A Time Of Reflection…

April 22nd

Dear Journal,

Have you ever awakened from a deep slumber filled with such sadness that you wanted to weep, not truly understanding the reasoning behind it?  This morning was such a morning for me and I sat in my bed pondering many thoughts as to why I might feel this terrible sadness.  No, it was not a premonition of things to come, these feelings were buried deep and came from the past.

Rather than sit there wallowing in my own self-pity, I decided to get up and prepare breakfast while the others still slept.   I had brought several bags of pine nuts with me when I came to Pandaria since I knew that they were a favorite of my children and myself.  As I set about pounding the nuts into a nice coarse grain for their favorite pine nut mash, the thought came into my mind as to why I was so sad.

I was once married to a wonderful Bull and he was indeed the love of my life.  He had a kindness that made me feel that he cared for everything in the world even though he was a very skilled hunter.  I know that some of the other hunters used to make fun of him because he would always stop and make an offering to the Earth Mother  for the life taken.  He would always tell the Earth Mother that he took this life so that his people would live and the blessings of the Earth Mother had led him to this particular prey.

Oh, we had a happy and full life, my Bull and I.  We were able to enjoy life and live those days blissfully happy.  Before the children started arriving, we would go out  together into the wilds, he to hunt and me to gather my herbs.  We truly felt blessed by the Earth Mother and embraced each day as it arrived with such vigor that we were probably more blissfully happy than we even realized.

Our first born, Naton, was born in the Spring of the year and we were very proud parents.  He looked very much like his Father and had his strength – we also knew that he had a very healthy set of lungs to go with his bulk too because he would wake us up as well as the surrounding tents in the village when he wanted to be fed.   As he grew older, his Father took him out to teach him how to hunt and he became quite good  at this profession, very much like his Father, and he followed the traditions that his Father put before him.

Our second child arrive and she was a sweet little thing, much quieter than her older brother and not nearly as demanding.  Her name was Mahamura, after her grandmother.  She was one of those children that was always a bit shy in joining in to play with the other children, however, as she grew, she became a bit more self-assured and actually became one of the leaders of the gang of children that played in the village as their parents were out working.  She definitely showed a proficiency with the bow as a young girl, so, she too soon started going out with her brother and her Father to hunt in the wilds.

Our third child was definitely a gift from the Earth Mother.   His name was Nahai, naturally, he looked very much like his Father, however, his personality was more like my own. He was quiet, polite and showed the signs early on in following in his Mother’s footsteps of being a druid.  I can remember taking him with me when I would go out to gather herbs, he learned very quickly and was always excited to be out with me in the forests and plains, gathering herbs, learning how to grind them up so that we could use them for whatever we needed, be it potions, be it for inks – he always was a willing and helpful child.  I hate to admit it, however, I will say that of our three children, he was probably my favorite because he was more like myself and less daring than his Father.

Our fourth child, Tahfal, was one of those pleasant surprises that happen to couples that are intent on having a large family.  He was the darling of our group of children.  A bit smaller than the others at birth and seemed to be slow growing, however, he was more inclined to read a book rather than to go out and play with the others.  Oh, he had his rough and tumble side and his older siblings made sure that he was active because he was never allowed to sit alone for very long.  He was the one child that I had that always wanted to go and talk with the elders, the priests as if he were following some path that his Father and I couldn’t ascertain.  Time would later reveal where his true talents like.

Why am I sad?  It looked like I had everything a Bessie could want, a home, children and a loving husband.  We should have known that the Fates would draw a card for us that would bring it all crashing down one day, however, our faith in the Earth Mother was stronger.

We had lived through the assaults on Thunder Bluff by the Grimtotem and lived through all of the tragedies that had stuck our people.  We went through the trials and tribulations when the Grimtotem were driven from our tribe to form the nomadic group that they are today.   We lived through the death of our chieftain although that was indeed a terrible time for us.

It was this time of year that my husband and I decided that it was time for us to go out into the wilds together again as we had done prior to  the arrival of our brood.  It had been such a long time since we were able to slip away together like this and we were looking forward to it like two small children awaiting Winter Veil.

We left our children in the care of our neighbors and set out on our journey which we knew would be for several days.   We felt young and carefree again, no children to remind us of our responsibilities to hearth and home.   I think that in our jubilant mood is what made us get careless and less aware of the things that could actually harm us.

