Father And Son Talk…

September 24th

Dear Journal,

Well, my Dad is back in Pandaria for a while.  Seems he’s running his company and has been able to sidestep the orders from the Regent by doing so.  I don’t know how that man does the things that he does but he does seem to have the gift for talking people into things that will be the way that he wants things to turn out.  I wish I could learn how to do that, I seem to get all tangled up in my thoughts and then my mouth just gets stupid. 

I did have a chance to talk with him a bit about my situation with Kae and he told me that he wasn’t exactly the expert nor the prime example to follow in how to deal with women.  I will admit that he has a valid point there, however, he is a lot easier to talk too about some things than some complete stranger that I would have to explain every single thing too.

He told me that he understood where Kae was coming from with her hesitancy about leaving the Sentinels.  Seems that my Mom went through the same thing when they were initially mated and were planning on heading to Shattrath.  Of course, my Mom had another reason why she didn’t want to leave the Sentinels but she had too…me.  I guess while she was trying to make up her mind as to how she was going to handle things with her relationship with my Father and the Sentinels, I was already underway.  Yes, I guess a pregnancy can kind of make up your mind for you. I don’t think that is something that I would want to happen with Kae and I.  I don’t think that either one of us is ready to have children just yet, I know that I’m not ready to be a Dad.

He told me that if my feelings were so mixed up that I was probably doing the right thing by not making a full commitment to anything because it could only lead to trouble further down the road.  He said that he knew he loved my Mother with all of his heart long before they took their vows at the Moonwell.  I really care about Kae and I don’t know how I could live without her after we’ve been together this long, however, I am really afraid to take that final step.  What if she decides afterwards that she still doesn’t want to leave the Sentinels?

One of the things that he suggested is that I leave the Sentinels and go on about my business.  That would mean that Kae would be partnered with someone else as her scout and she would have to learn how to adjust to that.  I wasn’t too keen on that idea because what if she finds someone else that she has feelings for?  Well, if that happened, all of this worrying about things would have been for no reason and I could still have my life back under my control even if it meant that I was alone again. He also pointed out that we were both still young and there were a lot more people in the world that we hadn’t even met yet.  He has some good points there.

So, there my Dad and I sat under a big tree discusses all of these things when he excused himself and told me to wait for him. He returned shortly thereafter with a bottle of brandy, some glasses and his ever present cigarettes that he keeps around when Mom isn’t on the place.  This was actually the first time that he and I have sat down like this and talked as equals instead of Father and Son.  It was very pleasant and a very heady experience.  I guess that he doesn’t’ consider me a little boy anymore.

I have no idea how long we sat there talking until the sky started getting that dawn glow and we decided to call it a night.  This time together will be one thing that I will treasure for a long time.  I never realized how much a friend my Dad could be until then.

He gave me a lot of things to think about and how I could deal with things differently.  Instead of staying in the position that I am in with the Sentinels as a Scout, I could take control of my life at least and if Kae decides to follow suit, then, she can do that, if not…well, I’m sure that things will work out the way that Elune meant them to be.

It’s kind of nice knowing that parents can be friends too.





Just Enjoying The Farm…

September 23rd

Dear Journal,

It is definitely nice having both the Bosses back in Pandaria again because it gives Naton and I a break from taking care of their farms for a while.  While I love farming, I was beginning to wonder if we were ever going to get to do anything else while we were at it.  Of course, Jogu always seemed to be real busy when we went to Dawnglory’s place and the big Boss’s place was always immaculate, I think he has someone come in and just clean the house and make sure that things are perfect just in case he decides to come back with his wife or something.

Naton is real busy at the forge these days because people seem to like the armor that he has been making, he’s even had to turn a few orders down because he doesn’t have enough time to do all of the mining and I’m not real good at it either.  I guess I could try a little bit harder but I’d much rather be out fishing and hunting than pounding at some rock for a few pieces of ore. 

What with everything that has happened in the Vale lately, I am just happy that it hasn’t affected us yet here in the Valley of Four Winds.  I think that we’d all be more than a bit upset if our crops started failing and we were left without food to eat or sell.  Halfhill is the breadbasket for the whole country it seems.  I know that I wouldn’t be none too pleased now that we have the house fixed up and we can actually have some people over without feeling embarrassed by the looks of the place.

I think that Dawnglory’s woman is pregnant because I was watching her walking around the market the other day and she definitely has that waddle that pregnant women get and she was buying all kinds of strange things to eat.  I asked her if she was okay and she smiled and said that she was perfectly fine and that after being in Northrend for so long she couldn’t get enough of the noodles here in the market. Naturally, I don’t know her well enough to pry into her business but she sure does act like she’s pregnant.  Wouldn’t surprise me if all of the things are true, that Dawnglory fellow is a real machine when it comes to women, he can’t get enough of their favors.

It makes me sad to see the Boss walking around with that limp now. He hasn’t lost the spring in his step but I can tell that it bothers him to walk a lot and I think that I will talk to Mom when we go home to visit next time to see if she has something that can help with that.  I mean, he’s a very handsome Blood Elf and that limp detracts from his appearance.  I’m sure that it bothers him too.  It looks very painful sometimes when I see him out working in the fields.

