy with everything for the time being.

I really did enjoy meeting Kaldor’s young lady from Stormwind.  I was really rather pleasantly surprised with how she conducted herself while she was here.  I know my son is probably living in a pipedream that might end up breaking his heart; however, it’s something that I can only warn him about and hope that the damage isn’t all that severe.   He’s very close to the age that I was when I first encountered his Mother and that little minx stole my heart for life, little did I know it at the time.

Sure, Dawnglory is speculating very loudly that the girl might be a Worgen.  So, what of it?  If she happens to have gotten that Curse handed to her, I’m sure that it isn’t something that she asked for nor did Felaran ask to become a Death Knight.  If she has that particular thing, that’s strictly between Kaldor and her.  I have no great love for worgen in the wild, however, it’s my understanding that these poor devils have the ability to live as both the creature and as a human…most are capable of keeping the beast under control.  I do wish that I was more knowledgeable about them and it would probably behoove me to find out some things because after watching those two together, she might be visiting Dalaran a bit more often in the future.  I just hope that my son is aware of what he might be getting himself into. 

Oh, speaking of my son.  He really trounced me at the tournament last week and I’m demanding a rematch when he gets back to Dalaran.  We took his Mother with us and I couldn’t help but notice that she was more than a little bit thrilled to see her son dump the old man on his backside a couple of times.  Damn that kid is strong!  I guess that the Kaldorei build has a lot to do with it too, his reach is probably a good foot or longer than mine and he is damned near impossible to unseat from his mount due to his size and weight.  Of course, she and Kaldor got into a bit of an argument because she wants to give this tournament thing a “go” and thinks that she would be good at it – I think it would be fantastic for her.  Kal is of the opinion that women shouldn’t do this sort of thing.  He and I had a bit of a discussion about his sexiest ideas and I think that I put the kibosh on those thoughts or at least he will know better than to voice his opinions around his Mother and me.   I will have to admit that I do like competing with him whether I win or lose at this point.

Oh well, just got another large stack of contracts dumped on my desk and it doesn’t seem like it’s going to slow down anytime soon.  At least Faendra is here and she can start putting the things in order.  I hope Amyn doesn’t spend too much time in Stormwind today trying to do the same thing; I want her to get home.  Not to mention the little guys are here and they will make us all crazy if she’s not here to tie them down or something.  I know Agatha keeps giving them food and sending them back to their rooms to study some more.  Oh well, they will either put on 20 pounds or they will actually be in there working on the schoolwork they have been given to do today.  I’ll take them out for a walk here in a little while and hope that they don’t get into trouble, maybe a trip to the toy store, a new train set might be a good thing for them to put together and play with.

Fnor Morningstar

Back to Work…Same Old Shit, Different Day

August 23rd

Journal, Book, Whatever I feel like calling your ass today.

Well, things are at least settling down a bit now that Felessa is back in Dalaran going to school.  At least I know she will get some decent food to eat and gain some of the weight back that she lost in that fucking debacle with the demon or whatever in the fuck you want to call it was.  At least I know that she will be safe.

I wonder how many times I have to fucking apologize to these people about getting drunk at dinner the other night and asking some embarrassing questions to Kal’s little puppy girlfriend?  Yeah, I’m real sure she’s a worgen, not too many people escaped that disease in Gilneas that I am aware of.  I don’t know that many Worgen though, I’ve killed and skinned a few in the wild but I didn’t talk to them while they were attacking me.  These civilized versions are supposedly different and I have accepted that, just don’t ask me to try to tell my skin not to crawl, okay?  I know I’m not apologizing again for my behavior on this matter; they can kiss my tight elf ass if they want another one.  It’s not forthcoming.

At least I can find my way around the office in Orgrimmar now.  Man, don’t ever leave a little goblin neat freak in charge of things while you’re gone, Dawnglory!  Oh, it looked great and things were labeled, counted, recounted and put in order but I couldn’t find a fucking thing.  She even counted my pens and put them in order by brand name, color and then by length.  I still can’t find some of the contracts I had in the middle of my desk, they weren’t finished. 

I know that I felt glad that I was able to pull the contracts that I wanted to give that new Ranger in Outland to work on.  They should keep him busy for three or four months, however, as crazy as he seems to be, he’ll probably get them done in two.  He’s definitely trying to bury himself in his work because of his emotional trauma that he supposedly endured from some tart in Dalaran.  That’s his problem to deal with, not mine and I won’t shoulder the burden.

I know that anytime I mentioned anything about women when I met him in Shattrath, he acted like he was all affronted by it or something.  I did explain to him that when I am talking about our products and women in the same breath, it’s because I want to take their money, not fucking shag them.  Man has a one event buffer.  To him, right now, women are evil; they are the devil or something.  To me, I sell products that we produce to women and if I happen to go to bed with a few of them, that’s all the better for me, right?  I’m definitely not into the boy toy thing and I’ll knock the shit out of this fellow if he leans that way.  I don’t mind someone preferring that but don’t ever cramp my style because that’s what you’re into. 

I know I kept catching him staring at me when I was talking like I was speaking some unknown tongue or something.  I bet the poor turkey thinks I’m a lot younger than I appear.  Silly fool, I’m eight years younger than the Old Man, Fnor.   I just don’t show my age all that much and I’m sure that if he looked at my service record it would make his look like something he scribbled up in his playpen while I was out fighting battles.  I have to kind of laugh because this Silvermoon escapee is on my turf now, I was raised in Shattrath, in the orphanage and I know this area like the back of my hand. 

I like Sath, I truly do but the man has got to let go of his feelings in regard to women.  Just because this girl or whatever it was in Dalaran decided to screw around on him doesn’t mean that the whole sex is rotten to the core.  I like to party and I like to spend time with women, however, that’s not all that I do, damn it!!

I think I’ll let this fellow flounder around in Shattrath and Nagrand for a week and then I’ll make another trip down there to see how he’s doing or if he’s survived that long.   He’s got the skills; I’ve seen that evidenced with the contracts that he filled before he got sent down here.  Skinning is an art, no matter what some idiot might tell you differently and each one of the skins he turned in was done correctly, the hides were cured and the pelts were clean and didn’t have any holes or tears in them. 

