April 10th

Dear Journal,

I am certainly happy that Maha got word to me about the Faire because I was just going to show up and surprise them all.  When she went home on leave, I thought that it wouldn’t get quite as lonely as it did.  I definitely missed her.

I am going to make arrangements to come home more often in the future too.  Mom is definitely getting older and I had better enjoy the time that I still have with her.  She’s a bit slower in her step and I can see that her eye sight isn’t exactly the best in the world, however, her mind is just as sharp as it ever was.  It was great seeing my two brothers as well, Nahai and Tahfal.  I think that Tahfal is going to end up being larger than I am by the time he finishes growing and bulking up – I was amazed at how much he had grown.  We’ve been gone a while and I know that I sometimes think that things will stay the way that they were when I was last there the last time.

We did go to the Faire last night and I will admit that I haven’t had that much fun in a while.  The crowds weren’t as heavy as I remembered them, however, that didn’t diminish the fun factor at all.  I suppose the crowds are probably bigger during the daylight hours too.

Oh we enjoyed all the rides and I know that I had Mother just doubled over with laughter when I would try out the canon ride.  Just imagine a Tauren flying through the air and screaming out “Steak Tartar – Incoming!” as they fly through the air.  That was me!!  It might annoy some of the people that are there, however, I really don’t care, I’m having fun.

Even Mom tried out a few of the more tame rides and seemed like she was having a good time.  I know that she talked about how much Father would have enjoyed things like this if he were still alive.  That’s how I know her age is telling on her because she mentions a lot of the people that have already gone on to join the Earth Mother.

Of course, when I initially arrived back in Thunder Bluff, the word must have spread like wildfire because the next thing I know there is a bunch of people standing at our doorway wanting to see me.  I guess they missed my services at the forges.  I know that several of the people that came to the house were wanting me to repair some of their old weapons and pots.  Oh, some of those old cauldrons I have been repaired many time already at a cost that would have been enough to purchase a new one, however, I suppose that isn’t the same to some of the people.  I’ll have to make arrangements to do some work at the forge while I’m here for a few more days.  I didn’t think anyone would miss one more Death Knight standing at the forges and working, however, they did seem to miss me and my work – it actually made me feel good.

We all ate like we were starving to death at the Faire.  I know that I ate a good portion of the pickled kodo as well as the fish.  Hmm, all of that fried food just seems to scream Faire to me!  I normally don’t eat like I did last night, however, it is going to be another month before the Faire returns again and who knows what may happen between now and then.  My big weakness is the desserts – I think I ate so many of those fried cakes that I must have about eaten all that they had.  Mom kept telling me to “slow down” and I started laughing – she sounded like the bears in Pandaria.

Oh, I’ll admit that Maha and I had a great time telling the family about our adventures in Pandaria so far.  I know that I thought my Mother was going to choke on her fizzy drink when we told her about the Hozen and the “ook you in the dooker” thing that they always yell out.  We also told them about our farm in Halfhill and they really seemed interested in that.  Mother kind of looked sad for a moment until I said that she could live with us when the war moved further afield.  She said that she would like that because she would like to see this new place and all of the wonders. For her to even entertain the idea of leaving Thunder Bluff made Maha and I both feel good – that means that she is still interested in exploring new areas and the boys seemed to like the idea too.  We did explain that it would be several months before we were able to bring them there yet because there was still a lot of work to do and we only got to the farm when we weren’t busy with other things.

Ah well, it’s nice being with the family again.  I didn’t realize how much I would miss them this time.  I know that when the change was made, I spent quite a long time searching for the family that I had had and now, that I have been with them and gone away again, it makes me treasure them even more.  Not all Death Knights have been as lucky as I have been and I know it. Their families couldn’t accept what they had  become.  At least my family and tribe seem to accept me more now because they know that I am not going to turn into some kind of killing machine while I’m in their midst.

I guess that Maha and I will be staying through Story Circle this coming weekend before we head back to Pandaria again.  I haven’t been to the gathering in quite some time and I think that it will be fun to show up as a family group. Oh, it’s not nearly as much fun as the Faire, however, I enjoy hearing the tales that are told as well as listening to some of the elders talking about the days gone by.  It’s almost a traditional thing anymore – I know that there are more of the Tauren attending these days along with a few other races.

Oh, my Mother made me laugh really hard when she started asking me about women.  Did I have a female friend and if so, what were their names.  You know the kind of thing that a Mother would ask a son if he were a normal living Bull instead of what I am.  I told her that unless a girl wanted to cuddle up with an refrigerator, it was doubtful that I would ever have a girlfriend,  which kind of made her sad.  I think she forgets what I am sometimes. I did let it slip that I thought Maha was seeing some young fellow on the sly and that caused Mom to go in search of Maha with that Motherly frown on her face – Mom’s always like to protect their children, you know.

Oh well, I suppose I ought to get out these blankets and head down to help fire up the forges and put in a good day’s work.  I had talked with a couple of the blacksmiths already and they were all running behind.  I guess that it won’t hurt me to help them get caught up a bit, however, I won’t be here long enough to make a lot of stuff – I would hate to leave a set of armor unfinished when I have to go back to the Jade Forest again.

I still dislike being Sadheart the Death Knight, no matter how much you try to put a spin on it, however, here in the Bluff, I am still Naton, the Blacksmith. I know that I will enjoy today working at the forges because I can do my work without constantly looking over my shoulder to make sure that I don’t have something sneaking up on me out of the jungle.


2 thoughts on “Funtimes

  1. I love how peaceful the Tauren are by nature but get them mad, they are thundering behemoths.Sadheart sounds like a sweetnatured bull despite the fact that he’s a deathknight.

  2. He was and is a sweetnatured fellow, however, you’re right about the anger making him quite the one to deal with. Hehe, he does enjoy his family when he can be with them and the rest of the Tauren in Thunder Bluff, however, he’s recognized what he is and has accepted it.

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