I don’t know how long these two elves are going to be in Pandaria because I am sure that they have to keep the business going.  Somehow they both got out of the summons from their Regent Lord to battle against Garrosh and the company has moved to Silvermoon.   At least Naton and I can have our stuff shipped there instead of having to make the trip because I think we’re both uncomfortable there.  Blood Elves do not know how to make furniture that is comfortable for a Tauren, no matter how elegant the stuff looks, I am always afraid that if I sit on anything that it will give way under my weight and I’m not fat.  The only big things that they have in the city that I have seen are some of the beds and I think that’s because a whole bunch of them might want to sleep together at one time for some reason.

I suppose that I ought to get up from writing here and see what kind of fish I can catch today.  I was having weird dreams about fish last night and some fried fish really sounds good today.  Oh, not nightmares, just strange looking fish that I don’t recall ever seeing and there was even one that talked and acted kind of like a smart murloc.  Who knows where these dreams come from, could have been from the carrots I ate before bed too.




A Little Brother’s Thoughts…

September 22nd

Dear Journal,

I have never written in a Journal before, however, my grandparents thought that it might help my mood somewhat if I had some place that I could put my thoughts down without getting into trouble with those people around me. It seems that I haven’t learned how to curb my tongue when I am out in public because I am the youngest and the “pampered” one.

My name is Karing Shadowmoon and I live in Dolonaar with my grandparents, sometimes my Mom and my older brothers.  Kaldor is the oldest brother and he’s only a half brother as is Vashlan.  Volardan and I are full brothers, although I am not always certain that that is correct because he sure doesn’t act like everyone else around here.  He’s always stealing stuff and trying to put the blame off on me, which isn’t very nice.  I spend more time doing chores as punishment for things that he has done and I got blamed for.

So, yesterday when we were at the Temple, he stole some of the offerings and put them in my bag and I got caught with them.  Now, I can’t even go to school for the rest of the week and it sure doesn’t seem fair because it means that I will be even further behind the other kids. Sure, he got something out of the whole ordeal because he’s the one that ratted on me when he’s the one that did it to start with.  I tried to explain it to the priestess and she wouldn’t listen to me.  Naturally, I got in a fight with Volardan afterwards and got into more trouble.

My Grandmother is the only one that seemed to believe and my Grandfather acted as if he believed me although I know that means I will be helping more in the garden than doing what I want to do.  Krystal believed me but she’s my cat and she will believe everything that I tell her anyway.

Krystal is my cat that I am training with my Grandfather because I am going to be a hunter.  I don’t think that I need to go to school all of the time even if it will help me when I grow up.  I’d much rather be out hunting, fishing and learning how to do leatherworking than sitting in a boring classroom filled with a bunch of simpering girls and my brother.  Oh, he likes being around the girls and he steals stuff from them too, however, they haven’t caught him yet – I wish my Mom would listen to me when I tell her what Vol is doing.

We’ve lived all over the place and I guess that we’re supposed to call Dolonaar our home now, even if it really isn’t.  I was born in Shattrath and that’s the first place that I remember living with my real Father.  He died by accident and it really wasn’t my fault, it was Vol throwing rocks at the beasts that started the stampede, however, I got blamed for it.  I almost quit being a hunter then because I saw what could happen and I felt guilty about my Dad – then, I didn’t feel like I fit in anywhere.  Without my bow and without being able to go hunting, I didn’t feel like I fit in anywhere.

Oh, I know I’m not supposed to know that my Mom had a Sindorei lover and that’s where my older brothers came from but I’d have to be blind and stupid not to know that.  She and my real Dad were mated and we were being raised as Kaldorei, which is what we are.  Mom was a Sentinel and Dad was a hunter and a scout for the Sentinels sometimes.  I miss him, he was really my best friend and the only one that would listen to me and teach me how to be as good of a hunter as he was, he was wonderful.

Anyway, Mom and her Sindorei decided to get married after Dad died and we all moved to Dalaran – that was a scary place to live – all up in the air with no way down other than to be flown down or you could fall, but that wouldn’t have been much fun because I am sure that you’d be dead when you hit the ground .  It was a beautiful city and the people all seemed to have lots of money even if there weren’t that many kids up there. 

I know that Vol and I got arrested when we were up there for blowing up fish in the sewer.  Vol stole the bombs from a bunch of goblins and we thought that fishing was kind of boring and we weren’t catching that much anyway until Vol started throwing the bombs in the water.  Vol would throw in the bombs, because he was older and knew what he was doing, he said, and I would scoop up the stunned fish.  It worked like a charm until we got caught.

It was bad enough that our step-Father had to bail us out of jail and march us home through the street like two little kids, however, the worst was yet to come when we had to face Mom.  Oh, I don’t remember her ever giving us spankings before, she sure did hit hard and then we had to go to my step-Dad’s office and listen to him tell us what we did wrong and how we were going to be punished.   I knew he had lots of money but I didn’t know that he had so many mounts in the stables.