Apparently, he doesn’t care for Orcs all that much either.  He’s kind of made the remark several times when we were in Nagrand as well as mentioning that he didn’t like going to Orgrimmar.  Well, there are going to be times that he is going to end up getting teamed up with an Orc or two in our line of work and I hope like hell he doesn’t turn his delicate little nose up at that thought – the more people on the job, the more money they make sometimes. 

Sure, I’ m not overly fond of having to spend as much time as I do in Orgrimmar.  It’s dirty, noisy, and full of all kinds of races and the dust gets into everything.  You could be just out of a bath and you’ll see a fine coat of dust on your armor that you had barely hung up on a stand less than ten minutes ago.  No, I don’t have any dalliances in Orgrimmar, that’s too close to the home base for it to be prudent.  Oh fuck no; I don’t need some bimbo dropping by the office to visit me there.  If they want to work for me, fine, if they want to go to bed with me…let’s go somewhere away from Orgrimmar.  At least Fnor has gotten a new taste of how things are in Orgrimmar.  It’s the same old dirty, nasty, dangerous place that it was before he took off to Dalaran with his Kaldorei family.  At least I got one hefty raise for making the trek down here and staying here for weeks at a time to take care of the business – oh, that reminds me, I need some more body bags or I need to start charging for people not returning them in a useable condition.

I mean, fucking come on.  You get a contract to take a bounty in Under City…you tag and bag to make your delivery.  This one particular one was kind of funny because the employee was in such a hurry to make the delivery, do the collection and get back to Orgrimmar for a hot date that he forgot to clean out the bag all the way.  It’s not funny when you find a bony foot in the bottom of the bag when you’re folding it up to be shipped out again for use.  Since when did Forsaken start wearing toe rings?  This one was doing overkill in that department or maybe he was just trying to figure out a way to make sure the toes stayed attached?  Who knows?

I need to head back to Dalaran again tomorrow to give Fnor a hand on find Sol.   We’re still in the belief that she might still be alive and might still be in Ice Crown somewhere.  We have a couple of more caves that we want to check out and I guess that Felaran is helping out some too.   I asked Fnor if he had told Amyn about Sol being missing and he said he didn’t want to worry her right now because she already had a lot on her mind with Kal falling for this human girl and he didn’t want to upset the applecart by telling her that Sol was missing and why.

Now, that brings to mind one thing.  What if Fnor’s son gets with this girl and they have kids.  What would those kids look like, one third Kaldorei, one third Sindorei…and one third Worgen?  I’m not sure that this Curse thing passes on from the parent to the offspring or if the baby would be human or what?

Sorry about the ink splashes there.  I got tickled and started laughing when I had my quill full of ink.  I just had a visual of trying to put a diaper on a wiggling puppy or would you housetrain them?   No, no, no, Dawnglory!! Don’t even go there and don’t you dare ask a soul within earshot of Fnor and Amyn.

Okay, time for me to go out and make the rounds here in Kalimdor.  I need to go find out what’s going on with a couple of my hunters in Uldum.  They are well overdue for a full order of hides from down there and I’ll be damned if I am going to pay the fine for the contract being late, I’ll take it out of their asses before I do that again. 





Starting Life Over In A Strange Land

August 28th


Well, this seems to be the going thing for people to do these days and I may as well start one of my own.   You never know what might befall you in this life and you need to leave some kind of trace behind you so that someone might know that you existed or not.  Memoirs?  Maybe, I can’t say that I am famous enough to call them that.  I’ll just call them scribbles of a lonely man in a strange land where everything that I knew in my life has been altered.

Let’s start at the beginning, shall we?  My name is Abner Oakelsey and I was born and raised in Gilneas, my acquaintances and the people that I associate with most frequently just call me Oak.  My Father’s name was Brian and my Mother’s name was Bess.   It was a nickname that my Father gave me when I was a youngster due to my size and he said because I was as stubborn as that aforementioned tree.  My Mother would have liked to have made me into a more dandified sort of fellow if she had had the money and the inclination, I suppose.  I think that I would have rebelled against that…I can’t stand the prawns that are calling themselves Nobility these days when I know for a fact that Lord Blackford was nothing more than a fish monger that sold his wares a few doors down from where I lived.  What an ass! Oh well I won’t despoil his fantasy with the people in Darnassus, I’m sure that they have already figured it out on their own, if not, that’s their problem, not mine.  

 Yes, yes, I was also one of those unfortunates that were blessed with the Curse that seems to have taken everything that I had away from me.  I have no idea what has become of my family, my parents, my wife or my daughters.  I’ve searched the encampment here in Darnassus and no one has even heard of them.  While I am still heartsick at the losses, I can no longer wallow around in my self-pity and continue to think that my world has come to a complete end because it hasn’t ended in everything; there are new avenues to look forward to discovering.

All I know is that I am still a hunter, regardless of what form I may decide to use follow that profession, although, becoming a wolf and allowing it free rein out in the wilds has its benefits to my trade. I’m a twenty-five year old man without any family ties or anyone to notice if I am in Darnassus or not at this point, which is probably just as well.

When I first discovered that I had the Curse, I was dismayed, disheartened and thought that my life was over.  How could a man live like a beast at one moment and still try to retain some semblance of humanity at others?  This question almost made me take my life during those first weeks when I was making my escape from Gilneas.  What choices did I have?  I had to leave my homeland, those cursed Forsaken were taking control of everything that I knew, the plague machines were pumping more of that poison in the air that one would like to think about.  What other damage was done to my body with the combination of the Curse and the plague-filled air?  I don’t suppose that anyone has thought about all of that except for a few that might be a bit more cognizant of their surroundings than usual.

I’m sitting here in this giant tree that has a hollowed out area beneath it where most of the Gilnean have sought sanctuary with the Night Elves that offered us refuge.  Of all of the races, the elves gave us sanctuary which was a blessing, I suppose.  I would have thought that the other people would have tried to do the same for us but I suppose due to the political situation being what it has been all of these years, we weren’t exactly welcomed by the humans…I’m human most of the time or appear to be.  One would have thought that regardless of the situation that they would have offered us some kind of sanctuary.  Not all of the people that were trapped behind that wall really had much of a choice in the matter either.  I don’t suppose that some of the people in Stormwind thought about that, it wasn’t a unanimous thing where we got a chance to vote on it, some of us even tried to rebel against it.