My first notice that things were amiss was when I was gathering my herbs, I knew my husband was nearby, I heard a loud clash and yells coming from the  direction that he was in.   I quickly donned my stealth cat mode and made for the sound of the noise.  There on the ground lay my poor husband, trussed up like some kind of animal and there were several Grimtotem warriors standing around congratulating themselves on such a fine catch.

I honestly didn’t know what I could do other than to try to get my husband untied before I was discovered.  I succeeded in getting some of his bonds released enough to where he should have been able to manage the rest when I was discovered.  Oh, discovered I was, and I fought back with all of my strength, fangs barred, claws ripping at anything that came in my direction as I stood close to where my husband was trying to get unbound.

Let me just say that we were captured.  It was a situation where I should have gone for help as quickly as possible instead of trying to rescue my husband alone, I know that now, and the guilt that has followed me all of these years is not any easier to bear.  In hindsight, there are so many other things that I should have done and didn’t see it at the time.

The Grimtotem were looking for slaves and my husband and I were put in with that group of other Tauren.  It was indeed a sad time.  To see my poor husband beaten almost on a daily basis because his pride would flare and he would try to withstand the indignities that were placed on him by our captures.  I know that I was trying to just survive, trying to find a way for us to escape, endured the hardships and the indignities that were placed on us – trying to find a way to get back to our tribe and our children.

We knew and we hoped that our tribe would send out people to look for us when we failed to make our return at the appointed time, however, that seemed as though it was years ago.  I know they must have looked for us, our children needed us.

A full year went by and my poor husband and I were still captives.  I was beginning to give up hope and I was beginning to think that this was what the Earth Mother had intended for us to live.  My faith was and is still strong, however, my heart was yearning to get back to my children.  My husband was growing weaker with each season that passed and I could see the fire in eyes starting to dwindle – all the hard work and the tortures that were forced upon this one proud hunter was almost more than I could bear.  I knew that one day, he would give up all hope and would become as some of the others had become – quiet, only doing what was ordered and living each day as if it were a sentence of some kind.

One day, I don’t know what happened exactly, I heard loud cries from the center of the village and I ran to see what was going on.  My poor husband had finally snapped and was attacking anyone that came near him, Grimtotem, other slaves, anyone that came with arms reach met a crushing blow and possibly death.  I screamed and ran towards him to see if I could bring him under control although I knew that the Grimtotem would probably kill him as punishment for his rebellion.

Our eyes met and I could see the pain in his eyes even as he took another’s life, he screamed at me to run.  Although I wanted to stay, I did as I was told and I ran as hard and as fast as I could out of the camp, hearing the noise grow louder as I sped away.  I knew then, my husband had done this to sacrifice himself so that I might be able to escape and get back to our family.

I know that I ran for days and it seemed like I was starting to get back into familiar territory – places that I had visited with my husband and other members of our tribe.  I did make it back home, knowing full well that my husband probably lay dead in the village of the Grimtotem.  Between my grief for my husband and the joy of seeing the Bluffs, I was definitely home again.

After several days of recovering from my own injuries and exhaustion, I was told that my eldest son had gone out to find us after the tribe had given up all hope.  He never returned  and a search party went out to look for him as well, however, they were unsuccessful.

The Grimtotem were known for the atrocities that they would visit upon our people after their banishment from our tribes in Mulgore.  One of the things that they had taken upon themselves to do was to sell some of their captives to the Lich King’s minions to be turned into Death Knights.

So, I had lost my husband and I had lost my eldest child.  My grief was horrific and my other children, try as they might, could not get me to come out of my deepest depression.   I know that I had stopped believing in the Earth Mother for a while, I lost touch with my inner feelings, everything that I had known and loved had been taken from me even though I had done all of the things that I thought would please the Earth Mother, she had allowed my husband and my son to be taken from me.   I was bitter and I am afraid that I was not good to my living children, although, they will say that they understand now, I can remember the looks on their faces sometimes when I would argue with them over such trivial things.  It was if I was punishing them for being alive.

Time passed and eventually, a young Bull returned to our village and I thought at first that it was an apparition of my husband – he looked so very much like him.  The young Bull was making inquiries about various things, he was searching for his family, his memory of his family was there, however, he was a Death Knight – a thing to be feared and one to look upon with pity.