Yes, we had to work with the stableman and muck out the stalls, groom the animals as well as mend harness at the stableman’s directions.  That went on for a solid month and the only time that we got away from that stink was when we had to wash up to eat or go listen to that boring tutor that Mom got for us.

I liked the city even if it did turn one of my older brothers into a mage.  I guess with all of that magic floating around, someone was bound to catch it or however it happened.  Now, Vashlan spends all of his time in a place called Stormwind studying to be a better mage.  I’m kind of glad that he’s there because he always thought it was funny to turn Vol and I into sheep when he felt like it or we made him mad.

I guess something bad happened to some city and my step-Dad went back to join the Rangers – yeah, he’s Horde and we’re Alliance – whatever that all means is kind of confusing although the Alliance think that the Horde are bad. My step-Dad isn’t bad, he’s just different.   Well, we all left Dalaran and came back to Shattrath for a while and then Mom decided that she wanted to go back to the Sentinels and we were shipped back to Dolonaar to stay with our grandparents. I know I’m not supposed to talk about my step-Dad because it would make us all get into trouble “real” bad and I wouldn’t want to go to jail here.

My Mom came back from a place called Pandaria, wherever that is but that’s where all of the bear people live, the ones that aren’t druids.  I guess she was hurt real bad and my Grandmother was taking care of her along with the healers. It was nice having her here even if she couldn’t remember stuff very well sometimes and she would call me Kal or Vash sometimes.  Vol wasn’t too happy at having Mom back here though because I think that she has finally figured out that he’s the one that has been stealing all of the stuff and causing problems.  I wish she had stayed longer but she has a company in Stormwind that she had to go take care of.  I wish she had taken Vol with her because I wouldn’t be in so much trouble right now.

Well, I have to go help in the kitchen and scrub pots afterwards and I guess my Grandfather is going to take Vol out with him tomorrow morning instead of me.  I hope Grandpa comes back safe and Vol gets run over by a stag or something.

I wish my big brother Kal would come visit again even if he does bring that icky girl with him.  Oh, I like her okay, she’s just icky because she’s a girl.  I guess that Kal will make babies with her one day and I’ll be an Uncle, so, he must not think she’s icky.  Anyway, he always tells us stories about his farm in Pandaria and he brings us stuff.  He brought me a real nice bone bow that he had made and it is the best bow, better than any of the other boys have here in Dolonaar.  At least Kal listens to me and I think he knows how Vol is.


Just Thoughts and Musings….

September 21st

Dear Journal,

I haven’t had much of an opportunity to write of late what with the duties with the Sentinels and trying to keep up with Kal most of the time.  It’s raining as per usual here in Halfhill; however, Kal decided that was the best time to pull weeds for some reason.

If the truth were to be known, I think that he just wanted to get away from me for a little while because we have been having some rather deep discussions of late about the way things are in the Sentinels and the changes that have come to pass in the Vale.  Kal is worried that another type of danger is going to come about with the way that the goblins are digging like little fiends in the Vale and we’re heard those rumors about Old Gods and we know how power greedy that Garrosh is.

I know I was heartsick at the way that the Horde have destroyed a portion of the Vale, the mine has definitely made an eyesore in that area and it used to be so beautiful.  There was always a sense of peace there and now there is that urgency that you feel when you know that there is going to be a big battle of some kind.  I just wish that it would hurry up and happen just to have it over.  I am getting sick of the feelings of dread.

Oh yes, we’ve been talking quite a bit about my leaving the Sentinels and Kal wants to quit being a Scout.  He has assured me that we would make even more money by going to work full time for his Mother’s company out of Stormwind.  I suppose we already make quite a bit of money from that source anyway because we are constantly sending skins and artifacts back there and we don’t seem to be hurting for cash these days.

It’s not the money part that bothers me, it’s leaving the Sentinels.  It’s the only life that I have ever truly known and I am afraid to leave.  What if things don’t really work out for Kal and me?  I would be alone again and I do mean truly alone because I wouldn’t have my comrades to help me unless I rejoined.  I know that they would probably frown upon someone like me that leaves and comes back again. 

I know that Kal keeps telling me how much he cares for me and that he would never leave me, however, he’s never said those words that one wants to hear from their companion.  As sappy as it sounds, an “I love you”, wouldn’t be amiss to make me feel somewhat better.  I know that he has never said those words to me and we haven’t furthered our relationship at all other than living together, scouting together and sleeping together almost every night.  There really isn’t anyone that I can talk to about this because they would only tell me that that’s what I get for getting involved with a half-breed.  I don’t think it has anything to do with the racial mix, I think it has to do with the man himself.

I have been in love with a man before and there is no guarantee that they won’t come up missing or just walk away from you.  Those words can be comforting for the moment; however, I honestly don’t think that Kal would do that to me.  He is a very honorable man and he has never broken his word to me when he has made a promise of any kind.  He may have gotten hurt in the past and that’s why he won’t say those words or he is afraid to say them.  He’s a strange fellow sometimes and hard to read.