I know that my age has played a beneficial factor in these changes in my life.  I’m only twenty five years old and have a lot of good years left to live, providing I don’t allow myself to get stupid at some point and make too many mistakes.  Oh, one other thing, I don’t have an accent like some of my countrymen because of the fact that I did spend a great deal of time taking some elocution lessons from my Mother and didn’t think that the affectation would be beneficial  to me should I ever leave that restricted area we called home.  My plans were to go beyond the wall to see the rest of the world, there had to be more than what I had been allowed to grow up knowing, there just had to be.

My Mother didn’t always live behind the Wall and she was a school teacher before she married my Father.  I don’t understand how it was done other than the fact that she was originally from Stormwind and her parents had been in contact with my grandparents and this marriage was arranged.  From what she told me, it wasn’t all that romantic either – her Father told her that he had found a suitable match for her in Gilneas and that was the end of it.  Her things were packed, she was loaded into a wagon, driven to the Wall and was neatly deposited there on a given day where she first met my Father, her bridegroom.  That’s pretty sad when you think about it.   She said that she came to love my Father over the years, as if she had any real choice in the matter and she sometimes said she missed her parents and her friends in Stormwind because she was never allowed to leave once she came behind the Wall.

My Father was a good man, I suppose.  He was always working very hard to make ends meet.  He spent all of his time at the smithy and my Mother would pick up a few pieces of gold by teaching some of the children in the neighborhood.  The School Board in Gilneas didn’t think that she was suitable enough to become one of the regular teachers at the school – too many worldly ideas, was what they said.  You could just say that it wasn’t all sunshine and roses for a lot of the people that lived near us, we were trades people, we were the servants to the Nobility that got the same Curse that we did, seems bloodlines don’t matter all that much when this demon seed came visiting.

When I was a little boy, I was left a lot on my own with the other children in the neighborhood and there was a group of us that seemed to be more inclined to do the wild things.  Oh, we learned how to hunt, fish, skin and make leather goods from one of the old gaffers.  Life was good, we all enjoyed what we were doing and we had all taken a solemn vow that we wouldn’t be worked to death like our parents were, we’d enjoy life…being out in the wild.  Little did we know that we were probably better prepared in the long term than some of our counterparts that were more inclined to do what was expected of them, becoming shopkeepers, seamstresses and whatever else trade that their families followed.  We were really considered renegades by some of the neighbors but they let us be.

Little did we realize, as children, that we were actually the prequel to the “packs” that eventually started showing up when the Curse hit its full stride?  Not all of us survived that ordeal; however, we had strategies that kept us safer than some of our mutual friends in town.  I will always wonder what happened to my family, my wife and my daughters.

My wife was a lovely young woman that I had happened to meet at one of the Town Square dances that were held every three or four months.  After all, the peasants needed to be entertained to keep them happy and content enough to serve our noble maters.  Aggie was quite the looker with those long blonde tresses and she always wore a red dress, not the same dress all of the time but a red party dress with the cutest little bustle that swayed ever so gently when she walked.   Of course, the Abercrombie’s were not pleased that their daughter was involved with one of the local ruffians instead of one of the noble sons, even a younger son would have worked for them.   Oh well, we fell in love, overcame all of the adversities that her parents threw at us and we had a good life together.  Our little girls came as a surprise package deal.  We had twin daughters, Bridgette and Briana. Oh they were definitely the joy of our lives.  Naturally, my trade kept me away from home and I missed those “first steps”, the first word that they spoke but I still gave them as much love as a man could possibly give to his children. 

Yes, I miss my family and I still mourn them in my own way. I desperately try not to visualize in my mind the fate that may have befallen them when things got bad.  I actually went back to our house to see if anything was left, maybe a clue to the whereabouts of any survivors.  What I found in the house left me little doubt as to what had befallen them all.   The place was ransacked and there wasn’t really a surface that didn’t have signs of blood on it. The only thing I was able to recover at all was our wedding picture that had fallen behind a book case – the frame had shattered, the picture was a little torn, however, it was at least something.

Am I bitter?  Well, sometimes I am, however, there is nothing that can be done with those feelings that will change anything.  Being bitter about something that you have no control over is foolish and if you allow it to take your entire focus in your life, you will end up destroying any chances that you might have had for a future.  No, my parents taught me better than that.  If you have taken a hard hit in life, get up, dust yourself off and keep on trying, never give up.  That’s what I intend to do now, not give up, not let this Curse be everything in my life…I won’t allow the wolf to have complete control of me, the man.

Have I made new friends in Darnassus?  No, not really.  I have acquaintances; I can’t allow myself to make friends just yet.  In a way I am still mourning my loved ones and the friends that I had at home.  I suppose that means that I am isolating myself somewhat, however, I choose to think of it as buying some time for my emotions to heal so that I can cope better with things.

I did make a trip to Stormwind yesterday, only my second trip to that big city.  I think I like Darnassus better because it feels peaceful for me right now.  I found a flyer tacked on a wall and it sounds like a good job opportunity for me.  A company is looking for skilled hunters, skinners and leatherworkers to do contract work.  Sounds kind of interesting and it may just be something that I can do to get my feet back under me again before I try out being independent again.  No, no, the military thing is definitely not something I have my sights set on either, I don’t think I would do well with some of the disciplines that they have. 

I can’t help but chuckle at the thought of someone like me joining the military.  All of those little toy soldiers marching around in their little uniforms.  I think that my one chief concern would be that sometime I might decide to go out drinking with my fellow soldiers and get too drunk to control the wolf.  You can well imagine that my uniform wouldn’t fit his form real well, not to mention, I can almost visualize the damage that might be done in a drinking establishment if my true persona took control.  Probably wouldn’t end well for me or the other people around me.  So, no playing soldier boy for this fellow.

I’ve sent off a letter to this company in Stormwind and I hope that I will hear back from them soon.  Sounds like one those elf company names, however, that’s okay.  I like elves and if the pay is good, I wouldn’t care if they were dwarves, if they didn’t decide to pay me off in beer.  I can still earn my way here in Kalimdor while I wait to hear back from those folks though.

At least I still have my dog, Dudley.  He and I have been able to stick together through all of the hell we went through at home.  He doesn’t ask much, good food, a place to sleep and he gives me the affection that a fellow could expect from a mutt.  At least I still have him, my faithful and loyal companion.  I hope he gets the hang of these beasts here, so of which I’ve never seen the like of before.  We’ll get it figured out and we’ll make a good team yet. 