I know that my youngest son, Tahfal, was one to go to the Story Circle that was a tradition in the Bluffs and he is actually the one that found his older brother, Naton.  You see,  Naton was now known as Sadheart – the young Death Knight that was asking questions about homes and families.   Naturally Tahfal brought the Death Knight home with him…I was both revolted and relieved to see my son again – I was happy to have my child back and did the thing of ignoring what he had become.

I think I can see why I awakened so sad today.  This was the time of year that I lost both my husband and my child – my child has come home to me, even if he truly is not the child that I gave birth too many years ago.  I can be grateful to the Earth Mother for what I have now, however, I will always mourn the loss of what was.

Mooma Cloudhoof


Happy Farmer, Fun Times…Not Homesick Anymore

June 9th

Dear Journal,

I can’t say that I have been happier in a while. It’s nice going back to the old ways of doing things and I think that Naton is happy with the situation too, even if he won’t admit it. Since the Boss got us released from the military, we can actually have a life worth living and we don’t have to try to please some Orc with a grudge against Tauren.  I so wanted to grind him beneath my hooves, however, two things prevented me from doing that – one, I didn’t want to stray from the teachings of the Earth Mother and two, I didn’t want to have to spend the time cleaning Orc slime from my pretty hooves. Enough said!  I know I feel so much better just getting away from that fellow and I don’t have to worry about Naton taking the guy for a walk and only Naton coming back. Questions would have been asked, I’m sure.

Naton and I love the farm and I think that we are slowly making progress with it.  We can plant some vegetables and pull more weeds than I can ever recall having that many.  I think they must just sprout up when we are sleeping – Naton doesn’t really sleep, however, he has learned to keep his noise down to a minimum. I just know that I am pleased with how things are coming along in a short amount of time. We got the roof fixed after my fears of it leaking were realized – I know that I got some weird looks from passers-by when I was on the roof – it isn’t often that you see a Tauren on a rooftop doing thatching.

We did decide that we would make a trip home to see Mom for a few days and take in the Faire.  Yes, it’s time for that again and this time we can stay longer than just overnight.  It’s nice having time that we can call our own again. 

We did get Mom and the boys to the Faire in record time.  Of course, Nahai and Tahfal had a lot more fun than they should have, in Mom’s opinion, however, it was great just having the family together again.  Yes, Naton just had to go on that canon ride multiple times because it makes him laugh because it isn’t often that you see a Tauren flying through the air like that. At least he acts more like himself when he’s away from Pandaria – he talks more now and actually laughs more.  If it weren’t for the eyes, you wouldn’t even realize that he’s no longer amongst the living as we know it.  I love my older brother and it doesn’t matter to me that he is a Death Knight; he knows how to contain that hunger after all of this time.

I know we spent hours at the Faire, eating, drinking and just having fun like the old days.  Mom found some other ladies that she hadn’t seen for a long time and they had a good time just sitting around discussing the tribes, children and how silly the war is in Pandaria. If it weren’t for the idiot in Orgrimmar, none of us would still be there unless they have a nice farm like we do.

I know that I had a lot of fun just wandering around and watching people having fun.  It makes me realize that there are real people out there that like to have fun too.  It’s not all about money, the war and why we are fighting; it’s about just living and enjoying life.  The Pandaren definitely have the right philosophy in that regard.  Family is the reason we fight – to protect and to live. Its funny how, at the Faire, people can seem to forget their differences and just have fun.  I know my favorite people to watch are the little tiny gnomes – their quick little feet and the giggles – I love to hear them laugh.  Oh, I know the standard joke about the punting of these little guys; however, I have never felt compelled to do that. I really don’t think that the gnomes are any worse than our goblins; they just aren’t as money hungry.

I know that Mom and Tahfal still talk about their trip to Dalaran and how amazing that place was to them – the lack of Tauren being in the city at the time was a bit disturbing to them though and the lack of Tauren-sized furniture.  I know Mom still talks about the giant rats up there and being chased by one, which always makes us laugh.  If you knew how speedy Mom can be sometimes, you’d be amazed at her age.  I wish I had gotten a chance to see the city before the entire Horde races were driven out – it does sound like a real fantasy of someone’s mind rather than a real place.  I did get to eat some of the sweets that they brought back with them from their trip and Mom is still working on the recipes to see if she can recreate them. I hope that she can get that figured out one day, those cupcakes were amazing and just the thought of them now makes my mouth water.