I’ll admit that the temptation is there to walk away from the Sentinels because it would mean that we would have more freedom to do the things that we enjoy.  Right now our patrols are long and arduous, however, we’re not seeing any build up of troops and we’re not seeing anything other than Orcs.  I can’t stand Orcs; they are vile evil smelly things that only know how to destroy things.

 If the rumors are true of what is going on in Kalimdor, I hate to think of what is becoming of my homeland.  Kal has some feelings for Kalimdor even if he was raised in Outland.  I know I almost dread going back there to visit some of my friends and now, with Kal’s Mother being in Dolonaar, I’m sure that we will be going to visit sometime in the near future.  Okay, they are more than rumors; however, I have gotten real good at denial about things that are unpleasant to me.

I wish I could make Kal understand about my feelings in regard to giving up the Sentinels.  He doesn’t seem to comprehend the idea that my life before I joined the Sentinels was not anything in comparison to his own.  I was shuttled from one family to the next for fostering and my life was not exactly one of peace and harmony.  I constantly had to adjust to living with other families and learning how they did things, I rarely had anything that I could call my “own” other than what few trinkets I could carry in my belt pouch and my bow. I never knew how my parents were although I was never considered an orphan because I assumed that they were still alive.

I could almost think that my Mother was a Sentinel and that my Father was a Scout rendering his services or possibly he could have been a man that my Mother cared about that didn’t want to take the vows.  It isn’t easy for a Sentinel to be a Mother and do her duties as easily as Kal’s Mother seems to be able to do so, however, she has a real family – she was never fostered out by her parents.

I love children, however, I’m not sure that I would ever want one of my own and I take my tea on a regular basis because I don’t want to bring a child into a situation like this.  If there was something more than “I care deeply for you”, I might give it some thought.  Kal and I have never discussed children, so, I am assuming that he feels pretty much the same way that I do about them at the moment.

I guess I should just let things keep going as they are for right now while I mull these thoughts over in my head and try to come to some conclusion.  No, I won’t leave Kal either because I know what my feelings are for him.  There is no question as to how I feel about him and I would do anything for him, almost anything.  I don’t know if it’s the security of the Sentinels or my doubts in regard as to how things may eventually work out with Kal.

I never thought that something that I had taken for granted for so much of my life could make things so complicated.  I know that Kal is getting very frustrated with me about this, however, he isn’t applying too much pressure yet although I know that he wants to get on with his life outside of the service.




OOC – What’s Going On

September 19, 2013

Just an update on things going on.  Nothing real dramatic, I hope.

My Summer has been awesome with the grandkids and keeping up with some of the RL things that have fallen by the wayside for a few years.  I was a truly dedicated hardcore World of Warcraft gamer for a while there – eight plus years.  Now that I have taken a bit of a break from things and stepped back into my role in RL, it’s even more fun.

Oh, I’ve had my ups and downs health wise this year and I hope that it will eventually get on the upswing and allow me to get back into playing like I used too.  When your body says your really tired even if you’ve only been on the computer for a couple of hours, I’ve learned to listen to it and not to push myself too far because it only makes me get cranky and usually ill to boot.

I will have to admit that I was getting very disillusioned by the game and the direction that it was going in and felt like I was being “forced” into a direction that I didn’t necessarily want to go.  Being an older player, the constant “war” was really starting to fray the nerves a bit.  I’m still not sure how all of this is going to turn in the Lore of the game but it looks rather interesting, however, I think I will continue plodding along at the rate that I am currently on both factions and watch it play out.

I’ve tried to keep up with the things going on via the forums and so forth and I will admit that the forums aren’t exactly the best place to go for positive feedback on subjects in the game.  So, I hit the high points and read what Blizzard has published and hope that it will all pan out.

We’ve had an unusual amount of bad weather in my area; I do live in Colorado.  We had a whole month of daily thunderstorms in the afternoon and evening back in July, kind of dried out a bit in August and then all hell broke loose last week.  Yes, the flooding was horrendous in some of the areas just North of where I live.  Unfortunately, the flooding did impact quite a few communities in our state and they will be hurting for months, if not years, trying to recover.  Natural disasters are never fun to deal with when they fall on your head. Loss of life has been minimal considering the amount of damage done, however, our early warning systems were working and people were evacuated prior to the flood waters trapping too many of them.

We’ve had issues with intermittent internet feeds for the last week or so due to the fact that our utilities are buried underground and the water is slowly working its way down to that level.  So I’ll be on sporadically until we can get dried out a bit more.  We actually had heavy flooding that came within ten city blocks of where we actually live; luckily, we’re in a bit of a safe haven area where we are on higher ground than what you could imagine.

Whether I am willing to admit it to myself or not, I am definitely one of the “casual” players now whether I wanted to be or not due to my lengthy absences these past three or four months.  I’ll catch up with the rest of you eventually and in my own time.  However, family and RL definitely have a higher priority for me. 

I will always love World of Warcraft and enjoy the people that I have met over the years while playing.  I do apologize to some of you for not being available as much as I once was in the past, however, that’s life and I’ll try to catch up to you.