Heading Back to Stormwind

August 22nd

Dear Journal,

I hope that Josie had as much fun in Dalaran as I did having her there.  Sure, I’m almost positive that she was a nervous wreck around the family most of the time and Dawnglory didn’t help matters a while lot.  I don’t think she understood what he was saying and my Mom told her that he was talking about the weather and things like that, which Josie happy and left her with a smile.

I really almost wanted to get up from my seat at the table and punch Fnar in the nose for the things he was talking about, fleas and wolf packs.  I know he had been drinking with Fnor before they came into dinner, however, that was just rude.  I know that Fnar has warned me about Fnar’s behavior before and I hadn’t really seen it in action when it was aimed at someone that I was with.

My Mom just gave one of those knowing looks that only Mother’s can give and she didn’t mention that she thought Josie was a Worgen either.  She knows and isn’t going to say a word about it…it’s my choice.

Oh, we had so much fun just roaming around Northrend.  Aunt Felaran made a great chaperone and would lag behind enough to where we had quite a bit of time alone.  Josie and I kissed quite a bit and I did want to do more than just hold her in my arms, however, I was afraid that it would scare her away.  I don’t know if she has ever been with a man before and if he hasn’t, I wouldn’t just want to take her out there in the wilderness like some animal.  I would want it to be very special for her the first time that she has done that sort of thing.

I can’t say that it’s the first time that I have ever been with a woman because that would definitely be a tall tale on my part.  It was an easy thing for a fellow to do in Shattrath; we were all kind of displaced people down there and I know that I ran into more than one lonely woman down there.  What’s a fellow to do when they all but pull his clothes off after some heavy kissing?  Oh well, that’s behind me now; I want to wait on Josie and see how she is going to be with things.

I’ll admit that I am curious as to how it is going to be that first time.  I’ve never seen her in wolf form before and I don’t know if it would happen when we were making love or not.  I’ll have to talk to her straight forward and ask about that so that I will know what to expect.  Yes, I’m nervous as hell about asking her too because that is truly prying into a very private area of her life.  I am just going to have to do it because I’ve hinted around and she hasn’t taken up on the hints either. 

I know that the trip back to Stormwind was kind of sad because I know that she was getting her mind set on going back to where she works and where that Harrier fellow is.  I hope that I was able to convince her that I am very serious about our relationship and it’s not just some passing fancy.  I hope she realizes how much I care for her, it’s not every girl that I date that I bring home to meet the family.  I think she liked them too. 

Do I love her?  I’m not sure what that is at this point in my life. She makes me feel different, like I’m a grown man with my own worth in life.  She makes me think about things that probably wouldn’t matter if I wasn’t with her. Does she feel the same way about me or is she yearning for something that I am incapable of giving her.  There are so many things that I have questions about and I would ask them if I knew she had the same feelings for me.   I am worried about things right now, is there an “us” or will there ever be?  I don’t know.

Oh well, tomorrow will be a full day at work for me and I need to get my head out of the clouds and start thinking about the business.  If things don’t work out with Josie and me, the business will keep me busy enough to where I can try to forget about it at least.



Fanciful Dreams and Memories

Written in very cursive script denoting the maturity and education of the author 


August 22nd

Dear Journal,

Just sitting here in the office this morning, as per usual, with my coffee and cigarettes and I’ll have to admit that I am in a very good mood.  However, I won’t say that I am ecstatically happy or anything like that, just happy with things for the moment.  Oh sure, I have some lingering problems preying on my mind but they aren’t the only thing that I exist for and I am reconciling myself to the fact that there may not be a solution for every single problem that arises.  Sometimes you just have to sit back and weigh the pros and cons and see if something is really worth trying to find a resolution for it.  Some things you just have to mark off and keep on going.

Last night must have been enjoyable night from what I can remember of it this morning because I had some of the strangest dreams, maybe it was all one long continuous dream but it was very enjoyable at the same time.   I had a dream that was very strange in a lot of ways because it was like I was standing back and watching myself go through different phases in my life.  It was fun and I guess I was laughing out loud during parts of it. 

I don’t think that a person dreams the way that I did last night very often, however, it was very enjoyable in overall content.  As I started my dream, the odd thing was that it appeared I was a silent observer to everything and I couldn’t interfere nor could I tell myself in the dream that that was a dumb decision to make when my dream persona made a woeful error in judgment.

I dreamt that I was a young man in Silvermoon, back when my parents were still living and my sisters were still rather young.  I am still smiling at the fact that Felaran used to have a gap in her front teeth and how black her hair was back then, instead of the snowy white that it is today.  Faendra was just at the stage where she was crawling around on the floor of the shoppe and would put everything her little chubby hands contacted with into her mouth.

I never realized how beautiful my adoptive Mother was.  Sure, she was a bit more care worn than some of the other dilettantes that roamed the city but she was beautiful in my Father’s eyes and you could tell that they were very much in love with one another.  The look on my Father’s face as he watched my Mother moving around the shop was more heartfelt than anything I have seen on another man’s face when he is looking at this spouse.  They really did love one another, not just with the way they acted with one another did it show but the way that they would seem to light up when they were near one another.  I’ll admit that it still brings a tear to my eye this morning when I reflect back on that part of my dream.

I watched myself get ready to go to school. My Mother fussing over the robes that I had chosen to wear that day because she didn’t think that they were as elegant as some of the other mages in my class and would make me appear less than they were.  So, I went off to change into the black and silver robes that she had made for me.  Unfortunately, I must have still been in a growing stage or something because the robe was a little short and my Mother was just shaking her head and telling my Father that I had outgrown them again and it had only been two months since she had made it.  So, apparently, my Mom’s dream had been for me to be a mage in Silvermoon and my Father was trying to appease her by having me attend the classes.  I wasn’t good in the tailoring shop because my hands were too large to do the fine work like my parents did and I was just too impatient to get things done.

I guess my parents weren’t aware that I had some light leather armor stashed around the corner from the shoppe and would slip into those as quickly as I could once I was out of their eyesight.  Oh my god, the bow that I was using must have been left over from the first war; it was still serviceable but barely, still had that delicate antique look the bows had back in the day.  Off I would trot to go meet some of my friends for another day of terrorizing the beasts in the forests as we all wanted to be Rangers.  Oh, the fun we had as amazing and I felt more comfortable running with my companions in the woods than I did sitting in a classroom with stuffy instructors telling me how to cast spells.  I hated reading all of those books and I hated having to sit there while some stinky smelling old mage instructor kept telling me to close my fingers and wave my hand with a bit more grace than what I was apparently capable of.