Naton wants to stay in Thunderbluff for Story Circle this time.  I suppose the farm can take care of itself for a couple of days and it might be fun to visit with some of our friends if they are here and not in Pandaria.  Yes, a lot of the people that are our ages are in Pandaria, which has made it kind of sad when you don’t see them mingling on the Bluffs.  I am hungry for some girl talk – you know the right kind of dress material to use for a real great looking outfit and how to keep your mane from tangling up so much with what kind of brushes to use – I miss that.

I also miss a certain young bull too.  Yes, even I have crushes on bulls now and then. This one fellow caught my eye before I left for Pandaria and Mother says that he is up there somewhere too.  I know the girls used to tease me about flirting with him sometimes because he is one those fellows that seems to be very quiet most of the time, however, he would wink at me and smile sometimes. I won’t write his name down for fear that a certain little nosy brother of mine, Tahfal – yes, I know you read my journal when you think I’m not looking, you little sneak – might get his hands on my journal and blab it to half of the population. It isn’t like he and I have ever been on a date or anything, we’ve talked now and then – however, he is a very handsome fellow, at least in my opinion. I was hoping to see him on this trip, which I still may, we have a couple of more days here.








April 10th

Dear Journal,

I am certainly happy that Maha got word to me about the Faire because I was just going to show up and surprise them all.  When she went home on leave, I thought that it wouldn’t get quite as lonely as it did.  I definitely missed her.

I am going to make arrangements to come home more often in the future too.  Mom is definitely getting older and I had better enjoy the time that I still have with her.  She’s a bit slower in her step and I can see that her eye sight isn’t exactly the best in the world, however, her mind is just as sharp as it ever was.  It was great seeing my two brothers as well, Nahai and Tahfal.  I think that Tahfal is going to end up being larger than I am by the time he finishes growing and bulking up – I was amazed at how much he had grown.  We’ve been gone a while and I know that I sometimes think that things will stay the way that they were when I was last there the last time.

We did go to the Faire last night and I will admit that I haven’t had that much fun in a while.  The crowds weren’t as heavy as I remembered them, however, that didn’t diminish the fun factor at all.  I suppose the crowds are probably bigger during the daylight hours too.

Oh we enjoyed all the rides and I know that I had Mother just doubled over with laughter when I would try out the canon ride.  Just imagine a Tauren flying through the air and screaming out “Steak Tartar – Incoming!” as they fly through the air.  That was me!!  It might annoy some of the people that are there, however, I really don’t care, I’m having fun.

Even Mom tried out a few of the more tame rides and seemed like she was having a good time.  I know that she talked about how much Father would have enjoyed things like this if he were still alive.  That’s how I know her age is telling on her because she mentions a lot of the people that have already gone on to join the Earth Mother.

Of course, when I initially arrived back in Thunder Bluff, the word must have spread like wildfire because the next thing I know there is a bunch of people standing at our doorway wanting to see me.  I guess they missed my services at the forges.  I know that several of the people that came to the house were wanting me to repair some of their old weapons and pots.  Oh, some of those old cauldrons I have been repaired many time already at a cost that would have been enough to purchase a new one, however, I suppose that isn’t the same to some of the people.  I’ll have to make arrangements to do some work at the forge while I’m here for a few more days.  I didn’t think anyone would miss one more Death Knight standing at the forges and working, however, they did seem to miss me and my work – it actually made me feel good.

We all ate like we were starving to death at the Faire.  I know that I ate a good portion of the pickled kodo as well as the fish.  Hmm, all of that fried food just seems to scream Faire to me!  I normally don’t eat like I did last night, however, it is going to be another month before the Faire returns again and who knows what may happen between now and then.  My big weakness is the desserts – I think I ate so many of those fried cakes that I must have about eaten all that they had.  Mom kept telling me to “slow down” and I started laughing – she sounded like the bears in Pandaria.