One of the discouraging things is that a lot of the people that I used to play with in-game have quit completely.  We’re talking very old friends and family members.  I don’t know what the issues were nor am I privy to discuss some of the issues that were given to me.  I guess the game being almost ten years old has something to do with it and the changes that were recently made in the game didn’t meet the standards that some of the people had expected.  I’ll keep playing for a while longer; see where everything is going before I make my final decision as to whether to continue on or not.  I do know that I will be cutting back on the number of accounts that I have been playing in the past because I am not on enough to where it makes it financially responsible on my part to continue on with it.

I was on this morning and was able to recapture some of the old “magic” of the game, so, I’ll still hang in there until that goes away.  I enjoy the game and it’s the very first MMO that I ever played and after all of these years, it would be almost impossible to just “walk away” with all of the time and money that I have poured into it, not to mention, my heart and soul with my characters as a role player.

See you in-game when I can get logged on for a while again.  Damned internet and acts of God. 😀



Inner Peace In Pandaria…

Written in very cursive script denoting the maturity and education of the author

September 19th

Dear Journal,

I finally had to make my escape from Silvermoon.  It is my home city and the base of where my race lives, however, I have found over the years that my tolerance for the place has become more than a little jaded and more than a little disgruntled.  I don’t have time to deal with the social amours and the buffoonery that seems to run rampant there.  I guess my years away from “home” have spoiled me for the finer things that the city has to offer.  I am a man that has grown used to the military life and the life where your decisions are life and death and not ones that are in regard to which backside I need to kiss in order to get an invitation to the next party.

Business is booming and once Zippie, Zednick and Dooddah got here, things starting falling into place rather well.  I’ll admit that I have never lived in close proximity to goblins, however, I thought it best that they stay in one of the houses that I own here in Silvermoon rather than having them run rampant throughout the city.  Besides, if they were to get into trouble, it would still fall on my head to take care of things.

Light!  I really miss my wife more than I can put into words.  It’s not just the physical yearning, it’s the ability to just sit there and talk with her.  I will be happy when we get more of the business moved to Shattrath and we can take up our residence there again.   It truly has gone full circle for us and I actually don’t mind.  I would much rather be in a city where I can live openly with my wife and children than have to slip around to see them.

I did have to come back to Pandaria, just to clear my head and to check on the farm.  Mahamura and Naton (aka Sadheart) have taken very good care of the farm in my absence; however, I can’t expect them to keep taking on that burden all of the time because they have their own farm to run as well as working for Morningstar Enterprises.  I know that I really felt like I had to get back here for a while to get all of the stress out of my mind in regard to the business anyway because I have never been one that wanted to sit behind a desk for an indefinite period of time – I like getting my hands dirty and I like getting out in the field and actually doing some of the work too.

I had planned on trying to get into Kalimdor to see Amyn for a while and sent her a note stating such and she sent a quick response back telling me that now was not a good time.  Apparently, she’s spending more time in Stormwind right now trying to get the business back on track there.  Magdamia, our very reliable Draeni accountant, attorney and general jack of all trades has done an admirable job; however, Amyn is enough like me that she feels more comfortable when she can see what is actually going on with things.  I am just happy to know that Amyn feels well enough to get back into that sort of thing again.  I have been worried sick about her with the injuries that suffered from the Orcs in Pandaria.  Poor woman suffered much more than I did with the loss of our child and her head injuries.  I am sure that her parents wouldn’t have allowed her to go off to Stormwind if they thought that she wasn’t well enough to do so.

So, here I sit at the farm in Halfhill, alone, or well, kind of alone.  I guess that Dawnglory and his woman have just gotten back from their sojourn in Northrend.  I haven’t had a chance to see him yet; however, I did see Romy and found out that they are expecting a baby.  I will admit that I was happy to hear that Dawnglory is finally going to settle down and become the man that I always thought he could be.  All these years of his philandering around and chasing skirts might have come to a close, finally. Well, you never know about that either because I actually don’t know what kind of arrangement that the two of them might have, however, I do know that Dawnglory is an honorable man even if he is deadest against getting married – I can understand that too because he’s been around me a bit when I have gone through my debacles and I am not a good example of how things should be except for my marriage to Amyn.

Oh, it was nice to set foot in Halfhill again.  I could just feel the stress falling from my shoulders like a mantle that weighed twice my own weight.  The air even makes you feel more content with things.  Of course, that was before I decided to make a quick trip to the Vale to pick up a few things from the bank there.

I was almost physically ill when I saw what has happened over there, however, it‘s not surprising with that idiot in charge of what is left of the Horde.  His “pure” Horde, as he puts it is going to end up doing one heck of a pratfall here in the near future I am afraid.  I would be willing to bet that the majority of his supporters have distanced themselves from him a far as they can if not severing all ties with the old Horde that Hellscream has created in his image.   I can honestly say that I don’t mind my change of alliances and going back to serve my own people rather than this fool.