I guess that my Mother was rather heartbroken when my instructor paid a visit to the shoppe to let them know that my absences were too many and that he no longer felt it appropriate for me to attend his classes.  However, he was very happy to see that my Father was doing so much better and that the terminal illness had dissipated.  Yes, I had lied to the instructors and yes, I had lied to my parents so that I didn’t have to follow that particular line of study.

I’m sitting here now and wondering if that wasn’t some kind of Mother’s Curse that happened when Vashlan was born and my Mother finally got her mage, even though he is Kaldorei.  You never know how quirky the Fates can be sometimes in your life and Vashlan would have been everything that my Mother would have wished for.  He has a flair for his magic that I could have never had and seems to love it as much as he does his family at times.

Anyway, I digress a bit here.  I remember the thrashing that I got from my Father for telling a lie to the instructors and to my Mother.  I think my backside even hurt while I was still in the dream state and I can remember how much I cried when he told me how disappointed he was in for me for not being honest about my feelings towards the magic.  I hated the feminine looking robes and I felt awkward trying to make things happen with nothing in my hand except for that wand.  It wasn’t me.

I remember the day quite well when a Ranger Commander came into the shoppe to purchase some shirts and how he chatted with my parents while I was moving around the shoppe with the broom in my hand, sweeping the floors as if that were my path in life.  My parents actually invited the man to take dinner with us and that’s when I found out that my Father had contacted the man and had invited him to come to the shoppe and meet me.  Light Bless my Father!!  Of course, I didn’t know at the time that the man was my true biological Father and had I known, things might have been even different than they are now.

I was introduced to the man and being in somewhat of a surly mood at the time, appearing very unkempt and a bit on the moody side, the man just looked me over and told me that I was to report to  him at dawn the next morning at the training area in Silvermoon.  Did I happen to have a bow, any kind of armor or anything of that nature?  I know that my face must have lit up like the sun at that.  My parents both looked at me as if I had grown a horn out of my forehead when I answered in the affirmative that I had some equipment.  Thus, the adventure began. 

That first day when reported to the Commander was probably the most humiliating event to have happened to that point in my young life.  I had taken a great deal of care of cleaning my leathers and made sure that my old bow shone with a glow that it was capable of, making sure that it was strung properly as well as cleaning the swords that I had found in the woods. I thought that I looked just like one of the Rangers when I was reporting in.  I knocked on the door of his office and he told me to come in and the first thing he said was “Strip!”  I know I hesitated and I know that my face must have gone through all of the hues of the rainbow because I was totally unprepared for this sort of thing. 

I slowly removed my weapons and put them on the floor and started removing my leathers.  I knew I wasn’t that kind of elf and I hope that this fellow realized that before anything happened that would make me leave this office rather hastily.  I know that I stood there trying to cover my naked chest with my hair and hoped that my boxers would take care of the rest.  He just got up from his desk and started walking around me, inspecting me as if I were a beast that had been put up for auction. 

The first thing he told me was that the bow was all wrong, it was too small for someone of my stature, and it was more suited for a young girl just learning archery.  The swords were flimsy and cheaply made, more for some poor peasant roaming the woods.  The leathers, my precious leathers that I had scrimped and saved for month to buy were more for decoration and not utility that I assumed that they would have done with.  I know that I could feel the tears stinging in my eyes but I refused to let them flow, it wouldn’t do for a would-be Ranger to be standing there under this man’s scrutiny with tears streaming down his face.

He called in his adjutant and had him fetch a measuring tape, similar to the ones that we used in the shoppe.  He started measuring me himself, the length of my arms, my legs and my torso.  I will admit when he started doing the inside seam measure that I must have jumped like scalded cat because I was very nervous.  He just chuckled and told me to relax, he was taking the measurements so that I could be properly fitted with some decent armor, then we would go to the armory and he would pick out the proper bow and weapons for me.  I tried to explain that I had no money and he just waved his hand and told me that the Rangers would be outfitting me henceforward.   He handed the measurements to the adjutant and told him to go to the warehouse and get the armor…and yes, boots, good proper boots.

We sat in his office for a while and I can still hear his voice this morning in my head.  How he talked about what would be expected of me if I could pass the muster and the rigors of the training camp and I will have to admit that I preened with what little pride was left to me at this point when he told me that he thought I would not have any trouble at all.  He picked up my old bow from the floor where I had dropped it next to my swords and started talking about it.  He admired the handiwork and started telling me about the antiquity of it.  From everything that he told me, it was made of bone and wood, the intricate carvings told him that it was of Sindorei origin and that it had probably belonged to a Kaldorei hunter that had wandered this area a good century ago, a small female from the way that the bow was designed.  His feeling is that it should be kept in a museum somewhere so that no further damage would befall it by the rough handling it had already gone through in my hands. 

The adjutant returned loaded down with new leather armor and smiled as he handed the pile over to me.  I was shocked at how heavy the stuff was and how wonderful it all smelled. Naturally, the Commander thanked the adjutant and dismissed him as I started putting on the new stuff.  They fit perfectly, almost as if they were made for me initially.  The boots, oh those first Ranger boots were unbelievable, they fit my feet like a glove would fit a hand and they felt wonderful.  I know that I was totally astonished that the Rangers could do this sort of thing for one of their own.  Well, I was young and didn’t realize that that set of armor has to last you a very long time before you get issued another set or you buy your own.

We were both pleased with the change in my appearance and I will  admit that I was very proud of the image that I caught looking at a mirror that we walked past, heading to the armory to get a properly fitted bow and a weapon, a short sword, possibly.   The new bow that I ended up with was probably three or four times the size of my old bow and the strength required to pull that string back was phenomenal.  I carried the bow for many many years and yes, I can remember the exercises that I did just to build up my arms to where I could pull that bow back with ease in a few weeks. That was where it all began and truly made me the man that I am today….so many years, so man goals and dreams were still in front of me as a young man.      