Oh, I’ll admit that Maha and I had a great time telling the family about our adventures in Pandaria so far.  I know that I thought my Mother was going to choke on her fizzy drink when we told her about the Hozen and the “ook you in the dooker” thing that they always yell out.  We also told them about our farm in Halfhill and they really seemed interested in that.  Mother kind of looked sad for a moment until I said that she could live with us when the war moved further afield.  She said that she would like that because she would like to see this new place and all of the wonders. For her to even entertain the idea of leaving Thunder Bluff made Maha and I both feel good – that means that she is still interested in exploring new areas and the boys seemed to like the idea too.  We did explain that it would be several months before we were able to bring them there yet because there was still a lot of work to do and we only got to the farm when we weren’t busy with other things.

Ah well, it’s nice being with the family again.  I didn’t realize how much I would miss them this time.  I know that when the change was made, I spent quite a long time searching for the family that I had had and now, that I have been with them and gone away again, it makes me treasure them even more.  Not all Death Knights have been as lucky as I have been and I know it. Their families couldn’t accept what they had  become.  At least my family and tribe seem to accept me more now because they know that I am not going to turn into some kind of killing machine while I’m in their midst.

I guess that Maha and I will be staying through Story Circle this coming weekend before we head back to Pandaria again.  I haven’t been to the gathering in quite some time and I think that it will be fun to show up as a family group. Oh, it’s not nearly as much fun as the Faire, however, I enjoy hearing the tales that are told as well as listening to some of the elders talking about the days gone by.  It’s almost a traditional thing anymore – I know that there are more of the Tauren attending these days along with a few other races.

Oh, my Mother made me laugh really hard when she started asking me about women.  Did I have a female friend and if so, what were their names.  You know the kind of thing that a Mother would ask a son if he were a normal living Bull instead of what I am.  I told her that unless a girl wanted to cuddle up with an refrigerator, it was doubtful that I would ever have a girlfriend,  which kind of made her sad.  I think she forgets what I am sometimes. I did let it slip that I thought Maha was seeing some young fellow on the sly and that caused Mom to go in search of Maha with that Motherly frown on her face – Mom’s always like to protect their children, you know.

Oh well, I suppose I ought to get out these blankets and head down to help fire up the forges and put in a good day’s work.  I had talked with a couple of the blacksmiths already and they were all running behind.  I guess that it won’t hurt me to help them get caught up a bit, however, I won’t be here long enough to make a lot of stuff – I would hate to leave a set of armor unfinished when I have to go back to the Jade Forest again.

I still dislike being Sadheart the Death Knight, no matter how much you try to put a spin on it, however, here in the Bluff, I am still Naton, the Blacksmith. I know that I will enjoy today working at the forges because I can do my work without constantly looking over my shoulder to make sure that I don’t have something sneaking up on me out of the jungle.


Longing For The Past…Weeping For The Future

April 8th

Dear Journal,

Oh, it feels good to be back in Mulgore for a few days.  It has been weeks since I have been home and I was finally able to slip away for a while.  I needed to come home to visit my family for a while and to make sure that my Mother was doing well.  Her last two letters sounded as if she were having trouble getting used to the fact that Naton and I were going to be away for quite some time. I honestly think that Naton enjoys the time in Pandaria much more than I do – being a Death Knight in Pandaria is a lot more pleasant for him than standing at the forges all day here in Thunder Bluff, I suppose.

It is definitely Spring in Mulgore – you can see the dried Winter grasses slowly turning to green and the trees are starting to blossom in some places.  Oh, not like they don’t blossom in Pandaria though – they just seem to never stop, like perpetual Spring.  The nights are definitely chillier here at home too – I know my first night back, I was definitely noticing the cold air. It’s just good to be home where the sights and smells are something that I have been yearning for.

I have to keep reminding myself that Mother is getting older and will eventually join with our ancestors and the Earth Mother in the near future and I keep trying to push that thought to the back of my mind.  I know that she was away, held captive as a slave with the Grimtotem, however, I have gotten used to her being back with the family.  I know that I have definitely missed her.  I miss the way that she spends literally hours gathering pine nuts to make into her famous food and I missed the peace of our home. I missed my two younger brothers too, Nahai and Tahfal and their constant bantering back and forth.

It’s good to be home, even if it is only for a short time.  I wish that this war didn’t have to break our families apart like this.  There are times that I wonder if the Earth Mother has truly given her blessing to our being in that strange land with the strange races that live there. There are times when I question why we are that at all.  I have decided that I really don’t care for Orcs, they smell worse in Pandaria than they do when I’ve gone to Orgrimmar.