Oh, the destruction in the Vale is only part of it; I have heard rumors here in Halfhill of some treasure that is being sought by Hellscream.  Something to do with the Old Gods.  Didn’t the history of what happened to his own Father have any bearing on his actions?  I have no idea.  I just know what came through the portal in Outland.  I am surprised that Pandaren haven’t put a stop to this nonsense unless they know something that the rest of us are not privy too – that may very well be.  I know that for the short time that we have been in Pandaria, there are many secrets of the continent that we have yet to explore fully or uncover.  I suppose as long as this destruction doesn’t fall further into the Valley of Four Winds, we will just have to wait and see what happens next.

I will admit that I am sitting here in the house at the farm, listening to the rain, smelling the air that still smells of the earth that has been washed clean.  No, a man could lose himself in this land if he allowed it to happen.  I know that distancing me from my burdens in Silvermoon for a few days is going to allow me to clear my head of all of the nonsense going on back there.

I am still worried about my sister, Faendra.  I know that she decided to run away to avoid a marriage that she didn’t want and that I had arranged for her.  However, her reasons for running away are a bit confusing because we all know that she was still madly in love with Dawnglory even if he hadn’t given her any indication that her feelings were reciprocated.  I wish I knew where she was because I think that she would come back to Silvermoon now once she finds out that Dawnglory is very much involved with his woman and they are expecting a child.  That should cool her ardor some, or one would think that it would.   It’s truly my fault that this whole thing came to pass and I am willing to admit it.

If I hadn’t of spoiled the girl so much when she was growing up, I know that she would have had more of a level head on her shoulders and not be just another spoiled brat that had grown up in Silvermoon for the most part.  I thought that when I moved her to Dalaran to work with me up there in the office that she might find a suitable young man there, however, her eyes fell on Dawnglory and she couldn’t see anyone else in her mind.  I am assuming that’s what happened, being her brother, I wasn’t privy to all of her little girl dreams.  Of course, over time, she didn’t sway from her feelings and I chose to just ignore it and thought that she might grow out of it. 

I mean Dawnglory was truly a womanizer and made no qualms about how his life was.  He isn’t that much younger than I am and I was always shocked at the number of women that he had been with.  I know that a few of them tried to trap him into marriages and there were offers of marriage from some of the families in Silvermoon, even, however, he would bolt at the first sign of anything getting serious.  I tried to point this out to Faendra on more than one occasion, however, she just wouldn’t hear of it.  Oh well, it’s something that I had no control over and the only thing that I could do was to stand back and watch as things unfolded.

Anytime she got “hurt” I would give her more money and more gifts, give her more things to do and try to get her mind on something else.  I failed miserably in that area.  I should have taken her out and had a nice long talk with her and even shipped her back to Shattrath to run things down there, maybe all of this wouldn’t have happened.  What is it that they say – hindsight is always 20/20? 

I know that Amyn kept telling me that what I was doing was wrong and I thought that part of the solution was to set about getting her married off.  All that money and all of the political dancing were for naught because she took off at the first opportunity.  Oh, that was a very expensive endeavor for me and one that I don’t think that I will ever repeat again.  Of course, Amyn was kind enough not to be one of those people that will sit back and tell me “I told you so.” I will have to admit that I was a bit taken aback when Felaran even sided with my wife on the matter – I guess I was just being too stubborn to take heed of their advice.

I suppose I should be in Kalimdor looking for Faendra, however, I am just refusing to do that.  Let the Fates fall where they may because I think it is more than high time that she take the burden on of her actions.  She told she was a grown woman and could do as she wanted – well, now, she can prove that to herself by surviving for a while out there alone.  It breaks my heart to think that she might get hurt or worse; however, she broke my heart on more than one occasion with her cruel words and actions towards my wife and sons.  No, I‘ll worry and carry that burden in my heart, however, I will not expend any more time trying to find her when I know that she will throw anything that I do for her back in my face at the first opportunity.  All I was trying to do was to raise her to the best of my ability after our parents were killed and she didn’t really appreciate anything that I did – she always wanted more than I could grant her.

At least I am going to get an opportunity to do some good old fashioned manual labor while I am here in Halfhill, work the farm a bit as well as going out and doing some hunting and fishing.  I don’t know why that soothes my soul and heals my emotional wounds much faster than standing around talking to priests or even other people.

Yes, yes, I’ll be careful and yes, I still have a slight limp and probably will have it for the rest of my life if I can’t find a decent healer in Shattrath when we get there. I think its scar tissue that has healed wrong even if that Orc axe tried to cleave me from my manhood to my knee.  Oh, it definitely couldn’t be age, I am still a young man in my mind, and my body may decide to have a different opinion.

I don’t know what it is about Pandaria and Halfhill, it just seems like Pan and I both drop about ten years off our ages and we feel like we can do anything that we want.  It’s almost euphoric and I definitely have always felt better since I started staying away from the trials and tribulations of the political scene.  I had told Romy when I say her in the market earlier today that I would try to get over to see her and Dawnglory later today, it might be tomorrow because I think that Pan and I will go out and do some fishing today, I have a craving for some fresh fish and I’m sure that Pan would like to have some as well.  We can catch the fish, clean them and cook them on the spot.  Yes, I think that’s what we’re going to do.