I know that when I awakened this morning I was just lying there and lingering in my nostalgia.  Obviously, the things that I had dreamt were pretty factual as to what had occurred in my life and even mixing the good with bad, I can still look back on my life and say that it has been good so far and I’m looking forward to many more years with my family and friends.

Well, I guess that’s enough of wallowing around in my dream.  It left me with a good case of the warm fuzzy feelings that you get when you think that things have turned out well at any rate.  I even dreamed about my very first love and the debutante ball that I took her too in Silvermoon, really brought back some good and bad memories.  I will admit that there are times that I wish that Kaldor could have gone into the Rangers like I did, however, with his mixed blood, that would hardly be acceptable. 

Now, I need to set this aside and get on with the business of the day and just be thankful for what I have and to think that I was indeed blessed in the Light with how my life has gone so far. 


Fnor Morningstar

Makota Came To Dinner…We’re Going to Dalaran!!

August 18th

Dear Journal,

Oh, Makota came to dinner night before last and I think that she was kind of surprised at all of the food that my Mom had cooked.  Mom really made quite a bit of food because the rest of the family was supposed to be there, except, they weren’t.  I was kind of disappointed and I think that Makota thought it was kind of strange too.  I hope she didn’t think it was planned that way because it definitely wasn’t. 

Of course, Makota looked so nice when she showed and I think I was more than just a little bit surprised that she came too.  Mom had been cooking all afternoon and made sure that everything was ready for when Makota got there. 

I was really kind of disappointed that Mom wasn’t there to meet Makota but her friend in Bloodhoof Village needed her to come down, some kind of old lady emergency of some sort or other.  Well, Mom just frowned and shook her head and told me how sorry she was but she had to go.  I know that my face probably showed how I felt because I was nervous enough having company coming for dinner and then all of the family had other things to do.  It wasn’t like I was going to do anything rude, like belch, at the dinner table for Earth Mother’s sake. 

I had walked down to the forge to see if I could get Naton to come up to the house while Makota was there but he wouldn’t’ leave work because he said he was behind on getting some things done and couldn’t’ spare the time.  It is probably just as well that Naton didn’t show up for dinner because I think Makota is afraid of Death Knights.  Poor fellow really does fit his death name of Sadheart sometimes.

I guess that I should have reminded everyone that Makota was coming for dinner that night when we all got up in the morning and they wouldn’t have all made plans.  I guess it was my fault and I will remember to do that next time.  I was surprised that Nahai didn’t stick around and try to check out the new girl in the house but he had made plans to go with Mahamura to Feralas to gather some more herbs and Maha was going to gather some hides. 

Makota really like Mom’s cooking though.  We ate like we hadn’t eaten in weeks.  Of course, I knew that the crawfish would be a big hit because it is a family favorite.  Mom likes to make them real spicy and they didn’t disappoint us.  I almost had to laugh at Makota a couple of times because I could tell that the dish was a bit spicier than what he normally ate.  So, I told her the trick of eating bread with it so that it wouldn’t just build up the fire higher in her mouth.   Oh, Mom had made a huge bowl of nuts too and that seemed to be a favorite of Makota’s too.

We even made up a platter for Ahali to have when Makota got home too.  I hope that he liked the food and that he will be willing to take the trip with us all to Dalaran.

Makota had written her friend in Dalaran to make sure that she was okay with her pregnancy.  It seems like she is doing better although she seems to be kind of sick.  We’re going to be taking some herbs up from Mulgore and my Mom is going to go with us and I hope Ahali will too. 

Mom has done some midwife stuff here in the Bluff and I hope that we will be able to find something that will help Lali from being sick all of the time.  Yes, I did ask how long it takes for an elf baby to grown and my Mom wasn’t real sure but she thought it would be around the same amount of time that it would take for a Tauren to have a calf too. 

I’m really excited about going to Dalaran.  I’ve never been and I keep thinking about the fact that the city just kinds of floats up there in the air like that.  Makota said that we should be okay as long as we stay away from the edges.   Mom says that it’s beautiful and we won’t have to stand real close together all of the time so that we won’t fall off either.  She was laughing at me when I told her that there wasn’t’ any furniture for us to sit on up there because Tauren were too big.  She has been to Dalaran before and she said they had some very nice park benches that we might be able to use if the mages hadn’t removed them or anything. 

I already have a bag packed to take and my Mom said that taking a portal wasn’t going to be too bad although we both kind of agreed that it might be more fun if we took the zep.  I’ve never really been in a portal before, I’m afraid that if we go too fast that I’ll lose my bag or something.  Do they hurt?  Makota said they made you feel strange because you start out in one place and end up in a place far far away.  Well, I hope all of my stuff gets there with me.  I’ll make sure I have everything fastened real good before I go in one though, I don’t want to lose my new nose ring, Mom said it makes me look very handsome and older. 

So, Mom has a big bag of herbs and food that she is taking with her because she can cook for us up there and we won’t have to spend a lot of gold.  She even said it was expensive, however, Naton told us that we can stay at this one Inn that wasn’t very expensive and wouldn’t’ be uncomfortable because the elves don’t like it that much.  Doesn’t sound real exciting with a name like The Filthy Animal.  After we heard the name of the Inn, Mom put some cleaning stuff in her bag so that we wouldn’t catch some strange things while we are staying there, she was mumbling about bedbugs and things. 

Mom said she was looking forward to meeting Makota and was very excited about meeting Lali and her mage husband.   She says she hopes that the herb mixtures that she is bringing up there should help Lali with her morning sickness too.  Of course, she always gets excited about women having babies and things.  I did tell her that Lali and her husband were different and I hope that was okay. 


More Worries and Concerns…How Do You Tell Your Friend to Shutup?

Written in very cursive script denoting the maturity and education of the author 


August 18th

Dear Journal,

I wasn’t sleeping all that well last night, so, I woke up before dawn.  It’s kind of enjoyable having the peace in the house with everyone sleeping.  I think I scared Agatha when I walked into the kitchen and started rattling around making my coffee because she usually is awake long before anyone else in the house.  When she came out of her room she had a frying pan in her hand and was all set to smack any intruder that may have wandered in.  There isn’t that much of a chance of that happening with the wards back in place on the house as they should be though.