If it weren’t for the fact that I had been ordered to go by our Chief, I would be sitting here in Thunder Bluff, I would have found a mate by now and would be starting my own family.  No, we have to go with the Horde and fight a fight that doesn’t seem to be all that glorious in my eyes. Naton and I have both agreed that we will return home as soon as possible and resume our lives with our people.

I look around the Bluff and I see the elders and the younglings, however, the people my age are definitely missing for the most part.  I know that all of my friends have been sent to Pandaria. Without the group at my age there will be fewer calves born here this Spring and fewer calves being created – that is the scary thing to me – we need this for our race to continue on.

I didn’t realize how much I had missed the peace and tranquility of Thunder Bluff until I finally came home.  I’ve been gone for so long that I’ve missed the seasons changing and I’ve missed the holidays that always were a wonderful part of life for me.  I’ve missed so much and the time has just seemed to fly by.   At least I made it home for the Faire and I know that we will be going to have some fun before I have to return.  I think that I could get word to Naton and let him know that it’s time for the Faire again because he always enjoyed that so much – I enjoyed watching him at the Faire too – he didn’t seem so different from what he must have been like before his change. I also enjoy hearing my Mother’s laughter when we all start acting silly and just enjoying being together again.

Oh, I’m still discovering the beauties of Pandaria, however, I’d much rather be home with my family. A Tauren is more about the Earth and peace than we are about warring with people that we have often been friends with in the past.  If I could roll back time, I would go back to where this was still so.

Mahamura Cloudhoof




An Old Woman’s Thoughts

March 5th

Dear Journal,

It’s been a very long time since I have written in my journal – a very long time.  I think that the reason that I feel like writing at the moment is that my home feels very empty.  Some of my children are still living here at home, however, my two eldest have gone away – my son, Naton and my daughter, Mahamura.

I miss them, however, they have to follow the path that the Earth Mother has given them to follow even if their old Mother disagrees with them. I can understand why Mahamura felt the need to go adventuring in this new land called Panderia – she was ordered to go there by our Chieftain, however, I am still curious as to why Naton went.

He’s already given up his life once, I don’t understand why he wants to put what life he has in jeopardy again.  Oh, I’ve seen some of the tribes people look at him askance because of his condition and they try to avoid him sometimes even though they clamor for his blacksmithing skills at the forge.

To me, he’s no different than he was before he became a Death Knight.   That was no more his fault than it was mine that his Father and I were captured by the Grimtotem and held as slaves for all of those years.  My poor boy lost his life trying to find us and was raised by an unholy man to serve under the banner of the Lich King.  My son, my oldest son, it breaks my heart, however, to me – he’s not dead, he’s not this Sadheart – he’s still Naton Cloudhoof, son of Mooma Cloudhoof.

I have noticed that a lot of our young people are gone these days and I am assuming that they are off fighting this war for the Horde.  This is not what they were raised for, this is not the Tauren way, however, it is something that our Chief says that we must do.  I hate to see all of our young people going off to fight a war that really has no reason to be in these old eyes.  At least I still have my two youngest sons still at home with me, Nahai and Tahfal.  They can at least give me some comfort in my old age.

I’m sitting here questioning everything tonight in these predawn hours.  Where are all of the young people, where have all the flowers gone, where are some of my old friends?  The young people are off fighting a war for the Horde, the flowers are gone because it is wintertime,  you old silly woman,  and my old friends have gone to lie in the arms of the Earth Mother.

I know that I upset Nahai and Tahfal tonight when we were having our evening meal because I kept saying how much I missed their siblings.  Naturally, Tahfal tells me that it is Light and the word of the Earth Mother that they are gone for a while – it doesn’t mean that they will be gone forever. How does he know this?  I wait every day to get a letter or see a messenger in Thunder Bluff, expecting them to tell me that my children are in the arms of the Earth Mother. 

I guess I’m just being a cranky old woman and I want my children here with me. There may be glory and there may be money to be made in this war – however, when it tears my family apart, I have to question the Chieftain’s judgment. All I see is some crazed Orc sending all of the races off to fight this war to give him more power and riches – I see other parents sitting by the funeral pyres, covered in ashes and mourning the loss of their children.  I don’t want to be one of those parents.