Fnor Morningstar


Good To Be Home Again…

*Warning: Contains some swearing and blunt language.  If you’re offended by this sort of thing, please don’t read this*


September 17th

Yo Book!!

Damn it’s nice to be back in Halfhill and to be on the farm.  Oh, I didn’t mind meeting all of Romy’s family and such, however, I was beginning to feel like I was permanently trapped in a crowd of yammering pigeons and all they could do was hand me a plate of food.  Food was great, company was great, however, there are times when a fellow just wants to get off to himself or spend some time with his woman without a bunch of people around.  Now, we can fucking do what we when we want and don’t have to worry about any kind of family protocol or hierarchy.

I’ll admit that I was getting more than a little bit concerned about Romy after she told me she was pregnant with our baby because she kept turning a bit green around the gills and would have to go lay down for a while because she was so tired.  Well, I suppose that having a baby growing inside you isn’t the easiest thing to have going on, kind of like a permanent state of gastritis or something – oh, you know that bloated feeling you get.    Only this fart won’t come out for a few months and it will be a baby whatsis.  I’m kind of looking forward to meeting this little person too.

Oh, it was great getting back to the farm and seeing that things had been taken care of, Jogu had some fresh brew that he was willing to share only if I ate some of the chicken and dumplings.  Guess the market has been inundated with those dumplings and they aren’t selling as fast as they did before we left.  Okay, I ate some of the dumplings and got a nice taste of his brew, not too bad for a fish guy.

One of the first things that Romy wanted to do when we got back to Halfhill was to go have a talk with Nana about the baby.  Well, I can understand that although I wish she had seen a midwife or healer in Northrend if she had some questions.  I’m sure Nana knows a few things about being a midwife to Pandaren, however, I’m not all that sure about how much she knows about Blood Elves.  Well, I guess she got some encouraging news from Nana because she was all smiles and all she wanted to do was for us to head to the bed for some “rest”, if you can call it that.

Romy never has been a delicate flower of a woman, she’s always been rough and tumble and very athletically built.  Now, her hips seem a bit rounder and her endowments have increased enough to where a fellow can’t decide which one to nuzzle first – they are both very inviting.  Her belly has a slight roundness to it and I will have to admit that it scares me a little bit that we might hurt the baby with all of our carousing, however, Romy’s passion has increased tenfold and it’s hard work keeping up with her sometimes. I was actually kind of afraid that her passion might decrease, I’ve heard that from some of the other fellows when we were out on patrols and their significant other or girlfriends were pregnant, they weren’t getting any at home, so, they liked to go out on the prowl from time to time.  Well, if Romy is any indication of how things are going to be, I wouldn’t be able to service anyone else even if I wanted too – which I don’t.

Oh, it feels fucking awesome to be back in Pandaria, in Halfhill and on the farm with Romy.   She loves it here as much as I do, I think.  She really is getting into this domestic thing and I’ve given her free rein to make any changes that she wants to the house, however, the outhouse is a work of art and I hope she doesn’t feel the need to change that – that was some hard work after I blew up the first one and rebuilt it. 

Naturally, Hellscream couldn’t stop his fucking bullshit if his life depended on it, which it does.  I guess that he has decided that there is a treasure of some kind in the Vale and he has a shit-ton of goblins digging around there looking for something.  Oh, they had started a mine of sorts right before Romy and I left for Northrend, however, the shit has expanded.  Now the Vale is starting to look like any other place the filthy bastard has decided might hold some wealth for him.

Man, if I was a Pandaren, I’d sure try to figure out a way to make the fucker stop ruining the land.  Oh sure, the Kaldorei fought the Horde for years about the way that they were destroying the forests of Kalimdor without much luck, now, the bastards are up here ruining the beauty of the land as well as destroying any sanctity that there might have been.

Oh, I did get the letter that Romy told me about, so, I’m free and clear.  I can do as I damn well please as long as I keep sending stuff back to Silvermoon to Morningstar Enterprises.  Well, if things hadn’t worked out that way, I was already planning on heading for Outland and Nagrand where things aren’t as enforced as they could be. I had made up my mind that I was not going to go back into the service and I was not going to leave Romy alone while she is pregnant with our baby.  I may be a rounder and an asshole at times, however, I am not going to leave the woman I love alone when she going to be the Mother of our children.  Nope, I am not going to leave when the baby comes either, I know what it’s like to grow up without parents and I won’t let it happen to mine.

Oh, Light!  Guess my scribbling must have awakened the little woman and she’s lying there in the bed with the “come hither” look that I know all too well.  No, I’m not complaining one iota, however, I hope that I have some time to go out and scout around to see how things have changed since we were gone.


Fnar Dawnglory

Owner of Plantation

Halfhill, Pandaria


Destruction Of The Land…

September 16th

Dear Journal,

On our last trip into the Vale just a few days ago, you couldn’t help but notice the destruction of the Vale by the Horde. Hellscream’s little goblins have torn a great hole in the ground and appear to be mining for something – this couldn’t bode well for the rest of us, I’m sure.