I’m sitting here looking at the stack of contracts on the desk as per usual and I have to thank my lucky stars that they don’t seem to be dwindling any at all, if anything, they’ve increased.  I have more government contracts than normal and that tells me that something is going on that the general public is not aware of, especially those of us isolated away up here in Dalaran.  More supplies for the army and navy as if we’re getting geared up for more war.  I hate to say it but it sure does have all of the markings of demands that were made on the company right before the last war starting leveling out a bit.  Oh hell, why did I even think that we’d have an enduring peace in this Light Forsaken World?  No one is happy unless there is something getting stirred up.   I hope that we don’t get called back in for active duty again, like the last time.   I don’t want to leave Amyn up here in Dalaran with the little guys or she might have to report back in.  With the size of these orders, I’m expecting anything at this point.

I am also sitting here and kind of chuckling at Dawnglory again.  How that man has lived this long without someone just stomping him into the ground just amazes the heck out of me.  He can be very well behaved at times and then, like this last ordeal at dinner with Kal and his girl friend, he was almost out of control.

I think I damned near broke my foot when I was kicking him under the table, trying my best to get him to shut up and his sister was beet red with embarrassment.  I hope this girl from Stormwind didn’t understand half of the stuff that he was saying because it was bad enough that the rest of us had to endure it.  Poor Kaldor looked absolutely mortified and I think Amyn just about blew a gasket, although, she kept smiling and kept talking to poor Josie to distract her from my business partners somewhat inebriated ramblings.

This young lady that Kal brought home for us to meet and to visit with the family for a while seems likeable enough.  She is very attractive and I definitely do appreciate her manners, she’s just a very nice young girl.  I tried to explain to Dawnglory that not all Gilnean people were given the Curse, that some of them just escaped the conflict unscathed pretty much.  No, he’s having none of that because he is thoroughly convinced that she’s a wolf in girl’s clothing. I thought I was going to die and wanted to crawl under the table when he started asking the poor thing if he had issues with fleas and how the rest of the Pack was doing.  How could he do something like that?  He knows better and normally he comports himself with more decorum that he had at the dinner table night before last.   I suppose it had to do with the fact that he and I both had had a few drinks before dinner after we got cleaned up from our sojourn into Ice Crown.  I don’t normally drink a whole lot of brandy before dinner, however, I swear that the marrow in my bones was frozen from stomping around over there most of the day and that wind is just as bitter as it was during the war.    

Yes, Dawnglory and I are getting back to our normal way of life again and I think that the hard feelings that were developed with our fight in Silvermoon have been somewhat healed.  At least I feel more comfortable with him right now than I was there for a few days. 

We had spent most of the day out searching for Sollonne and we both came up pretty damned empty handed.  I think that we have scoured every nook and cranny of Ice Crown and killed a few scourge while we were at it.  These religious zealots are the worst things to deal with.  No, they are true cultists as you would have it because they don’t wear uniforms and they don’t appear to gather together in large groups.  Just groups that seem to like to torment people that isn’t of pure Kaldorei blood.  Of course, I’m not telling Amyn a whole lot about this and I’m definitely not telling her that I am missing one of my best employees up here in Northrend either because she would have a royal fit.  That woman gets so protective of our children that sometimes I wonder if she had time to do other things with her life than to just make sure that they were okay. 

What traces we did find of where Sollonne may have been actually came to light when one of our other employees heard one of the flight path attendants talking about the fact that he hoped that the people that paid him some gold for waylaying one of the beasts would come back.   Of course, the employee was just kind of sitting there in the Animal having a few drinks with his friends and he said that the girl that took the wyvern out sounded like it might have been Sollonne, the description fit and the day that she disappeared matched up as well. 

I know that she had been tracking these people because that was some of the mail was coming from that we had gotten in Orgrimmar.  I wonder if they had started sending some to the office here in Dalaran.  If she was that hot on their trail, I’d be willing to bet that we got a box of body parts here.  I swear that I wish that woman would tell me things ahead of time so that it isn’t a bloody surprise, literally.  Dawnglory and I both talked to the people in Orgrimmar to see if we had gotten any more of those bloody reeking packages that we seem to get from time to time.  Yes, we get a lot of different things shipped to us all of the time, however, these packages are always wrapped the same and they are always seeping something, the smell usually kind of gives away what might have been contents.  They said they hadn’t seen anything for a few days, not since Sollonne had been in the warehouse a couple of weeks ago. 

I couldn’t sleep last night because I kept having these nightmares of opening these boxes and finding Amyn’s head or the little guys’ heads.  The last time that we got boxes with those heads in them, it didn’t bode well for any of us and gave me nightmares for weeks to follow.  I thought that a lot of it had stopped when the business with the Bloodsworn had been dealt with as well as my withdrawing from my affiliation with that particular guild should have curtailed it.  So, if it is truly continuing to happen, then it’s more of a personal thing than it was an organizational type of thing.  Sure, I’ve had my employees attacked in the past and I’ve even had some of them killed, however, not anything as nasty as the box that I got with Sol’s braid in it in quite a while, the trashed out comlink and the sigil told me who had been attacked.  Wish to the Light that it had told me more.  The ring in the box is bothering me because it looks familiar to Dawnglory and I both, we’ve seen it before but neither one of us can remember where at this point.

I know that we’re supposed to head back out to Ice Crown again today to go back over some of the ground that we have already covered to see if we can see anything that will lead us to our quarry.  I want to get Sol back in one piece, her hair will be shorter but hair grows back. 

I had to tell Amyn that we aren’t going to be able to take that trip to Nagrand or Feralas for a few more days due to some business constraints and she acted a bit disappointed although I know she understands that I can’t leave right now.  Damn it all.  I was hoping that we could take a break and take what was supposedly left of the time that we had allocated for our honeymoon that we had to call short due to the crap in Silvermoon.

Where would I take a captive if I was some religious zealot trying to avoid someone in Ice Crown?  I know that I would steer clear of the Argents if I didn’t do anything else.  Guess I should go and cross some palms with gold and see what the boys at the Ebon Hold have to say for themselves.   Gold seems to buy information even from the living dead.  I suppose I ought to take Felaran with us just in case they feel a bit better talking to someone that might possibly be part of the brotherhood. 

Well, Fae should be back up here next week and that will help get things organized here in the office again.  She needs to come up with a better system than “Oh, just put it on Fnor’s desk so he can see it first” idea because I have a stack here that looks like it is in danger of toppling over and I am not in the mood to crawl around on the floor picking up pieces of paper. 