Maybe one of these days, Nahai, Tahfal and I will go visit this strange land even if it is only to find their siblings.  I may be too old to some people, however, my skills in herbing and as an inscriptionist would be needed in this new land.  I would like to see this place and it’s strange people. I would like to see this place and my children together again.

Mooma Cloudhoof

Talking with Makota…maybe a trip to Dalaran someday

July 31st

Dear Journal,

I was sitting out by the bonfire this evening as is my usual place to read away from the family and I saw Makota walk up.  I know that I was smiling and had a bit of a chuckle because she was afraid that she had missed Story Circle.  I think that she was embarrassed a bit when I told her that Story Circle was yesterday.  I know it happens, I sometimes lose track of all time when I am studying and working all of the time.  Maybe we will be able to go to Story Circle next week when they have it again.  I don’t even think that my Mom made it to the Circle this weekend either because she usually has some of the tales that she likes to share with us at dinner.

I know that I am always nervous when I am talking to Makota and the only thing I don’t do is to shut up like one of those clams when she is around.  When I get around a crowd of people, I can barely speak for fear that I will say something wrong or someone will notice that I am being too quiet.  I guess you could say that I am shy around others.  I’m confident in myself with my work and what I believe, however, simple conversations can sometimes just leave my mind spinning.

We sat there and talked for a very long time last night, much longer than I thought we had until I noticed the stars.  Of course, the bonfire had been lit and the prayers said as they are every night.  It always brings me a sense of peace when I sit there and watch it.  It also lets me know that the day has ended and it’s time to prepare for the next day when the sun rises.

I did ask Makota about her elf friend, Lali because I was still concerned about her.  She had seemed ill when her mate showed up and made one of those portal things to take her back to Dalaran.   Portals still scare me a little bit because it’s always a nervous time, that stepping into the nothingness and coming out miles from where you started out.  What if something were to go wrong?  Would your spirit be guided home by the Earth Mother or would you wonder around in some kind of vacant exile forever?  Oh, that’s a scary thought.

I suggested to Makota that she ought to write to Lali to see if she was okay and I also told her what my thoughts were on the illness.  I mean, they are elves and I am sure that they do things to make babies happen.  Maybe she is pregnant?  I’ve seen some of the women here in the bluff start acting strangely and they usually end up announcing that they are going to have a child shortly thereafter.  I bet that’s what it is.  I bet the elf girl is pregnant.

We were both kind of joking with one another about taking the adventure on of going to Dalaran together.  Of course, I’d have to bring my Mother along and she would have to bring Ahali so that people wouldn’t think we were doing something that we shouldn’t.  I bet my Mom and Ahali would like each other because they are old and they could be grumpy together.  Of course, Makota has been to Dalaran before, I’ve never been.  I guess there aren’t that many Tauren up there in that city but I am curious about the gnomes and things that seem to wander around. 

I bet my Mom would like to take a trip like that.  She hasn’t been away from Thunder Bluff all that much and the only time that I know she has gone to Dalaran was when she went to that trial there that was supposed to be in Orgrimmar.  She said it was a beautiful city; however, she was too afraid that she would get lost and would miss the trial and be in trouble for not doing her civic duty as a juror, so, she didn’t explore anything.  She didn’t even get any of those cakes while she was up there either.

I know there is a zeppelin that goes to Northrend in Orgrimmar and we could take that and I suppose someone could tell us how to get to Dalaran from there.   Ah yes, Nahai told me there is a fort called Warsong there and there was a flight path that we could take to Dalaran, he’s the one that has traveled almost as much as Naton.  Well, I’ll have to give it some more thought and I can talk to Makota about it again.  She said she was going to write to Lali and we can wait to hear back from her.  I do hope its good news and that the elf isn’t sick, she seemed like such a nice girl and I think she is Makota’s best friend.

I did ride part of the way back to Makota and Ahali’s camp with her last night.  I thought that it was the only thing to do.  I know my brother, Naton, had seen us leave because he was working at the forge and was giving me some ribbing about it when I got home.  However, my Mom said that I did the right thing by making sure that my friend made it home safe.  

Oh well, I should get busy and go help at the smithy a bit.  I did get the ore that Naton had asked for and I am sure that he will have some new things to show me.  I enjoy standing there and talking to him as he works sometimes because he tells me some of the more interesting things about being a Death Knight, not all the bad things that he’s had to do. 


Tahfal Cloudhoof