I was in hopes that even Hellscream would have some respect for Pandaria and the Pandaren.  I’m almost shocked that they haven’t put a stop to the digging and the destruction of this most sacred of places in Pandaria.  It makes my heart sad to think that even here in Pandaria, the Horde feel the need to destroy everything they touch.  It wasn’t enough that they have destroyed much of the forest lands in Kalimdor, now, they are starting the destruction here in the heart of this beautiful land. Kae and I both were appalled and probably will not be venturing into the Vale very often henceforth. It truly does make my heart weary to see the beauty of the land destroyed here in the same fashion-the deforestation of Kalimdor reeked of greed more than a need for survival.

One would have thought that Hellscream and his Orcs would have had their hands full with the business going on in Kalimdor and would have left this land alone.  I suppose that this destruction will only end when someone or some group is fortunate enough to bring about his demise, I pray to Elune that this ends soon.

Kae still can’t seem to make up her mind if she wants to take a leave from the Sentinels or not.  I guess that she is wanting some kind of permanent commitment from me to give her assurance that I won’t leave her and she will have nothing left.  It bothers me that she would even doubt my sincerity when I tell her that I care for her very deeply, not only as my dearest friend, but, also as my lover.

My parents were very young when they took their vows at the Moonwell and even though those vows were broken and mended a few times, they seem to have weathered the storms of life rather well.  They had more of a noticeable racial thing fighting against them the whole way than what I do – they were definitely of different races and cultures and you could see that at first glance, however, in my case, I look more Kaldorei than I do Sindorei until you get close enough to gaze deep into my eyes.  There the glint of green can be very prominent depending upon the lighting and my mood. Ah well, I don’t know that I am ready to make that lifelong commitment yet, I’m still a young man, I care for Kae and I may even love her but until I feel that I am ready, I am not going to make that final step.

Women!! They are so alluring and so confusing at the same time, it makes a fellow wonder what he is supposed to think.  I have spent many hours contemplating the questions that I have in my mind about my situation and I have even prayed to Elune to give me some guidance.  Since I am not sure which entity is really guarding my family  – I even prayed to the Light.   I still have those doubts and questions in my mind.  I suppose I need to talk to a more experienced fellow about these sort of things – my Father is still in Silvermoon, so that leaves him out, I suppose I could talk with Civardi or even one of the other Fools – of the male persuasion, to see how they have handled this sort of thing in the past.  I know that Josie’s best buddy would give me some answers since he seems to be running a harem with the women he works with, even if they are both worgen. Strange situation there that makes mine look as calm as a lake in the moonlight.

Naturally, I can’t talk to Kae about my feelings because she might misunderstand and might just pack up her stuff and move back to the camp – which would make me feel devastated completely. It’s a tricky thing, maybe I should talk to one of the Pandaren monks that I see around here in Halfhill from time to time, I bet they could help me out, if they are into that sort of thing – I am sure they must be because there are a lot of little Pandaren running about.

Oh, I have spent enough time writing about my personal feelings for the time being.  I am really concerned about the things going on in the Vale.  If the Horde unleashes something that they can’t control, it might cause more trouble for all of Pandaria. I know that the others have noticed the strange goings on and they have to have made some kind of investigation or inquiries into the matter, however, Kae and I are too far down the line of Scouts and Sentinels for us to be made privy to the information, I suppose.

I wish my Father were still here in Pandaria because I know that he could make some inquiries to his people and find out what is going on, maybe.  I hear that Hellscream has driven most of his supporters away with his talk of  a “pure” Horde which definitely wouldn’t include anyone except for the Orcs.  Stupid fool is defeating himself and has no clue.





OOC – Wonky Computer Times

September 2nd

Well, the end of the Summer has approached in the form of the Labor Day holiday and the busy times with family friends will soon be drawing to a close.  It’s been a great Summer for getting together with RL friends and family and I hope everyone else has had a great time. That big bright light outside is called the Sun and it’s been rather “showy” this year – I have a famer’s tan, at my age, you don’t go bouncing around in swimsuit unless you absolutely can’t get out of it.

Currently I am in the process of reloading my gaming machine from factory level on up, seems I had a windows corruption that wasn’t going to get fixed any other way – strange little gremlin things would happen now and again that I chalked up to ISP issues or some other thing.  Nope, sadly it came down to a problem with the software on the machine itself.  I’m in the process of reloading all of my software and giving it another go.  Luckily, I do have a second desktop that I use for writing and gaming.

This also means that I am in the process of downloading World of Warcraft and other games on the machine which is going to be rather time consuming.  Not that I have been playing WoW a whole lot this summer anyway, it was getting to be rather depressing anyway.  I had planned on starting playing a bit more today, however, with the last gremlin attack, I knew what the problem was, darn it.

I hope to be back in-game a bit more once I get the machine reloaded with all of the games, addons;etc.  See you soon.