Dawnglory told me that our wandering goblin has finally shown up again in Orgrimmar, which is kind of nice to have that little family back together again.  I know that Zippie and Zednick were a bit upset with Dooddah for not coming back with them when they decided that the money was better with Morningstar Enterprises.  At least Zed hasn’t gotten drunk and mooned Garrosh again, oh, that was a very expensive bit of bowing and scraping that we had to do to get him out of the stocks that time.  Well, I will have to admit that life is never dull when the Prattfalls are back in my employ because they are constantly coming up with things to make money.  A light bulb in the Under City has been a mediocre success, however, Zippie has some kind of insurance that she is trying to sell the Lady for slip and falling.  I hope she doesn’t have us covering the losses of some Forsaken falling and losing a part or something. 

See, it’s not all seriousness all of the time.  Those little green goblins do make me smile.  Now, if I could only get them to team up and try not to sell everything in the warehouse at cost some days.  Sales, they call it.  I call it unloading old stock that would be left at some orphanage that might appreciate it more than some poor “mook”…that’s what they said, thinking it was some of our better quality stock. 



Fnor Morningstar

Guess WHAT Came To Dinner?

More coarse language and rather unmentionable thoughts go through this fellow’s head at times.

August 15th

Hey Book!

Oh man!  I’m sitting here this morning and just laughing my ass off.  Well, maybe not that fucking hilarious but I think that Fnor’s kid is in for a rude a wakening when he tries to bed that little girl he has visiting here in Dalaran. 

Felessa and I joined the family for dinner last night and we did some shifting around at the table so the two little lovebirds could be closer to Amyn.  This was the first time that I have laid eyes on this girl and I will have to admit that she’s kind of attractive for a human girl with that long black hair and she has some nice tits on her which that red dress she had on really did enhance…her hair.  She had a strange name too…Josie or something like that, which is okay I guess.  Humans always have weird names and especially the ones from Gilneas, must have been all that inbreeding or such not enough family names to hand around. 

I know that my shins are still sore this morning because I had Fnor on one side of me and my sister on the other and they kept kicking me under the table.  Okay, I’ll admit that I had had a few drinks before dinner, just trying to get the cold out of my body and to quench a real dry thirst from being up in Ice Crown most of the day trying to track down Sollonne with Fnor.  That’s another story altogether and I’ll try to get to that later.

Fuck me!  I have bruises where Fnor was kicking me.  I was trying to make small talk with this girl, trying to make her feel at home and I guess my judgment got carried off by the second bottle of wine.  Anyway, she was sitting there all prim and proper and eating her dinner and I kept watching her.  Ever notice how these humans will rarely look you straight in the eye sometimes?  Well, I kept talking and asking her about her family, which she apparently has none but has some real close friends that she lives with.    I just kept watching her and I’m not exactly stupid either when I’m watching people.  Some of her mannerisms were a bit antiquated but that’s all part of that locking an entire bunch of people up behind a wall, I guess.   When I started asking other things about fleas and how the rest of the pack was doing, I think Fnor tried to break my leg and my sister pinched me so hard that I thought she drew blood. Then it hit me!

She won’t meet my eye contact; she really smiled when Agatha brought out that standing rib roast that we all like on the rare side anyway.  I mean this girl really smiled…really smiled. Gilneas + nice looking girl = Fucking Worgen!!  Kal hasn’t said anything to his parents about it yet because I mentioned it to Fnor and he said that he thought I was mistaken. 

I think we would have all shit our pants if she had flipped into that wolf thing they do and pounced on the table to grab that roast.  I think it would have been hysterical as hell because I could have watched Fnor’s dignity and facade just fade off like something in a windstorm.  Holy fucking shit!  That would have been hysterical as hell but I guess this girl knows how to control her animal instincts a bit better than some I’ve run into in the wild.

I don’t think the kid has taken this one to bed.  A worgen is something I’ve never bedded either, come to think of it – nawww; don’t think I would want to do that anyway.  Can you imagine taking this woman to bed, just pumping away and all of a sudden you have this furry thing with your member shoved inside it.  No Thank You very much!!  Man!! I know my dick would probably try it’s best to crawl up in my chest cavity while I’m trying to run the fuck away.   No, don’t think that even Fnar Dawnglory would want to bed a Furry.  That would be like trying to take your cat to bed…no, that’s even too sick for me to even think about and Dawn is by far the closet female feline I want to have.

Damn! How do you tell your best friend that you think his son, with his already screwed up bloodline are going to be bumping uglies with a Furry?  Holy Shit! Maybe the kid doesn’t know either, that’s quite possible and I know he probably didn’t run into too many Worgen in Shattrath, not with the way that Sentinel Mother of his kept a tight rein on the kids.   Maybe I can get him off to the side and ask him a few questions and possibly hint at what I suspect.  Man, you’d think Fnor would be on his toes about this sort of thing and Amyn, in all of her wisdom and her mothering instincts would have thought about this too?   Fuck!  Am I the only one with a brain in his head in this house?

I even mentioned it to Felaran this morning when I saw her in the stables. She’s playing Mother Hen to the girl while she is here to make sure that Kal doesn’t take her to bed or something.  I guess her reputation is being guarded because Kaldor wants to make sure that she is really special or something.  I thought Fel was going to clock me one and then she started laughing.  She told me to mind my own business and if the girl is a puppy too, that’s a bonus in a way, Kal could always take her hunting with him.   What else could I expect from a fucking dead woman?  She’s fine with everything as long as no one tries to make her do something she doesn’t want too.

Okay, Dawnglory, don’t get your panties in a wad! If no one else is concerned about it, you shouldn’t be either.  Well, I hope this girl doesn’t eat Kal’s face off or something because his Momma would be really pissed off.   I’m a little concerned that this girl might flip out and scare my poor little sister to death, I mean, she’s just been rescued from being possessed by some demon bitch and then to have the main character in that kid’s story come to life at the dinner table might screw her totally up.   Why the Fuck did I bring Felessa here at this particular time?

Well, at least Fel will be at school most of the day and most of the family is here in Dalaran right now in the evenings with the exception of Faendra.  She still in Silvermoon and is planning on making the move to Dalaran next week again.  I think I’ll take a quick hop down to see her and maybe we can talk a little bit more about “us” and I can tell her about what’s going on here in Dalaran.


Fnar Dawnglory